tagGay MaleUnderwear Ch. 04

Underwear Ch. 04



"It's been a while since I added to this Vampire story arc. A Boy Who... kind of took me away from it but rest assured Rayne and Kevan have not been forgotten. This is quite a difficult storyline to work with as it will tackle Rayne's own personal issues with abuse head on but he is an older and stronger character than he was during the period of A Boy Who... Kevan was created as an incidental character but as with the fictional persona of Ant, I'm becoming rather fond of him."


Rayne Wylde was pissed off and he was tired. Worse than that he was hungry. He had been alternately pacing his apartment and tossing restlessly on his bed for the past twenty-four hours with the taste of Kev Delaney's blood on his lips and in his mouth. Last night whilst Kev was fucking him in the car he had bitten the mortal out of sheer frustration with his behaviour. Now he wished he had taken the time to feed instead.

The Vampire had snatched a good mouthful from Kev's boss, McCall before they left him trussed up in the back of his car but it was not enough to take away the memory of Kev's rich, coppery blood and spunk. Rayne loved to suck cock. Next to bleeding a lover in the throes of orgasm it was the best rush in the world. A half-pint of semen was almost as nourishing as a blood feed and much easier to obtain in this day and age. That thought only served to remind him of how bone-gnawingly ravenous he was.

If Jabez were here he would have reminded his Fledge that it was important to feed regularly. Rayne knew it well enough by now. If he did not hunt and feed he only grew cranky and tired, then increasingly sluggish until it was almost too hard to rouse himself to the prospect of the chase. Cursing under his breath he hauled his body out of bed and into the shower.

The hot water stung his flesh until he began to feel warm and halfway alive again. After feeding and sex, a hot shower was the 'next' best thing in the world.

He was even able to laugh admonishingly at himself as he towelled his naked body dry and searched out some dark, neutral clothing that was discreet enough to hunt in. One of the most rewarding things about being in a relationship, he deliberated as he slipped out into the night, feeling the cool wind stir his damp, black hair, was that he always knew where the next meal was coming from. If he was feeling too lazy to hunt he knew that he could always fall back on Kev. His lover had never minded the sting of sharp little teeth in his neck, or wrist, or thigh as Rayne was rising and falling on his big cock or straddling his face on the bed or the lounge floor.

The Vampire stopped and frowned to himself as he reached the corner of Canal Street, deciding on a route for the evening. When had he started to think of Kev as a part of his life? How easily did the word 'relationship' slip into his mental vocabulary? This was just ridiculous! It had to stop. It was going to damned well stop. Tonight!

In the Union he ran into Dave, Kevan's partner. Dave had once posed as a bartender here when he and Kev were undercover, hunting a rogue Vamp who had been killing young men in the district. He had found the habit of slipping down to the pub for a beer and some gossip on his way home from the late shift a hard one to break.

"Hey Ray? Isn't Kev with you?" Dave asked, looking surprised to see him alone.

"We're not joined at the hip," the Vampire retaliated sharply. "Why would you think that?"

"Just that... he's been hanging out at your place a lot recently, and you guys were supposedly coming over to ours last night and you never showed and Kev wasn't in work today. I just figured that maybe..." Dave shrugged and did not finish the sentence.

'Shit!' Rayne had forgotten until now that they had indeed blown Dave and his boyfriend Bernard out thanks to Don Mac-fuckin'-Call and Kev's insistence on showing his boss a good time. He felt aggrieved. Dave was a good guy and it would have been polite at least to ring him last night and explain that they had been held up.

Then he felt angry because he was making excuses to humans again. Jabez would be laughing at him now, if he could see this. Some pathetic Vampire he was.

"I haven't seen him," he lied, waving down the tall, dark-haired bar tender and pointing to his usual; a stiff shot of Stolichnaya on the rocks.

"Didn't you have a date last night?" Dave frowned, puzzled by this.

"We did... I called it off." Rayne accepted the shot glass and knocked his vodka back in one, pushing the little vessel back across the counter for a refill. "I was busy."

"I bet he was gutted. He was really looking forward to seeing you." Dave took a good pull on his beer and set the glass down with a speculative look. "Are you guys a bit rocky?"

"Nope," Rayne threw down a second shot and pushed a fiver across the bar then rose to make a move. "Gotta go, Dave. Sorry about last night. We'll have to rearrange it some time."

He wriggled his fingers and headed for the exit before the mortal could ask any more awkward questions. Stupid of him really, he should have remembered that Dave might be in here at this time of night. Of course Dave knew that he was a Vamp. If he'd asked really nicely he might have coaxed the mortal to let him feed in return for a mutual hand-shandy or even a good blow job in the bogs.

'Idiot!' he cursed himself crossly and hurried down the canalside to see what was staggering out of the clubs on Princess Street.

The answer was not a great deal and most of it was not alone, much to his disgust. Instead he turned north towards Piccadilly. Rayne hated picking up in Piccadilly but there were bound to be guys around looking for trade and he could take advantage fairly easily. The plaza was still busy although it was past midnight now and he pulled his long coat around himself and huddled in the shelter of a statue, watching the drunks and the kids, looking out for strays or vulnerable loners in search of sex.

A lean, tall fellow with glasses perched on the end of his nose wandered by and looked him over then came back a few moments later. He was a bit scruffy in a classic Geography Teacher kind of way, corduroy jacket with patched elbows, a baggy sweater and crumpled brown pants. Rayne took pity on him and let the fellow lead him up an alley off Aytoun Street where he sank to his knees and swallowed the guy's cock. It was long and narrow like the rest of him and Rayne deep-throated it for several minutes, allowing the guy to cum in his mouth twice. His spunk was watery and somewhat musty tasting but he swallowed it ravenously. Afterwards the Geography Teacher gave him twenty pounds and asked to kiss and feel him for a few minutes. Rayne kissed his neck as the skinny guy wormed both hands into his pants, stroking and fingering him. The fellow protested briefly when his sexy young mate nipped at his throat but carried on fondling him and thrusting his fingers into Rayne's arsehole as the lad sucked and licked at the small, bloody wound under his adam's apple. It was not much but it took the edge off his craving for blood.

"How much to fuck you?" the guy panted at last, visibly excited once more by all the groping and licking.

Rayne pulled him down by the shoulders and bit him again, more deeply this time. His fangs were razor sharp and few mortals actually realised what he was doing until it was far too late. He was sucking greedily on his victim's neck when he felt the man pull down his pants and force him up against the wall. The Geography Teacher pulled Rayne's hand onto his cock and encouraged him to pump it hard. He squirted all over Rayne's black jeans and coat tails before they were able to do anything more intimate.

The Vampire retreated to lick his bloody fangs and try to mop some of the spunk off his clothing once his quarry had scuttled off in search of a cab. In a bus shelter on Chorlton Street he found a young clubber half-asleep on a plastic bench and bit gently into his exposed neck, sucking as tenderly as he could. The boy woke and they kissed for a while until he came to his senses and realised that Rayne was not a girl. The Vampire had fled, chuckling to himself, long before the lad could stagger to his feet.

This late at night Manchester stank of beer-sweat and hot fat. Hordes of club-goers drifted from doorway to doorway chattering like insects or gibbering and shrieking like a troupe of chimpanzees; the girls painfully cold in their minimalist attire; their boyfriends or would be boyfriends clad in uniforms that clearly marked their lifestyle and territory. Scrawny boys in tracksuit bottoms and hooded tops hovered without much hope of attracting any but the most brainless and impoverished of the females. The girls as ever were looking for mates with a bit of flash and gravitated to the youths in casual slacks or designer jeans and Tommy Hilfiger shirts. Rayne stayed clear of them all. He despised the pack mentality and knew it was a danger. Even though he could probably kill this lot single-handed he did not actively wish to. It would draw too much attention. That was something he would live longer without.

A dark saloon car pulled up beside him as he headed back along Portland Street. The passenger window rolled down smoothly and a rough, Scally voice called out; "You lookin' for some company, angel?"

Rayne hesitated, then he opened the door and slipped into the warmth of the vehicle. This was only one guy, he could handle that, no matter what the fellow wanted. At once the saloon pulled away from the kerb and set off towards St. Peter's Square. The driver stroked his crotch and grinned at him knowingly. He had close cropped, prematurely greying hair and very blue eyes in a face lined with creases and crinkles although he was probably not much older than forty. His build beneath the casual, short sleeved shirt and fitted jeans was still muscular and fairly trim. The crotch of his pants was bulging pleasingly under his fondling hand. He saw Rayne's glance in that direction and said; "Be my guest, darlin'. You look like a lad who knows what to do with a nice big cock."

"I won't make you crash?" Rayne winked at him with a little smile.

"Don't you worry about it, darlin'. I'm safe as houses, even with 'your' sexy mouth round my big end."

The Vampire leaned into his lap, unzipping his pants so that his big brown tool jumped out at once. He stroked it appreciatively, up and down for a few moments then began to kiss it with soft, moist lips, running his small, rough tongue under the leaking head, lapping delicately at his slit. The car was an automatic so his chauffeur did not have to worry about gear changes. He simply drove around the edges of the city, up and down the Mancunian Way, as Rayne licked, sucked and swallowed his huge, salty cock. It was a delicious mouthful, about eight inches long and very thick and hard, with a large knot of a head. Rayne salivated in his lap as he nodded lower over that huge penis, his jaws stretched wide to accommodate it all.

"Good boy," the driver breathed, stroking the Vampire's silky black hair as Rayne swallowed that chunky bell end down his throat, breathing hard and fast though his nostrils. It was a huge piece of cock meat and its owner was humping it gently in and out of his mouth and throat now, his excitement increasing. He never took his eyes off the road but in a low growl he said; "Suck me off, baby. Rub my bollocks you little beauty!"

Rayne's fingers wriggled into his tight jeans and squeezed his heavy testicles, which were heavy and hairy like dwarf coconuts. At once a hot glob of spunk oozed down his throat. His partner tasted sharp and spicy and Rayne could tell that there was plenty of semen in those huge, hot balls. As his tongue wormed up and down the guy's shaft and his clever fingers massaged and fondled, the driver began to cum hard. Rayne' head came up slightly so that he could fill his mouth with his lover's hot, creamy ejaculate. He gulped it down greedily and to his delight the guy barely lost his hard on. Rayne just carried on sucking and pumping him for about fifteen more minutes during which time he got two more satisfying mouthfuls.

"Do you take it up the bum?" his companion asked at last when Rayne sat up, wiping his mouth on the back of one hand.

"Is that what you want?" Rayne asked him a little warily.

"If you're up for it, I am," the older man grinned at him eagerly.

Rayne turned his head, staring quietly out at the virtually empty road in front of them. They had almost come around in a loop whilst he had his face buried in the man's lap and the car was travelling more slowly now, on the outskirts of Salford. If he asked the guy to stop and let him get out he wondered if he would be humoured.

"Is it your first time?" his lift whispered, unable to hide the excitement in his voice.

Rayne nodded once or twice without looking at him. It was what he wanted to be told. The Vampire understood that he was only attractive to certain men and those men generally liked their lovers young and easy to manipulate. The realisation had initially depressed him, now he barely gave it a thought. It was another tool in his arsenal, nothing more or less. He had died aged 29 but looked younger and generally his mates saw what they needed to see in any case. Jabez said that he did it to them without even knowing it, and was genuinely impressed by the talent his fledgling showed but Rayne just felt uneasy when he thought about it too much.

"You don't have to do it if you don't fancy it," the driver said but his tone told another story. 'He would go without, but it would be a terrible sacrifice'. 'He had been aching for some bum. He desperately wanted it and the self-denial would hurt him more than a good fuck hurt his mate'. A hand rested on Rayne's thigh, hot through the denim. "You're absolutely gorgeous, you know. What's your name, angel?"

He hesitated for a moment then whispered; "Rayne."

Normally he never gave his real name to a punter or a casual fuck. He was not sure what made him do it this time. The fellow responded with a lascivious smile. He turned the car into a narrow backstreet off Liverpool Road and killed the engine and lights at once, unbuttoning his shirt with both hands.

"Rain? Like the weather?" The guy grinned at him and he nodded once.

"Well my little cock-sucking Raindrop, you can call me Daddy Big Balls," he said with a too-friendly smile. "Get yourself stripped off and come sit on my big knob, you little beauty. Daddy's gonna teach you how to fuck a man." He was wriggling out of his shirt and jeans now, revealing a stocky, hirsute body with a hint of a belly and the remnants of an all-over summer tan. His pubes were a dark grey like the mat on his chest and stomach and he sprawled naked in the leather-covered driver's seat watching as Rayne slowly took off his clothes. His hand pumped incessantly at his stiff cock and rubbed the constant spill of precum up and down the shaft making it hot and slippery. "Wow," he panted as Rayne squirmed out of his pants and tee shirt, revealing his smooth, slender body. "You look like a sexy schoolboy with your clothes off. How old 'are' you?"

Rayne nearly said 'forty one' but bit his tongue. A life of prostituting himself had left him well prepared for questions like this. "How old do you 'want' me to be, Daddy?"

"Oh you're a sharp one!" Daddy laughed, pulling Rayne into his lap eagerly and non-too gently. "You're so silky though, just like a teenage boy. You must shave your bollocks every day to stay that smooth, yeah? Makes me feel like a young stud again."

He pushed his hand between Rayne's thighs and groped him until the vampire began to get an erection in his fondling hand. The other hand wormed down between his buttocks and he hissed through his teeth as he felt a rough finger probe and poke up into him, thrusting quickly until it was buried inside him to the third knuckle.

"Good boy," Daddy panted excitedly. "Not 'too' tight, but snug enough to be satisfying. We don't want to hurt our little angel on his first time riding his Daddy's big cock." He kissed Rayne's hair almost affectionately. "Get up here and straddle Daddy now, you little beauty. Hold onto the steering wheel good and tight, baby."

Rayne closed his eyes as he bent forward over the wheel, his slim legs parted astride his mate's hairy thighs. Those callused fingers gripped his buttocks roughly and parted them. He felt the man spit on him then Daddy's hot wet tongue squirmed up and down his exposed and vulnerable crack, licking and teasing him. The man took his time kissing and tonguing Rayne's arse, blowing on his ring until it twitched and clenched with need. He spat again and rubbed the tip of his tongue on Rayne's spincter, probing steadily until it slipped inside and he was able to lick out his lover's hole.

The vampire groaned huskily as he was reamed. One, then two fingers pushed into him, thrusting in and out until his own cock was dribbling. He writhed against the steering wheel with a little whimper of pleasure.

"Mmmhhhh. Does my horny angel like Daddy's mouth and fingers on his sexy bum hole?" the mortal grunted excitedly. "Does it feel good, baby?"

"Uh-huh!" Rayne nodded breathlessly.

"You're such a sweet, saucy little boy," his companion panted, groping him all over as Rayne knelt astride him. "Daddy can't hold back much longer, angel. He needs to take his baby's anal cherry. Kneel back and ride your Daddy's cock, baby."

Rayne arched his spine and rocked his slim hips back and forth with the predator's long, hot penis between his thighs. He could feel the wet, glossy head nudging between his cheeks and reached back to finger himself with some of Daddy's pre-cum. That clearly excited his mate. The other man's hands were hot on his skinny hips as he urged Rayne to sit down a little harder on his erect cock. The Vampire rotated his pelvis steadily until he felt the man's big bell-end ease into position against his ring, then began to circle more urgently, pressing down harder with each rotation of his hips until his mate's pulsing cap popped into his snug hole. He cried out breathlessly as he felt it enter him. His partner's fingers tightened on his buttocks, spreading him roughly, spitting again and pushing Rayne down onto his saliva-coated erection.

"That's it!" he huffed excitedly. "That's the way my dirty little angel. Sit down hard on Daddy's nice big cock. Let it slide all the way up inside your tight virgin arse, my pretty baby. Daddy loves his little boy so much for this! Come on my little Raindrop, ride your Daddy's big dick nice and hard now. Take it all the way up your tight arse, baby. Daddy wants to see his cock pumping in and out of his baby's little pink hole!"

Rayne obeyed the urging of his hands and at once he began to rock himself more vigorously, easing up and down on that thick, throbbing tool, kneeling forward with his legs spread wide so that his partner could see every inch sliding in and out of him. He gripped the steering wheel tightly in both hands and Daddy began to hump him rapidly, fucking that fabulous big cock deeper into his arsehole, pounding him faster and harder.

"Sit down on my big balls, angel. Come on, push your sexy bum right down on my knackers, you gorgeous little saucepot. Can you feel my hot bollocks between your sweet cheeks?" his mate grunted.

Rayne nodded his head. He began to cry out with every thrust. The fat, firm knot of his fuck-mate's cock head surged deeper each time until he could feel it pressing on that sweet, hot, sensitive spot inside him. It felt incredible. He began to understand how reliant he had become in such a short time on Kevan's fabulously big penis. Rayne wondered when he had begun to crave sex as a comforter and he suddenly missed Kev's dumb sense of humour and his insatiable libido. He urged himself up and down more energetically on Daddy's throbbing dick and cried out with disappointment as the man roared and squirted inside him, filling his bowels with cum.

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