tagGay MaleUnderwear Ch. 05

Underwear Ch. 05


Chapter 5: Uncontrollable

By Josh & Sadie Rose © 2007

I would like to begin this chapter with an apology to those who have been waiting patiently for further instalments of the adventures of Rayne for far too long. This chapter has taken me more than ten months to write; a record even for me. Due to circumstances outside my control the last eight months of so of my life have been a NoWrite Zone. Hopefully I am out of that cycle now.

I hope you enjoy this chapter, which takes a darker step into the world of Rayne and relationships and also sees Rayne and Kevan work together for the first time since A Portrait in Blood, with potentially disastrous results.

So without further ado, I will continue where Chapter 4 left off... The Bedroom!


Rayne did not argue as Kev laid him on the bed on his belly, then reached under him to unfasten his jeans and slowly pull them down. They did not talk, there was no need for words. Kevan stripped quickly, his own cock hard and aching and retrieved the crumpled tube of Astroglide from his bedside cabinet. He knelt on the edge of the double bed and applied a good blob of the slippery goo to his lover's spasmodically clenching ring, rubbing it up into his exposed arsehole with two fingers.

Rayne squirmed a little and Kev told him quietly and firmly to lie still and be quiet. He rubbed a liberal coating of lube onto his long hard shaft and mounted Rayne at once, spreading his soft white cheeks with both hands and rubbing the slippery head of his sex against the young man's pink, vulnerable rosebud. Rayne whimpered and Kev leaned forward, wiping his hand on his lover's smooth, round arse cheek and putting it over his mate's mouth to keep him quiet as he pressed his cock into the tight, forbidden wetness of his tempting hole. They had played variations on this game so many times since their first date. In most of them, Ray was the youthful ingenue (of either sex) experiencing his first big dick and Kev was his mentor and instructor in the arts of anal loving, showing him how amazing a good hot, hard fuck could be. Rayne bucked and struggled a little now, moaning reluctance, but Kev held him steady, leaning forward so that he could feel his prick slide smoothly and unrelentingly into his wriggling boyfriend.

"Is this what he did to you?" he panted eagerly, beginning to thrust.

Rayne screwed his eyes shut tightly. He could see more than he needed to. This physical connection with Kevan gave him a powerful emotional link as well. He said nothing.

Kev must had imagined it so many times since finding those pictures. What would it have been like to be the first one inside him? Only taking him gently and showing him how good consensual lovemaking could feel instead of simply using him as Bryan had. Kev had so many fantasies about being with a virgin lover and Rayne felt awkward with them all, though he had played the game for plenty of men before and never so much as shuddered at the idea of it. It was about being in control more than violation, he told himself firmly. Those men had insecurity issues and he already knew for a fact that Kevan was insecure about their relationship.

Rayne clenched his teeth irritably. There it was again, that 'R' word; the one he had been trying to avoid.

He let Kev rock against him slowly and evenly, pulsing in and out as he moved up and down over his mate's slender body. His breath was hot on the nape of the Vampire's neck. Softly, Rayne groaned through his teeth at the hard, rhythmic intrusion between his buttocks. His cock stiffened in response against the soft bedclothes and he reached under himself to adjust it. At once Kevan's hand came down to join it, stroking and fondling him as he quickened his thrusts.

"Mmmhhhh... do you like that, you naughty boy?" he whispered huskily. "Is that good for you, Ray? I'm not hurting you?"

He shook his head, unable to force out words, even if his mouth had not been covered by Kevan's other hand. There was a lump in his throat and his heart was hammering away too hard in his chest cavity. Frantically he rubbed himself against the duvet as he was filled with pulsing cock. His slight, smooth, slender body undulated against Kevan's sweating stomach and groin. Kev's hand released his jaw slightly and uncovered his mouth so that he could hear his mate panting rapidly. Rayne uttered a high-toned, husky moan and began to suck his fingers.

The taste of Kev's skin, the feel of him, the scent of his blood and his semen were driving the Vampire in him crazy with need. His lips and tongue devoured the flavour of his lover, a mixture of sweat-salt and lubricant. He rubbed his face in Kevan's warm hand.

"Are you horny, Ray? Does it feel good to get some hard cock up your arse?" Kev huffed, getting closer to his orgasm with every thrust.

His naked lover made a breathless, affirmative noise as he wriggled and bucked underneath Kevan, pushing his firm backside back greedily into his lover's thrusting groin; impaling himself on that big dick. Kev pumped it in as deep as he could, letting Rayne get a lovely chute full of his thick, erect sex. His spunk squirted out hot and wet into his playmate's twitching, clenching, well-fucked colon and Rayne writhed like a worm on a hook, crying out urgently with his face pressed into the quilt to muffle his cries.

"You are so hot!" Kev hissed in his ear. "So submissive. I can't believe how real this feels. It's genuinely like screwing a virgin."

Rayne groaned quietly, rubbing his face into the soft, pastel duvet cover. Kev withdrew and rolled him onto his back. They twined about one another and kissed long and slow on the bed. Rayne kept his eyes closed and Kev sucked on his lips and tongue seductively.

"You beautiful little fox, I need you so much right now," he breathed eagerly. "I want to take your tight arsehole again and again."

"Shut up!" Rayne said to him hoarsely. "Shut your mouth and fuck me, Kevan."

"Mmmmmhhhhh, you potty-mouthed, little slut," Kev chuckled. "Spread those skinny legs for me, Ray. You're gonna get your sweet little pussy rammed so hard!"

Rayne twisted and writhed on the bed as Kev parted his thighs and lifted his knees, giving himself access to his lover's stretched and lubricated passage. With his knees over Kevan's broad shoulders he submitted to the mortal's urgent probing. As Kev's firm, fleshy cock head punched into his sensitive rectum, he arched his back and cried out breathlessly.

"Do you like that, Ray?" Kevan panted, bucking into him quickly. "Is that good for you, my gorgeous, horny little monster?"

Rayne gripped the duvet cover to either side of his hips and thrashed urgently from side to side. A long, low, keening note escaped his throat, as he was rapidly pumped full of cock meat. Kev bent over him, mounting and humping him furiously. Sweat dripped from his face and body as he thrust away hard in that snug, fleshy orifice. His fingers closed around Rayne's upper arms and he held onto his beautiful young lover, rocking himself in and out of the Vampire's arsehole with a quick, frantic rhythm that was driving his whimpering mate closer and closer to release.

His heartbeat pounding in his ears, Rayne Wylde closed his eyes tightly and began to cry out. His lips formed sounds without words. Words were too complex for this lustful equation. Pure, unadulterated moans and yelps were enough to drive Kev on. His mate did not need to be told how big he was. He knew it. Kev was the muscular, hairy Alpha male and this afternoon Rayne was his willing bitch. Except he was a bitch with a rock hard cock throbbing and leaking on his belly.

"Aaaahhhhh...! Sweet Jesus, you're good!" Kev groaned, bucking harder between his cheeks. "Rrrggggghhhh, you naughty boy. You love this, don't you? You can't get enough of Uncle Kevan's huge dick!"

Rayne nodded his head rapidly, moaning his assent. The pictures were still fresh in his mind. He was caught between the memory and the reality; an adult and a child simultaneously; bewildered by the way this man's pulsing sex deep inside his body was making him feel. His lips parted around a breathless plea; words he had never said to Brian.

"Fuck me harder. I need to cum."

Kevan powered deeper into him, needing no further encouragement. He knew what Rayne could take and it was a damned sight more than this. The Vampire's cry of satisfaction was little more than a sharp intake of breath followed by a whistling, shuddering sigh. His lips framed a silent howl and his dog teeth extended, forcing his jaws wide. The sigh became a moan, low in his throat like a wounded animal. Kev pushed all the way into him one final time, growling his ecstasy as his throbbing balls exploded and slumping between Rayne's legs to hold him close.

He did not struggle as the Vampire's fangs sank into his neck with a soft, wet, rending sound, amplified by its closeness to his eardrum. Kevan trusted him implicitly not to do anything foolish. Rayne Wylde tapped a vein and began to suck. He gave lovebites like nothing on Earth.

The blood crushed all of Rayne's emotions, it drowned out his senses. All he knew was blood; the lush, hot feel of it squirting into his face and running over his tongue like velvet; the sweet, sharp, coppery flavour flooding his throat until he thought he would be sick from the excess. His fingers knotted in Kevan's ginger curls and he pulled the man's head down fiercely, biting again and revelling in the second spill of gore. Rayne rubbed his naked body up and down Kevan's abdomen and thigh, loving the sweaty friction and the tantalising intimacy of this bloody kiss. He had never been so needy with Kev before. They were always careful when they shared like this; delicate almost. Rayne was half-afraid to take too much, to go so far that he could not pull back. It had happened before, with other mates, and he was invariably wracked with remorse when he came to his senses and realised what he had done. For over five years now he had been able to control his blood-hunger. Tonight he wanted caution to go begging and control to be damned. Kevan tasted mouth-wateringly delicious and he wanted all he could take of the man.

Kevan spread Rayne's thighs with his knees as the Vampire ravaged his jugular. He pushed back into his slender lover and they coupled again, more slowly and intimately. Rayne licked his neck with long, rough strokes of his tongue, then nuzzled and suckled where Kev's neck was still bleeding, the wound responding slowly to the coagulant in his saliva. At last he slumped back onto the blood and cum stained bedclothes, panting hard, great long breaths that made his chest rise and fall like powerful waves on a stormy ocean. The spill of drying blood on his face and torso was startling. His exposed fangs were still glistening with gore, but retracting now as he writhed on the bed beneath his eager sex-mate.

"Christ!" Kev stopped thrusting and put a startled hand to his neck. "What did you do to me, Wylde?"

"Sorry... I was starving!" Rayne sucked a hiss of pleasure through his teeth as he was gripped firmly and pounded harder in retribution. "You'll have... to... uhhhh...punish me now. Don't hold back, Kev. Make it hurt!"

He hooked his knees over Kev's hips and walked his bare feet slowly up the mortal's naked back as Kevan began to slam into him obediently. Anyone else would have begged for mercy almost immediately but Rayne surrendered to the violent pounding without complaint. On the night he and Kevan met, Kev had fucked him savagely like this on a squeaky single bed in a squalid doss house. Rayne had not tried to stop him though he could have done so had he desired. He had needed to submit to the frenzy just as he needed the violent pulse of Kevan's cock in his arsehole tonight. Rayne had never been able to explain it before, generally he liked to top his partners but every so often a man came along for whom he was just a natural submissive. It had never occurred to him that sex with Kevan Delaney would be more than a frantic one-night stand. It had not seemed obvious until tonight that he was reaching back into his past; trying to make sense of what had happened to him as a child.

On the night that they met Kev had tried to stake his lover, suspecting him to be a Vampire serial killer who had murdered a number of young boys in the Canal Street area. It had taken all Rayne's powers of persuasion to make the man believe that he was not guilty. Once they had brought the real killer to justice (which in their case meant introducing him to the sweet hereafter with an axe) Rayne had believed they would go their separate ways. Kevan clearly had other ideas, not least of which involved getting back between the Vampire's legs and fucking him there as hard and as frequently as possible. To Rayne Wylde's surprise, he found he had no complaints about that.

"You are fabulous," Kev huffed as he gripped Rayne's slim hips in both hands and jack-hammered his tenderised rectum vigorously. "I missed you so much last night."

"Me too. I was gagging for a good bite!"

"'And' my cock, I hope!"

"I'll bite your cock if you want me to," Rayne grinned and licked his bloody lips.

"You naughty little fox," Kevan panted. He knelt up and pulled out, rolling Rayne over and hauling him to his knees so that he could get himself in doggy-style. "You're gonna get fucked all night, my sexy little bloodsucker! I'm gonna fuck you until you've got that rapist-bastard right out of your system!"

"Ssshhhh," Rayne sighed wearily. "Don't talk about him now. I don't want to think about him, only about me and you."

Kev laughed appreciatively and carried on banging him hard from behind until Rayne's hot spot was tingling and his balls were twitching and aching with need. When he began to cum it was as if someone had lit a fuse deep inside his colon and it fizzled crazily through his veins and nerves, reaching out towards his groin and exploding up through his nuts and his long, throbbing shaft until he began to cry out with every gasp for breath. He closed his eyes and sobbed desperately as the massive climax gripped his body, jerking at it so violently that his limbs shook and he was as weak as a baby. He sank into the embrace of the damp, rumpled duvet with his arms folded and his face buried in them. Behind him, Kev's strong fingers gripped his slim thighs tightly at the junction of his hips, keeping him on his knees as he slammed that hot, thick length of cock meat in and out of Rayne's wet, twitching orifice. The feel of it pistoning in and out of him was almost unbearable now. The pleasure was like a cold, surging fire within him. It seared him internally until he was almost ready to beg Kevan to stop, even though he kept on cumming inside long after his own erect sex had stopped dribbling semen onto the covers.

Kevan pulled Rayne up into his arms and held him, on his knees, astride the bigger man. Rayne was huffing and whimpering, wriggling in his powerful embrace. Kev pushed that big throbbing tool deep inside him one last time and growled wordless pleasure like a furnace blast in Rayne's left ear as he exploded within his lover's clenching sheath, squirting his sticky wet heat into the younger man's bowels. They sagged against one another, on their knees, soaked in Kevan's sweat and their accumulative ejaculate. Rayne, who rarely felt warm any more, was on fire. Any early discomfort he might have been feeling had evaporated with the final explosion of mindless pleasure.

As they sank down on the bed, he turned and curled around Kevan, feeling the mortal's answering embrace wrap itself round his body like a hot, wet blanket. He buried his face in the man's sweaty breast and succumbed to a feeling of breathless satisfaction and happiness that shocked him with its intensity. In over twenty years he had not felt this way about another man. He had not 'let' himself feel this way. He knew that the emotion he was experiencing was a dangerous thing. Need made him lower his guard. He did stupid things when he let himself become too attached to any one person but right now he just wanted to stay in Kevan's arms and never let him go. It was more than just the sex, which was incredible nonetheless. Rayne felt safe and loved and protected when he was with Kevan Delaney. Even when he was being idiotic Kev did it out of love and hopeless desire for his mate.

"Will you promise me something?" Rayne whispered softly now as they snuggled against one another on the bed, not caring that the covers were damp with sweat and other bodily fluids. "Something very important."

Kev nuzzled him wearily, kissing his dark hair and pulling him closer.

"Anything," he breathed, his chest still rising and falling a little too quickly.

Rayne squirmed around in his embrace and propped himself on his forearms, looking down at the exhausted mortal speculatively.

"I don't want you to ever talk about what happened today," he said, in a more rational voice. "Not to me and not to anyone else. Okay?"

Kev blinked at him rapidly and shook his head; "Not even about the fuck?" he asked at last. "I mean... it was a blinding fuck!"

"It was a blinding fuck once you stopped pretending I was jailbait," Rayne told him acerbically. "I don't like that, Kev. You've seen the evidence. You ought to know why by now!"

His lover offered an awkward smile in response and looked away sheepishly. Rayne rolled his pale green eyes and lowered his head onto his folded hands over Kevan's breastbone. After a few moments he felt Kev begin to stroke his hair again tenderly.

"I promise," the man whispered in a husky voice.

Rayne closed his eyes, succumbing to a sense of relief. He realised with a start that he had been afraid of this whole, horrible mess pushing Kevan away from him. Knowing that Kev would do anything to remain by his side was comforting and he was intensely touched by the realisation.

"I'll let you do anything to me, in bed or anywhere else," he said in quiet, measured tones, trying to keep the tremor of emotion from his words. "But not that. Not the schoolgirl virgin stuff, okay?"

"Okay," Kev agreed in a small, hushed voice. He was silent for a moment then added; "You 'do' look fucking sexy dressed as a schoolgirl, Ray!"

The look he got for that remark could have been taken in on an assault charge.


They burned the photographs on Kevan's barbecue that night; silently, one at a time. Rayne studied each one as if committing the details to memory before casting it onto the flames. Kev watched him protectively from the kitchen doorway, arms folded across his chest, conscious that it was the destruction of evidence but unwilling to say a word to stop it. Afterwards they made love on the kitchen table and again on the living-room floor before scrambling upstairs into bed and falling asleep in each other's arms.

"I never imagined I'd wake up beside you here," Kevan whispered to him as the first fingers of daylight filtered in through the pale, turquoise and gold curtains and he opened his eyes to find Rayne watching him possessively across the pillows.

"It feels... good," Rayne murmured guardedly in response.

"Is your bum sore?" his lover asked him with a calculating smile.

The Vampire shook his head and there was a definite gleam in his eyes as Kevan rolled onto his hands and knees astride him and bent to kiss him greedily on the mouth. The man's cock was rock hard and his Undead mate was soon just as rigid as Kevan's tongue explored his mouth and their bodies moved in languid tenderness against one another. Rayne allowed Kev to kiss and touch him all over, writhing sensuously on the mattress as the man's hot lips and tongue roamed over his naked body intimately. It was as if their passion had slowly mutated into something slower and more personal. Rayne was not complaining. It felt amazing and he was more relaxed than he had ever been with a man and without the aid of drugs.

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