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Underwear Ch. 09




Public Health Warning: Sadie's Underwear contains explicit male/male sexual pairings, violence, bad language and vampirism from the start. It also deals with dark psychological issues and the long-term effects of childhood abuse. If this is not your thing then please don't read any further. Thank you.

Rayne was halfway back to the apartment and it was beginning to get dark when his phone vibrated in the pocket of his jacket again. He flipped it open and put it to his ear wearily as Kevan yelled; "Ray! Ray... are you there? Can you hear me?"

"Half of fuckin' Manchester can hear you, Kev. Shut up!" the vamp snapped tersely.

"Are you all right?" Kevan asked, chastened by his tone.


"Is... did you...?" He faltered, unsure of his words now.

"Yeah, I met him. Yeah, he fucked me. No, I didn't eviscerate him. I wanted to but I didn't. Happy?" Rayne kept walking, the phone cradled to his cheek. He heard relief in Kev's sigh.

"He didn't hurt you?"

"Not so much," the vampire told him dismissively.

"Did you find out who he is?"

"It's complicated," Rayne answered evasively. "Yes, I think the police need to be involved, but we need to talk about it first. This is gonna need careful handling, Kevan. Let me go home and have a shower. Actually, scrap that, a hot bath! In disinfectant! Then you can come over, okay?"

"Okay," Kev conceded, rather less enthusiastically. "Shouldn't you let SOCO check you over first. If you've got evidence...?"

"Like I said, it's complicated," Rayne reminded him. "And I really don't want your colleagues poking and prodding me about this evening. I've had about as much of that as I wanna take for today, thanks."

"I love you, you know. I'm just worried," Kev told him quietly. "I'm glad you're okay."

"I'm glad that's what you think!" Rayne snorted and hung up. He turned the phone off before putting it back in his pocket.

When he got back to the apartment he stripped and threw his clothes into the laundry hamper in the bathroom then ran hot water into the tub. Whilst it was filling up he took a brisk, hot shower and washed himself out with the douche nozzle three times in all. Then he scrubbed his teeth until his gums bled and washed his mouth out with vodka. Finally he subsided into the scalding bowl of bubbles with the bottle of Stolichnaya and drank the rest of it.

By the time Kevan arrived with a Thai takeaway and two bottles of Tempranillo Rose, he was very clean, much more mellow and ever so slightly despondent. He picked over the food whilst Kevan put away the beef and noodles ravenously. Sometimes he ate with his lover to keep him company, though the effort usually made him feel ill afterwards. Tonight he had no heart for the pretence, but he deliberately forestalled all talk until after his lover had eaten.

When they were curled on the sofa together with a couple of glasses of wine and he was certain that Kevan wasn't angry with him, Rayne told his boyfriend what had happened during his meeting with Daddy, Mark Two. Kev's eyes darkened at the description of the sexual acts that had been perpetrated on his beautiful mate, and widened incredulously when he got to the conversation about the mailbox. There was thunder in his eyes by the time Rayne confessed to getting out of the car and puking his guts up. Now he set down his glass and put his arms around the little vampire protectively.

"I'm proud of you, Fox," he whispered, turning Rayne's head slightly with a finger under his chin and pressing his lips to the soft, cold mouth of his beautiful boyfriend, kissing him hard. "I'd have wanted to kill him after all that. You did good, princess."

Rayne shook his head sorrowfully. "I'm not so sure. I don't know what to do next, Kev. I couldn't kill him, it would scare the others back underground. I know how it works. If we take one or two the others will just scatter and wait 'til it's safe to regroup then carry on somewhere else. They're like evil Pokemon, you've gotta catch 'em all, or not bother." He looked up soulfully at Kev. "That's where I need your help."

Kevan smiled at him.

"You've never needed me before," he said with a hint of surprise. "It's nice."

"I wish it was for a nice reason," Rayne muttered. "Just thinking about it makes me feel sick again."

"We will get them, Fox," Kevan promised him. "Knowing something exists is a big part of the battle."

"Yeah, but even if we take down the 'phone ring, there's still the guys that run the websites and the ones who are farming those young boys. We don't even know who the bastards are, Kev." Rayne looked tired and a little defeated. His experience this afternoon had left him drained and desolate in a way he had not felt for many years. When his Uncle Brian was arrested the men that had colluded with him, and joined in with Rayne's abuse, got off scot-free. No one ever traced them. He saw the potential for something similar to happen here and the thought of it sent his spirits spiralling down into the depths of depression.

"Then we need to find out," Kevan said rationally. "I'll check through likely 'faces' on the database tomorrow. I want you to give it a few days then ring your Daddy and arrange another meeting. We'll put a wire on you this time and you can ask some serious questions."

Rayne shook his head. "Wire won't work, the guy I did today wanted me nude. I can't even stuff a mic up my arse!"

"You wear ear-studs though," Kev pointed out. "You'd be amazed what we can put a bugging device into, Fox."

"Fuck!" Rayne actually managed to raise a laugh at that idea. He sobered quickly though. "If I have to fuck him for info I don't want you listening to the tap, Kevan Delaney. I'm not doing this as wank fodder for you and Ramsey."

"As if we'd do something like that!" Kev looked offended at the suggestion but Rayne was more pragmatic.

"I know you, Delaney! No arguments, you're not listening in while I bust my balls with a suspect. End of!"

"Okay..." Kev held up his hands in submission. "You win, Wylde. But, if I might make a suggestion, you mentioned how they set up a gang-fuck. It might be useful to get the Gen on as many of their little circle as possible..." He broke off because Rayne was looking at him with naked disgust.

"You want me to put my hand up for a gang-bang situation and walk in there wearing nothing but a wire just so you can collect their fuckin' number-plates?" he asked incredulously.

"It gives us names and addresses, Ray. And if they talk among themselves while they're nobbing you, we might get something from that as well!" Kevan fired a steely look back at him. "You were the one that wanted to bend the rules the other day. What's up, can't stand the heat now it's getting serious? I know you can take a group-dicking. I even know that you enjoy it, you naughty girl."

Rayne huddled up on the sofa with his arms around his knees, staring blankly ahead as he mulled this proposition over. He had to admit, under normal circumstances, the idea of a gang-bang was exciting. And when Daddy had talked about it this afternoon in the car it had stirred him up sexually. It would not be the first time for him but apart from his playtime sessions with Kev, Dave and Bernie, he hadn't submitted to submissive group sex just with men for quite a few years. The last time it had happened with total strangers he had still been mortal and also way off his head on Special K, on an Antiguan beach at the end of a long and gruelling tour. He didn't recall an awful lot about it.

"You okay, Fox?" Kev asked him at last when he had been quiet for about five minutes. He too had cooled down a little and there was concern in his voice now. "If you don't want to do it, I understand."

"I'll think about it," Rayne said in a dull tone.

"Good girl," Kev murmured, pulling him into a warm embrace and drawing Rayne's lips onto his in tender benediction.

"I might see Tony on Friday. Is that okay?"

They were lying, half naked, on the sofa; Kev underneath with his shirt undone and his pants at half mast, his slim and sexy lover nude from the waist down and straddling the thickness of his rigid cock as he asked the question. Kev rubbed the underside of his lusty bone against the smooth flesh of his lover's scrotum and silken ball sac, stroking his hands up and down Rayne's lean thighs. That big cock twitched restlessly between his lover's parted legs, wanting to be inside him.

"See him?" he queried lazily. "See him how exactly?"

"With my eyes, the usual way," Rayne teased. "He rang me this morning and asked if he could meet me for lunch. I said I'd ask if you minded."

That last bit was a barefaced lie but Rayne figured it might smooth the path.

"Just lunch?" Kev asked suspiciously.

"Well... we might come back here for a fuck afterwards. I can hardly bleed him in the restaurant!" Rayne blew him a kiss.

Kevan shook his head in bemusement. His hands pulled Rayne down for a slow kiss then guided the cum-drenched head of his needy cock into his mate's yielding, well-fucked hole.

"Ride me!" he growled.

Rayne knelt back with passion darkening the icy chartreuse of his eyes to a deeper emerald green. He rocked his slim hips, impaling his lean body hungrily on Kevan's long, fat, randy spike.

"Oh yeah... that feels so-o-o good!" he purred as he wriggled himself right down to the balls on Kevan's fabulous cock. "You are such a big boy, Kev Delaney!"

"And you are one naughty, cock-hungry slut, Wylde!" Kevan laughed huskily, turned on something terrible by his gorgeous lover's tight chute gripping his pole and slithering up and down on the throbbing shaft. "Mmmmhhhh... that's the way, princess. Ride it like a whore, I wanna feel it deep inside you."

Rayne knelt up, bucking his skinny hips slowly as he savoured the sensation of Kevan's hot, thick tool tugging and stretching his sensitive colon. It thrust and slurped satisfyingly over the ticklish nerve-ends in his rectum and the plump, leaking head nudged up and down relentlessly over his tingling fuck-button. Catching his breath he planted his hands on Kevan's broad, copper-furred chest, pinching the bigger man's small, dusky-rose nipples between his fingers and thumbs and pushed himself back down hard on his lover's cock so that it was forced up deep inside him. Rayne rubbed his throbbing balls in his lover's rough, hairy crotch-mat as he circled his hips and arse vigorously, loving the way that Kevan's body stretched and teased him.

"That's it... ohhh yeah... like that, princess!" Kev crooned, letting his hands slide over the smooth, milky skin of his lover's gyrating arse-cheeks. He fondled the singer's sexy little bottom firmly as Rayne bucked and ground on his dick. "That feels so fuckin' tight, Fox! I love it so much when you ride me like this!"

Rayne leaned forward to cover Kevan's mouth with his own, his lips warm and moist and flavoured with the sweetness of the wine and the sharp notes of coriander and lime. He barely needed to move in order to edge himself up when Kev was buried in him this way. His lover was so long and thick and hot inside him that it was like magic, he just got incredibly turned on by it. Kevan's tongue slid between his teeth and he caught it lightly there in his mouth. Big, powerful hands eased restlessly over his nude body then settled on his lean hips, gripping there as his mate began to buck slowly between this thighs, that solid rod of man-meat pulsing smooth and hard, in and out of his tight chute.

The little vampire moaned helplessly at the slow, wet caresses of that long, fat cock against his quivering innards. He wriggled like a puppy, his hands clawing lightly through the burnished curls on Kevan's broad torso as he rubbed his erect cock against his lover's hard-muscled, hairy belly.

"Aaaahhhh... need you so bad!" he panted, siding one hand around the back of Kevan's neck and up into his rusty curls, towing Kev's mouth back onto his. At the same time he ground down smoothly onto the pumping tool between his bared buttocks. Each vigorous thrust stoked the fires of pleasure in his loins a little higher.

Now Rayne was finally able to push the sordid events of the afternoon out of his mind for a little while as Kev settled into a slow, sensuous rhythm between his legs and they kissed like horny teenagers, swapping tongues and saliva and humping and writhing together on the sofa. It was such a simple thing and such a massive pleasure for both men. After the marathon shagging session of last night and this morning neither of them, by rights, ought to have the stamina for this but knowing that didn't stop them trying.

Jabez had warned Rayne, once upon a time, that his libido would spike periodically and that during those spikes his need for physical intercourse would become almost uncontrollable. Back then he had laughed about it, claiming that it was like that when he was mortal. But his Sire had been right; this was more intense and definitely more demanding. He needed to address the problem soon or he was going to fuck Kevan to death.

As their lips parted wetly, he stroked both hands up through Kevan's hair and tentatively outlined this problem in a breathy whisper, whilst Kev pulsed more vigorously in his tight arse.

"What a way to go!" his lover chuckled huskily, once he had finished explaining.

"Don't laugh... can you imagine how I'd feel if I knew I'd killed you with just my need for sex?" Rayne caught his breath again as Kevan's cock head began to work slowly and deliberately over his sweet-spot once more.

Kevan knew by now just how deep he needed to be to drive his sexy lover insane with arousal. He urged Rayne up onto his knees again, working that thickly engorged knob restlessly back and forth over the twitching fuck-button in the internal wall of his mate's velvet sheath. Rayne gasped and whined incoherently as he felt his pelvic muscles all contract and release at once, over and over. His balls ached with need and his cock began to weep a slow river of pre-cum.

"Oh... Jesus! Jesus!" he whispered breathlessly. "Kev!"

Kevan's warm, strong arms drew him down into a passionate embrace and they kissed with searing heat as the bigger man settled back into a longer, slower rhythm once again.

"I love the way you look and sound and feel inside when I edge you right up," he rumbled when their lips drew apart again. "You are such a naughty little Fox, Wylde. Do you even realise how incredibly horny it makes me, hearing you tell me that you're having uncontrollable nympho cravings for my cock, all the fuckin' time? Jesus H. Christ, as you're so fond of saying, isn't that the fantasy of every single red-blooded male?"

Rayne laughed at that too, rocking himself more eagerly on the big, hot probe between his clenching cheeks. He and Kev both groaned with satisfaction at the sensations created by this new angle of friction.

"You tell me that again when you're too fuckin' weak to even get up and take a piss," he teased. "When I've drunk every drop of you and ridden your dick 'til it's raw and your nuts ache like I've kicked you in those six inch black stilettos you love so much. You won't be so smug then!"

"Baby," Kevan sighed contentedly, "I give you my fuckin' blessing! You can fuck other guys if it seriously worries you that much and you honestly can't wait another moment to ride my cock. But whenever it's possible I wanna watch, okay? If I can't be there then set up a cam or get the lucky dick to film it on your phone and send it to me so I can watch my sexy little fox getting boned while I fuck him hard later on."

He kissed Rayne's neck and throat, caressing the cool, undulating silk of his slim waist and sexy arse as Rayne chuckled; "Dirty Bastard!"

"But of course! How could I be otherwise with you sitting in my lap getting me all hot and bothered?" Kev pointed out with a feral grin. "I promise you sincerely never to look at porn again, so long as you keep sending me pics and vids of your gorgeous, sexy, naked body getting drilled stupid by big hard cocks!"

"You are amazing," Rayne purred, gasping again as Kevan drove into him all the way to his hairy, ginger nuts, then rolled him onto his back on the broad, smooth sofa cushions and climbed up between his legs to fuck him fast and hard.

Rayne's slender body thrashed uncontrollably, his bare feet sliding up and down Kevan's arching back as the bigger man mounted and screwed him almost violently into the soft, tactile cushions of the well used sofa. Rayne's hands slid down to Kev's arse, gripping that bucking, hairy backside tightly as it jerked up and down with a passionate fury between his splayed thighs. He could feel each long, hard, lancing stroke of Kev's massively broad beam sinking and rising in him, over and over. Kevan's dick was not the longest he had ever had -- though, at around nine and a half inches it was his favourite length for perfect stimulation of his hot-spot -- but it was one of the fattest cocks he had ever ridden. Every time they fucked it stretched and filled him so beautifully and never failed to satisfy him. It had a slight curve that just followed the walls of his tight rectum and every inch rubbed up against his sensitive innards so perfectly that it rarely took him long to come when Kev was driving it up him this hard.

Tonight was no exception. He could hear Kevan gasping and grunting at the exertion and the wet slurping sounds of their sweaty, slippery bodies writhing eagerly together. His nostrils were full of the briny tang of pre-cum, fresh masculine sweat and Kevan's delicious blood, so rich and visceral, flowing fast beneath his jewelled skin as he was savagely thrusting. He could feel his lover's heavy, cum-filled balls slap-slap-slapping against his smooth, white buttocks.

Long fingers squeezed Kevan's arse harder, tighter, and Rayne ground his own balls urgently on Kevan's hairy belly, rubbing his leaking cock on hot wet flesh. His voice sounded thick and hollow in his throat. "So close! So close!"

Kev's hand eased between their bellies and hot fingers furled around Rayne's throbbing penis, pumping and stroking it in time with his cock thrusts. A spasm of heat melted his loins and flowed through him like molten gold. Rayne cried out wordlessly, his body gripping and releasing Kevan on autopilot as the semen jetted up his twitching shaft and spurted over and over and over, crèmeing his heaving belly and chest; glistening like pearls on the golden curls of Kevan's sweat-soaked torso.

Kevan roared like a stag in full rut, his hands moving to Rayne's slender hips as he sheathed his lurching sword inside his lover, all the way. Rayne felt it swell yet further and burst like a water balloon in his spastic colon, filling him with liquid heat. His lover sank onto him with a long, happy sigh and his rough tongue lapped at the beautiful little vampire's nude torso and long white neck affectionately as he slid his arms around Rayne. Neither man had the will to move much more than that for several minutes, so Rayne's lips found their way to Kevan's mouth, kissing him slowly and gratefully. His hands slid to the small of his mate's sweating back and his lean thighs splayed loosely around his hips, that were finally, blissfully still though Kevan's slowly wilting dick stayed snuggled for a while in the heat of his cum-filled passage.

"Wow!" Kevan exhaled at last, summoning the energy to rise onto his elbows and peer down at Rayne. "That was sensational, Fox! I swear, fucking you just gets better and better. What in God's name are you doing to me, Wylde?"

He laughed huskily, touching his nose to Rayne's as they kissed again.

"Did it feel as good as it looked for you?" Kev whispered at last. "You looked so hot, and so turned on while I was filling you up. Was that good, babe?"

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