tagFetishUnderwear Thief Ch. 02

Underwear Thief Ch. 02


It must have been two or three weeks had passed since that incident.

Through countless intense wanking sessions I had completely destroyed the once gorgeous lacy knickers.

My sex life with my partner had really boomed and she often asked me what was responsible for the sudden intensity increase.

Of course I lied and made up stories about how hot she looked, which she did, but I couldn't really say that mentally I was thinking about fucking my best friends girlfriends ass whilst we were having sex.

Work life and had gotten busy too and I hadn't seen her or Dave in a while.

A few days later I got a call from Dave asking if I could download him a bunch of new movies and tv shows.

He said just pop round and grab his USB stick from him whenever I was free.

Driving home from work I thought, I'll just jump in and grab it from him now. So I pulled up outside and went up and rung the front door.

After a few seconds the door opened and I saw it was his girlfriend.

"Oh Hi, how are you," I said.

"Yeah pretty good, busy as hell. I guess we all are at the moment , come in real quick, Dave's not back from work yet."

She answered.

We chatted and had a quick catch up, I told her I was here to pick up Dave's USB stick.

"Ah ok, I think he keeps it in the upstairs TV, hang on a second" she said.

She walked out the room and I heard her ascending the stairs,

...That's when I noticed the clothes horse full of washing standing at the back of the lounge.

Immediately I saw knickers on there, I felt the blood rushing to my head and noticed I was suddenly breathing very quickly.

I tiptoed over and had a closer look, there was a gorgeous pair of sky blue lacy ones.

"Shit!" I muttered under my breath, fuck it, I yanked them off the clothes horse and stuffed them in my inside pocket.

I turned round and walked back over to the door just as he came back in.

"So yeah, erm... here's the USB stick" she said.

"Cool, well I gotta get outta here, lots to do you know!, tell Dave I'll ring him when I'm done."

I made some quick small talk and left.

Jumping in my car I burned the short drive home.

As soon as I got through the door, I went straight to the lounge and pulled the curtains closed.

I didn't even change out of my work clothes, I just pulled my trousers down and my shirt up.

Pulling the knickers outs I rubbed them all over my now rock hard cock.

"Oh fuck, oh god" I was saying over and over.

I spent a few minutes just playing with my cock and really feeling the horniness build, Then RING! My doorbell went.

"Fucks sake!, really?" I said to myself.

I quickly pulled my clothes into a legible look and shoved the knickers into my pocket.

I went and opened the front door... There she was, Dave's girlfriend, She looked kind of serious.

"Are you ok?" I said.

"Yeah, can I come in," she said.

"Sure" I said.

We walked into the lounge.

"So what's up" I said.

She gave me a serious look.

"Can I have my knickers back please?" She asked.

... I froze, I felt my whole body tense up.

"Wh..wh.. what? What are you talking about??" I said.

"I was back downstairs!... I watched you take them!"

She snapped back.

"Oh fuck, ok I'm sorry, I'll give them back, just please don't tell Dave!, I'm really sorry" I hurriedly said.

I pulled them out my pocket and hurriedly handed them to her, I was in such a rush to give them back, I didn't notice the massive pre-cum stain I had already made on them.

She looked at them and said to me "Did you use them to jerk off?"

"Erm, well I was going to" I stuttered.

"Did you take my other pair, my pink pepperberry ones?" She asked.

"... Yes, I did... please, just don't tell Dave, I can only apologise to you too" I kept repeating my apology.

She looked at the floor... There was a very uneasy silence between us.

"Oh God" she muttered under her breath.

"Are you ok?" I asked.

She looked me straight in the eye and let out a long exhale...

"I wanna watch you do it" she said.

"... what??" I asked, completely baffled.

She cut me off.

"Look, Dave and my sex life is practically non existent at the moment and I'm horny as fuck, ALL the time. The idea that you would steal my knickers to do that, really turns me on.. I wanna watch you jerk off with them... Then I promise I won't tell Dave".

I literally could not believe it, I had gone from being scared to death, to my soaked cock straining against my boxer shorts.

She handed me her knickers... "Just one rule" she said "No touching, this is just you doing this for me... promise?"

"I promise" I said.

"Get comfortable then" she said.

I sat down and pulled down the front of my trousers and boxers.

My cock sprang out, already hard and juicy.

I heard her draw in a sharp breath.

I began to run her knickers all over my cock, before wrapping them around the shaft.

I worked my cock slowly up and down, making little moans and gurgling sounds.

I could see how quickly her breathing was going and hear little gasps..

She was loving this!.

I started to be a bit braver and was draping the material against the head of my cock and then pulling it away, leaving lovely strands of cum and stains all over her knickers.

Her eyes were transfixed on my cock.

I decided to slightly up the ante.

"Could you show me the knickers you are wearing now?" I asked.

"... what?!" She replied.

"It will make me cum a lot quicker, and you should be getting home to Dave" I offered.

"Shit, ok" she whispered.

She unzipped the front of her jeans and pulled them down by just a couple of inches.

"There" she said.

They were just black knickers, not too sexy, it the idea she was exposing them to me was enough to put me into overdrive

I started to pump my cock really hard and moan real loud.

"Come on!, cum for me!" she was ordering me in an aggressive whisper.

I felt my orgasm getting very close...

Then I don't know what came over me, I was feeling brave and filthy.

"Can I cum on your ass!?" I shouted

"WHAT???" She replied, slightly confused.

Without stopping wanking, I blurted out;


She looked shocked and confused and horny all at the same time, but I know she was enjoying it.

"Fucks sake!" She hissed, "Ok, be quick!"

I dropped onto my knees.

"Turn around and bend over the coffee table!" I gasped.

She quickly spun round and pulled her jeans down, exposing her full, panty covered, luscious ass.

Looking over her shoulder at me, "QUICKLY!" She yelled.

I leant forward and went crazy on my cock. I wanked like I've never done before, I was panting, gasping, yanking, pulling and punishing my cock.

"CUM NOW!" She yelled.

I felt my whole body shaking as the biggest orgasm I've EVER had hit me.

"JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!" I screamed as my cock exploded.

I shot jet after jet of hot cum all over her ass and back.

My cum went on forever as more and more coated her.

I could hear her gasping and moaning..

I was jerking my body around and moaning like a wild animal as the last ounce of strength ran out of me.

Eventually the feeling subsided and my breathing started to relax.

I looked down at the huge amounts of cum splattered all over her.

She was laying across the table panting.

"Fuck me" I barely managed to say.

She turned round and look at me with a smile.

"Grab your phone and take a picture, I wanna see" she said with an giggle.

I grabbed my phone and snapped a pic of the hot spunky mess I had made of her.

She looked full of lust when she saw it.

"Ok... I've REALLY got to get going" she said "I'll trade you my pink knickers for the blue ones you stole".

I ran upstairs and grabbed her knickers I had used as a cum rag for weeks.

I come down and handed them to her.

"Wow!... you've really gone to town on these haven't you?!" She said, genuinely impressed.

I walked her to the door, she turned to me and said

"I'll be back in a week, I want my blue knickers to look as used as these...if you do that, I'll let you do that again... See ya!"

And She ran out to her car.

I shut the door and looked down at her new knickers... out loud I said to them, "Come on... We've got some work to do!"

And reached for my cock...

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