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Undisclosed Desires


I took my time applying my makeup. I made sure that my eyeliner was perfect and smooth across the bottom of my eyes. I applied mascara until my eyelashes were stark black against the light blue of my eyes. The lipstick I chose was bright red, perfectly matching the deep olive tones of my skin. I rubbed my lips together to spread it, and gave the mirror a quick air kiss. I looked damn good tonight.

I took a step back to examine the dress I was wearing. It clung to my body, the deep red fabric matched my lipstick. I smoothed my hand down it and twirled. It didn't move and as far as I was concerned, that was a good thing. I wanted this dress to stick to my body, I wanted people to look at me. I gave myself an appreciatory nod in the direction of the mirror and bent over to snap my heels on. They bumped me up about four inches, and now I was ready to go.

I turned the light in the bathroom off as I walked out, and then I made my way down the stairs. My friends were waiting on me there, and all of them had annoyed expressions on their faces as I knew they would. Amanda, my closest friend out of the bunch currently taking residence on my couch, approached me with a wide grin on her face. Her ensemble wasn't too much different from mine, except she went for milder pink tones. It worked for her.

"Abby, you look fantastic!" Amanda exclaimed as she embraced me. I reciprocated and squeezed her.

"Same to you, Amie darling." I said. She let me go, and we stepped into the living room. The others were still looking at me with those damned annoyed looks on their faces. "What the fuck is wrong with you guys?"

"You took forever," Brenna said. I narrowed my eyes at her.

"I'm not going to go out to the bar looking like a bum, Bren." I said. I eyed her, taking in her tacky apparel for the night. Jeans and a t-shirt. I told Amie to leave her at home.

"What are you saying to me, Abby?" Brenna snapped.

"I'm saying that you could have put a little more thought into your outfit. You're not getting laid looking like that." A smirk covered my face. Yes, I could be bitchy, but only when it was deserved. Brenna was constantly like this. I hated bringing her for this reason.

"You guys chill out." Amie said. "Abbs, she's our DD."

"Yeah well lets get going before we're late." I grabbed my car keys off the table by the door. After everyone filed out I shut and locked the door to my apartment.

"Do you always have to have flashy cars, Abbs?" This came from Becca.

"What, I worked hard for this car." I laid a hand on my three series BMW. It was sleek, black, and fast. I was damn proud of this car.

"You don't even need it here," Brenna chimed in.

"Brenna shut your face," I snapped. I was seriously getting tired of this girl. "I may live in Manhattan, but that doesn't mean I don't need the car sometimes. Just get your asses in."

They filed in and I headed from my Central Park West apartment to a trendy spot on the lower east side. We came here rather often, and most nights ended up going home with delicious men. I can't say that this place ever failed me when I needed it. I parked around the back of the building in the VIP parking lot and we got out of the car. Reluctantly I handed my keys to Brenna.

"If you crash my baby on the way home, I will kill you." I looked her dead in the eyes.

"Don't worry, lady Abby. Your precious car will be fine." Brenna retorted.

"Good. Now lets go have some fun ladies." I started walking and they followed. I guess you could say I was their leader even though Amie's personality was just as strong as mine. She just chose to use her influence in a different way. I liked this, I loved being the center of attention, which was also another reason that I loved my job. Getting up and being able to persuade a room full of people that your point of view is in fact the right one was very satisfying at the end of the day. Or maybe being able to sell something that no one else can. I had moved to the top of the marketing company I worked for rather quickly. I worked my ass off for everything I had and I loved to reward myself for it at the end of the day.

We approached the front door and the bouncer, who wasn't the regular bouncer, carded us and collected our money. I stepped into the club acting like the confident bitch that I was. My girls were at my back and we were going to own this place. The first spot I went to was of course the bar. I ordered a cosmopolitan and a buttery nipple shot. I had to get my night started off the right way, and I wanted to be blissfully drunk before I got home. This was a sort of celebration for me. I had closed a huge deal at work earlier this week and I was going to get laid tonight if it was the last thing I did. I looked back to Amie, who seemed to be already getting chummy with a guy at the bar. Good for her. I took a seat towards the middle, and twirled the straw in my mouth.

I caught the eye of a man across the room, but a quick glance let my all too shallow self know that he wasn't really my type. I went for the physically fit, athletic guys. He had a beer gut down to his knees, but a pretty nice face. I gave him a crooked smile and went back to searching the room. There really weren't many people here tonight, which was odd for a Friday night. I cleared my throat and smoothed my dress back down. I was going to head out to the dance floor. Surely there would be someone out there.

Some crappy LMFAO song came on as I got to the dance floor. It had a good beat so I just moved with it. I let my body do the work for me. I knew that I could attract attention with my dance 'skills'. In reality, I just knew how to move my ass the right way. That was okay with me, it worked. Soon enough, I felt a pair of hands take residence on my hips. They were a little small, almost feminine. I backed up against my mystery partner, and surely enough, it was a woman.

"Just dance, sweetie." She whispered in my ear. I could detect an accent, but I couldn't place it. Her voice was sexy, though. I felt her hips start to move with mine, and her hands went up to my stomach. Moving with this girl was so easy.

"What's your name? Do I at least get that?" I asked, shouting over the music. I grabbed her arms and brought her to a halt. I twisted around so I could see her face. Holy shit. I stepped back out of her reach. She was a leggy blonde, could be a model, with a killer smile. For the first time in my life, a woman took my breath away. I reacted to her the same way I would a man. "Wow." I uttered aloud.

"Anne," She smiled at me, laughter rose out of her mouth effortlessly. "What about you?"

"Abby," I flashed her my best smile.

"Well, Abby, let's dance!" Her hands dropped to my waist and I happily obliged. I pulled her in close to me, wrapped my arms around my back and started grinding against her.

I was only half way aware that there was a crowd watching us. But of course they would be. We were two sexy women dancing on top of each other. Who wouldn't be? I felt her face move in closer to mine. I made eye contact with her and she had the same lust written in her eyes that I could feel in mine.

"You up for being a little adventurous?" She asked. Her tongue slid across her full lips. My breath was coming out in shallow intervals as her hand moved from my waist to my thigh.

"Yes," I mouthed. I couldn't say it out loud. I was entirely too horny. Her face got close to mine once more, and she initiated the kiss. Her lips collided with mine in a soft yet firm way. I moaned into her mouth. Good god her lips were soft. I eagerly kissed her back and my one of my hands dropped from her back to her ass and gave her a little squeeze. It was her turn to moan. I felt her tongue nudge into my mouth and accepted it. By this time I was drunk with her kiss and wanted to move off of the dance floor. I broke away from her, "Lets go."

"Okay," her eyes lit up as I grabbed her hand and drug her across the stage area. I ran into Amie as I walked with Anne to the bar. Amie's eyes were lit up with curiosity but I ignored her.

"Do you have anywhere we can go? I live uptown and my friends drove me here," I whispered.

"I live in the financial district, we can walk to my apartment from here." Anne clasped my hand in hers. "Just follow me."

"Okay hold on one second." I said, and looked over to Amie. "Make sure Brenna takes care of my car. I'll see you guys later."

"Alright, Abbs." Amie smiled at me. I nodded and walked out of the club with Anne. The walk was silent for a moment until we reached the curb. I didn't know how to start this conversation. I wasn't used to picking up girls at the club.

"Anne, tell me more about you. I mean, I know this is a hookup, but I don't know how this works." I stuttered.

"Chill. I don't either. I'm Anne Vyalitsyna. I'm a model." She said while squeezing my hand.

"Makes sense. I'm Abby Mitchell. I work at an ad agency." This was getting kind of awkward, but I was going to go with it. Anne smiled at me.

"You're just as nervous as I am, aren't you?" She asked as we rounded another corner. I could see the lights around the financial district coming into view. This made me happy because my feet were beginning to kill me from my poor fashion choice. But hey, I didn't know I was going to walk a mile with a model tonight. Normally I caught a taxi to my destinations.

"Yes," I said. "I can't say I've ever done this before."

"Me either, so don't be worried. I just couldn't let the opportunity go." Her voice dropped and things low in my body started to ache. God, I just wanted to kiss her. Right here in the street against this building, I wanted to kiss her. So I did. I pushed her against the brick walls and practically shoved my tongue down her throat. She melted in my arms and moaned in my mouth. I pulled away from her and saw a wild look in her eyes.

"Fuck." She said, "Lets hurry."

I nodded in agreement and let my hands slide up her body as she pushed herself up off the wall. I gave her boobs a quick squeeze, and her eyes lit up with a mischievous look. I liked that look. We once again set off and didn't stop until we reached her apartment.

"Welcome to my home," She swooped her arm around in a grand gesture. "Would you like to start in here or in the bedroom?"

I grabbed her from behind and kissed her neck. "I don't care." I twisted her around to face me and kissed her.

"Shoes, lets take theses shoes off before someone gets hurt," She said and bent over. I did the same and threw my heels from hell across the room. It was game on when they were off. Anne pulled me back into her arms and covered my mouth with hers. I reached around her back and started tugging on the zipper of her dress.

"I want this off." I said and pulled it down.

"I hope you don't mind that I'm not wearing any underwear.." Her voice trailed. I took the dress off of her and let my eyes drink her in. Her boobs were perky and exposed, her stomach flat, taut, cut, and perfect. She was shaved, beautifully, artfully shaved. I felt a growl come from low in my throat.

"Here, now." I said as I pulled my dress off. I wanted her, and I wanted her now. She kissed me and pushed me down onto the couch. Her mouth went from my lips to my jaw line as her hands began to tease my nipples. They stood erect in between her fingers and soon her mouth was soon taking the place of her fingers. She gently bit at them.

"Good god, just like that," I moaned. Anne's lips curled into a smile around me, and she began to work lower. Her fingers were always a step ahead of her, and apprehension flooded through me just before she took the plunge. Her fingers went inside me, and my back arched. "God, yessss." I hissed.

Anne's mouth lingered at my stomach as she kissed her way slowly down my body. I moved my hands to the top of her head and swept that luscious blonde hair away from her eyes. She was getting lower now. I could feel the heat of her breath tickling my pussy. Finally she licked me. Her tongue took a wide sweep from her fingers up to my clit.

"YES!" I shouted. I dug my fingers into her hair, and pushed my pussy up on to her face. Moans came out of my mouth from low in my stomach and I let myself enjoy her. "Put your tongue in me," I pleaded. She obliged and removed her fingers only to replace them with her tongue. I shouted for her once more. I could feel that sweet, sweet pressure start low in my body.

"Good god, Anne I'm gonna come," I grunted. "Fuck me, fuck me please."

Anne started teasing my clit with her fingers and used her other hand to manipulate my nipples. The sensations going through my body were indescribable. Her tiny pink tongue was thrusting in and out of me as fast as it could, and as I watched, my orgasm rolled over me. I let go of her hair and dug my fingers into the couch. My back arched up and a shriek came out of my mouth that I had never heard before. As soon as it passed, I fell back on to the couch absolutely breathless.

"Did you enjoy that miss Abby?" Anne asked as she licked my juices off of her lips.

"Mhmm," I answered, as I reached up to pull her on top of me. As soon as I got her where I wanted her, I kissed her. I let my tongue explore her mouth and I could taste myself on her. I was hungry for this woman. In a quick movement, I flipped her over to where I had been. "And now it's my turn."

"I'm ready for you, hon." she moaned. I was more than happy to oblige to her needs. I kissed her again, let my mouth crash down on hers and drank her in. I let my hand trail down her body, working its way from the bottom up. I found her clit on the first try and started teasing her. "Good god, you don't waste any time, do you?" she moaned into my mouth.

"Nope," I abandoned her mouth and started kissing down her body. I wanted to leave my mark on this woman. I moved down to those perfect perky breasts and took the left one into my mouth and fondled the other one with my free hand. I swept my tongue around her nipple and pulled as much of her boob as I could into my mouth and began to suck.

"Oh my god, please don't stop," her body arched under mine. I pushed my fingers inside her as she bucked against me. "Please."

I kept my tongue trained on her nipple and listened to her breathing start to get shorter and choppier. I pressed my thumb against her clit. Her pussy was wet, so very wet. I moaned against her boob, and abandoned it for the other one where I repeated what I had done to the other one. I made sure she was going to have hickeys on both of them.

"FUCK," she screamed as I thrusted my fingers into her once more. "Fuck me harder."

I did as she asked, and was fighting the urge to join my fingers with my mouth. I licked a slow line down her stomach and got to where I really wanted to be. Anne's fingers were already dug into the couch and my fingers were wet with her juices. I plunged my face into her slick sex. Her eyes went wild as I slid my tongue around her, taking special interest in her clit and flicked over it ever so often. Strangled moans filled the room as she ground her pussy against my face. I moaned into her, and then lifted up.

"You want my tongue inside you, Annie?" I asked.

"Yes, oh god, yes." she whispered, "Please."

I smiled against her and took my fingers out of her. I teased her with my tongue and then plunged into her. Anne's hands flew to the back of my head as she pushed my face into her. Her hips ground into me almost painfully and I kept my tongue active.

"Fuck yes! Good god, yes!" Her screams were reaching record levels, and I felt myself getting turned on once more. "Fuck keep on doing that, I'm gonna come."

I sped my tongue up and felt her begin to close around me. I looked up into her eyes and watched as her head fell back. She began to shake and she thrust her hips against me.

"YESSSSSSSSS!" She shouted as she came. Anne collapsed back onto the couch and I stayed put in between her legs. I lapped up all of her, and then pulled myself up her body. She tasted so good on my tongue that I wanted to go back for seconds, but judging by the look on her face, she wasn't going to recuperate any time soon. I hovered over her and kissed her softly.

"That was amazing, Annie girl." I whispered into her mouth.

"Fuck yeah it was," She replied. Anne still hadn't caught her breath yet. "Do me a favor and don't go anywhere. I don't want anything happening to you on your way home."

I smiled against her mouth. "I won't go anywhere, but are you sure you're okay with me staying here?"

"Yes, hell, maybe we'll have another go in the morning. That's the best sex I've had in a long time." She smiled. I nodded in agreement.

"Indeed." I replied.

Anne pushed herself up off the couch and I stood with her. She led me to the bedroom.

"I'm going to take a quick shower if you want to join me, I can't go to bed feeling dirty." She motioned me into the bathroom and I followed. We showered without incident and dried off.

"The bed is as much yours as it is mine tonight, love." She whispered against my neck.

"Thank you," I answered and turned to kiss her. She kissed me back and we fell into the bed, both of us thoroughly exhausted. Sleep came easy, I fell asleep with her arms wrapped around me and nothing felt more right to me. I picked a woman up at a bar and it was the most enjoyable sexual experience I had ever had in my life. I wanted it to continue, and there was hope that it would.

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