tagErotic CouplingsUndress For Me

Undress For Me


Author's Note: These are the actual thoughts and the actions enacted by me during a very intense masturbation session. The energy of His presence was there, the intensity of our passion inspired me and the tears were very real.

I am quite exhausted when I decide to pull away from updating our website, and anxious to change into my pajamas and settle in for the night. As I began straightening up the room, pulling back the covers and then reaching for my night clothes, You arrive home, opening the door to the bedroom with a smile on Your face. Mine light up as I see You and my belly somersaults from the look of joy and lust in Your eyes. As we hug and kiss to greet each other, I comment that You are home earlier than planned, and You hug me tighter, telling me that You shortened Your plans because You missed me and because You were craving me.

Breaking our contact by propelling me away from You, Your eyes dance with the look of seduction that I have never been able to resist and You tell me simply to undress for You. Knowing this is not something You desire to happen quickly, but rather in an intimate, sensual manner, I slowly untie the comfy, gossamer black shirt, exposing the black lacey bra beneath. I draw the shirt off each shoulder, watching Your eyes, feeling them burn across each inch of my flesh as it is presented to You. The softness of the shirt caresses my skin, creating hundreds of mini spots of sensation across my body as the flesh raises. Arching my back and drawing my shoulders towards each other, my chest is thrust out as I slip the shirt from me, sliding it down my back, my hair silky against my skin, my eyes locked on Yours.

Holding the shirt in one hand, I draw it to my chest and using the other slide it back forth across my breasts, much like one would dry their back after a shower. Pulling the shirt tight between my breasts, the lacey bra forms against me and I hear You inhale as You notice the hard nipples straining to be released. Smiling at Your reaction, I let the shirt slip to the floor and fill each of my hands with the fullness of my breasts, squeezing and massaging them, feeling the hard nubbins against my palms. You stand there now, leaning against the closed door, arms folder across Your chest, eyes hooded with lust, but sparkling at me and the smile on Your face warms me to the core. You love watching me and I love displaying myself for You, teasing my body, creating this reaction for You and my exhaustion is quickly being replaced with arousal.

There is a slight urgency to Your voice as You command me to uncover my breasts and I obey by lifting the bra up, letting the heavy flesh fall against me as I let the garment rest above them. You nod for me to continue and once again I began fondling myself, squeezing harder this time with no resistance from the bra, lifting and pushing the flesh against my chest and each other. The word nipples escapes Your lips and I moan out loud as my fingers pinch and pull the turgid flesh, playing roughly in the manner they best respond to. Your lust making Your voice a bit gruffer, You tell me to suck them for You and my hands quickly pull the bra over my head, out of the way, letting it fall where it may.

Pulling my left breast into both hands, my head leans down as my hands pull up and soon that hard sweet flesh is in my mouth and I suck hard, licking and biting, creating delicious spasms deep inside of me. My eyes rise on command to look at You and I continue the assault on my nipple, the sparks flying between us as the mutual arousal grows. I hear the impatience in Your voice as You tell me to stop and to turn around and show my ass. I do so, reaching my hands inside, slowly drawing the clothing down, just reaching the backs of my things when You stop me again and tell me to bend over as I finish removing my slacks. Once removed from my legs, You order me to stay there, bent over, and I instinctively grab my ankles and wait, trembling, anticipating and I am rewarded for my patience.

I feel Your finger drag tauntingly from the top of my ass, down the crack, across my tight hole, through the wetness of my pussy lips and stopping at my clit, giving it a quick squeeze. Before I’ve finished with my shiver, Your hand pulls abruptly away and lands sharply on my left ass cheek, and then stays there, rubbing back and forth softly and slowly. I gasp and jump and reach for the bed to steady myself and You chuckle as Your hand comes up again and offers the other ass cheek the same slap and comforting rubs. The command to lie down on the bed and display my sweet pussy for You sends a chill down my spine and I quickly do as told, laying down before You, spreading my legs wide, reaching down to open up the now drenched flesh for You.

Your soft croons of encouragement to masturbate for You, to rub my clit and pleasure myself for You, waft over my body like the heat from a roaring fire. My eyes are closed and my head thrown back, enjoying the sweet sensations building to my touch, yet I am ever alert of Your presence, and my head snaps up as You huskily point out to me that You have something for me. What I see is You standing at the foot of the bed, Your hard, throbbing cock sliding back and forth in Your strong hand and I am thrown very near the edge of bliss. You see this reaction and prod me to tell You what I want, to beg for what I need and I breathlessly implore You to bring Your cock to me so that I can touch it, taste it, whatever You want me to do with it.

Quickly disrobing as You come around the bed to my side, Your hand caresses my lifted knee, as You lean down to dip a finger inside of me, pulling it out sticky and wet with my juices, bringing it to my lips. Drawing Your finger inside of me, I sweetly suck off the musky taste of myself and I feel the slight tremble in the strong thighs pressed against my arm. Please I beg of You, let me suck Your cock and You turn and thrust Yourself deep inside my waiting mouth, feeling the slight hesitation as I adjust to accept all of You, pulling back a little, pushing forward again, fucking me determinedly as I suck on that sweet flesh.

Your hand is holding onto my knee, pulling my legs farther apart, watching my fingers stroking the wet flesh, and I am powerless to resist Your demand to cum for You, to draw myself over the edge and display for You my ecstasy. I am almost there, straining against the rubbing, pulling myself closer, ready to cum for You when suddenly You pull Yourself from my mouth and order me to stop. My body freezes and I feel myself falling back from the edge, abruptly, and a whimper escapes my lips as You exhale deeply, regaining Your composure, so near to the edge with me.

Your hand slides down my thigh, pushes my hand away and I scream out as 2 of Your fingers plunge deeply into my wet, dripping sheath. You stroke in and out of me, watching me intently as my eyes plead with You, my body reacting intensely to Your touch and You ask me again what I want. Without hesitation I implore You to fuck me, to fuck me hard, to fuck me deep and when Your fingers stop and slowly pull out of me, drawing wetness down to the my tight asshole, I begin to tremble violently. Again You chuckle and pull back to push at my legs, directing me to get on my knees and I scramble into position, panting and gasping for breath, anticipating Your touch, Your erotic invasion of my body.

I’ve been instructed to return my hand to my clit, but not to cum, as I feel Your fingers once again inside my pussy, drawing out the wetness, creating a creamy trail of myself to prepare for Your exploration. Slowly, but with determination You insert first one, then two, then three fingers into my hole, soothing me, relaxing me with Your voice, encouraging me to welcome You into my body. Your hand tightly squeezes my ass to hold me still, as my body trembles and quakes beneath Your touch, and I fight to keep still, wanting You so badly, needing You so badly and I begin to beg. I plead with You as You slide Your fingers in and out me, and You squeeze my ass harder, amused by my impatience, but in no way rushing, as I hear the pleasure in Your voice urging me to be patient.

After what seems like an eternity of begging, You remove Your fingers and pull me by my hips closer to the edge and I gasp as I feel Your hard cock brush against me. Encouraging me to continue stroking my self, pleasuring my self, my hand begins to rub furiously as I feel the tip of You press against my prepared hole. Again the soft words calming me, relaxing me as I feel You slowly push Yourself inside of me. Our groans compete with each other as Your cock is enveloped in the heat of my body, pushing down deep, sliding into me until I feel Your balls against my ass. With You holding still inside of me, my body trembles beneath You as I come closer and closer to that long anticipated explosion. With a firm grip on my hips, You begin fucking me, slow at first, but deep with each thrust, pushing and plunging into me, driving me mad with the sensation of Your flesh tight against mine.

Your lunges quicken and as You grant my wish to be fucked hard, Your passionate insistence that I cum for You like the good slut I am sends me into oblivion as my body rocks against Yours. My clit is exploding beneath my touch, my ass is full of Your cock and together we ride that wave, together we are sent into a tumultuous vortex of pleasure and release and I feel my cum gushing inside my pussy as Your cum fills my ass. Our fluid motions continue as we ride out the crest, once frenzied lunges becoming twitching, trembling spasms as our muscles recover from the decadent workout.

Eventually, You pull Yourself from me, and curl up beside me on the bed, us both perpendicular to the headboard and before I can settle into Your arms, Your sweet lips are pulled from mine as You push me back onto the bed. My dismay at the disconnection is quickly replaced with a shudder as You pull my legs apart and tell me with a smile that You know there is more, that there is another orgasm waiting to be pulled from me tonight. I need little encouragement to reach down and begin stroking myself and, as it always is with the second time, the response is quick, the reaction intense and I give myself up to the sensations, to Your voice. Your seductive voice encourages me, praises me, arouses me and soon I am overcome not only by the intense orgasm that You have evoked from me, but absolutely overwhelmed by the emotion of it all. My lungs are gasping for air, my body is trembling with pleasure, my mind overcome by my desire for You and the tears began to flow.

The moment the orgasm passes, I pull myself back to You, curling up against You, feeling Your strong arms pull me close, Your lips against my hair, whispering quietly to me, comforting me as the sobs wrack my body. Whether it is the exhaustion, the passion, the release or a combination of all 3 that created this overflow, matters not. I know that I lay there, completely satiated, totally drained and blissfully happy in Your arms. The crying subsides to just a trickle of tears, and I look up to You, I feel Your hands gently wiping my face, and softly kissing my lips before pulling me tightly against You.

I lay like this until I begin to doze off and as the cold of the night pesters me, I rise to finally don my pajamas, make one last trip down the hall, before returning to the bed, to a freshly damped set of sheets and curl up under the covers, sighing as I feel my body relax into the safe haven of Your heart.

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