A new destination beckoned outside the airplane window, the bustling city of Buenos Aires, Argentina's vibrant capital. The plane pierced through the night sky as it descended into the lit runaway and was brought into land. I exited the plane and began making my through the airport and nothing the hustle of the airport from the passengers passing through to the people working the airport. It is a symbol of civilisation.

Of course as we all know, civilisation would not be what it is without a population to sustain it. It is a fact which has seen many civilisations rise and fall for centuries. However, as I made my through the airport some of those thoughts had lingered. I soon found my way outside the airport and found myself a taxi and headed toward my hotel.

The city was like a living entity alive with lights, cars, people, and music all playing a role. People were partying in the streets enjoy life to the absolute fullest. This was something I knew I would be doing in that place, once the jet lag had worn off. It would be an unforgettable to experience for me.

However once my luggage had found itself on the floor of the hotel room, I felt no fatigue and decided to head out on the town. I walked the streets and hopped the bars take in my share of eye candy and liquor. However, in one particular bar, I spotted a familiar face, one familiar on TV, film, and video games. The liquor had me encouraged and I walked over without a plan or a care in the world.

"Hi, sorry to disturb you, but I noticed who you are, and would like to say that I am a big fan," I said to the woman known as Yvonne Strahovski.

"Thank you, you seem to be honest and sincere," she replied with her distinct Australian accent.

"Your most welcome, I hope you have a great evening." I replied and made a gracious exit.

She gave me a courteous smile as I walked away. I walked away and carried on the festivities, knowing who I had just met, I travelled almost halfway across the world and it was worth every cent spent. I continued making my through the city hoping to more bars and night clubs, the remainder of the night. Soaking up more liquor, good times, and whatever else the city had to offer.

The sight of Yvonne had never left my mind; it seemed to get clearer as the night went on. Yvonne had one a gorgeous, short, a form fitting black dress, with hair kept in a ponytail and her high heels propelling her gorgeous legs towards her amazing ass.

The Latin night was intoxicating and a riot. I ended up back at my hotel about seven in the morning. I greeted the hotel staff whom had just ended their shifts and had welcomed me the previous night.

The next day I awoke at a rather leisurely time. The sunshine boomed through the open window and illuminated the luxurious room of the hotel and made it a bright and airy place. I tumbled out of bed naked and proceeded to get ready, fifteen minutes later I was dressed and heading outside the hall.

Whilst having my breakfast I looked around noticing the throng of people within the hotel. The scene continued while I finished my breakfast. Afterwards, I headed into the city to see the sights and sounds it was exciting and enticing. It turned out to be a great day.

The city seemed different during the day almost devoid of the flashing lights, almost nude women and multi-coloured drinks. It seemed like many a city present in other parts of the world. It was a beaming symbol for the country. The place that gave the world Evita Peron it was somewhere I was always keen to visit. A place as vivacious, vibrant, and unique as Buenos Aires would remain a vibrant memory for the rest of my days.

(The Next Day)

I hired a car and headed out of the city. The wilderness was a comforting site and had me in awe has the scenery past me by. I eventually found a nice spot and parked the car. I got out and enjoyed the fresh air and the sights all around me. Nature, as it was intended stretched far ahead of me in every direction.

I left the car and began to hike through the plains and surrounding rock formations. I ran my hands over the nearby rocks. Those rocks had been there for a few billion years outlasting all of us. The universe seemed to unfold in my mind. I contemplated the magnitude of the events that lead this planet to be and by extension the rest of the universe. The universe is mysterious on one hand and so devastatingly simple at the same time. I continued walk by a canyon wall on one side of me and small bit of open plain.

As I was enjoying nature I noticed a figure in the distance, a person which appeared to be nearing my location. I decided to make my way toward the figure. Even from a distance I noticed she had on a white tank top and light brown cargo shorts with rugged boots surrounding her feet from the looks of it.

"Hola," I called out.

"Hola," came the reply in an Australian accent. As the figure approached I noticed it was a woman, and she was not a local, she was famous.

"Hi . . . you are. . ." I said in awe and at an almost complete loss for words, as I realised Yvonne Strahovski stood before me . . . again.

"Yes I am, and you are?"

"Call me Bill."

"Well Bill, I take it you're a fan of nature and civilisation, night clubs in particular."

"Yes I am, wait you remember me?"

"Yes you were kind, courteous and very respectful, that I seldom forget."

"Well thank you; it probably was the liquor doing most of the talking."

"Oh no, you had the words; the liquor just helped you get them out there."

"You're too kind; I assume that you were evading the paparazzi."

"There weren't too many of them in the city."

"Um excuse me for being forward but would you care to join me Ms Strahovski."

Yvonne then looked me up and down and then agreed. "Sure and call me Yvonne."

"As you wish Yvonne," I responded still filled with nerves and amazed I had asked that so easily.

"You aren't a journalist or hiding a camera are you."

"No not at all, and my phone is back in the car, I felt like leaving technology behind today, even for a little bit."

"Hmm something tells me you can be trusted."

"Well I would like to think that I am trustworthy, I'm not the type to be underhanded."

"You seem to make your case well."

"Thank you, I am kind of surprised, I am talking to a woman, a famous one, such as yourself, and you're acting skills, your voice all lend themselves to unforgettable performances."

"Well you sure know how to flatter a girl," Yvonne said to me with a wry grin.

"I did not expect to meet you again since the other night and certainly not when I woke up this morning."

"Well the world is a strange place."

I then offered my extended hand to Yvonne, and she took it and we began to walk through that wilderness, together. It was an amazing feast for the senses, considering the animals which had inhabited that place, and considering I was accompanied by Yvonne Strahovski my mind was just literally blown.

We then walked together enjoying the sights and sounds. It seemed a connection had developed between us and it happened rather quickly, I was surprised understandably so. All the people in all those places and she remembered me, sure I had spoken to her, but surely I was not the only one that night/morning to do so, it was not something that I was familiar with considering my track record with women.

As we walked along, Yvonne turned and spoke to me "Tell me Bill, where are you from?"

"Johannesburg, South Africa."

"A nice place?"

"Well a unique city, but it still has its good points and bad points like any other city."

"I agree with you there, it is how life is for all of us."

"That is true Yvonne, yet everyone is so divided, when we are all human. Maybe contact with aliens could bring us together."

"You are a gamer?"

"What do you think?"

"I think you'll find my assessments to be right on the money."

Yvonne and I laughed a little with that statement from her famed character of Miranda Lawson and we continued to hike on, chatting amiably with one another and we enjoyed our time together. A little later in the afternoon we found ourselves in some shade underneath an outcrop of rock.

"So it would be safe to assume, that you are in tune with nature, Yvonne?"

"Yes that would be true, to know that all this was here before humanity ever existed."

"That is true,"

"This weather is amazing, extremely hot, just the way I like it."

"It sure is."

"Well Bill something tells me you are a man of unique qualities."

"Why thank you, although what tells you that about me?"

"Women's Intuition."

"I see."

Without another word Yvonne leaned in to me and we kissed. It was intimate, personal, lengthy and amazing.

"Wow," was the only word I could muster.

Yvonne put her finger over my lips and requested my silence, I obliged naturally. Yvonne stepped back into the sunlight and then slipped of the pack she had on and began to unbuckle the belt on her shorts. She then slipped it off revealing her white cotton panties.

They however did not last long as Yvonne began to slip them off leaving the lower half of her body completely bare. Yvonne then slipped off her tank top and unclipped her matching white bra and dropped it to the floor. She turned for me, showing off her amazing body.

Yvonne walked over to me and pulled me toward her. I pulled off my shirt as Yvonne unbuckled my pants and brought my cock into the sunshine. She smiled as she looked at it intently as it had become hard and ready for action. Yvonne turned her gaze back to me and our eyes locked.

Yvonne stared at me intently as she slowly stroked my cock with one hand and massaged my balls with another. Yvonne stood back and we shared another passionate and unforgettable kiss, which left me speechless, in fact I was speechless from the moment kissed me the first time. It was surreal and I could not believe it was happening.

When Yvonne pulled away I took her by the hand and led her to toward a nearby rock and she sat on it and leant back as I crouched down in front of her spread legs and began slowly massaging her pussy with the tips of my fingers The midday sun had since crept a little further toward the horizon and the heat was a little less by that time. I traced circles with my fingertips around Yvonne's pussy and gaged her reaction as I swirled a little closer each time.

Soon I was overcome with a need to feel Yvonne's most tender parts. I first traced my finger along the opening of her pussy and teased her a little more before finally sliding in a finger into her pussy and then another, whilst she voiced her approval.

I continued to gently finger fuck her and get her pussy a little bit more wet. I then dove in and began to work at her pussy with tongue as I made it swirl and slash creating lustful moans from Yvonne's mouth as I continued my work.

I continued, I moved my tongue in every way possible, and some ways that were impossible. I occasionally looked up and caught the lust burning in Yvonne's eyes. After some time she sat up and I lifted up my head and looked toward her she, had certain look on her face that told me exactly what she wanted from me. So without keeping a lady waiting, especially a lady of Yvonne's calibre, I stood up and took Yvonne's place on the rock.

She looked to me and then to my cock and began to stroke it and fondle it, savouring every moment I looked upon the scene and took every detail, still half believing that it was all a dream and at any moment, I would be forced to wake up, but that moment never came.

Yvonne had coaxed the pre-cum out of my cock and moistened it for her awaiting pussy which she had begun to lower on to my cock, as we had moved to a soft patch of sand, and the two us started to become encapsulated and Yvonne had inserted my cock inside herself and were one, in each other's arms.

I stared deeply into Yvonne's eyes as she had stared deeply into mine, considering we were just about cheek to cheek with the sun still beaming. Yvonne's legs were wrapped around my and her arms were draped around my neck. I had my arms clasped around her lower back supporting her movements as she slid up and down on my cock.

Yvonne slowly built up momentum as she voiced her enjoyment of my cock while she rode it. Our interlocked position continued undisturbed and in all of natures glory. Yvonne started to grind, gyrate and utilise every bit of her unbelievable body. Her moves continued to drive me wild and her vigour and sexual prowess were unbelievable and unforgettable.

The sunshine glinted through her flowing blond locks and down her beautiful light skinned body as she moved on my cock and every way imaginable and more. We remained locked in place and it seemed unlikely we would move a major cataclysm would do little to move us or stir us from the waking dream we had created for ourselves.

My mind raced as my eyes took in Yvonne's naked form as she tended to my cock, it was sex on another level seemingly devoid of the rest of the world and considering where we were there seemed to be no one else on the planet. Yvonne then slid off my cock and stood up and I joined her she turned and faced away from me and bent over just enough to offer her pussy and the chance to feel her amazing ass.

I steadied myself behind her and slid my cock gently into her pussy. I grasped her ass and began to thrust slowly in and out of her. She took it all in as my hands took in all of her amazing body. From her tender and soft breasts past her toned stomach and toward her gorgeous ass I ran my hands over every inch, as every inch of my cock thrust deep inside her.

I felt the need to elevate my momentum, and I began to do so slowly and deliberately. Yvonne encouraged me for more, and more is what I gave her, she seemed to enjoy it and I enjoyed giving it to her. It was still a dream at that point, but somehow it was closer to reality and we continued and the sun had since sunk a little lower.

I felt my orgasm approaching, I increased the tempo felt Yvonne's body shake and tremble as her body shuddered with an orgasm just before my body let go and I shot my hot load deep inside her lovely pussy.

We eventually came down from our orgasmic high, lay down against a rock and watched the sun go down. It was amazing, beautiful, and like that entire trip unexpected.

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