Unexpected Bliss


"I'm sorry, Karen, I didn't change panties. I'm still wet, aren't I?" my mother asked.

"It's nothing Mom, I'm still wet too. I'd like to finger you some more, but you'll have to pull your panties aside for me, so I can keep sucking you boobs," I said with smirk on my face.

She reached down and pushed her panties aside and allowing me to slide my fingers along the wet bush. I'm sure she was embarrassed, acting so brazenly to let herself be pleasured sexually.

Just as I thought, another orgasm began to appear. I thrust two fingers into her pussy and in minutes she squeezed her legs together and let out a small moan of pleasure.

I looked at her face as she squeezed her eyes shut and tensed her lips, making the orgasm look more like pain than pleasure. But it was pleasure I felt as I kissed again her hardened nipples leaving my streaks of saliva on each swollen tit. I licked the crest of each breast, finishing by pulling the nipples with my teeth. I felt satisfaction in helping my mother experience new pleasure with me. I continued to suck each nipple, keeping them as hard knobs. I didn't want to stop, considering the deep calmness I felt.

To finish, I took each orb in my hand, running the palm of my hand along the length of each large breast and squeezing the soft flesh. I then flicked each nipple with my thumb. The tits were stiff and hard. I did this for several minutes, harder every time. I was embarrassing my mother but she twitched every time my finger struck the sensitive fleshy nub.

"Oh honey, that sends shock waves through my old body," she groaned with arousal as I forcefully pinched another nipple.

"Good and sensitive, aren't they?" I remarked playfully.

"Yes, and they've never been so large honey. It feels so funny to have someone you love play with your breasts. No one ever did that to me before," she replied.

"This is breast play, Mom, and actually it's the first time I've really enjoyed it," I said smiling, hardly containing my enjoyment. I cupped each breast in my hands, hardly believing the weight and size of each breast. The skin over the crests was creamy smooth and milky white, capped by the engorged nipples. Even her large dark aureoles seemed to have swelled since I started to play with her breasts. I knew I was embarrassing my mother, but it felt so good to play with her bosom.

Moments later, I changed my position and lay my head on her lap, under her bosom, allowing her to almost nurse me as my tongue reached out and tickled one of her large fat tits again. My mother laughed as our eye met again and she put hand under my head to raise me and allow me to suck more easily. Her breasts hung down like utters with their darkened fat tits; a pair of breasts never looked so beautiful. I never felt so relaxed and comforted, like I was waiting to find my mother after all these years. No words were spoken as we both enjoyed each other's company and the intimacy of the moment. The only noise was the sound of my lips smacking the engorged tit that filled my mouth. Sometimes my teeth would bite the tit and I'd pull it into my mouth, but my hard and greedy sucking didn't bother my mother.

It was the first time I felt sad about my own small bosom. I wished my breasts were as large as my mothers so I could comfort my own lovers, especially Melody who'd enjoy such prolonged breast sucking.

As I lay there suckling my mother's nipple, I could imagine a college woman doing what I was doing, enjoying my mother's great maternal bosom. My own sex tingled when I thought of my mother having playmates only a third of her age. It aroused me to think of finding my mother a younger woman "to play with," to let her inhibitions be free. A great surge of lust filled my groin as I thought of my mother laying on her back in a sixty-nine position with a young freshman from college—with her pert ass in the air and her near-hairless pussy being sucked by my mother.

"Would you like to make love to a college girl, Mom?" I asked.

There was no judgment in my voice as my mother eyes opened widely.

"Well, I don't know, I mean I'm too old. No college-aged woman would want me, the age of her mother," she replied, blushing.

"Don't worry Mom, we'll find someone to help you fill your desire," I said confidently, asking if the young woman in the Melody's shop attracted her.

My mother smiled wickedly at me.

She then stood up and straightened her clothing—without putting her breasts back in her bra. She walked over the counter and poured both of us another glass of wine. My eyes gazed at the beauty of her as the large breasts bounced openly and nicely. The cups of the bra gave support to the matronly melons as she walked with each nipple still swollen and hard. The wetness of my salvia still shone on her large brown aureoles. I felt she was showing off as she seemed to strut back to the couch. I felt she was obviously feeling good about herself at that moment; I couldn't believe how attached I felt to this very sexy woman just then.

"Can I suck you again?" I asked my mother timidly. "I didn't realize I needed it so much. I mean, it felt so good, like I was really relaxing."

"I'd love it, Karen," she replied, smiling. "It felt so good to feel you suckling me."

Just as we relaxed again there was a knock at the door. My sister arrived to take us to dinner. My mother hurried off to the bathroom with her breasts openly swaying from side to side. Before answering the door, I straightened my clothing, amazed at the wetness that filled my panties. It was an afternoon that began something entirely new for me.


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