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Unexpected Change Ch. 03


[This story will be at least four parts. It could be in Loving Wives, First Times, Incest/Taboo or a couple of other categories. I apologize right up front for any misrepresentation of the Shoshone peoples. My intention was to honor them and their culture. Naturally, you are encouraged to vote and leave feedback. Especially leave feedback that is intended to assist me in improving as an author.]


Not that I knew it at the time, but when Kay went to breakfast, Sue didn't have a place set for her at the table. Kay looked out the window and three women waited outside for her. She kissed Sue and went outside. The women stripped her of her clothes and gave her a dress. She rode behind one of the three and they rode away from the farm.

We were gone for eleven days. On the morning of the eleventh day I was awakened by Badger and pointed towards a grove of trees. I headed for my horse and Badger held the reins. I walked to the grove.

When I arrived I saw many people inside the grove. Almost all were Shoshone. A few people who didn't look Shoshone but dressed in traditional garb were mixed in. At the center I saw the chief, the medicine man and Pale Feather. At the edge of the clearing I saw a teepee. I smelled sage smoke and saw many smudging bundles.

The chief bound an arm of each of us together. Next to the leather thong that bound us together he cut both our arms with a knife and our blood ran together into the crease where our arms met. He spoke, the assembled people responded, back and forth for quite a while. Drums provided the sound of a united heartbeat and voices sang together. In the end we were led to the teepee. When we were inside the flap was lowered and we were alone.

Kay didn't speak. She stood beside me. our arms bound. I untied the leather and removed it from our arms. I drank and used my mouth to clean her arm. She cleaned my arm with her mouth. We removed our clothes and began kissing. We heard the soft drumming from outside the teepee. It sounded like the drums surrounded the teepee.

My kisses covered Pale Feather and hers covered me. I positioned my cock against her opening and leaned to her mouth and kissed her as we joined. My eyes were closed but it felt as if a light filled the teepee. The drumming increased in tempo and volume.

Our eyes opened and tears flowed from us. I could hear Pale Feather singing a song she had been taught to sing as we mated. I could hear the song even as our mouths crushed together. The song was inside us!

The drums got louder, the singing from outside the teepee got louder and our efforts got more frantic. I felt the rise of my seed and I felt Pale Feather lift her hips to welcome me.

As my climax and hers collided the drums suddenly stopped and the voices went silent. Our voices sounded in the silence, combined in joy, in love and in the creation of new life.

Kay shook for many seconds, dug her fingers into my arms and wrapped her legs around my hips.

We napped. The sounds outside the teepee went away. We woke and mated again, held each other and kissed again and again. When we finally opened the flap to the teepee we found it was dark outside and we found a bundle of food just outside.

We stayed the night in the teepee. I built a small fire and we stayed warm and together in that teepee.

In the early morning I lifted the flap and discovered my paint standing near the teepee. We rode him back to the farm. Steve and Don were not in the house when we returned. Aunt Sue and Uncle Walt were waiting for us with breakfast.

At her first look at us Aunt Sue started to cry. Kay asked, "Tears?"

Walt pointed us towards a long mirror. We looked and were shocked. Both of us were very different, again. Kay was still a red head, only her hair was no longer carrot red, it was darker and streaked with dark hair, almost black. Her skin was still pale and freckled but not like before. She was heavier and her breasts were larger. She had been an "A" and now she was easily a "C".

I had changed from a pole to a dark haired heavier tanned man. I was again heavier, taller, and my face had matured. I was close to Steve's size.

Walt said, "I didn't change as much as you did. Your parents would never recognize you, Ben."

"Do you recognize me?" Kay asked. She got hugs from both her parents.

Once every other week I got email from Dad. We sent pictures of Kay and me so Dad would be able to know it was me when he returned. I loved working the farm. Pale Feather and I moved into Kay's bedroom after the fourth month. Climbing the ladder was too much and it was winter.

Don and Steve were busy with full-time college and football. I didn't enroll because I would have needed to give them my name and identification. Not something I was prepared to do.

In March we got an email from Dad. He had done what he needed to do and Oked the revelation of where I was to mom. Looking at how much I had changed I wasn't sure she'd believe me if I told her.

Using the email address Dad had given me that went through Taiwan I sent her an email.

Dear mom, I could make excuses for why I haven't stayed in contact. That would be of no value. I have stayed away because I didn't want or need the drama you tend to bring with you, especially into my life. I didn't want to go to Florida to college. I'm sure you had your reasons for wanting me in Florida and Maureen at Northwestern. I'm also sure they had nothing to do with what either of us wanted. Now that I'm ready I think it's time we got back together. I'd like to meet with you in Idaho. I can hear your voice asking "Why Idaho?" The answer is, because that's where I'll be the first week of April. Pick a day during the first week of April, between the fifth and the eleventh and I'll be sure to make myself available for an entire day for you. I'll answer every question you ask when we meet the day you pick. Please email me back so I set that day aside for you. I know Maureen will be on Spring Break that week so please bring her, too. If she isn't able to come, it'll be Ok. I'm sure she'll get the news soon after we meet. Ben

I hit send and it was gone. I sent another email to Dad and let him know I wasn't telling her anything until the first week of April when we would meet in Idaho. I copied the email to her to him.

Two hours later Pale Feather found me in the barn taking care of a sick sow. She said, "You have an email from Nadine." When I could leave the sow I went inside and read it. Pale Feather watched over my shoulder.

"Ben- I had almost given you up for dead! I'm so glad that you're coming back! You didn't have to go to Florida! It was just a suggestion. But, China!? You never said you wanted to go to China! What have you been doing there? Maureen and I tried to find you but your father has kept you hidden from us. I would like to know why you want to meet in Idaho. I think I've said it often enough that you know I don't like being around your father's family. However, if that's where I can see you, I'll come. My flight arrives in Salt Lake on the fifth at 5:28pm on Delta. I'll rent a car. Can we meet for breakfast on the sixth? At my parent's house? I love you Ben and we've both missed you. Mom

Pale feather said, "You know don't you that the delay in the divorce makes telling her all the more powerful. Everyone in town knows we are linked, that our son will be here in May and you are a man to be trusted. You have proven yourself to everyone in the county. Are you going to tell her publically?"

"The reality of her situation will be enough. She has lived a life of means for all the time she's been with Dad. When the divorce is final she'll have nothing. If she had cheated on Dad once that would be bad enough, but she cheated twice and with the same man. I do love her, because she's my mother, but I don't like her."

"So, you don't plan on humiliating her in public?"

I shook my head. "I can't think of a single reason to change my mind. No. Private will be good enough."

The plans were discussed at supper more than once. I hadn't accepted the invitation she offered to meet at her parent's home. I knew she wouldn't want to meet at Uncle Walt and Aunt Sue's. I picked the home of a Shoshone friend about halfway between the two homes. The living room was plenty large and the energy good.

On the thirteenth of March Don showed us a flier for a Spring Dance in town. Each of us had received four or five of them in the mail that day and the next. Some came with notes asking us to please come. The date for the dance, the third of April.

The discussion didn't last long. We were all going. Pale Feather might not dance every dance, but our energy was needed. I wrote Dad and told him everything. He wrote back saying he'd be at the dance and stay for the meeting with Nadine.

"Think your Uncle Walt would be willing to put me up for a couple weeks?" Dad asked.

"Pretty sure they plan on it. See you soon." I signed off the computer.

Time passed as it does on a farm. We fixed things and prepared for things every day. Pale Feather kept getting bigger and Doc stopped by often. We weren't sure if it was to check on the bun in the oven or to eat the great food from the family kitchen. In my eyes Pale Feather kept getting more beautiful. I rubbed her belly and legs often and held her every night.

On the night of the dance Sue and I surprised her with a new dress, made to look pretty and expand as needed to fit her changing dimensions. She cried a few tears and we all told her how nice she looked.

About five I felt an energy. I was in the barn looking after the horses when I felt it. In less than a minute Kay was beside me. She held my arm and our little one kicked both of us. A couple more minutes and Uncle Walt and Sue were with us in the barn.

Walt asked, "Know what it is?"

"Not a clue." I said.

Sue said, "Whatever it is, it's big."

"It's not the baby." Kay said, "He's happy."

I said, "Someone's in danger. They're coming to us to help them. We need to help."

They nodded. We went in the house and finished getting ready. Don and Steve took the other truck and we took the four-door dually. Nothing was said as we drove.

We got out of the truck and went inside with Kay holding my arm. I looked for Uncle Walt. When I saw him he was working his way to the middle of the dance floor, Aunt Sue holding his hand. The music started and they danced. We followed and danced together. The energy in the room felt off, strange to us.

When the first song ended we split up and asked others to dance. Kay picked good strong men who were unattached. I picked single women, widows and divorced women. Between songs we conferred.

Sue asked, "Figured it out yet?"

As she asked my eyes landed on a young woman standing in the shadows. I asked Kay and Sue, "Know her?"

"Yup. That's an Evans. "

"She's the one in danger." Walt and I said it together. "This will change everything."

"Wait here for me? I won't be gone long." I said.

"I'll be right here." Sue, Pale Feather and Walt said.

I walked to the young woman, faced her asked, "Would you please dance with me?"

She looked like a deer in the headlights and then nodded. I asked, "What's you name?"

"Donna. Donna Evans."

"Is Nadine a relative?"

She nodded and said, "My aunt."

"Let's dance, cousin." I led her to the dance floor and took her in my arms. She was shaking. I asked, "Do you know who I am?"

"I think so. You live on the Peterson farm and you're linked to Kay."

"Know my name?"

"Pale Eagle."

"You are in danger. I want to help.

A hand tapped my shoulder. We stopped dancing and turned towards the hand. A man about forty said, "I'm cutting in."

I didn't let go of Donna. I said, "I think you need to ask Donna if she wants to dance with you. If she does, I'll step aside."

"I don't need to ask her! She's my niece!"

It was as if a voice yelled at me: "He's your biological father. He's also her biological father." There was no voice. I turned to face Donna and saw she was scared.

"Donna, do you want to dance with him?" Her eyes pleaded for me to save her. I knew if I didn't act she would say yes. So I said, "I'm pretty new in town. I know her name, what's yours?"

"My name doesn't matter. I want to cut in and dance with my niece!" The tune the band was playing ended. I let go of her hand and stepped back. I asked him his name again. He said, "If you must know it's Carl, Carl Evans."

"I've heard of you! I've waited my entire life to meet you!" I stuck my hand out for a handshake. He started to reach for my hand and hesitated. We had drawn a pretty good crowd. The band didn't start playing again.

Carl asked, "Why have you waited your whole life to meet me?"

"Because my mother has lied to me my whole life about who fathered me. I've waited my whole life to meet the man who got my mother pregnant and wouldn't marry her."

"Your young. I've been happily married for twenty-three years. I couldn't be your father."

"You fathered my sister first and then me. My mother wasn't married when you got her pregnant the first time but it must have been great sex for you to come back for seconds." I faced Donna, still in my arms to dance with and said, "Donna, pay close attention. You do not have to be like your family. They all know what this man did twenty years ago. Your Aunt Nadine is a whore. She bore two children to a man she wasn't married to. Your mother also bore a child to a man she wasn't married to. I'm afraid cheating may run in the family unless you are strong"

There were lots of people between the pay phones and Donna. A woman holding the phone screamed and said, "It's not true!"

I said, "Ask him. I've got the DNA to prove what I say. Go ahead, ask him."

He waved a fist at Donna and at me then stomped off towards the bar.

I turned and walked back to Kay, taking Donna with me. The music started again and I asked, "How do you feel about public displays of affection?"

"Like kissing?"

"Good place to start." She wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed everything else against me, including her lips. When I felt a hand on my shoulder the kiss ended. Walt said, "Sue wants me to ask if the two of you have plans for later." I knew that he only came over so he was my back up.

A voice came from behind Uncle Walt. It said, "Where's the piss ant who says my sister is a whore!" Walt smiled and turned. I put my hand on his side and guided him to the side. Inside my head I heard the voice of the Shoshone man who mentored me say, "Man up."

I said, "I said it. Do you dispute what I said?"

"My sister is not a whore!"

"Ok. What would you call a woman who marries a man and has two children and neither of the kids is his?" What would you call the woman?"

"A slut! But, not a whore." He smiled like calling my mother a slut is better than being a whore.

"What would you call the same woman if the man paid her to donate sperm to her?"

"Then she'd be a whore!" We had a pretty good crowd gathered. I noticed the man I'd already confronted, my father, watching and listening. Of all the men in the room he looked ready to run. I glanced at Walt and he gave me the smallest nod. He knew and now I knew for sure.

The old guy in front of me said, "But my daughter didn't do that! Her children are her husband's children"

"Wanna bet?" I asked.

"Bet?" He asked.

"Yes. Bet. You're sure your daughter had two children by her husband. I'm convinced she had them with a man in this room." Wanna make a bet or concede that your daughter cheated on her husband?"

"What's the bet?" The old guy was brave, standing up like he was.

"If I can pick one man and have his DNA compared with either of Nadine's children and it says he's the sperm donor who made either of them, you give me half of your farm. If I pick wrong I leave town and never come back."

"Half my farm? That's robbery!"

"No. It isn't." Walt said. "If you're sure Nadine didn't get pregnant by a man in this room, then you can't lose. If you're sure Pale Eagle can't pick out the one man, you win. But if you aren't so sure how many men have been inside her, then don't take the bet. Everyone in the county will know before she gets here tomorrow that you believe she's a whore or a slut." He winked at me.

Mr. Evans stood there so angry he was red in the face. His wife walked up to him and whispered in his ear. He started to turn and walk away. I said, "Excuse me Grandma. You told him not to make the bet, didn't you? You not only know she cuckolded Nick Peterson, you know who she did it with. Don't you?"

She turned and spoke through clenched teeth. "Yes, I know who she got to father her children and yes he is in this room right now. I told her to get an abortion but she wouldn't, she thought it would be more fun to spend her husband's money to support another man's kids!"

"Fun? She lost. Her husband is the man who raised me, not the man who can't control his pecker. I'd like to ask him how much he paid her to screw him. I'd like to know how many times he did her to start Maureen and me. I wonder if she was worth what he paid?"

The nervous man I'd been watching yelled, "I didn't pay her anything! She came to me and begged for it!"

Kay was standing behind me and whispered, "He's Nadine's uncle, James."

"Wow! Nadine didn't go far did she? I feel badly for Donna. She would have been branded by the things all of you did. I wonder, James, if your wife knows you are Donna's father too? Maybe Donna will need to leave Idaho to find a husband. All the stupid young men in the county will figure she's easy. Not her fault. Yours. Just as it's not her fault we're half brother and sister. James is my biological father and Donna's too!"

The woman who had been on the phone earlier screamed, "You fucking bastard! You promised me you'd stop fucking around after Ben was born! You promised."

My grandfather said, "Why don't you just leave? No one wants you around here!"

Kay said, "I do. I've thought of him as a cousin all my life. He's not. Not biologically. What we've learned since he got here last summer is that he works for my Dad and his uncle by marriage is my Dad's brother. I learned that the Great Spirit loves him and honors him as a man. I don't want him to go. I want him to stay. I carry his son and we are linked!"

Steve was standing twenty feet away. He said, "I don't want him to go. I'll call him my brother all the days of my life. I trust him with every life in my family."

Aunt Sue said, "I don't want him to go either. When he got here about ten months ago he was a boy. He has proven his Dad taught him well and now he's a man. I love him as if he were my own son and I proud to have him as my daughter's husband."

I looked at my grandfather and said, "I had no intention to say anything to any of you tonight. If I hadn't sensed what I did I would have waited to say anything until the sixth when my mother, Nadine, will be here. But protecting Donna was too important. James had every intention of having sex with her tonight. James has been having sex with most of the women and some of the girls in the family for years. Hell, Maureen is almost twenty!" I faced the crowd and said, "What you do about having a family like this around you is up to you. You might wonder has James kept it in the family of have other men's daughters and wives been used by him?"

A man in the crowd said, "Let's beat the shit out of him!"

I held up my hand. "Beating him won't repair the damage he's done. Won't save Donna. But if all the women and girls he's hurt come forward perhaps he can be put somewhere and we can keep the women of the county safe."

The sheriff came out of the crowd and cuffed James. Donna's mom came up to her and said, "I'm sorry. Let's go home." She put her arm around Donna and led her out the back door. I watched, knowing Donna still wasn't safe. Safe from James, but who knew about the rest.

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