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Unexpected Desire

byfrankie j©

(The following story was originally titled "Never Saw It Coming" and was written by a pen name: Shakestare. I hope you find this edition more satisfying.)

* * * * *

Jane was eating her cereal when she heard her dad calling her name from upstairs.

"JANE," he screamed yet again.

"What dad?" she shouted back. She continued to eat her cereal. It was 9:30 in the morning, she cleaned the house and sent the kids to school, she was entitled to a little breakfast.

"Can you come up here for a second?"

She slammed her fists down into the table. "Yeah, I'll be there in a minute," she shouted, hiding the anger.

"Thanks sweetie."

She swirled her spoon around in her cereal bowl, counting backwards from thirty. Ever since her mother took the morning shift at the diner, Jane's workload had doubled, counting backwards helped her calm down under pressure, but it didn’t make her forget the simple truth. She figured she'd be in college by now, but without a scholarship she just couldn't afford anything. Now she was stuck being the nanny for a family that didn't appreciate jack shit and never would. She never saw this bump in the road of life last year when she was cranking out the B average at one of the best high schools in Chicago. She thought she was put on this earth to do more than wait hand and foot on a bunch of jerks.

Jane got off her chair and walked up the stairs. Each stepped seemed to be mocking her life. When she reached the top she was exhausted. This has been a hell of day, she thought to herself. And it is only nine-thirty.

She walked into her dad's room. He was wearing his torn black pants and his red shirt. The usual St. Louis Cardinal baseball cap over his bald head. He was ashamed of his baldness and thought covering it with a baseball cap would make everyone look the other way. But they knew what was under there. Raw skin and a patch of embarrassment.

"Hey sweetie," he said. He had a gut from his obsessions of beer and food, but he had muscle from his long days at the cemetery. She looked at the tattoo of a skeleton on his wrist with a childish horror. The green skeleton seemed to be dancing on his tanned, oily skin, reaching out to take a bite of her sweet young flesh.

"What is it daddy?" Despite the anger she felt, her words sounded pleasant and happy.

"If you have time I need you to run these tapes over Uncle Jim's house," he said, holding the tapes in his left hand.

"He ain't my uncle," she said coldly. "That guy gives me the creeps. He so...so..." she searched for the right word and when it came she was not afraid to use it. "Perverted."

"I know he is, but would you please do this for me. He's been my friend for God knows how long. And the sooner you go, the better. He's probably still passed out."

"Drinking beer will do that."

"So will you go?"

She thought about for a few seconds and decided some fresh air was exactly what she needed. Hell, on her way back she would go over and talk to Julie Hymaker's mother. She hadn't seen Julie or her mother since graduation. It would be nice to visit some old friends, pass the time with some pleasant memories, before cradling back in the arms of hell.

"I'll go dad."

"Thanks sweetie." He kissed her on her cheek and left the room. She wiped his kiss off her face and rubbed it on her jeans. Hopefully Jim was fast asleep. The guy was a nasty pervert. He sat down in his basement and watched dirty movies all day long. His whole life revolved around sex. He even married a hooker who resembled Popeye the Sailor Man with breasts, but according to something she accidentally overheard in the private conversations he parents have, the woman was wild in the sack. He was perverted and disgusting.

Pornos. Yuck. What so entertaining about a bunch of big breasted girls getting screwed by a bunch of men. She looked down at her small breasts and felt blessed. She didn't have much to turn on a man. Her tits and her ass were both smaller than average. She had a pretty face, but blackheads took some of the beauty out. Her legs were her best quality. Long and glamorous. Almost model worthy. She was saving her body for the man she would marry. He'd be a computer executive with millions in the bank, a great body and would be her willing slave. She wouldn't need to change her body. Dreams. She was young. It was her right.

At ten in the morning she left the house. Jim's house was two blocks away, so all she had to was walk straight ahead. The cool October air blew in her face. The clouds were gray, but it was very unlikely to rain. The weather man said so, and the weatherman on the TV station she watched was never wrong.

She was surprised several times during the trip when out of the corner of her eyes she saw men on patios and porches checking her out. Guys have checked her out before, but never like this. Her body hadn't changed since she left, so she wondered what was going on. Maybe it was the White Sox hat she put on before she left the house or maybe she had gotten a couple of new zits. Who knew? She took the baseball cap off and let her red hair stand out. She had put her hair in pigtails before she left.

By the time she got to Jim's front door, a total of thirty men had checked her out. She felt kind of frightened. What was happening? Had she turned into werewolf or something. She knocked on the door. She looked up at the house. It was lime green and the pant was peeling off. There were seven steps leading up to the patio. The door she knocked on was to her right.

She knocked again.

She put the baseball cap back on her head. The pig tails were coming from the back of it.

Finally the door swung open. If it would have swung out it would have hit Jane right in the forehead.

Out came Henrieta, the Popeye with breasts. It appeared she had no bottom lip. "Hi, Jane," she said. "What brings you by?"

"I was supposed drop these tapes off for my dad. He said they were Jim's."

"Oh. Well Jim's up so you can go and give them to him. I'm on my way out. Shopping. The Link Card is back to full strength and right in time too. The grotesque woman smiled thinly.

Jane barely understood a word the woman spoke. Jane smelt beer on her breath though. And she did understand the part about giving the tape to Jim and Jim being up. She would have to talk to him after all. Damn, she could actually see this on coming, but it had not prepared her.

"I'll do that then," she said as she strolled passed Henrieta.

"Bye, Jane."

Henrieta closed the door behind her and Jane was trapped in this house of much porn. She walked all over the bottom of the house and found nobody, then she heard Jim's voice coming from the basement. The whole house smelled of beer and cigarette smoke.

The basement door was open when she found it, so she walked down the stairs slowly. When she gave Jim his tapes she would launch herself up them same steps and get the hell back home. She decided Julie Hymaker's mother had enough people to talk too, and getting home would be a blessing.

Each step to the bottom creaked louder. Obvisouly Jim knew someone was making their way down the steps. But he wasn't saying anything. She waited by the bottom step and listened. She could hear heavy breathing coming from the room and the sounds of moaning women. The women were porno chicks. They were on the TV.

Jim was watching a porno. She feared turning the corner and facing him. However, if she was ever going to get out of her she would have to do so. She took two deep breaths, shook her head back and forth, squeezed the tapes and turned.

What Jane saw sickened her. Jim and his friend, a dirty man named Joe, were both naked and jerking off on a dirty leather couch. There was a porno on the TV and tools surrounding them. Her eyes were opened wide. She felt she would puke all over the hardwood floor that smelled of gasoline, oil and, of course, beer.

Jim turned around and saw Jane staring at them. She was about twenty feet from the couch. Instead of getting embarrassed, she smiled and said, "Hi, Sweetie. What can I do for you?"

Joe turned to face her. He gave a toothless smile and turned his face back to the porno. Neither of them let go of their penises.

"My dad said these tapes are for you."

"Well come her and give them over."

Jane thought about it for a moment. These men were disgusting, sickening and perverted. Even worse they were drunk. But to hell with it. The sooner the tapes were out of her hands, the sooner she would go back to the safety of the house she learned to hate but that she could just as quickly learn to love again if it meant not being here with these vulgar creatures. She walked very slowly, tapes stretched out in her hands. She looked at the men's hard penises. Both were about six inches and both looked clean. Jane never saw a penis before. She couldn't stop staring at them. The veins were like attention getters. And the balls looked so weird to her. It was all so new to her.

"Like what you see?" Jim asked. "This movie is fucking great." In the porn movie, two guys were getting their cocks sucked by a black woman who had titties about the same size as Jane.

Jane handed Jim the movies. Jim laid them at the side of the couch. Jane tried to leave, but was drawn to the movie. One of the men was now fucking the black girl up the ass while she continued to suck on the other guy. The movie was actually making her hot, and for some reason, so were the vulgar creature laying naked on the couch.

"Neat, huh."

"Sort of." She was surprised by her answer.

She felt a strange sensation in her asshole. It was like someone was sticking something inside it. Fucking her ass through her panties. How was that possible though. She was wearing her jeans.

She turned around and saw Jim was conflicting this sensation.

"What are you doing?" She only sounded more excited than she did disgusted.

"There's a giant hole in the back of your pants. I saw your pretty pink panties and your asshole was for the taking, so I went for it."

She felt the back of her pants and was surprised to find a hole in her pants. She was blushing, feeling the soft cotton texture of her panties.

In the porno both men were shooting their cum all over the black girl's bare little chest. Jane had never seen cum anywhere until today. It looked messy. Not that dirty. Not at all perverted.

Suddenly she was turned on. She wanted to be like the girl in the porno. She wanted cock up her ass and she wanted to taste one in her mouth. And she had two men behind her who were perfect. But she had no reasons for these feelings. She just wanted it.

On screen now there was a white guy fucking the shit out of an Asian lady. The guy was fucking her right in the ass.

"You like this don't you."

Jane sat on the couch between the older men. She pushed their hands off their penises and used her own hands. She stroked both cocks up and down. Both were slippery and hard.

"Oh shit. We have a whore at ten o'clock." Jim was laughing. So was Joe.

Jane was never called a whore before. She didn't let it bother her. She told Jim to fuck her up the ass right now. Jim didn't bother pulling off her jeans. He just slide down panties through the hole in her ass and stuck it right in. It was tight fit but his penis was wet from Henrieta's nasty little box. Plus the expensive oils he had rubbed on it early. He forced it in and out for the first ten seconds, after that Jane's virgin ass was being dominated by Jim, fucking her easily. He grabbed her by the waste and fucked her with all his strength.

Jane couldn't believe how much it hurt and how good it felt. It seemed like her asshole was being ripped apart, but Jim's motions were so perfect. She licked around Joe's cock. She kissed his piss hole and got her first taste of pre-cum. Joe told her to spit on it, so she did. Then she slid it in her mouth and slowly worked her way down to his balls, then went back up. Joe told her to suck him faster. So she repeated what she did the first time. She was actually giving a good blowjob, then again Jane had always been a quick learner.

In the background, unaware to Jane, Henrieta was getting everything on camera. Jim was fucking the little eighteen year old schoolgirl doggie style while she sucked on Dirty Joe's cock. Jim's ball were flapping up and down as he fucked the life out of her. The girl didn't even have her pants off. She was wearing a White Sox cap and the pigtails were just hanging out of the back of it, while she gave Joe his first blow job in ten years.

Henrieta watched Jim grab the pigtails through lens of the camera. He used them as leverage as her fucked her virgin ass. Joe was standing up on the couch now, fucking little Jane's mouth. She no longer had the use of her face.

Jane was feeling the pain as her pig tails were being pulled violently. Jim was now fucking her ass harder then ever. Jane could taste Joe's pre- cum in her mouth. She would look up at him with her eyes every once in a while. He was sweating everywhere and breathing heavier then when they first started. Jane could feel herself cuming too. Her panties were soaked. Her hands were holding on to Joe's legs so that she wouldn't fall, otherwise she would have start finger fucking herself.

Henrieta knew Jim and Joe couldn't hold on much longer. It was getting harder for Joe to pump his dick inside the teen's mouth. Jim was still giving her all she could handle, but he was weakening.

"Oh God," Joe was moaning now. "I gotta cum."

"Give it to her," Joe yelled. "Cum all over her face. Get her in the mouth."

Jim pulled the pigtails back. Jane's face tilted up higher because of. Joe took his cock out of her mouth and began jerking off.

Henrietta zoomed in for a better look.

Jane knew he was going to cum. She didn't care. She wanted to taste it in her mouth and feel it against her skin.

Joe shot his hot cum all over Jane's forehead, covering up three blackheads. Joe was aiming for her mouth, but never came close to it. His aim way off. Finally he gave up and stuck it in her mouth. He shot the rest of his load into Jane's mouth and down her throat. Jane loved the taste of the salty spunk and swallowed every drop willingly.

Henrietta got everything on camera.

Jim announced was going to cum a minute after Jane swallowed the last drop of Joe's cum. He let go of Jane's pigtails and grabbed her by the waste and went as fast as his body would allow. When he did cum deep inside of her he screamed a Woooo! in relief. At the same exact time Jim blasted deep in her ass, Jane experienced an earth shattering orgasms that soaked her panties to the flesh.

Jane just laid their when Jim and Joe got up. She was tired and the cum felt funny inside her asshole. Joe brought her towel and she cleaned off her face.

At noon she left. Henrieta was walking back in with groceries she never bought. She handed her a tape. "Make sure your dad gets this."

Jane smiled. "I'll make sure he does." She had no idea what the tape she held contained herself and the same vulgar men she had once despised, and she would never find out the truth of her own daddy’s sick desire to watch his daughter get fucked by two men, nor would she ever discover the pill he slipped into her cereal that made her act in such a slutty way. He just wanted to see his little girl grow up on camera.

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