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Unexpected Developments


"Wheat porridge is pretty sad for a last meal, isn't it?"

Even as he said it, Jame's brain was trying desperately to stop his mouth. The awkward air between them had forced him to go off half-cocked in an attempt to dispel the silence. Well, he technically did succeed in that, though at the cost of appearing to be the most insensitive person in the world.

"Oh God, I'm sorry. I was just trying to make conversation. I didn't mean-"

"It's fine, I understand. It's not like holding a grudge against you is going to help, anyway. If you want to apologize, you can keep me company for a while."

Perfect, now he felt like an even bigger ass. James sat on the stone floor, thick iron bars separating him from his new-found conversational partner. He hugged his legs close, making himself as small as possible while avoiding eye contact. He felt so terrible that he could barely look at her, and not just because of his little faux pas earlier. At dusk, her blood would be on his hands, as well as those of everyone else in the village.

He tried to justify her sacrifice, claiming that the lives of many justified the death of one, but he knew the truth. He was afraid to die. They all were. Most people would probably sacrifice another to extend their own lives, the weight of numbers only helped them justify their selfishness. Perhaps they did not even realize what they were doing. To be so ignorant would certainly be a blessing.

"Don't be like that, you're making me nervous. Everyone here refuses to look at me."

There he went again, upsetting the only guiltless person in this godforsaken town. He took a deep breath, forcing himself to relax before finally meeting her gaze. He had avoided looking at her much until now, but he was dimly aware that she was beautiful from the first time he saw her. Looking at her up-close, he had never imagined how much he had missed the mark.

She was beyond beautiful, almost unnatural. Long, immaculate crimson hair ran down her back, straight and smooth despite the days spent on nothing but a pile of hay. Her pale skin too showed no sign of her distress, a light dusting of freckles the only visible imperfections on an otherwise flawless expanse of creamy white, her tattered robes preserving her modesty and little else. It was perhaps fortunate that she had little to protect, her bust barely large-enough to visibly distend the loose cloth covering her. What she lacked on top was repaid and more by the curve of her hips, her thighs set wide-enough to instantly draw the eyes of any man, regardless of the depths of his self-pity.

James caught himself staring and lifted his eyes to meet hers, hoping that she did not notice. His breathing stopped when they met, breath stolen by the seemingly bottomless depth of the emerald pair staring back at him. Beauty, wisdom, nobility, maybe even perfection lay deep inside them, just beyond the surface. So much more laid inside, beckoning him further with promises he could not even begin to understand. He drew himself forward, his vision dimming around their vibrant glow. Then, nothing. Or rather, everything.

It took a moment for the young man to regain his senses, noticing too late that the girl before him was blushing something fierce, eyes cast down at the bowl in her hands. He hadn't been staring at her, had he? He scratched the back of his head and laughed nervously, unsure whether he had caused her sudden discomfort. He grasped for words to fill the silence, still wary of his idle mind after his earlier blunder.

"Uhh, so where are you from? I don't remember seeing you around her before the other day."

It was true. Though the village was rather large, it was odd that such a woman could have avoided his notice, particularly when his brain simmered in hormones at the end of adolescence. Truth be told, when he looked at her, it was more of a rolling boil. She seemed about his age, so it would stand to reason that they would have met as children at some point, though he could not remember anyone quite like her. Such a woman would certainly stand out, even as a child.

"Oh, I only got here a few months ago. My family couldn't afford to support an adult, so I left. I guess I guess you could say I came to look for a husband. Ironic, isn't it?"

She was speaking, of course, of her misfortune. She was either a little too early or a bit too late. The sacrifice needed to be a virgin, a notable sticking point that would have saved her, had her search been just a bit faster or her arrival a bit later. More than her tragic virginity, James was struck by unfairness of her situation. She had no responsibility in this matter, yet she was going to have to die for their sins. She probably did not know about the town's patron before she was chosen to die for him. Few spoke about him even among family, much less to an outsider or new resident.

Even he knew relatively little. Despite being an adult in the eyes of the law, most of his kin considered him too young to bear the full weight of their responsibility. What little he knew could be summarized quite easily: by ancient contract, his town was was permanently indebted to some kind of demon or spirit for some long-gone favor. From his understanding, their benefactor had made relatively few demands during that time, so no one was ready for what had happened. They were hard-working, God-fearing men. The idea that they would be made to sacrifice a human had never even crossed their minds. Still, they could not really refuse. James himself did not know exactly what happened if they did, but the sense of desperation that permeated the town was a pretty good hint.

"You know, you never did tell me your name."

"James. I never got yours, either."

"Anna. Pleased to meet you."

Her hand slipped through the bars, grabbing his and initiating a weak shake. It was so small, so delicate in his. He could feel her heart beat, fast and hard with fear. She was trembling. He bit back the lump that grew in his throat. This was wrong. Everything about it was wrong. It wasn't just because she was so beautiful or that she did not even understand what was going on. Sacrificing someone in order to fulfill a contract made by one's ancestors was absolute insanity. How could anyone sign such an agreement, knowing what may happen to their descendants? Why were they held accountable? Regardless of what happened to the town, wouldn't giving her over be the same as murder? The whole thing was so fucked that he did not even notice his steadily tightening grip on Anna's hand until she squeaked, cringing in pain yet otherwise silent.

He let go of her hand and moved, his body acting before his brain caught up and stopped him. He knew what he was doing was stupid, but he also knew that he could not live with himself if he did nothing. More than that, he refused to acknowledge a world that would allow such a thing to happen. He would accept whatever happened from here on out, no matter the cost. Such a cruel world was not worth living in, anyway. With a loud clack, the door swung open, his key clattering inside the lock edifice. How about that, he was shaking.

"Get out. Run. I don't know how long my resolve will last."

She stood in the doorway, stopped at the threshold of her prison. Her hand found his, halting his shaking. She pulled on his softly, closing the door slowly. Before he knew it, his foot was in the door, his grip and will hardening against her gentle insistence. No fucking way, this was not happening. If he had to knock her out and drag her to safety, he would. From the moment he unlocked the door, he sealed his fate. He would be a traitor no matter what happened next, but he would be damned if he became a traitor and a murderer.

"I won't let you die."

"Why are you doing this? You don't even know me. Go and live, there's no reason for all of you to die." She was crying now. Distantly, he wondered if he was as well.

"This can't happen. Don't you see how wrong this is? Anyone who would ask that we sacrifice another human doesn't deserve our loyalty. I'll die if I have to, but I won't let them kill you."

"So what? If you walk away now, you'll forget all about this in a few years. Death is forever, James. You can't just throw your life away like that. You're too young to-"

"Don't you think I know that? I'm scared to death, but I've made up my mind. If I'll ever think that letting you die is fine, I don't want to live that long. Come on, we're getting out of here."

There he went again, speaking and acting without thinking. His hand held tightly around hers, whether from fear or a desire to prevent her from escaping he would never know. What he did know is that he needed to run. She dragged behind him, likely far less fit than he. He could not sneak past the outside guards, so he would need to catch them by surprise and escape before they knew what was going on. The forest was only a few hundred feet away. Once inside, they could likely escape. It was already dark and the wolves were on the prowl. Few would pursue them for long. Once he got there, he would figure things out. He had to.

"Stop, dammit, listen to me. We don't need to run, you'll get us both killed."

"I already told you, I'm not going to watch you die. If you stay here-"

"No. There is a way. Think about it. They need to sacrifice a virgin tonight, right? What if I'm not one and they don't find out until right before it's time? They can't kill me and they won't have time to find someone else."

"That's ridiculous! What if it doesn't work? You'll die."

"Maybe, but it's better than both of us being eaten by wolves or starving to death. You don't even have a weapon with you, what the hell are you thinking? This is the only way."

She did have a point. There would be no point in killing her if she wasn't a virgin. If they just waited to say anything until the ritual, no one would die, at least not due to the sacrifice. Could he even do that, though? They had just met moments ago. He was willing to die to save her, but that was something else entirely. That was a moral decision, it didn't matter who she was. This was so much more personal.

"Are you sure you want to do this? I mean, we can always still run. I can get a sword and some food or something."

"What, are you really that averse to the idea? Do you not like me? Or maybe, you're a-"

"No, fine. I don't have a problem with it. I just thought you might."

Despite their brief exchange, neither moved an inch. It was amazing how fear and urgency could make even sex seem so unappealing. With each passing moment, the wolves were starting to seem like a better choice. James stared at the ground and scratched his neck. The situation had turned so quickly his head was still reeling and he knew she had to be even worse-off. His inaction was unfair to her and he knew it. Time to man-up.

He stepped forward, grasping her wrists, pulling her against him. Her face was rapidly approaching the hue of her hair as she closed her eyes and leaned against him. Petite breasts pushed against his chest, the barest hint of her nipples poking against him. His racing heart found a partner in hers, her anxiety and excitement palpable through their intimate embrace. She looked up at him with closed eyes, her face blank with forced relaxation. An open invitation.

Their lips met, the lightest touch to test the waters. She jumped at the contact, her body tensing against his. She pressed her body harder against his, putting some force into their first kiss. Her lips lay still against his, barely moving. He could feel the tension in her jaw, her mouth clamped firmly shut but not retreating. If they were ever going to rescue her from her virginity, he would have to take the lead.

His hand found the side of her head, stroking her soft hair and gathering it at the back, where he held her tight. His other arm wrapped about her waist, pulling her body against his. He broke their kiss, burying his face in her neck. Beneath the sweat and dirt and fear, she smelled of woman. It was sweet and intimate, a gentle tickling in his brain that tightened his grip and a firm insistence that he continue. His lips graze her neck, parting slightly to allow him the taste of her skin. With each light peck, he wanted him, more of her. His mouth trailed down her neck to her bare shoulder, savoring every inch of her freckled skin.

He felt her hot breath against his own neck, quick and shallow. Her forehead nudged his chin away from her, inviting him back in for another kiss. This time, she kissed him back in earnest, lips and teeth pulling at his own, though never opening enough to allow him passage. A hand lay on his shoulder, rubbing and gently caressing the light but prominent muscles of his chest. At the same time, he felt her soft touch on his stomach, her fingers running slowly down to the waist of his pants and slipping underneath.

Thin fingers wrapped around his semi-flaccid shaft, stroking slowly. Her thumb rubbed in slow circles at the base of his head, scraping along with minimal pressure. His own hand migrated under the tattered cloth on her chest to her breasts. They were quite petite engulfed entirely by his squeezing hand. He groped without focus, palm rubbing the underside of her breast and rapidly hardening nipple as his fingers dug into her soft flesh. Her weight increased when she leaned into his touch, thrusting her slim chest into his probing hand.

Despite her soft touch and incredible charm, she failed to provoke a strong reaction in him. His length stood half-erect in her hand, obviously interested but unwilling to commit. He dove deeper into her innocent sensuality, hoping to take his mind off the circumstances and place it where it belonged, between her legs. With his free hand, he played with the neat patch of public hair just above her hidden lips. Inch-by-inch, he slipped lower until he found the peak of her slit and dove in.

To Jame's surprise, she was incredibly wet. Soaking, even. After only a few delicate strokes of her inner lips, his palm was already slick with her arousal. Taken aback, he broke off their kiss too take a look for himself. Long tracks of wetness ran halfway down her thighs and a small puddle formed between her legs as it dripped from his fingers. He knew that some women would get really wet, but this was ridiculous. She must have read his thought off his face, as she quickly spoke to answer.

"Sorry, I can't help it. I guess I really like you. Let me help you get ready, too."

She stepped back and removed the pin holding her robe, allowing it to drop to the floor in a crumpled pile. She was practically naked earlier, but seeing her exposed in all her nude glory was something else entirely. James stared unreservedly at her tight stomach and incredible hips, eyes trailing down to her fiery pubic hair and the long trails of lust that ran down her porcelain legs. That no man had yet claimed her seemed some form of blasphemy, looking at her now.

He would have continued to stand and stare if she had not acted first, lowering herself to a kneel atop the relative comfort of her robes. Despite her relaxed movement, it was clear that she had no patience for his indecisiveness, her hands finding both her stiff nipple and dripping sex as she waited for him, mouth open and eyes closed. Hesitant though he was, no man could refuse such an invitation. He stepped forward and presented himself to her, thrusting his slightly harder member to within an inch of her waiting mouth.

Her tongue pressed against the underside of his head for just a moment before it moved, licking gently against the bottom of his shaft in a single, long stroke from tip to tail before stopping. His length jumped slightly as it pressed against her face, her tongue going further still to explore his scrotum. She sucked gently, nipping at the thick skin and probing for the treasure hidden inside before taking one into her mouth.

The mild suction on his testicle was nice, but nothing in comparison with the feast his eyes were getting. Her eyes were cracked barely open as her mouth wrapped around him with a look of pure lasciviousness. He never expected a virgin could be so incredibly sensual. She continued to play with herself as she sucked and licked, her hips rotating against her own touch and chest arcing in pleasure. Her paleness made her arousal immediately evident with her crimson blush.

She moaned softly as she worked, long moans of approval and short gasps of self-pleasure alternating as she inspected every inch of him. Even the smell of the room changed, the irresistible scent of female arousal easily overpowering the subtle smell of hay and sweat. Her mouth returned to his shaft, running her lips and tongue down the side in quick, short strokes near the base and slowly moving towards the head. In no time at all, he was hard-enough to break down the cell walls with his erection, yet she did not relent, lapping quickly and lightly at the crown of his head before re-positioning her head under him and teasing just his head with slow, heavy licks. A small drop grew at his tip before she finally stopped, resting on her haunches and staring at the ground.

"Sorry, I got a little carried away. Let's do it now. If you don't want me, you can just put it in. I guess that would be enough."

What the hell was with this girl? It was obvious she had no intention of stopping now and honestly, neither did he. He was trying to figure out if she was an innocent girl playing lewd or an incredibly excited virgin playing meek when he remembered that she was awaiting his response. She lay upon the pile of hay that served as her bed, legs spread and welcoming, the straw below her already discolored from her dripping. Well, that made his decision easy.

In a flash, he was naked and atop her, his hands just above her shoulders and knees between her legs. She lay still and tense beneath him, eyes tightly shut and jaw clenched. Had he not been so aroused, he may have asked her if she would reconsider. At this point, he likely could not stop if he wanted to. He grabbed his member with a hand and lined it up with her entrance, preparing to slide into her.

"Please be gentle. It's my first time, you know."

Well, that did it. He thought he saw a small smirk on her lips as he increased the pressure at her opening, though he cared little as he slipped into her warm embrace. It was everything he hoped for and more, exquisitely slick and warm, yet fitted so snugly as to feel as if it were made for him and him alone. Each inch brought ever more pleasure. Her face, meanwhile, contorted with alternating pleasure and pain as he parted her yet-unused passage until his passage was stopped by an obstruction. The mark of a virgin.

He pierced her quickly to ease her discomfort, the telltale warmth of her maiden blood trickling down his length. Sympathetic though he may be, he stopped for nothing until his groin was flush with hers. She held her body close to his, her face tucked invisibly into his chest and arms wrapped around his back. He pulled out, his head alone still wrapped in her hot folds before he pushed back in. Quicker this time, the sensation was incredible. Her walls tugged against him, pulling in every inch of his length until he had no more to give and demanding still more. She gasped as he rolled his hips forward, grinding against the sensitive pearl at the top of her sex.

He built a steady rhythm inside her, struggling to pull out against her straining walls before being pulled back inside with unintended speed. She was clearly enjoying this just as much as he, her alluring hips rolling against his to hold him against all of her favorite places. As his pace grew, he felt her breath quicken against her chest, synchronized with his deep strokes. His arm cradled her head and pulled her close, an action borne of both desire and protectiveness. Her head pressed against his chin, the soft scent of her hair easing his overwhelming lust and helping retrain the pace.

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