tagErotic CouplingsUnexpected Discoveries Ch. 01

Unexpected Discoveries Ch. 01

byThe Wanderer©

Susan, my wife of ten years had been away from home for over a month now. Her sister Ann had just given birth to her third child and things hadn't gone smoothly as they could. Ann had been taken into hospital early and kept under observation. Susan had gone up to Basingstoke, to look after Ann's other two young children until she and the baby were released from hospital.

My life revolves around Susan. How to describe her? Well, Sue reminds most people of Twiggy, the model from the Sixties. She is about five one, but she claims five two and is very slim, skinny some people would say. But she's my dream girl; her small tits and bum are just the way I like them. I will say she did look quite funny when she was pregnant with our twins. She looked like she was about to fall over at any minute.

A few years back I had been promoted to factory manager at my work. The extra money coming in had allowed us to follow our dream. We had purchased a derelict farmhouse and it's associated buildings; all in seven acres of grounds. We had renovated the main six-bedroom house and were now in the process of converting the associated barns etc. into cottages and holiday accommodation. When we finished; we intended that the whole complex would be our retirement plan.

When first I met Susan, she had been quite reserved about sex. But after we were married and I had managed to find the right buttons to push, she turned into a little tiger in bed. Her slim frame meant she could be very, now how should I put it? Very gymnastic during our lovemaking, although she wasn't into anything adventurous and she wasn't too enthusiastic when it came to oral sex; anal sex was a definite no no. After four weeks of abstinence from her however, I was beginning to get withdrawal systems.

Ann and her baby were finally released from hospital on the Tuesday. Susan had called to tell me she was planning on returning home on the Saturday, after Ann had time to settle in at home with the new baby.

My mother and father who had come to stay at our house whilst Sue was away; were looking after our own three children, Michael (8) and the twins Adel and Michele (6) whilst I was at work.

As driving, especially long distance driving is not one of Sue's favourite pastimes, I thought it would a nice gesture to go up to Basingstoke and drive her home. Just the kind of thing any loving husband would do for his beloved wife. So I took the Friday afternoon off work and cadged a lift from one my firm's truck drivers who was going up to London.

All right, my real plan was to go to Ann's house, make all the right kind of Oh and Ah noises over the new baby, then collect Sue and take her out for a nice meal. Then we would spend the night playing in a room at the MotorLodge before I drove her back home on the Saturday.

Well, we had been apart for over a month, and when we got home the children would want to monopolise Sue.

The truck driver dropped me at the MotorLodge, which is not far off the motorway. I figured I would book in then call Sue and announce where I was, then I would get a taxi to take me over to Ann's house. Well that had been my plan. But just after I climbed out of the truck, I knew things were not going to go as I expected.

Sitting there, parked right in the middle of the MotorLodge car park, was a car with "Tolgus Systems" written in big letters down the side. Susan works for Tolgus Systems and the car belonged to one of they're sales Reps.

So you ask. What could I find wrong with one of Tolgus's Reps using the MotorLodge? Well normally I would say nothing, except for the fact that on this occasion, my fucking Beema was parked right alongside his fucking car and that's just too much of a bloody coincidence for my mind. Susan had used my BMW as her car was getting a little long in the tooth and might not take too kindly to a 400-odd mile round trip.

My mind went into overdrive. I seemed to remember a real flash Git at Susan's firm's last Christmas diner; he was all over her. I was bloody sure The Pratt said he lived in Andover and that's just a few miles down the road from Basingstoke.

Are, but of course, Sue could just be meeting the guy for a drink or meal! Come off it wives aren't supposed to go meeting guys when they're husbands ain't around. Besides if they were in the fucking Restaurant, why the hell are they parked down the MotorLodge end of the bloody car park?

No! I was sure things weren't what they should be.

I hoisted my bag and strolled down to reception. As I filled the booking-in form, the girl asked me to write my car number in the space provided. I was telling her that I was without a car when an idea struck me.

"Tell me, that BMW out there," I said, "I used to own it. I'm wondering if its the same guy driving it now or if its been sold on."

"What's the number?" The girl asked with a smile as she shuffled through some papers on the desk.

I told her and said I thought the guy's name was Grant.

"No, I'm sorry, that's a Mr and Mrs Wilson in 112."

Fuck it, yes that was the Pratt's name. Gary Wilson. I remembered the way he looked at Susan at that party. I just knew what the bastard was thinking then. Now it was apparent he had probably got lucky.

"Ah no, he must have sold it on then, thanks anyway." I said to the girl.

I was doing my best to read the sheet she had got out, upside down. I could see that there were two car numbers on the sheet and one of them was mine. I was not a happy bunny, I can tell you. It definitely looked like Sue was shacked up with this Prick. The bitch must be cheating on me, having an affair.

Now you might wonder why I didn't go rushing up to room 112, kick the fucking door down and break the guy's neck. To be honest, with hindsight I wonder why I didn't myself. But for some reason that I can't explain, I just walked quietly up to my room and sat on the bed staring out of the window. I can only think I must have been in shock or something.

Well if you suddenly found that the woman you loved, the woman your whole life had revolved around for the last twelve years, was doing the dirty on you. You'd be in bloody shock!

From where I was sitting I could see the path that led to the Harvester Pub next door. I must have sat there for an two or maybe three hours, my mind going back over our marriage, trying to think of a reason for Sue to cheat. Or was there anything in past, that would show me she had cheated before. I could think of nothing.

Suddenly I saw Sue and the Wilson Prick come walking along the path from the Pub. She was holding his arm and they were laughing, then they stopped and went into a clinch, kissing and cuddling. I hadn't seen them go out to the pub so they must have been in there when I arrived.

If I had been more with-it I would have taken some photographs or something, but then, I didn't have a camera, so how could I?

They walked over to my Beema and Sue got something out of the boot, then they disappeared from my sight towards reception. I sat waiting, praying that Sue would come back into my view, going back to my car. But of course she didn't.

In desperation now, I called Sue's Mobile phone, it rang for sometime then went to voicemail. Then I called Sue's sister's house, Ann's husband Peter answered and explained that Susan had left early in the afternoon; as she said she was missing me and the kids and wanted to get back to see us.

"Like fuck!" I thought "Sue wanted some time for fun and games with Wilson."

Then I rang my mother she told me that Sue had called earlier. As planned mum had not told her I was on my way to collect her, she had said I was out with friends and I would call her later. The plan had been for me to surprise Sue. Sue asked my Mother to tell me not to call her this evening as she was going to get to bed early and make an early start tomorrow.

'Right, now what do I do?' I thought. If I go rushing down to room 112, I could well stop Sue getting her arse shagged off. But then again, she's had all afternoon and has most likely fucked the prick a few times before I got here. And then of course she could always meet up with the bastard again sometime in the future. Come to that, how many times had she fucked him in the past and how many other guys has she been fucking behind my back over the years? Bollocks it was obvious to me that our marriage was over. I ain't staying married to any slut that runs around on me.

I had come to a decision; so I left the room and went down to the car park. I could almost feel the girl on reception watching me, as I walked out of the building with my bag in my hand. As I got into the BMW I could see her picking up the phone. "Good!" I thought "She's calling 'Mr and Mrs fucking Wilson' to tell them that someone is stealing one of they're bloody cars". I pulled out of car park and began my journey home. Within minutes I was on the motorway and soon I was swinging off onto the main A303 road heading down to the West Country.

As I drove I was thinking of revenge. Sue, I would divorce. But what was I going to do about this Wilson Guy?

The answer was obvious, once I had thought of it. I pulled into a lay-by and called Mark Trerise on my mobile. Mark owns Tolgus Systems, he had approached me about my company using his products. We had a few on trial and I was supposed to evaluate them over the next few weeks.

"Hi Mark, its Don Marsters. Sorry to disturb you at this time on a Friday night."

"No problem Donny. What can I do for you?"

"Well Mark I'm afraid I've got some bad news for you. That gear you sent over for me to look at. Well, I'll be sending it back on Monday."

"Why Don? What's wrong with it?"

"To be honest Mark I should imagine it's fine. But I would be biased against your companies gear and I don't think I could give it a fare review."

"Donny what have I done to upset you."

"You've done nothing Mark! But two of your staff have, and I just can't trust myself not to be biased."

"Fuck, Don has someone said something to upset Sue?"

"Quite the opposite Mark, one of your Reps has been keeping Susan extremely happy, by fucking her arse off! So you see they have both upset me. As I said. I'll be sending your gear back Monday morning. Goodnight."

I disconnected the call and returned to the A303.

I hadn't gone very far when I saw the blue lights flashing in my rear-view mirror. They came up close behind and flashed their headlights at me, so I pulled into the next lay-by.

"Good evening sir" the officer said. "Is this your car?"

"Yes officer." The mood I was in, I thought, I'll play this one to the hilt.

"Would you mind telling me the registration number, please sir?"

I told him, and his opo who was stood at the rear of the car confirmed I was correct.

"Would you mind showing me some proof of your identity sir?"

This Copper was being so polite, he must have been convinced he had a nick. I handed him my driving licence. He shone his torch on it, then on my face. It was obviously me and I could see he was becoming just a little confused.

"If that isn't good enough for you officer? I have my passport here." I said as I dug it out of my bag and handed it to him.

I travel a lot in my job and always use the same bag. I keep everything in it all the time it saves dashing around looking for things if I have to go away at short notice.

Now apparently convinced that I was the registered owner of the vehicle the officer's demeanour changed slightly.

"I'm sorry sir, but we've had a report that this vehicle has been stolen."

"Well now officer, how the hell can I steal my own car?"

"Apparently has been some sort of a mix-up somewhere sir, do you mind waiting while I check this out?"

"No problem, just don't be too long about it please, I've a long way to go and would like to get home tonight."

The two officers went back to their car and I could see them talking to their HQ on the radio.

Just then, a mobile phone rang. It wasn't mine, I traced the sound to the glove box where I found Sue's mobile. I got it out and I could see the caller was Mark Trerise. I let the call go to voice-mail, then listened to what he had to say to Sue.

"Susan what the hell's going on? I've just had Donny on the phone he claims your having an affair with one of the staff. Now, I know you've been up in Basingstoke for the last few weeks, so I'm assuming its Gary Wilson that Donny is talking about. If you two have cost me the contract to supply your husbands firm, you're both going to be out of a job on Monday. You know our company rules. No fraternisation between married staff. That's in your bloody contract!"

With that the message ended and I became aware of the policeman returning.

"I'm sorry sir, but a lady who claims to be Mrs Susan Marsters reported this car stolen from the Basingstoke MotorLodge about an hour ago. Could you shed any light on that report?"

"Well officer, my wife has been staying with her sister in Basingstoke for the last few weeks. But her sister told me she left early this afternoon to return to our home in Cornwall. Now what in the world would a happily married faithful wife be doing in a MotorLodge at eleven-thirty on a Friday night when she should be at home in Cornwall with her children by now?"

"Can I assume your wife drove this vehicle up to Basingstoke, sir."

"You can officer."

"And I assume, you didn't tell her you were going to take the car home?"

"No I didn't, but her attention was elsewhere when I took it."

"It's apparent that her attention has been drawn back were it should be now sir."

"Well that was the idea, officer. I could have gone screaming in there and kicked the guys head in. But I think we might have met earlier if I had."

Just then our attention was attracted to a car that went racing past; it must have been doing at least a hundred miles an hour. The two officers both turned to look at it, and I noticed the 'Tolgus Systems' flash down the side. The officer had a new interest now, he turned back to me and said.

"I think I get the scenario sir. I appreciate you not getting violent, but please don't use us to do your dirty work in future sir."

"I don't remember calling you officer."

"I know you didn't sir, but you did know what would happen didn't you! Goodnight Sir." He called as they got into they're car and made off in pursuit of Gary Wilson.

This could be turning out better than I expected, I thought and with a just a slight feeling of satisfaction I followed them, only at a more sedate pace.

It was nearly forty miles further on before I saw the flashing blue lights again. There were three police cars now and they had Wilson's car blocked into another lay-by. I drove past and stopped at the end of the lay-by.

The officer who had stopped me earlier came down to me.

"We meet again sir. The lady who claims to be your wife is in that car. We're taking the driver in because he's failed a breath test. Are you going to take the lady with you sir?"

"Most definitely not officer, as I told you earlier, my wife left for home at lunchtime and should be safely tucked up in bed by now. The slag in that car is no wife of mine."

"OK sir, I get your point. But you have given us a problem. She has been drinking as well, so we can't let her drive the car and we can't very well leave her out here, can we?

"Well what the hell does she reckon she's going to do? She's got herself into the shit, now she'll have get herself out of it. I'll tell you what though, if you don't mind you could give her her bloody cell-phone, then she will be able to call her sister. I'm fucked if I care what she does. Oh yea, can you tell her there's a really good message from her boss, on there."

"Alright sir." He said as he took the phone. "Enjoy the rest of your journey and drive carefully!"

"It looks like my journeys getting better by the mile officer. Goodnight."

The officer took the phone, said goodnight and walked away. I drove on towards home.

Within minutes my phone rang, I could see it was Sue, I sent the call to voice-mail.

A little later my phone rang again this time it was Mark Trerise so I pulled over and answered it.

"Donny what the fuck is going on mate. I've just had the police on the line they've nicked Gary Wilson for drunk driving and Susan was in the car with him. They were asking me what I wanted them to do with Sue. What should I say Don."

"Fucked if I care Mark, she was shacked up in a hotel room with Wilson when I found her; so she's my ex-wife now. I don't give a fuck what she does. Look Mark I'm upset, tired and a long way from home. I'll call you on Monday and arrange to return your gear goodnight."

Before he could say anything else I broke the connection, then turned the phone off.

End of part one.

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