tagNon-EroticUnexpected Discoveries Ch. 02

Unexpected Discoveries Ch. 02

byThe Wanderer©

When I finally got home I was puzzled to see a light on in the lounge. My father was sitting up waiting for me. On thinking about it, I was surprised that he hadn't called me, as I was sure Susan would have called home. But then my dad has this thing about mobile phones; he wouldn't have one, and refused to call one, even if the shit had hit the fan.

"Just what the hell is going on Donald? I've been trying to call you for hours," He demanded when I entered the house.

Then I remembered that I'd turned my phone off. If my father had tried to call me on my mobile, I knew I was going to be in for a hard time, Mum and Dad only call me 'Donald' when I am not the flavour of the month.

"Susan has been crying down the phone to me for hours. She said you drove off and left her at the side of the road. How could you do something so stupid, anything could have happened to her."

"Well she told you some of the truth dad, but not the whole truth. Susan has been having an affair with some prick from Tolgus, I caught them last night. Her boyfriend got nicked for drunk driving. I didn't see she needed my help to get in his car with him. So when he got nicked, I definitely wasn't offering to help her to get home. The police will make sure she's safe. Monday morning I'll be going to a solicitor to see about a divorce, Susan's history as far as I'm concerned."

"Just like that! You're not even going to talk to her about it?"

"Come on dad, she's been shagging some bloke whilst she's been up in Basingstoke. That's probably why she said I shouldn't take the kids up to see her. She can go and live with the Wanker now."

"What about you're children, they need their mother and father."

"I don't know Dad? I haven't had time to think anything out yet. Look I've been faithful in this marriage, it's Sue that's been putting it about. Ask her you're bloody silly questions not me."

My parents really loved Susan, they had always thought that the sun shone out of her arse and I began to get the nasty impression that I was going to finish up as the villain of this piece.

Susan turned up home around lunchtime on Saturday. She must have thought that an attack was the best form of defence, as she came storming into the house and went straight into a verbal attack on me. As I expected my folks said very little and if anything took Sue's side.

Sue demanded to know why I left her on the A303 when the police arrested Gary.

"Well if you had driven home at lunchtime as you told your sister you were going to do, instead going to the MotorLodge to shag that prick Wilson all afternoon. You wouldn't have been standing on the A303 at that time of the morning, would you?"

"What are you talking about I went to the MotorLodge by myself. I wanted a good nights rest before I drove home."

"Don't talk Bollocks Sue. You were booked in there as Mr and Mrs Wilson in room 112. I saw the fucking booking-in form, and I watched you kiss and cuddle the prick on your walk back from the restaurant. Now don't try and take me for a bloody fool."

Sue went quite, I could see she was trying to think of a plausible explanation. When she couldn't think of one, she changed tactics completely and turned the taps on instead. This cut no ice with me, but my parents fell for it.

"Give Susan a break son, she's had a bad night." My father said.

"Sue's had a bad night? It's me that's had the bad night. Look, Sue was having a fucking good night, until I found a way to put a stop to it. I know this is 2001 but most wives don't go fucking their work colleagues you know."

There's no need to get coarse Donald." My mother butted in, "I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for all this."

"There sure is mother, its called adultery and in this country that's grounds for divorce."

I saw Sue jump when I said the D word, she stopped crying and looked at me.

"No Donny, let me explain."

"Don't even try Susan. Those Coppers last night knew what you and Wilson had been up too and I know what you did, you fucked our marriage away. Now it appears that everyone thinks I'm over reacting. Well I don't think I am, I've remained faithful to you and our marriage. I can tell you I've had plenty of chances of cheating over the years, but I loved my wife too much to ever do anything stupid like that. Shit, I only caught you cheating because I went all the way up to Basingstoke to save you having to drive back. I was thinking of you, but you certainly weren't thinking of me were you. You were to busy fucking that Wanker Wilson."

It suddenly dawned on me; I was justifying my actions, to my folks as well as Sue.

"Oh fuck this, if you two think her shit don't stink, you two can live with her!" I said to my parents.

Then I stormed upstairs and packed as much of my gear as I could carry and left the house. No one said anything to me as I went.

I drove over to a work colleagues place he had a few caravans that he rented out as holiday homes, I knew things were quiet at this time of year and he let me rent one cheap.

Mark called me Saturday evening and asked if I had cooled down enough to give him Chapter and Verse. I told him the story as I saw it, he said he was sorry it had happened and that he was going to fire both Sue and Gary Wilson on Monday.

Monday morning I called into work and said I would be in later. I went to a solicitor friend and told him the story. He said I could leave it with him, he would get the preliminaries underway.

When I finally got to my office my secretary, Mary, told me that Susan had called several times, wanting to talk to me. I told her that Sue was no longer my wife, I would take no calls from her. Mary got the picture straight away and said

Oh my God Donny, I'm sorry to hear that. I won't ask what the silly cow has done."

"How do you know it was Susan who cheated?"

"Come off it Donny, I've worked for you for nearly three year's now. I should think I know you by now. I know how much you love Susan even if she doesn't. I've watched girls make a play for you at those conferences. You do realise, they call you the iceman, don't you.

Then a smile came on Mary's face and she asked.

"Does this mean you're back in the market?"

"After the divorce is final, I suppose I will be, but not until then. Why, are you interested?"

"I might well be, we'll have to see what happens won't we? But I think a lot of the girls will be excited to hear you're on the market again, they are always saying they were envious of Susan."

"Well I'm not going to be in any hurry. After being burnt once, I'm not likely to go jumping back into the frying pan too quickly."

"I'm sorry Don, I was just trying to cheer you up."

"Mary your smiling face always cheers me up, but just don't go mentioning women to me for a bit, OK."

- - - - - -

I sank myself into my work for the next few months. I didn't see the children for weeks, and I never called my parents, they had taken Susan's side in all this, so we had nothing to discus.

My legal people talked to Susan's legal people and between them they suggested we go for unreconsilable differences. I got shirty, but they informed me there was no way I was going to get to keep the kids; even if I could prove adultery. Susan made it plain she was going to give me a hard time about getting access to them unless I agreed to meet her in private for a talk.

Against my better judgement I agreed to see her in private. On the appointed day she turned up at my solicitor's office early, well before I was there. I think she thought she would work her undoubted charms on him, but he's a whirly old bird.

When I arrived he sent me into his conference room were Sue was waiting.

"Well Susan you wanted this meeting. What do you want to say?"

"Donny, I love you, do we have to go through with this silly divorce? I know you love me, please don't go on with this."

"For Christ sake Susan. You go fucking around with god knows how many pricks and expect me to put up with it. You've got to be joking girl, you took me for a bloody fool and you're still trying too now. You turned my folks against me. Shit woman you've fucked me over big time and you expect me to forgive you. Christ, you haven't had the decency to apologise once."

"Oh God, didn't I! Oh God, I thought I did. Look it was just that one time honestly, and I didn't really like the creep. He just kept on at me. You know, calling me everyday and telling me how beautiful and sexy I was, you know he just wore me down. It didn't mean anything, honestly. I really love you, I'm sorry it happened. If I could take it back I would."

"Nice try Susan but you forget you left your phone in the Beema. Why was that by the way? So I wouldn't disturb you while you fucked him. Anyway I went through your call records, you called Wanker Wilson. Christ you had him on a speed dial so it wasn't just him calling you."

Sue started crying again.

"Look I didn't come here to watch you play the heart broken wife. Say what you want to and let's get this over with. I find being in your company upsetting."

Sue looked up at me her eye's wide.

"You do still love me don't you? Tel me you do please. Let's forget this silly divorce."

"Whether I love you or not has nothing to do with it. I can't trust you or what you say. You tell me this was a one-night stand. But I can't bring myself to believe that. How did he know you were in Basingstoke if you didn't tell him. Come to that, how did he have your mobile number and why did you have his. The answers to these are questions that would have been enough to upset me, without you shagging him. How can I believe in you ever again?

"I don't know how he got my number, one of the girls in the office must have given it to him, I suppose. They probably told him I was in Basingstoke as well. I can't really say why I called him back. I think I just got bored siting in the house all day. Honestly Don he just wore me down. I didn't want to have sex with him. I love you, why would I want him."

"But you did have sex him didn't you. You lied to your sister so that you could. You called my mother and bull-shited her, so that I wouldn't call and disturb you. Come of it Sue how can I believe anything you say."

Susan had turned the taps on once again.

"Sue, you'll never know how much I love you. You can't know, because you cheated on me. I loved you so much that I could never have cheated on you, I would have died first. You nearly killed me when you broke my heart. Now to turn the knife in the wound you are threatening to try and stop me seeing the children. Susan that shows how little you love me."

"No Donny, I do love you. I wouldn't stop you seeing our children; I was trying a little blackmail to get you to meet me. I was hopping I could talk you out of the divorce, please Donny I want you back home with me. I want you in bed with me. I want to have more children with you. Please call this divorce off, don't leave me."

"If I believed you could be faithful, I probably wouldn't go through with the divorce. But I have to be honest with myself. Once a cheat, always a cheat. You told too many lies Susan. Good-bye."

"I'm sorry if I lied, and I'm sorry I cheated on you Donald. I'll prove I can be faithful to you. I'll never have another man."

"Some hopes, it's all too late girl, Good-Bye Susan."

I walked out of the room. That was the last time I was to see of Susan for nearly three years.

End Of Part Two.

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Realistic story line and clearly laid out. Rightbank made an interesting comment about parents of the aggrieved siding with the wrong doer. I was witness to this same situation many years past. A couplemore...

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4*Good Story, but.....

Your spelling sucks. Dictionary or Spellcheck.

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