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Unexpected Encounter



1. This is an installment in the collaborative series called 'The Erotic Exploits of Exquisite Elaine', and contains the writing of more than one author. This one is posted by user tcwild100; but contains the words of another user to add both color and substance to the story.

2. This is a work of fantasy/fiction with absolutely no basis anywhere other than my mind. Having said that, it is inspired by a fellow Literotican whose identity will become clear. I hope you enjoy....

An Unexpected Encounter – Lifelong Fantasy

Part 1 – Prologue

As with most men, I've had a lifelong fantasy to share a clandestine tryst with a woman I've never met in a faraway place. Sure, many of us (including me) have paid for such encounters. That is not what this is about. This fantasy involves an intelligent and exotic woman many years younger with whom I have shared a bit of cyber-fun. A woman whose husband has encouraged her to share pictures of her exquisite form in a public online forum.

Over a period of weeks and months we had become 'friends' – at least as much as you can become a friend when your only communication in is in public posts in a forum catering to erotica in all of its glorious forms. I had enjoyed viewing images of her lithe and sensuous form in various stages of dress (and undress), commented on them on her threads, and received thanks and suggestive responses when I posted suggestive comments – as was true with all of the forum posters. I wasn't special, and I knew that; but there's something about having a beautiful woman say hot things in response to your words that is exciting, and when you are looking at a provocative pose of the woman whose words you are reading it becomes... very erotic. Such was the case in my situation. We shared some personal messages over the months, and I learned where she was along the way. We even discussed visits – but knew that it wasn't likely since we were on opposite coasts.

Then I had an opportunity to travel very near to her location on business, and would be able to plan the trip to include a weekend over which my time was my own. I suggested that we meet – the three of us (including her hubby) – for drinks and dinner on that Saturday. Fortunately there was plenty of advance notice, and a plan came together...

Part 2 – Meeting Old Friends for the First Time

I had arrived in the Big Apple on Tuesday, foregoing the rental car and taking a shuttle downtown to take care of business – my mind on something other than the work. Being a professional, I managed to deal with that distraction and get done what needed to get done. Dinner with my associates on Friday was pleasurable enough, the proximity to the coast providing plenty of fresh seafood for our consumption. I begged off a late night of drinking and boisterous behavior at the 'gentlemen's club' to get back to my hotel to get plenty of rest. I didn't want to be yawning when I met my Lit friends the following evening.

Saturday dawned cool and sunny, something of an enigma for the area and season; but it gave me an opportunity to don my sweats and go down to the gym for a morning workout to clear my head of the trivialities of work so I could concentrate on not making a fool of myself in front of the woman I had admired so often on my computer. I didn't expect anything to happen, as I'm not the type to share a man's wife – at least not in his presence. All I really wanted to do was say hello, give her a nice hug, and see this sexy and exotic woman in person. That alone could provide plenty of fantasy material.

I've not mentioned it yet; but she is Asian. Like many men I have a fetish for Asian women. There's something about their facial features that just brings out the lust in us. I've had a few Asian lady friends over the years, been in lust with all of them and in love with a couple of them (and they with me; but that's a different story). This would be different because rather than meeting her in person first, I had been lusting after pictures of this woman and hanging on her words. Oh yes, and none of the other Asian women I've known were married when I met them. I returned to the room from my workout and showered the perspiration from my body, then fired up my computer and looked at her pictures again. Damn she is lovely! I thought.

I logged into my user account to find a quick PM from her, telling me she was looking forward to seeing me this evening. I replied, trying not to be too obvious about my anxiety about the meeting. We had agreed to meet at a restaurant near my hotel, and I already knew where that was. I had her cell number memorized, and didn't think I would need it – but considered calling her just to hear her voice. That would just be silly! I thought, and went back to looking at her picture. The one I chose to admire was one taken while she was on vacation with her family, fully clothed and sitting with her legs crossed and her eyes hidden by sunglasses. Not the most erotic of poses; but perhaps more like what I should expect to see in person. She is lovely, in the purest sense of that word. Everything about her is exotic and lust-provoking, even though that lust would surely go unfulfilled. I would have drinks and dinner with them, then return to my hotel and pleasure myself while laying alone in the bed. Perhaps an adult movie; but it wouldn't be necessary with my own fantasy to keep me going.

(Elaine adds...)

I was pleasantly surprised when Joe had suggested that i go to the dinner tonight alone without him but at the same time a bit apprehensive. My mind was going in all different directions as i got ready to meet an old new friend as we called one another. I was doing my 'friday routine' again that saturday afternoon just to relax me and get me into the mood but wait why am i preparing myself to be in the 'mood' i thought to myself??? I couldn't think straight as i looked for my white sundress that i know would look prim and proper but at the same time a bit naughty if one can take a peek at my undergarments which i already knew would be my sexiest thong and bra set. I saw a slight grin on Joe's face as he notice me place my clothes on the bed to prepare. I had 2 hours to prepare before we would drive into Manhattan and i couldn't ignore the slight dampness between my legs.

I pulled on some casual clothes and headed down to the hotel restaurant for some lunch and a beer on the patio overlooking Times Square. The food was okay, as was the beer – a local micro-brew, and the hustle and bustle of downtown New York provided its usual opportunities for people-watching. After finishing the lunch I relaxed and had another beer while watching the crowds. The day was becoming warmer, and as is often the case on the New England coast it was humid. Having spent many months in the humidity of various Asian locales, it felt good – as if the weather was preparing me to meet my friends. I closed my eyes and conjured up one of the most provocative images I've ever seen – my friend in black lace lingerie, on all fours with her delicious behind thrust out toward the camera. I had to open my eyes and take a drink to avoid an embarrassing bulge in the flimsy khaki's I was wearing, so vivid and sensual was that image.

I headed out for a walk, enjoying the the mix of historic buildings and newer high-rises in the area as I killed the hours that would lead to the meeting. I simply wanted to pass the time, and New York was a lovely place to do that. I'd lived here thirty years earlier, and there were many areas of the city that hadn't changed perceptibly in that time. The same old buildings were housing all manner of business, governance and residences. I lost track of time as I wandered the busy streets, walking several miles in the process. My alarm went off, indicating it was time to head back. I pressed the appropriate buttons on my handheld GPS and turned around to take an alternate route back to the hotel.

Four-thirty and I was back in my room with two hours until I needed to leave. I had planned to arrive at the restaurant fifteen minutes before our agreed upon time, just so I could watch her walk into the room. After a long shower and more than the usual 'primping' I still had more than forty minutes remaining, so I turned on the news and spent the time picking up the mess I'd made since the morning and consumed a beer from the minibar. Five minutes before my appointed time I went down to the street and walked the five blocks to the restaurant. We were to meet in the bar, so that's where I headed.

When I walked through the door my eyes were graced by the very image I'd imagined. Elaine had arrived earlier than I, and was seated on a bar stool at one of the small tables, her lithe stems crossed and barely concealed by the short skirt. She saw me come in, and there it was - that smile. You know the one I'm talking about. The smile that lights up the room. She waved. I returned the wave and the smile, walking quickly - without appearing too eager - to the table. "Rob?" she asked.

"Elaine?" I responded. She nodded, holding out her hand for me to take. "A privilege and a pleasure dear lady." I said, kissing her hand and taking a deep breath. "Uh... where's Joe?" I asked.

"He thought perhaps I should make this meeting alone. He's home with the kid, having fun no doubt. He told me to have fun and be prepared to tell him about it when I get home." Elaine replied, laughing softly.

(Elaine adds...)

I was quite nervous and desperately needed a drink. A few shots of tequila would have been perfect since tequila always gets me relaxed fast but also gets me quite horny just as fast so i decided to maybe save a shot for later.

"Well... okay then. May I buy you a drink?" I asked, waving the waitress over.

"Sure. I'll have an Amaretto Sour I think." she said. "May as well get warmed up!" she added, winking at me. I ordered our drinks and let my gaze wander down her body. Her sundress was a filmy, almost transparent gauze which left little to my imagination. The black lace bra from my fantasy was staring me in the face!

"See something you like, Rob?" Elaine asked, a little giggle following her question.

"Oh... uh... yes, as a matter of fact!" I replied, glad the dim lighting would conceal my mild embarrassment. "Sorry to stare, I guess I just wasn't prepared for... this." I added. Thank God the waitress arrived with our drinks, taking my card to open a tab.

"You mean meeting with me alone?" she responded, gently rubbing my calf with her foot under the table.

"Exactly." I replied, taking a long pull from my JWB. "A couple of these and I'll be fine!" I laughed, trying to shake the nerves. "You know Elaine, this is really turning into a fantasy of mine." I told her.

She smiled again. "Well good hun. I'm glad I surprised you, and we'll just see where this takes us okay?"

I held my glass up. "To friends and fantasies." I said.

The Asian beauty touched her glass to mine. "Friends and fantasies!"

Conversation became easier and I was delighted to learn that she was a very 'touchy' person, bringing a lot of life to the verbal communication with little squeezes and pats from her exquisite fingers. I relaxed more with each passing minute, and we were laughing and talking like old friends in the first fifteen minutes. I had noticed the discrete glances and indiscrete stares from other customers in the bar, and enjoyed the idea that it was me sitting here with this exotic goddess. It was my arm she was teasing with her sexy fingernails. Hell, it didn't matter if anything else happened – I was in heaven.

The hostess came up to the table to let us know our table was ready. She had the waitress attend to our drinks and the tab, bringing my card with her to the.... private booth. I looked at Elaine, who was grinning like a Cheshire cat. "I requested it." she whispered. We settled in to the very cozy and dimly-lit cove, the hostess leaving the menus and wine list. Elaine pressed her thigh against mine and rested her hand atop my leg beneath the table, then leaned close and whispered into my ear. "We have all night."

It was turning into a fantasy come true.

Part 3 - Dinner leads to dessert – and more!

We finally took the time to review the menu, Elaine ordering the Scampi while I decided on the Rack of Lamb. We chose a nice Pinot Grigio to go with the meal, leaving the harder stuff for later (not that it would be needed). The entire time we were talking Elaine had been lightly touching me, sometimes above the table, more often below it and out of sight. She wasn't being overtly sexual; but rather covertly sensual with her light brushes of the more strategic areas. I wasn't quite so assertive; but was enjoying the softness of her thigh under my hand and the firmness of her breast against my arm. I just hoped that food would arrive so my excited state didn't get out of hand.

The waitress saved my ego when she came up with the salad course, serving the fresh Caesars, grating the Romano, and cracking the pepper before placing the plates. "I'll be back when you're ready." she told us, pivoting to leave quietly.

"She's got a hot ass, don't you think?" Elaine said, noticing my gaze as our waitress walked away.

"Mmmhmmm..." I replied, then caught myself. "But not as nice as yours hun." I added, chuckling.

"Why thank you sir. I wondered whether you had noticed. You don't post many comments about my booty." Elaine said, taking a fork full of salad.

"Well trust me dear, I've spent hours staring at pictures of your – um – booty." I replied. "It really is one of the best on Lit sweetie. Just gorgeous."

"You should say so then, if that's what you think." she told me. "I mean that's what the forum is for – to speak your mind anonymously."

"Oh, I guess I just have a little more respect than some of the men on there. I do post comments about other girls' bottoms." I responded. "Just not yours."

"That's sweet Rob. I do appreciate it; but now that we're here and we've met, you can post all you want about my booty. Maybe later you can see it up close..." Elaine teased, brushing the bulge in my pants again. "If you like..."

I was still recovering from that when the waitress came with our soup course, a very authentic looking Egg-drop for Elaine and classic Minestrone for me. I took a sip of my wine, then tipped my glass to hers. "To the bodacious booty of the exquisite Elaine!" I toasted with a chuckle.

"To my bodacious booty!" Elaine responded with a wink.

We enjoyed our soup with few words exchanged, perhaps because we were both eager to get to the main course and whatever awaited us afterward. Once the soup was gone we pushed the bowls to the edge of the table and looked at each other. "You know Rob, you're a bit different than I expected." she told me.

"Oh?" I queried. "In what way?"

"I guess I didn't realize you had the beard, and that your hair was salt and pepper." Elaine said, her eyes looking over my face.

"Ah, well I can promise you the salt and pepper denotes vast experience, and the beard will tickle you in ways you've never imagined." I told her, getting a bit bolder.

"Mmmm... I can't wait..." she replied.

"You have no choice honey. We're committed to this meal I'm afraid." I said, laughing.

"Besides, you'll need your energy later." she teased.

The main course was served and consumed with a very deliberate haste. Although the food was delicious, neither of us wanted to drag this out any longer than was necessary. At this point, both of us were having trouble controlling our excitement. Occasionally our eyes would meet and we would exchange smiles or a wink; but right now was about consuming the nutrients and anticipating pleasures to come. After I had eaten all I was going to eat I excused myself from the table, going into the men's room and pulling out my phone. I called the hotel and requested that they deliver an order of oysters on ice, a bowl of fresh fruit, and a bottle of champagne with two glasses to the room. Then I returned to the table, admiring the beautiful woman there as I approached.

Elaine smiled and gave my had a squeeze as I sat beside her again. "I ordered us a cappuccino – hope that's okay."

"Great! That's my usual post-meal beverage. How did you know?" I replied.

"Oh... just a guess." she answered. "Where is your hotel?"

"Just a few blocks. I'm at the Towers." I told her.

"The walk will do us some good I think." Elaine said. "If you want some company, that is." she laughed.

"Wow, well it would be very difficult for me to say no." I replied. "Impossible, at this point."

"Especially if you want to be up close and personal with my booty." She was an irrepressible tease!

"Which I do, dear lady. I really want to lick and kiss every inch of your sexy body." I told her, surprising myself with the bold suggestion. "If you like." I added as sort of a disclaimer. That brought a hearty laugh from Elaine.

"Duh!" she giggled. "You know I love that – at least to a point."

"To a point?" I queried.

"Yeah... the point where I can't stand it any more and I have to have more." Elaine said, smiling as her fingers again found their way between my legs. "More of this!" she punctuated her statement with a squeeze.

"Uh... I see. If you insist." It was my turn to tease. I let my fingers drift upward along the silken skin of her thigh, lightly brushing the lacy covering over her pussy. Her legs parted slightly to allow the touch. Not only was she hot, she was already damp. "Damn!" I said.

"MmmHmmm." she responded, her eyes looking more and more like molten pools. "Now where the fuck are those coffees?" she asked.

We broke off the rather intense tease just in time for the waitress to arrive with the cappuccinos, complete with chocolate biscotti and raw sugar. I thanked the waitress and asked her to close the tab and bring the bill, watching Elaine put both lumps of the brown sugar into her cup. She looked up and gave me the smile again, then licked her lips and dipped the biscotti into the cup. She pulled it out and slowly took it into her mouth, her lips rippling along the chocolate-covered shaft as I imagined she might if it were a cock. She took the cookie into her mouth and winked at me suggestively, then took a bite. "Mmmm... delicious." she whispered.

I laughed. "Still teasing?" I asked.

"No honey. This is foreplay." she replied with a soft giggle.

The cappuccino was quite good, as one might expect from an Italian restaurant. The conversation was even better as my new friend and I exchanged sexual innuendo as if we'd been lovers forever. I was getting comfortable with the situation, and looked forward to pleasuring this beautiful woman. I signed the credit card slip and gave the waitress a generous tip. She smiled and thanked me, leaving us to finish the coffee. Both of us set our cups down at the same time and Elaine smiled. "Ready?"

We walked briskly along the crowded sidewalks, holding hands as we made our way to the Towers and my waiting room. The elevator ride to the twenty-fourth floor was an eternity, as neither of us wanted to get too involved in the public place. I did notice in the confines of the elevator car that I could smell the fragrant musk of a woman in need of pleasure. The perfume she wore mixed perfectly with her natural scent, and it was nearly impossible to keep my hands off of her. As we approached our floor I leaned over and whispered in her ear. "You smell incredible."

The elevator stopped, the door opened, and we practically ran to the door, my fingers deftly pulling out the key and slipping it into the lock. She twisted the handle as soon as she heard the click, and we were inside – and in each others arms. I was finally holding her, running my hands up and down her back as she nuzzled my neck, little mewls escaping her lips. Then she pulled away and walked toward the bed, pointing at the cart with the two covered platters and the ice bucket. "For me?" she asked, then she leaned forward over the edge of the bed, one knee on the mattress while the other foot remained on the floor. She turned around and looked at me, one hand on her hip.

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