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Unexpected Fraternity Entertainment


For those of you who haven’t read any of my stories, I’m a 23 year old recent college graduate. I went to college in upstate NY and have been struggling to find a real job since graduating a year and a half ago. I was living up at school, hanging around and living with friends. After much begging and pleading (and threatening to stop giving me any more money) my parents finally convinced me to move back home. I’ve been home for a few months but still haven’t been able to find a good job, so I finally gave in and took a job as a hostess/waitress at a local bar that caters primarily to the local college crowd by my parent’s house.

After working there a few weeks, the manager asked me if I would be interested in working for their catering company also. Because of the strict alcohol laws in the county, all parties for the college fraternities, sororities, and other groups have to be catered by a certified catering company that is registered with the school. The bar that I worked at, like many in the area, also made a side business out of catering these parties, which basically consisted of checking id’s at the door and selling bracelets for those who could drink. I remembered sneaking into a fraternity party or two with my friends when I was back in HS and I remembered seeing the catering companies controlling the kegs and stuff. Since the bar only let me work 3 or 4 nights a week, I figured it would be good easy extra money.

I did it for 3 or 4 parties and found that it was really easy. All I had to do was either help the bouncers (who were all really nice and cool) give out bracelets, or pour beers from the keg tap. Well about 2 weeks ago, the manager asked me if I wanted to work at the Sigma Nu new pledge party, which was a party they were throwing to welcome their new pledge class. It sounded like it would be like the parties I had already done so I told him I’d do it.

Well during the week before the party, while speaking to my younger brother who is a junior in college in Colorado, I filled him in on where I had been working, and that I was going to be working at the Sigma Nu party on Friday night. I had thought that I remembered that a two of his friends from home were in Sigma Nu. Their names were Mark and Steven and I really didn’t like them. They had been little perverts and jerks since my brother and they were age 14. We didn’t get along at all, and on remembering that they were in Sigma Nu, I wasn’t happy at all that I might see them. When I told him I was working at the Sigma Nu party he started to freak out. “You are going to work their new pledge party! Amy, no way, you can’t!” “Why not?” I asked, a little surprised because his being younger, he had never tried to boss me around or tell me what to do.

“Mark and Steve tell me about that party every year, there aren’t any girls there, its just for the brothers and the new pledges, they hire strippers and skanky girls and go totally nuts. Last years ago they said one of the strippers had sex with one of the new pledges in the bar room before moving upstairs to one of the rooms.”

“Well,” I replied, “I’m just going to be serving beers and mixing a few drinks maybe.”

“Ok whatever, but be careful, and don’t’ say I didn’t warn you,” my brother said.

When I hung up the phone and thought about it for a minute and tried to picture the Sigma Nu house. I didn’t really know anything about it, and when I couldn’t remember ever going there when I was in high school or home from my college on break. I figured I’d just ask the manager about it if I spoke to him.

On Friday night I started getting ready to go to work. After showering and shaving my legs and all the “necessary” areas, I started to think about what I should wear. After a few moments, I decided to wear what I had worn to the other parties. I wore a pair of my tight blue jeans, a pair of boots, and a normal but tight fitting black spandex top. The catering guys picked me up as usual, because I usually didn’t know where the parties were.

On the ride over from the bar to Sigma Nu, one of the bouncers Phillip said, “This is supposed to be a fun wild one.”

“Really? Why do you say that?” I asked meekly.

“I worked this party last year,” he answered. “They hired their own shot girls and a couple of strippers who gave a little show towards the end of the night. The guys got smashed and had a lot of fun, but we had to break up a few rowdy fights here and there.”

“Oh! I know two guys that are in the house that are friends with my brother,” I said. “They told him that it was a crazy party every year or something like too. They said something about a stripper last year having sex with a guy at the party and then going upstairs.”

“Yeah” the Phillip said. “Like I said, they got pretty rowdy doing shots with the shot girls and stuff, and we had to drag a few guys away from em and break up a few fights over that, but we had it under control.”

“Oh ok,” I said. “Just keep an eye on me will ya?”

“No problem Amy, don’t worry.” Phillip said and smiled.

When we got there nobody was around yet. It seemed like most of the guys were upstairs getting ready, and we could hear sounds of rap music and tv’s here and there in the floors upstairs. The 1st floor of Sigma Nu was fairly big, it had a large foyer that had a hallway lead away off of the right side of it. Me, Phillip and the other bouncers followed that hallway down about 15 feet to a large room, maybe about 50 feet by 20 feet. In the back corner there was a wooden bar about 10 feet long with a wide table behind it. The guys started to set up the keg stations there, and a dj came and started to set up on the opposite wall. I hung out for a while and just looked around at the fraternity composites on the walls. There were also a lot of sports trophies and it seemed as if a lot of guys in the house were wrestlers, lacrosse, and baseball players. I smiled to myself thinking this could be kinda fun if I didn’t have to see Mark and Steve, and there were some cute boys around.

The guys finished setting up and told me that I didn’t have to help sell bracelets in foyer. After about 20 minutes, some guys started to trickle down and into the room, and the dj started playing some music. By about 10:00 it seemed as if half the house, about 30 guys, were there, and luckily there was no sign of Mark or Steve. I was hoping that they were away for the weekend or something, and I loathed the thought of having to make small talk with them while they gave me perverted looks or tried to hit on me.

We were pouring a lot of beers, and the guys seemed to be having a good time, and were starting to get drunk, when a two guys came up to me and Phillip. They looked sort of frantic, one of them was tall and cute, with nice blue eyes. I thought I had noticed him in one of the pictures.

“Listen, we’re the social chairs,” the tall handsome one said, “and we’re in kind of a jam.”

“What’s going on? Everything looks like its going fine” Phillip said to him.

“Well we are having two strippers show up at 11:00 to dance for the guys, but we just got a call that both girls who were supposed to give out shots can’t make it.”

“Well what do you want us to do about that?” Phillip replied with a shrug.

Both of the guys looked me up and down for a second.

“Hmmmm, well we wanted to know if maybe she would be willing to do it for us? Its just serving shots and a few trays of beers” the tall cute one said as he turned to me.

“Please please please!” the other social chair added in, as he put his hands together in a begging motion. “We’ll give you an extra $200.”

I thought about it for a second and looked around the room, “Sure” I said. “This doesn’t doesn’t seem too bad anyway. Is it ok Phillip? You guys could handle the beers right?”

Phillip shot me a nervous look and turned to the guys and said “Can you please excuse us for a second.” The guys walked a few feet.

“Listen to me! I know you don’t think this is so bad, but think about if you really want to do this. These guys are going to get a lot drunker and when the strippers are dancing they are going to be really rowdy, and even rowdier when they leave and there’s no women here for them to hit on.”

“How bad can it be though? I’ll just be serving shots, I’m used to guys hitting on me or trying to pinch my ass and stuff like that.” I said.

“Well its up to you really, I’m not gonna lie, I think the shot girls made a ton of money last year in tips, which you can keep of course, but they were letting the guys grope them and give them pecks here and there, and all sorts of wild stuff.” Phillip answered.

“Well I’m not gonna do that stuff Phillip!” I said.

“Well they are gonna try!.” He responded. “Plus, they are not gonna let you wear that!” He added, pointing at my clothes.

“Well we’ll see, and I’ll try to control myself” I said with a girlish and devilish grin. I signaled the social chair guys back over and told them I would do it.

“Great! Thanks!” the taller guy said.

“Well when do you want me to start?” I asked.

“Ummmm, well could you change first and then keep serving beers and hang out and just start serving shots when the strippers get here?” he asked

“Change into what?” I said a little apprehensively but half expecting it.

“We have the outfits for the two girls who cancelled upstairs, hopefully one of them will fit you, come on follow me,” he said.

I looked at Phillip and game him a nod that it was ok, and I followed the tall guy out of the party room and down the hallway to the foyer, and up two flights of stairs to what I assumed was his room. On the way he introduced himself as Jimmy and I smiled and told him my name was Amy.

When we got to his room, he went over to a bed and pulled a bunch of stuff out of a bag that looked like a bag from our local mall. He turned around and held up in front of him what looked like a black bikini top and some strings. “Do you think this will fit you?” he said. “It’s a string one so the woman in the store said it was adjustable anway.”

He handed it to me. It was a black bikini top that was too big for me, since I’m only a 34b. “This won’t fit, do you have another one?” I asked.

He looked back in the back and pulled out the other one that he had and handed it to me. It was a 34 b. “This top will fit” I said. “Now what is about this? You want me to wear this?” I said holding up what supposed to be the bikini bottoms. It was just a small patch of fabric to cover me in the front, and out of that ran three black strings, which formed just a “T” in the back.

“It’s a g-string” Jimmy said. “The girls wore them last year, oh! and we have this too,” he said as he pulled out what looked like a blue magic marker.

“What is that for?” I asked.

“Well its for the fraternity, so its just a bodypaint marker. You know, so you can write stuff.”

I started to get a little nervous and have second thoughts and asked, “Well what do you intend to write and where?” I said thinking I knew where this was going.

“Well you can write whatever you want on your stomach, or arms, but, well, we were thinking we would write a Sigma symbol and a Nu symbol on you, you know, in the spirit of the fraternity.

“HMMM, WHERE?” I asked again.

“Well if it is ok, on your butt?” he said in a soft embarrassed way.

I had to laugh. This was just too crazy, silly and humiliating. “You mean you want me to wear a g-string, and walk around your fraternity party room serving shots, with the Sigma Nu letters painted on my ass?!”

“Well….yeah” He answered, sensing that I was going to back out.

“Ok” he added, “I’ll give you $250, and listen, you’ll make another $100 or two in tips also.”

I began to reconsider the whole proposal when I realized that it could also be fun and a little bit of a turn on to do it, plus Phillip and the other bouncers would be there, and nothing bad could really happen.

“Ok fine” I said at last. “Where can I change?”

He led me to the bathroom right next door to his room. I went in and locked the door. After taking off my clothes and cleaning myself up a little I tried the suit on. The top fit fine, but I was worried about the bottoms. I slid them on. Boy did they seem small! The patch of fabric just barely covered me in the front, and that was it. There was nothing else to them. The strings ran around my hips and in the middle of my back, a string ran down and disappeared into my ass. I felt like I was bottomless. Thank god I was still going kinda regularly to a tanning salon wearing nothing, or I would have had some awful tan lines showing. As it was, I was tan enough to look good in it. I realized that I couldn’t walk around barefoot, and that I would have to put my boots back on. I guess Jimmy hadn’t exactly thought about footwear. I felt a little silly in my boots, but at least they were black, and came up to just under my knee. After checking myself out in the mirror one last time, I gathered up my clothes and unlocked the door, opened it, and stepped back into the hallway.

I heard voiced down the hall and being embarrassed and now knowing anyone, I jumped back into Jimmy’s room. He was there, along with the other social chair guy. When they saw me come in, they both had ear-to-ear-shit-eating grins.

“Nice Amy!” Jimmy said an whistled. “That looks perfect! Lemme see the back”

I turned around for them and stood there for a minute. When I didn’t hear them say anything after a few seconds I turned back around quickly. Jimmy’s mouth was slightly open, and the other guy was just smiling.

“Amy” he finally said, “You look awesome! Thanks again for doing this, I think you are better than both of those other girls that can’t show up as a matter of fact.”

“Thanks!” I said. “Ok, should we go downstairs?”

“No you forgot the paint” Jimmy said holding up the blue paint marker.

“Oh yeah, I forgot,” I lied.

“Come over here and let me fix you up” Jimmy said.

I walked over, and he kinda grabbed me by the shoulders and spun me around. He knelt down and took the cap off of the marker. “Don’t worry” he said, “This stuff washes off”

I felt his left hand grab my left hip and then I felt the marker and his hand slide across my left ass check, very slowly. “How is that?” he asked his friend. “It looks ok” he replied, then added “Here, use the red one for the other letter.” He handed Jimmy another marker and I felt him then do the letter on my right cheek.

“All done” he said and he stood up. “Take a look!”

I walked over to a full length mirror and turned around and looked at my ass. As I looked I realized how humiliating this really was. My left cheek had a huge Greek letter for Sigma, and my right and huge “N” for the Greek letter “Nu.”

“Alright, Let’s go” I said at last. I handed Jimmy my clothes and he put them in a bag for me in the corner of his room.

We walked out into the hall and down the stairs. When we entered the foyer, the first few guys saw me and erupted in catcalls and whistles. I turned three shades of red and felt my skin heat up. “This is going to be interesting” I thought to myself. When we walked through the foyer and the guys who were hanging out saw my ass, and their fraternity letters, they erupted in clapping and laughter and whistles again. At this, I quickly walked ahead of Jimmy and went down the hall to the party room. When I got there, I quickly made a bee line to the bar where I saw Phillip serving a bunch of guys beers. I jumped behind the bar and looked at Phillip.

“So? What do you think?” I asked him, spinning around.

“Oh my god!” He answered. “For one, I didn’t know you were going to wear that! And for two, ummm, well I didn’t know you were going to wear that!”

I giggled and looked back at the room and realized it was filled now with about 50 guys I didn’t even know. Getting embarrassed, I made sure I was facing the room so that none of the guys who hadn’t already seen me realized I was wearing a g-string in the back. It was about 10:30 and I helped Phillip serve beers from the kegs. Luckily, the taps were in front of us so I didn’t have to turn around.

Everything was going fine until I saw them. Coming across the room, were Mark and Steve, my brothers lame friends. They had obviously spotted me and were coming straight for the bar.

“Hi Amy,” Mark said as he sauntered up to the bar. “I didn’t know you worked for these guys” he said indicating Phillip and the other catering guys. I noticed his and Steve’s eyes begin to wander all over my body.

“Yeah, for a little while now.” Trying to avoid further conversation, and eager to get his wandering eyes off of my tits, I said bluntly, “What do you want? A beer?”

They both answered yes. I looked down and froze. I was out of cups and the sleeves of cups were back behind me on the back of a table that was behind the bar. Phillip had walked away for a minute to chat with the DJ.

I realized I was going to have to turn around and Mark and Steve, who were looking at right at me still, were going to see my ass. As quick as I could, I spun around and reached back across the table and grabbed two sleeves of cups. I had to bend over slightly to reach them on the back of the table, and as I did, I heard Steve say “Holy shit! Mark check out Amy!” I spun back around as fast as I could and tried to pretend it was no big deal.

Mark, giggling like a kid on Christmas, but trying to look dead serious said “Amy, who wrote our fraternity letters one your ass?” Then, unable to keep his straight face, he burst out laughing.

“Amy, I’d never thought in a million years I’d be able to see you like that, let alone at our party!”

“Calm down boys” I said coldly, “I’m just working here tonight for a little extra cash, and your other shot girls weren’t showing up, so gimme a break”

“Wait,” Steve said, “You’re our shot girl tonight? No way!” and he started giggling uncontrollable too.

“Why? It’s not big deal” I said.

“Oh yes it is!” Answered Steve. “Your gonna have to walk all around the room wearing that.”

Other guys were behind them and wanted beers too so Mark and Steve had to move along which was fine with me. For the next half hour or so, guy after guy would come up to the bar and flirt with me or try to hit on me. Phillip shot them a nasty look for me once in a while, but some were very cute and looked muscular, so I didn’t mind the attention actually.

The strippers were late but eventually showed up. They looked a little older than me, and they were tall and very good looking. They had a very scary looking bodyguard with them, who wore a black leather jacked. He looked like a convict, but I guess that’s the point, and I figured no one would mess with the girls with him around. A few brothers started arranging folding chairs around the outside of the room. After a few minutes it looked as if they were almost ready to start.

Jimmy came over to me and asked me if I was ready start walking around with shots and beers. He brought out a tray, a ton of paper shot cups, and a few bottles. I helped him fill them with cold Yeigermister and Southern Comfort. When a tray was filled with about 15 shots, Jimmy looked at me and said, “Well Amy, you’re on!”

I looked around the room and saw that the DJ had put on some hip hop dance music, picked up the mic, and introduced d the strippers who were just starting to dance. The room erupted in applause. Almost all of the brothers were now sitting around the room. Jimmy signaled to the DJ. He grabbed the mic again and announced “Ok, guys, in addition to our lovely dancers, welcome our lovely shot girl and bartender, Amy!” The guys cheered again and looked in my direction.

“Ok, here goes” I said. I took the tray in both hands cause it was kinda heavy, and walked into the rectangular ring of chairs. As I walked around the room, I could feel eyes staring at me, but they were also pre-occupied looking at the two strippers. The guys each game me a big smile as I handed out the shots. I had walked about half way around the room when I got to Mark and Steve. They each took a shot, and as I kept walking I heard Mark say, “Damn look at that ass!” I thought he was talking about one of the strippers for a second and then I felt it. SMACK!

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