tagMatureUnexpected Fun

Unexpected Fun


"It was amazing! Did you like it?" my friend asks me as we are getting out of the movie. I tell her I liked it as well and we enter the shopping floor at the mall.

We've been great friends since 5 years now. I don't remember how we met, but I've had a crush on her ever since. I never dared to tell her though. Whenever we meet, I want to kiss. It's all I want to do right now as she's looking at some dresses for the party this weekend. I stare at her long brown hair that cascade down her back till her ass... Oh that ass! I have always wanted to grope her and kiss her hard.

Suddenly there's her hand waving in my face and she asks me what I'm thinking. I so desperately want to tell her what I'm thinking, but I'm scared. I don't want to lose her. She shoves a couple dresses in my arms and orders me to try them. Even her commanding "try those on for me" makes me wet. I just bob my head and turn quickly towards the trial rooms so that she doesn't see my flushed face.

I'm through with a couple dresses but don't like them. I try to wear the third one but the zipper on the back gets stuck and I can't wear it or get it off. I scream a big "fuck" in my head and call her. She comes in with me and gets the zipper for me. I can see her through the mirror and she pouts while getting the zipper unstuck. I just keep staring at her lips and her vivacious neck that is slightly bent to see to that stupid zip. Before I can think and stop myself, my feet turn me around and I look at her straight in the eyes. Those beautiful coffee colored eyes just reel me in. She pouts again and asks "what are you doing?"

All I can manage to say is "this..." and I kiss her soft pouting lips. Oh they're so soft and plump and warm... I just forget everything and kiss her. I KISSED HER! "SHIT! YOU IDIOT WOMAN!" screams my head and I jerk away from her. I look at her searching for something like anger or hate. But before I can find anything I'm pulled to her and there are those soft, plump lips on mine again!

She's kissing me back! "SHE'S KISSING ME BACK!" screams my brain again! 'Fuck you brain, you've really shit timing' is all I can think. I want to ask her and confirm that she really wants this. But I take the bite on my lower lip as an answer and open my mouth. Our tongues fight for dominance. I move my hand which was on her arm and run it lightly on her boob from over her shirt. She moans and just like that I win the tongue war. I suck her lower lip and bite it. My other hand runs my fingers on her neck moving away her hair. I kiss her soft skin and breathe in her scent! She smells like vanilla and something else. I realize it's her scent, her own unique scent. By now my panties are soaking and I run my hands all over her beautiful body.

I grab her boobs and squeeze them while kissing her sweet spot on the neck. I can hear her moans and heavy breathing. I run my hand along her stomach and under her skirt to feel her. I can feel her moisture long before my fingers reach their destination.

I run my fingers inside her thigh and kiss her swollen lips. My other hand is playing with her boobs. She's a C cup and it's fun to play with them. I find her taut nipple from over the shirt and pinch it hard. She gives a loud moan and I have to kiss her again to shush her. She grabs my hand under her skirt and shoves it up towards her wet lacy panties. My fingers find their way inside her folds and rub her swollen nub in little circles. She pushes herself in my hand and gropes my ass tightly.

I take that as my que and put a finger inside her and rub it around to find her best spot. I hit the jackpot right when she gasps and her head falls on my shoulder. Her arms are holding onto me for dear life. I pin her to the wall and hold her there by her boobs. I can't leave them alone. No I can't... I roughly open a couple buttons on her front and get one delicious melon out of her her bra and lick the dark chocolate nipple. My fingers are still assaulting her slick pussy which is dripping like a leaking faucet down my hand. I shove up two more fingers inside her and rest my palm on her pussy. I try to make a fist with her pussy in my palm and it triggers her G spot from the inside and out. I feel then like I'm being a little rough on her, but she feeds me her other boob. I didn't know my friend would be such a good slut or I would've made a move on her long ago.

I fuck her slick wet pussy with my fingers and suck her ample tits. She's a moaning mess in my arms. I hear a heavily whispered "faster" and my fingers move faster to serve her demand. I suck her nipple hard and finger fuck her harder. She's already tight, and begin to feel her walls clenching. They're trapping my fingers inside. I lightly run my teeth over her sensitive nipple. She moans something illegible. I bite her tit. Then go to her neck. I whisper a breathy "cum for me baby" and push her clit with my thumb. She shatters in my arms, her knees trembling and her pussy holding my fingers hostage! She's a sight to behold.

I gently pry my fingers out of her folds and she looks up at me. I look her in the eyes and lick my hand clean. She gives a breath taking smile and leans in to kiss me. My close on their own and I wait for the kiss, but it never comes. Instead I hear a throaty, "my place tonight..."

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