tagLesbian SexUnexpected Fun Ch. 02

Unexpected Fun Ch. 02


I was wondering what to wear tonight when I heard a chime from my phone. It was a text from her saying 'bring your bikini along ;)'. I wondered why our evening needed a bikini, but that helped me a bit. I decided on wearing my red bodycon dress that ended just a couple inches below my ass.

I took a long shower thinking about what she had planned for the evening when she decided to invite me. All the images from the trial room were still fresh in my mind and if that prompted her to invite me, I wondered if she had something better in store for me. Just the thought made me wet to my core. After the shower I wore my polka dotted red bikini top and a red thong. I just bunched up my hair in a towel and generously applied my apple scented moisturizer. Leaving my hair to dry on their own, I put on light makeup, just some mascara to highlight my eyes and lashes and a thick coat of matte red lipstick on my lips. I put on my red dress and just put a little serum in my almost dry hair. They fell in soft natural waves on my shoulders. I liked the way I looked and I knew she would too, red was her favorite color!

As I reached her place and rang the doorbell, I felt nervous and I started ranting incoherently with my eyes shut tight. "Why are you nervous babe? It's just me!" I heard her warm amused voice. Then I felt two soft hands on my cheeks and I opened my eyes to see her big hazel eyes staring into mine. I could see adoration in them. She gave me a quick peck on my lips and pulled me inside her house. It was an amazing house with a pool in the backyard and a jacuzzi on the first floor. I knew all this because I've been at her house numerous times before.

"You look so beautiful" I honestly told her watching her strut in front of me in her little black dress. She turned around facing me, kissed me again and huskily said "So do you baby. You always look beautiful!" It felt so free to be myself and not hide my feelings from her anymore. It doubled my excitement because she seemed to return those feelings. I pulled her back to me when she started to leave. I kissed her soft plump lips and they kissed me back with equal passion. She held me tightly to her as if she never wanted to lose me. I held her by her neck and kissed her some more. We knew we had to come up for air sometime soon, but drowning into her kisses felt so good and more necessary!

When she pushed me away a little, we both were panting. That was one hell of a kiss. I couldn't stop staring at her lips. She noticed that and chuckled lightly. "Baby, we'll have time for this. Aren't you hungry? I made us dinner." she said. I don't know if it was the kiss we had just now or the time we wasted not kissing each other, but I couldn't care less for food right now. She looked better than any food and I needed to have her. I couldn't stop myself and went in for another kiss. God, she tasted so good and it gave me tingles every single time we kissed. I couldn't get enough of those tantalising lips. Our hands were caressing each other's body over the dresses and we didn't want to stop what we started. I was so happy that it wasn't just me who wanted this badly.

She broke our kiss again and I frowned. I thought she understood that she's more important than any food right now. I didn't have to ask her anything though as I realized she was pulling me toward the jacuzzi area of her home. If she was nervous, I couldn't tell. The room was softly lit up and there were a same candles lining towards the balcony area. As we moved there I saw the jacuzzi filled with foam and rose petals with candles gently lighting up the area. I was amazed at how much thought and effort she had put behind this. She looked at me and said "You've always been special to me. I got jealous when you spent more time with your other girl friends, but I never had the guts to tell you what I really feel for you. I did this for you, so you'll know that I like you, more than as a friend." I had no words to say how I felt, I just stepped forward and kissed her. I put all my emotions into that one kiss.

I felt a gust of wind hit my back and her fingers run down my spine. That's when I realised she had unzipped the back of my dress. Without breaking the kiss the helped her remove my hands from the dress and let it fall down at my feet. She was struggling to get hers off so I helped her out of it and I gave her a once over. She was so hot in that black bikini with silver straps. She noticed my stare and smirked at me. She slowly walked to the tub and lowered herself into it. I held my breath to see what she would do next. She stood up in the hot tub and seductively brushed away some rose petals from her collar bone. With her other hand she did a little come here motion and I walked towards her into that hot tub like I was in a trance. It was a trance induced by her smoldering gaze filled with lust and her inviting wet boobs.

She helped me into the tub and lowered both of us in the water. However her hands running up my torso felt better than the warm and scented water. She pushed my hair away from my shoulder and started showering little airy kisses on my neck. My head turned the other way on its own and I heard her whispering seductively "Let me show you how special you are to me."

I felt warm water caressing my nipples, and all I could whisper was a tiny 'oh'. She squeezed my boob in her hand and kissed me hard on the lips. I wanted more and my hips started to grind her thigh which was between my legs. She pushed me out of the water a little and started sucking my tits like a baby. She was noisy and sloppy but it turned me on more than ever. I felt my thong being pulled down my waist and I removed my legs out of it. She had already found my clit and rubbing it gently. My mind was so clouded with need and lust that I could only understand pieces of all the things she was doing to me. Her fingers on my clit transported me to a different world where I could feel nothing but her touch and hear nothing but her heavy breathing.

She kissed my face fervently and went back to kissing my neck and shoulders. Her fingers still running little circles on my clit and I was in heaven. She increased her speed and put a little more pressure on my clit. I was a moaning mess and felt like I was melting in her arms. She must've felt the swelling of my clit and understood I was getting closer. I felt a little flick of her finger from the underside of my hooded clit and my body jerked on its own. That sensation was new to me. Seeing my reaction she flicked my clit again and that strong wave rocked my body again. I moaned so loud that the neighbours must have definitely heard it. It was a sweet torture, like she was pushing me towards the end one second and then immediately pulling me back. It was so overwhelming, all the sensations in my body skyrocketed when she flicked it ever so gently. "I... I...lemme...ohh..lemme cum..." I somehow managed to whisper to her through all my moans.

She put her finger on my clit rubbed it in circles again fast and then pressed on it. That really pushed me to my orgasm and my body was rocking from the waves of sensations while she pushed her finger deeper into my clit. But instead of stopping my orgasm it pushed me into the orgasm even more and my body jerked violently. She held me to her fast and gently released the pressure on my clit while peppering my face with little kisses. I hid my face in her neck as my body was still shaking from that earth shattering orgasm I just had. I realized she was breathing as heavily as me. I took a few seconds to calm down listening to her pulse in her neck. She was gently wiping away the rose petals from my shoulders and boobs.

I looked up into her eyes and smiled. My hand started to touch her and roam all over her when she stopped it and said "No baby, I'm not done with you yet." She gently pulled me up and out of the jacuzzi, and started towards her bed inside her room while all I did was bite my lower lip and just followed her in... waiting eagerly for some more of her sweet sweet tortures...

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