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Unexpected Gift


My Dearest,

It is summer and campus is full of female students in clothes so revealing that they seem hardly dressed. It is nearly end of academic year and I am imagining that you are one of our students.

I am sitting in my office, relaxing after day full of lectures. Someone knocks on my door. "Come in", I call and you enter the room. You are one of our brightest students, but very inexperienced with computers and I helped you couple of times throughout the year. Today, you were handing in your final assignment and just this morning, I was giving you advice about your data.

"Sit down, Lena," I offer you chair. You sit down and I quickly admire your body. You wear shorts see through white blouse that barely covers your beautiful, firm breasts. Then I admire flat belly with sparkling belly button piercing between the blouse and black miniskirt. The skirt is so short that it barely covers white panties. My look ends at your long perfectly tanned legs. I have many times admired them and wondered how it would be to get between them.

"Professor, I came to thank you for all the help you gave me during the year. Without it, I would probably fail," you say and hand me small box. I cannot believe it. This is first time one of our students came to thank me for anything. Most of the time they complain about anything and everything. You get off the chair, make two fast steps towards me and give me the sweetest and most passionate kiss. Then you sit on my lap and whisper, "there are just chocolates in that box and I have a feeling you would rather something else" and pull the blouse over your head. Your beautiful breasts with dark areolas and hard nipples pop out in front of my eyes. I don't think twice and start immediately, feeling the nipples getting even harder. Your hand is struggling with my trousers and soon is in my underwear. While kissing your nipples, I pull your skirt over your had too. You are sitting on my thighs in miniature panties only. My hand touches your panties and they are completely wet.

You stand up, quickly walk to the door, turn the key and walk back to me. "Please take off your trousers, please." Watching you pulling your panties down, showing me your glistening pussy, I take my trousers together with my underwear off. You stand above me and then start lowering yourself on my hard dick. You let sight of pain out and whisper, "your dick is much bigger than my boyfriend's." Then you sit down on it and take the whole length into your pussy, like if you were doing it every day.

Holding your hips, I start kissing and biting your nipples. You start riding up and down my hard dick -- at first just slowly, but increasing tempo gradually. I reach your clitoris with one of my hands and start massaging it. You start moaning immediately. I feel your cunt spamming on my dick and soon you tremble in coming orgasm. You are sitting tightly on my dick and hand now, just massaging my dick with your tight cunt. Your orgasm is not too strong, but it takes long time. Then you start riding me again. This time you ride unbelievably fast, virtually jumping on my dick. I am letting myself enjoying my pleasure and soon I am spraying my load deep into your cunt. With that you orgasm again and I am surprised with strength of it. You bite me to the neck and your perfectly red painted fingernails are leaving deep bloody scratches on my back. You are twitching and squeezing my dick with your tight cunt as if it was a citron, taking remaining cum out of me.

I am recovering from my own orgasm. You give me passionate kiss. "Thank you professor. That was amazing. My boyfriend never manages to stay hard long enough to bring me to my second, real orgasm. He usually comes after my first, week one... Now I finally know what I was missing without masturbating. I hope I don't owe you anything..." You get up from my again hard dick and slowly start dressing up.

"No, you do not owe me anything and you never did. More likely, I am owing you now..." I answer. You smile at me and leave my office. I collect myself and then take the box you gave me initially to my hands. I open it to find exquisite chocolate bonbons that must have cost you a fortune. Taking the box, I walk around the department and offer to my colleagues. Returning to my office with nearly empty box, I find folded piece of paper at the bottom. Unfolding it, I read your neat handwriting.

"Professor, I have been accepted to do a PhD, so I'll be around for another four years. I hope you will help me with computers again, Lena." The letter ends with what I presume is your mobile phone number. I smile to myself and wonder if I will have to ring you or if you will come to me...

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