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Unexpected Gifts


"I think that would be nice," Victoria says over the phone. "It really would be nice and the kids will love it."

She hangs up the phone and a little smile creeps across her face. She and David had been divorced for just a little over two years. Every year since the youngest of their three children, David would dress up as Santa with gifts, but since their divorce he hadn't done it. A lot of anger surrounded them, but over time it vanished.

Now David wanted to pick back up the tradition. Nothing special, just play Santa and drop some gifts off. He is a good father, but Victoria and he just didn't get along for a time. She settles into the chair by the phone and sighs. She is still in love with the man, but she wasn't all too sure about him.

The day went by slower than Victoria wanted, but she chalked it up to her anticipation of David coming over. Her thoughts were about everything she loved about him from his personality to his huge cock.

Victoria and the children were just finishing up dinner when a loud knock came from the door. Victoria almost flies out of the chair and she says, "I wonder who that can be."

The children look at each other then the door as their mother opens it up.

"Ho, ho, ho!" shouts their father dressed as Santa Claus. "I heard there were three very good children here."

The three children spring up from their seats and rush toward the door. Daddy!" they all say in unison.

David scoops them all up and gives them a big hug, carrying them into the living room where a fire was going in the fireplace, heating up the room nicely.

He sets the children down and reaches into his bag. "Let's see what we have here," he says smiling. "Rebecca? Is there a Rebecca here?"

Rebecca laughs. "Oh you're so silly Santa." She rushes up and collects here gifts.

"Ho, ho, ho," David says reaching in the bag again. "I have something here for Nathan."

"That's me!" Nathan shouts. He races up to David collecting his gifts as well.

Finally David looks into the bag and says, "It seems I only have gifts left for a little girl named Sarah."

The little girl giggles and David takes her gifts over to her. The children tear into their presents like wild animals. Victoria watches in delight as their children are having so much fun. David takes a seat next to her and starts digging through his bag once again. "Hmm," he says. "It looks like Santa slipped in a special gift here."

Victoria looks at him and smiles, "You didn't have to David."

He smiles at her and says, "I know, but I wanted to and gives her a small white box.

She opens it to reveal a beautifully decorated necklace. "Oh my," is all she is able to say.

David smiles, "Here let me help you with that." He puts it around her neck and Victoria feels butterflies fluttering in her stomach. It is a feeling she hasn't had in quite some time. "There," he says. "That looks very nice on you."

The hours pass as the children play with their toys and soon it is time for bed. David volunteers to tuck them all in telling them to get to sleep because the real Santa Claus will be coming soon. When he gets back down stairs he says, "Well it was good to do that again."

"Thank you for it," Victoria says taking his hands into hers.

He smiles and says, "I guess I should be going."

She just nods and as he reaches the door she says, "Won't you stay for a cup of coffee before going out into the cold?"

David stops short and turns around saying, "I think I would like that."

Victoria brews a cup of coffee and brings out two cups of steaming hot coffee and sits beside David on the couch. "It's been awhile since we've enjoyed a cup of coffee together."

"Too long."

They sit in silence when suddenly Victoria reaches up and takes one of his hands in hers. She unbuttons the first button on her dress with the other, pulling it open slightly. Then she guides David's hand inside. He hears a soft gasp for air as he closes his hand around her breast. It is soft and very firm. Her nipple is lika a hard marble covered in velvet between his fingers. He slides his other hand down her stomach and pulls her back into him. "Are you sure about this?" he asks.

"As sure as I ever will be," she breathes hard holding his hands in place.

She pulls him to his feet and slips a hand onto his hard cock, rubbing it through his pants. She unbuttons his jeans and works his zipper down until it is free of the confinements. Then she closes her fingers around his cock. "I miss how this big thing feels," she says softly.

David undoes a few more buttons on her dress and slowly begins to pull her dress down over her shoulders. She lets go of his cock long enough to pull her arms free of the dress. It falls to the floor around her feet. She gracefully steps out of the dress and flicks it toward the couch. She turns around and leans back against David, taking his hands back to her breasts then wiggles her firm ass until his hard cock is nuzzled between her ass cheeks.

"No underwear?" he asks because she always, always wore them.

Victoria doesn't answer. She slides her hands to his hips and pulls him in even closer as she slowly moves her ass in small circles. It feels wonderful against his throbbing cock. The smell of her hair in his face, her luscious breasts in his hands and her ass slowly massaging his cock is incredible

They stand like that, silent, beside the fire for some time. Her head tilts back on his shoulder as she gets lost in the sensation. David presses his mouth against her skin, breathing softly on her bare shoulder and then her neck before coming to rest against her ear.

"I've wanted you for a long time," David whispers into her ear then rubs his cheek against here. "I miss you so much."

At that point she turns around. She doesn't say anything; she just looks at him for a quick second and slips her hand behind his head. "Me too."

She holds her nice, round breast up with the other hand and pulls my mouth to it. She guides my mouth to her hard nipple and holds her breath as he happily sucks it into his mouth. His cockhead rubs against her wet slit as his hands make their way around to her ass. He digs his fingers into it as he gets more excited. Victoria pushes into him, trapping his hard cock between them. David moans into her breast as she sways side-to-side.

Eventually their stomach begin getting slippery and Victoria reaches down between them and takes hold of him, rubbing the head of his cock with her thumb, smearing the wetness. He watches as Victoria looks down, watching her own hand moving over his cockhead, getting him even wetter.

She pushes his jeans down off his hips. They fall to his feet and she holds them down with her foot until he steps out of them and then she tosses them beside her dress with her shapely leg.

"Lay down," she says to him, gliding her hands up and down David's sides and thighs while not taking her eyes off his cock.

David gets to the floor to lie on his back. Victoria looks absolutely incredible standing over him. All the curves of her body and roundness of her breasts are enhanced by the light from the fire. She straddles him and reaches between them and takes his cock into her soft hand then lowers herself even more, guiding him into her pussy.

Her pussy is just as he remembers it. The heat from it is almost as strong as the fire as David slides right in. Victoria moans and lowers her upper body until her breasts rest on his chest and her cheek is against his. Without saying a word David wraps his arms around her and she begins to slowly fuck him.

Her hot pussy slides up and down on his cock, over and over. Victoria's breathing is heavy in his ear now. Then she whispers, "I want you to cum in me. It's been too long since I have felt it."

She moves faster and faster on top of him. Soon after David holds her tight around the waist and starts to cum.

"Oh David!" she cries into the crook of his neck.

She wraps her arms around him, pulling herself in closer, taking him in deeper inside. They hold each other and rock and thrash on the floor. When it is over, little by little, they slow to a stop. They don't end the embrace as Victoria stays on top of him, his cock still firmly inside her.

David can feel her body is tight and tense. Before she can say anything, David holds her tighter and rolls them over. She is now on the bottom with him between her open legs with his semi-hard cock still in her. David buries his head into her neck and says, "I still love you."

Without another word he slowly begins to move his hips. It takes only a few strokes inside her hot, wet pussy for the firmness to return to his cock. He feels her body ease a little and her hands gently begin to slide up and down the backs of his arms. She slowly starts to rock her hips in rhythm with his.

"I've thought about you for so long," she confesses softly. "Oh David, I miss you." She wraps her legs around him and pulls his head down to her lovely breasts.

After a few more thrusts her body shudders along with his, as they cum together; her covering him with her cum and him filing her up with his. She pulls David's back up and locks her lips on his. The kiss is soft and sweet. It seems to over shadow the sex and feels like the first time they kissed.

"I have one more present for you," he says reaching for the sack. He pulls out another little box and gives it to her. As she opens it and her eyes go wide he asks, "Will you marry me?"

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