tagIncest/TabooUnexpected Growth

Unexpected Growth


First of all, I would like to thank Tina, aka hentaikitten for editing my story. Without editors the world is a messy place to be. I greatly appreciate her work! This story is going to cross several genres through its progression. That being said, if you want to follow the story, it's going to start in sci-fi and end up in incest. All characters in this fictitious made up world are over 18 and are purely my own fantasies. Enjoy!

Day 1:

The security guard checks my I.D. and looks at my picture several times while glancing back and forth at my face just to make sure it's me. He looks like he could pull me through the window and have his way with me, if he really wanted. The glock hanging from his right hip is enough to deter me from doing anything stupid. Not that I want to.

I'm here for the money, plain and simple. During my first couple of semesters of college, I signed up for every psychology research study that was willing to pay for my participation. I was in four different studies and soon became known as the guy who would sign up for anything, as long as it paid. College is expensive and I didn't want my mother to have to pay for it all. It was the least I could do. After all, she was working two jobs so I wouldn't end up having a huge bill after graduation.

The neanderthal handed my license back and waved me through the razor wire gate.

How did I get here? Well, after signing up for so many studies, I started to receive lots of emails for more studies. Apparently, I was on a list. One of those emails promised a big payout but there was a catch. I would have to leave everything for an entire year and live at a research facility. No contact with anyone. Not even my mother!

It sounded ridiculous. Who's going to want to give up a year of their life? It's not like I had a girlfriend or any friends for that matter. Just my mom and me and that was enough. How could I leave her all alone? What would I tell her?

"Hey mom, I'm turning myself into a rhesus monkey but don't worry!"

The payout. At nineteen, I knew I didn't want to be a poor college student. Who would? The offer they made was extravagant, even for what I was being asked to give up. $5 million with a $1 million advance, to ensure I would take them seriously. I didn't need to think twice after the check cleared a week later. I wasn't going to pass up that kind of money, even if it meant not seeing my mother for a year. I love my mom with every part of my being. She's worked hard to give me a good life and if there is the slightest chance of repaying the love she has shown me, then I'm certainly going to do it. She's my best friend, after all.

The Research Institute apparently had experience with helping people put their lives on hold. Shortly after the check cleared, I received detailed instructions on what I could tell my mother that would be believable. Telling her she didn't ever have to go back to work again definitely helped with that. She didn't like the 'no contact for a year' part but after depositing half a million into her account, she accepted it. After saying our goodbyes, I headed for whatever it was I was going to test for the next year. It all sounds absurd but sometimes reality is twisted like that.

I pulled my car up to the main building, got out and headed in the front door. I was met by a woman whom I assume was the receptionist. She had a stack of forms for me to fill out; non disclosure, privacy, and a myriad of other papers with legal jargon and things I skimmed over quickly. I did pay attention to the part about finishing the study and getting paid. No finish, no payday and I'd have to return the advance.

After writing until my hand hurt, I was finally finished and was led to an elevator, where a very good-looking woman was waiting for me. Oh, she was hot! Large, full breasts, long, brunette hair and legs that went on for days, topped off by a beautiful smile. She could probably get me to jump off the building if she asked. She motioned me into the elevator and we were on our way. There was only one button. I'm not sure if we went up or down but it took fifteen seconds before we stopped and the door opened.

I stepped out and was greeted by two more women wearing doctor's coats. Both women were as attractive as the one in the elevator and greeted me with a hand shake and introductions. Their names were Carol and Sharon. Carol informed me that Sharon was her assistant and that I was to follow her directions. As I looked around, I noticed a well lit room just on the other side of what looked like a viewing window. Right next to that was a bank of monitors, a computer and two rolling office chairs. Sharon informed me that I needed to be processed. What that really meant is that I had every medical test known to mankind. At least that's what it felt like.

I was led down the hall to a medical suite filled with all kinds of equipment; MRI, EKG, treadmill, exam table, etc. Sharon gave me a hospital gown and told me to change. I was then poked, prodded and tested, both physically and mentally. They were definitely thorough. So much so, that I was even digitally scanned into a computer by a vast array of green laser lights. That was of course, after I was told to strip down to nothing.

I'm not exactly what you would call impressive when I'm in my birthday suit. I'm six feet tall, 170 pounds dripping wet and if you look in the dictionary under average, you can see my picture. I was blessed with blue eyes and sandy brown hair, so I had that going for me. Mostly nothing to write home about. I wasn't fat or super skinny, just average for my age.

After the scan, I was handed a pair of virtual reality goggles and instructed to put them on. I was still standing there in the buff and was feeling pretty self conscious at that point. I asked if I could get dressed and was informed that they needed a complete measurement. I was confused but slipped the goggles over my head. It was pitch black. I couldn't see anything and then, 'bam' two women appeared on the screen in front of me. It was porn. It took me all of two seconds to forget that I was standing naked in a room with what I would consider a very attractive doctor. The screen overwhelmed my sense of modesty as I watched the women sucking on each others' breasts, hands fondling each others' shaved pussies.

I was standing at attention in no time at all. My cock bounced with every beat of my heart. I was really starting to get into it when all of a sudden, the video was paused. Sharon instructed me to relax, because she was going to place a device on my penis that would measure my seminal fluid. I was speechless and just stood there as I felt her spray my cock with what I assume was lube. That feeling when you first enter a woman's pussy, as your cock is engulfed, is exactly how I felt at that very moment. I was told to let the machine do its work and not to use my hands in any way so the equipment can get the most accurate results.

Heat and pressure surrounded my pulsating cock as I felt the machine suction it's way down my hard, veiny rod. It started to pulse up and down, slowly jacking me off. I couldn't see anything but I knew I liked what I was feeling. Just then the video started back up. The blonde was on her back, legs spread wide, as the redhead forced a huge strap-on in and out of her sopping pussy. And if that wasn't enough to get me off, the redhead grabbed her right breast and sprayed the blonde's lips with milk from her swollen nipple. I exploded into the machine. I can't remember ever cumming harder in my life!

I just stood there shaking, as my orgasm subsided. The video stopped as Sharon told me to stand still for a couple of moments while the machine finished it's work. The headset was pulled off my head and as my eyes adjusted to the light, I was met with a big smile from Sharon, telling me I had done a great job. What I saw was a fleshy, tube-like device. It had tubes and wires running out of the end which were attached to another machine that sat on an I.V. stand with wheels. It looked portable. When this is all over, I am most certainly buying one of those!

Sharon signaled for me to follow her out of the room. She made no mention of letting me get my gown back on, so I just followed behind her and watched as her firm ass swayed back and forth with every step. Its amazing how some women can walk in high heels and it's the sexiest thing to witness. I was led into a larger room and I'm pretty sure it was the room into which the viewing window looked.

There was a bed, TV, workout equipment and a bathroom with an open shower. Opposite from that was a chair. It was one of those bondage-type chairs that you can sort of lie back in and there was a separate cushioned area for your arms and legs to rest on. It looked like a comfortable stick figure, if that makes any sense? It sat on a large, square base with what looked like a control pad off to one side. There was also one of those large medical lights hanging from the ceiling that you can pull around and position wherever you need the light.

After giving me a few moments to take it all in, Sharon proceeded to tell me about the study. I would be testing a new gene therapy, closely related to morphogenesis and developmental biology. I didn't even pretend to understand her after the first couple of sentences. It was way past any biology I'd ever taken in school. My understanding was that a new compound had been created to enhance a person's physical state. That was simple enough for me. I would be given injections at different intervals and would be given daily tests. The shocking part was that I wouldn't be allowed to wear any clothes for the duration of my stay, so there could be a complete video log of the project. I was now a project, apparently.

At this point I was on information overload. I tried to keep up with everything she told me but it was difficult to stand naked in front of such an attractive woman I had only recently met while keeping my cognitive functions working. Sharon noticed my deer-in-the-headlights look and reassured me that she would walk me through everything.

It was time to get started. I was handed a bottle of special shampoo and told to shower. My instructions were to wash everything below my neck so that I could remove any body hair that might affect the testing that needed to be done. I resigned myself to following directions and to asking questions later. Money is such a great motivator and besides, I could always grow the hair back.

After showering, Sharon led me to the chair and had me lie down. With the push of a couple of buttons on the control panel, the chair leaned back as metal shackles curled around my arms and legs. A shackle surrounded me at every joint on my arms and legs; ankles, knees, hips, wrists, elbows and neck. With a hand on my chest, Sharon reassured me it was for my own safety so that I didn't move during the injections. Her finger proceeded to push a series of buttons and one at a time the shackles tightened to hold me firmly in place.

I couldn't have moved if I wanted to. I felt like I was nailed to the chair. At that moment, the door opened and Carol came walking in with a tray in hand. After confirming with Sharon that I was prepared, she loaded what looked to be a large syringe with eight to ten needles. It was roughly an inch in diameter and about a foot long. I felt Sharon wipe a cold cloth against my skin, an inch or two above my now flaccid cock. I assume it was alcohol or something like that. Carol looked me in the eyes and told me that this was going to hurt but that the pain would go away fairly quickly. She didn't waste any time as she placed the syringe on my skin and pushed the injector button. The needles all pierced my skin simultaneously. I've never felt pain like that before! I was seeing stars and couldn't breathe for a few moments. The injection lasted about fifteen seconds and then it was over. They wiped the area with another cloth and then I started to feel a warm glow that seemed to spread outward from my groin. I suddenly started to feel very horny.

My cock started to grow of It's own accord and quickly became a raging hard-on. I was 200mg of viagra hard. Carol and Sharon looked at each other, as if to say without speaking, that the elixir I'd just received was working like it should. Working? Holy crap, I could cut steel with my cock right now!

Sharon walked out of the room and returned a minute later with the ultimate masturbator. That's what I'm calling the device I'd used earlier in the day. Without much ado, she sprayed my cock with lube and then placed the contraption over the purple head of my cock and flipped the power switch to on. It slowly sank down to the root of my shaft and proceeded to gently stroke my cock.

Carol leaned down by my ear and whispered that this particular trial had a great many benefits. This being one of them. She continued to inform me of the fact that I would need to use this machine every time I got an erection, without fail. Either her or Sharon would be here to help me into the chair and run the equipment. So there was no need for me to take matters into my own hands, so to speak. I was also informed that one of them would always be in the monitoring station. She pointed to the mirror on the main wall and it dawned on me that it was a one-way mirror.

The rubber pussy sucking up and down on my raging cock was making my head swim in ecstasy. I knew I would last longer this time, since I had just orgasmed not that long ago. The ladies seemed to know as well and let me know they would be back when the machine had finished. Not being able to move, even a little bit, was driving me crazy. I wanted to ram my cock into this fake pussy like a wild beast. Soon enough though, I felt myself cumming. It built up from deep within my guts and then I had an earth-shattering orgasm, as spurt after spurt of cum blasted the inside of the tube. It seemed to last for an entire minute. Every couple of seconds there was another pulse and spasm, until it was finally over. I lay there exhausted and sweaty from the sheer exertion of orgasming. I was in true bliss.

Sharon came in, pushed a few buttons and pulled my still semi-erect cock out of the machine. The shackles loosened and then retracted. I was helped over to the bed and given a glass of some sort of semi-thick, clear liquid to drink. I was so thirty that I chugged it down without asking what it was. It tasted amazing. A cross between strawberry and watermelon but it seemed to coat my mouth in a pleasant film.

I lay down on the bed and immediately fell into a deep sleep. I don't know how long I slept but I felt like I'd been run over by a truck. Every muscle in my body decided to be sore all at the same time. All except for one. My cock stood at full mast. Hard as ever. It might only be five inches long but right now, I could fuck the shit out of someone with it. I hadn't even finished putting my feet on the floor when Sharon walked through the door. She took my hand and led me to the chair. I was given another glass of whatever it was and as soon as I downed it, I lay back and the straps curled around my body.

This became my routine. Get an injection, get masturbated, drink some liquid and then sleep like I had never slept a day in my life. I did throw showering in there once in awhile at the request of Sharon.

I didn't have to think about anything any longer. I was simply led or told what was next. It was going to be an easy year at this rate. I seriously lost track of time though. There were no clocks or windows to the outdoors. I merely slept and woke, dictated by how hard my cock was at the time. Carol and Sharon never let on as to whether or not the test was going well. I couldn't get anything out of them. I guess they wanted every piece of data they could get and apparently, me knowing what could or might happen, would skew the results.

After five or so rounds of injections and orgasms, I started to notice some physical changes. I seemed to be gaining muscle mass over my entire body. My chest and arms felt noticeably larger and more toned. I could flex my legs and actually see each muscle as it tightened. I know I'm just dreaming but I could swear that my cock and balls were getting bigger as well. Not a lot, but a guy knows his dick! My balls felt heavier too and seemed to hang lower than usual. The spot where I was getting injections was also swelling into what I could only liken to a boil or huge pimple. The raised area was about an inch in diameter and raised up about another inch. It didn't hurt at all and it actually felt good to touch it. When I filled the machine with my cum, it would take at least two minutes before my cock stopped spurting seed. Those were the things that I noticed, I still don't know if that was the whole purpose of all of this or if there was more.

I liked what was happening. I always felt a great amount of pleasure and so far, it outweighed the pain of the injections. Even those had changed now. The bump was getting larger, which meant that the injector they used on me had to be larger as well. The new one fit around what was now a protruding lump of skin. Sharon assured me that it was normal and I took her word for it. After all, she was the doctor.

One of the funny things I noticed about my room was that the TV played only porn. And not just any porn either, all of my favorite types of porn. That meant I was constantly in a state of arousal and therefore, almost always having an erection. Back to the machine. It's a rough life let me tell you! I wondered if they'd gotten hold of my browser history or something.

I'd lost count of how many times I'd been in the chair. I was now a trained monkey, willing to do whatever the ladies told me for the chance of feeling that pleasure again. The injections were coming less and less now but my erections were not slowing down. My cock had definitely grown at least three inches. I'd started to measure it against my hands and it had grown at least the length of my index finger. This I could get behind. I now measured a minimum of eight inches and was maybe double the girth. The bump above my cock was now at least two inches long and was starting to look like another penis. I could make out a bulbous head forming at the top and a one-inch shaft. Again I was assured that It was safe and that it was an expected side effect.

Was I really growing another cock? Was it humanly possible? I wasn't against having two but I was having a hard time wrapping my mind around it. Time went on as it always does and soon enough, I had an exact replica of my first cock, sitting directly above my other cock. There was about an inch and a half of space in between the two. At first my new cock was completely smooth, with no hole to urinate or cum through. Then, seemingly overnight, a hole appeared. This meant that I would now get two erections, both equally as hard. By now my balls had grown larger as well. They hung half-way down my thigh and were the size of two large avocados. It kind of made sense, seeing as how I could cum for over two minutes. My mind was blown while at the same time, I was perversely mindful of the possibilities of having two cocks.

A new piece was added to the machine so both of my cocks could be jacked off simultaneously. It only intensified my pleasure a thousand-fold. The injections stopped abruptly, as soon as I was able to ejaculate with both of my members. I was still just as horny all the time though. I was truly a trained monkey at this point! Picture having the most intense orgasm you've ever had and then double that!! Now I know why I was strapped down. I would have been uncontrollable.

Both Sharon and Carol were noticeably more interested in eyeing my cocks. Their eyes were glued to my manhood with every measurement and subsequent masturbation. Especially Sharon, who spent the most time with me. During the times she would put me in the chair, she would make comments about my development. Telling me about how toned and muscular I looked, as well as how much alike my cocks were to each other. She would wrap a hand around each swollen cock in an attempt to justify some medical question she was asking, all the while trying to hide her lustful eyes. Occasionally, I would catch her licking her lips. I so very much wanted to see her bend down and slide one of my cocks into her mouth. I wanted to see my cum running down her lips and into the valley of her swollen breasts but as horny as she appeared to be, she never went any further.

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