tagRomanceUnexpected Guest Ch. 04

Unexpected Guest Ch. 04

byAda Stuart©

As Jared exited the shower he felt like a new man. The shock had somewhat disappeared under the cold water spray, apart from a few unwanted images of Ann's naked body and sexual responses to his touch. His fantasy was obviously trying to fill in the blanks since she hadn't let him do any of the stuff he had dreamed about for so long.

But, right now he had to take a different approach. He needed to get some time to himself, in order to plan the best strategy to lower her defences. It was obvious he wasn't going very far the way he was doing now. Instead he needed a few days to recuperate from the presents events and make her desperate for him -- not the other way around.

The solution was simple, he realised as he dried away the cold drops clinging to his skin. He needed a few days out fishing or hunting just to clear his mind and prepare his strategy. Besides, a few days of separation would probably make her desperate for his touch -- at least if she kept on reading those erotic novels of hers, he smiled to himself. Oh yes, the novels and her own imagination would help him achieve what he wanted.

His mood having improved, Jared quickly put on his clothes and went outside to collect his equipment.

After a while of rummaging around, Ann suddenly came upon him and curiosity was evident on her face.

"What are you doing?" she asked casually.

"I'm going fishing," Jared tried to answer in the same light tone, although the scent and sound of her was troubling his newfound stability.

"Great. Then I'm coming with you."

"But..., you can't," Jared declared instantly.

"Why not?"

"Uh...well...Because it will be a two-day trip," Jared tried desperately with the first thing that came to his mind.


"I don't have a tent. I will have to sleep outside."

"Sounds like fun," Ann smiled at him.

Damn it, Jared thought. Since when had she suddenly become interested in outdoor life? What was going on here?

"All right, this won't be a holiday. This trip I'm planning will be hard exercise, carrying lots of equipment and there won't be any modern conveniences around."

"I think it sounds exciting, and I'm sure that travelling with an expert will make the trip a lot better than if I went alone."

"Are you really sure about this? I've never believed you to be fond of outdoor life?"

"Well, usually I'm not. But I thought that perhaps I ought to experience it before I discard it. So, when are we going?"

Jared took a deep breath and looked at her eager face. Damn it. It seems he had little choice but to bring her along, and just wait for her to start complaining. Then he could return her safely to the cabin and finally he would be able to enjoy the rest of his holiday in peace and quietude. She would probably not last long, considering the fact that she had no idea what she was getting into here.

"All right then," he finally conceded. "But you need some more useful clothes."

"I believe Erin left something I can wear," Ann smiled happily as she turned to roam through the storage room inside the cabin.


A while later Ann had located a bunch of clothes and equipment belonging to Cade and Erin, and by the help of Jared they had sorted through and found what she would need for the trip.

"I even found us a tent," Ann happily announced as she pointed to a bundle laying before her.

"We can't use that," Jared stated suddenly.

"Why not?"

"It's only a one-person tent. It's too small."

"So? It's the only tent around so Cade and Erin are probably using it. And if it's big enough for them and should be plenty for us as well."

Jared only groaned in response as he imagined him and Ann lying close together in the small confinement of a tent, every part of them touching and rubbing against one other. He shook his head. He would never be able to sleep in such a situation. Damn, why had he let himself be persuaded into bringing her in the first place? And why couldn't Cade leave him alone in the first place, and not let him be stuck up here with Cade's younger sister?

"All right, you go on and bring it along. I can always sleep under the stars."

"You don't have to, you know. We can share," Ann smiled at him.

Sure, right, he thought. Was she inviting him into her bed after all?


After packing equipment for a few days, they closed up the cabin and went further into the mountains. Jared was taking the lead while keeping close attention to his companion. Luckily, she was the same size as Erin, Cade's wife, and the cabin had been well equipped with hiking equipment.

He noticed that Ann was struggling with accommodating herself to the tempo, so he slowed down the pace and made sure she kept up. It was obvious that she was unfamiliar with walking in rough terrain but it was hardly surprising given what he knew about her. Still, it irked him why she suddenly had wanted to experience something that she had never before shown any interest for?

She was up to something. That was for certain. But what could it be? Despite her difficulties she seemed to be enjoying herself and her face was already looking fresher than he had ever seen before. She was definitely up to something and it was probably more than simply getting on his nerves even though she did a fine job in doing just that.


As they finally arrived at Jared's favourite fishing spot, the day had almost gone. Ann was feeling tired and every muscle in her legs seemed to have been worn out. Still, it had gone a lot better that she had feared and she was glad she had came along. As Jared put up the tent, Ann prepared their dinner on the gas stove the way Jared had taught her earlier that same day.

She longed for a bit of food before falling over to sleep and rest her tired muscles. A bath wouldn't be such a bad idea either, once she thought about it. The clothes were good at transporting sweat so she hadn't been cold during their walk, but she didn't feel very comfortable with the smell that she was producing right now. Maybe she should put Jared's explanation about her clothes being extremely quick drying to the test?

Starting the next day with sweaty clothes was not something that appealed too strongly to her. Especially not when she finally was this close to Jared, she wanted to smell her best. Right now she could probably scare away both sexy men and wildlife the way she smelled, she laughed a little.

"What's so funny?" Jared suddenly turned to her as he fastened the last tent pegs into the ground.

"Can I wash my clothes?" Ann used the opportunity to ask.

"Sure. There's a stream to the left of us."

"Good. Then I'll give it a try right after dinner."

"What's the matter?" Jared smiled at her. "Not used to your own sweat?"

"I don't feel very fresh right now, no."

"Does it matter? It's just natural."

"I know that. But I don't have to enjoy it either way."

"It's your choice, but I would recommend that you postpone the washing until tomorrow. Your clothes will dry much faster in the sunlight."

"I'll think about it," Ann nodded.

If she'd been in a better shape she would never have considered washing her clothes at all. Jared didn't smell like anything out of the ordinary so he had to be much fitter than she was. He had probably lowered the pace just so she would be able to keep up. If he had been on his own he would certainly have arrived here a few hours earlier, but she liked the fact that he had been so considerate.


After dinner Jared located the fishing rods he had brought with him and started putting them together. The result was several long lengths of bamboos that seemed so thin it would break in two if the fish was too heavy. Ann wasn't certain the rods would be useful for anything, but she tried to pay attention as Jared explained the concepts of fly-fishing to her.

He showed her the way she had to move the rod in order to place the fly exactly where she wanted it, but the swinging and motion was so complex she was sure she would caught anything other than the fish -- including herself. As the line hit her cheek, she gave a yelp of surprise. The sting was sharp and so unexpected that she was glad she hadn't attached anything sharp at the end of the line yet.

"There must be some easier way to fish," she concluded in a slightly annoyed voice.

"Sure there is. But this is the most exciting."

"Huh, I can see why with a sharp fly flying through the air without any direction or control, it must be vastly exciting to see which part of you get caught on the needle."

"Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it really soon. It will be a lot easier once you try near the water."

So said, Jared collected a few items and took her to a quiet stretch of the river and advised her to give it a try after he had placed a fly on the end of her line.

After a couple of tries she finally managed to hit the water and let the fly move with the stream downwards.

"Good," Jared pronounced. "You seem to be getting the hang of it. Now, try to aim for that large boulder over there. The fish likes to stand right beside it, resting as they head up the stream."

"Okay, I'll give it a try," Ann conceded as Jared headed for another fishing hole further upstream.

The daylight was beginning to fade, but the night was never completely dark at this time of year so Ann could still see every detail of the landscape around her. It was so quiet. Only the sound from the water floating by her and hitting different rocks while bringing small debris along with it. The night-time also brought out the mosquitoes and she felt the evidence of at least a couple of visitors on her neck and on her arms.

She pulled out the mosquito repellent spray that she had brought with her and covered every visible part of her skin with it. Now the bastards would get what they deserved, she smiled to herself. She was protected from now on so now they would have to seek some other unfortunate creature to steal blood from. Probably Jared. But he was probably so used to being bitten by small vampire like creatures.

Oh well, judging by his magnificent and strong body, he would probably not be affected by a slight blood loss. He had carried most of their equipment up here, and still he seemed as fresh as ever. The world was simply unfair, or she desperately needed a lot more exercise before joining Jared on his fishing expeditions.

When he had said fishing trip, she had thought he meant walking for half an hour or so. Instead it had taken them around five hours. Still, she could probably do with the extra exercise so it wasn't such a loss after all.

She raised her arm and scratched her neck. The mosquito bites was really annoying her. The skin felt so warm to the touch, and the feeling was spreading to the other parts of her body that hadn't been bitten yet. Or had the bastards bit her all over? The itching was getting worse. She tried to concentrate on something else, but the still the itching was bothering her. Her skin was getting warmer and warmer, though the air was still cold.

Suddenly it occurred to her what was wrong. The mosquito repellent. She had smeared it all over the skin that was now itching as hell. Maybe she had an allergic reaction to the repellent? She located the bottle in her pocket and read the description. "May cause allergic reactions. Try first on a small area of the body."

"Damn it," she swore aloud. Why hadn't she read the label before pouring a large amount on her face, arms and neck? Now she must look like a red beetroot if her itching was any indication. She had to get rid of the repellent right away.

She lay down the fishing gear in the grass and walked down to the stream. Taking off her cap and rolling up her sleeves, she cleaned every part of her body that she could reach. Soon the cold water was soothing her itches and she breathed out in relief that the cure was working. The water felt so good she felt like bathing in it. But the stream was too strong for her.

Wait a minute, she thought as she turned and followed the stream with her eyes. There it was. A small backwater area where the stream was going much slower. She didn't have to swim in order to clean herself. As long as the water was deep enough, she could simply sit down and douche herself in the cold and clean water. Too bad she hadn't brought any soap with her. Soon after, she had reached the backwater area and giving a quick look around her she started to undress. Jared was nowhere to be seen and he was probably way too busy with his fishing to interfere. After all, all she planned was a quick bath to rid herself of some sweat. She laid the top sweater aside. It wouldn't do to get all her clothes wet. After all, she needed something to wear after her bath.

The sweater she had underneath did not smell any good. Most likely this was the reason why the mosquitoes liked her so well to begin with. They probably loved sweat. Taking off her bra and pants, she decided to wash the sweater. The pants would have to wait until later.

Taking off her panties as well, she giggled at her own actions. She had never thought she would resole to bathing naked outside in the wilderness, where anyone could see her. At least not unless someone pointed a gun at her head. And still here she was, feeling as free and happy as she had never felt before.

There was really something liberating in throwing off your clothes and just enjoy the night air and the freedom of being so far away from other people. Maybe she should have done this more often, she thought as she waded naked into the water.

The water felt cold and refreshing and she splashed some of it around in order to get used to the temperature. The air around her felt warm compared to the water, but she wasn't going to let that stop her. Sitting down on her knees, she breathed fast as she tried to accustom herself to the cold water. In order to occupy herself she dipped the sweater into the stream and started to wash it, rubbing slowly at the armpits and cleansing it thoroughly.

Pleased with her result, she stood up and waded back to her clothes and hung the sweater over a branch. She tried to press as much water out of it as she could and the fabric felt so thin it would not take long before it dried. It was a strange fabric, she concluded. She had never worn anything that provided so much warmth and was still so thin. She had to admit that Jared had been perfectly right when he ordered her to wear this sweater instead of the cotton clothes she usually preferred.

Satisfied with the drying conditions she returned to the water and went a little further out. Bending down she ducked her head under and felt the cold water envelop her warm head. Raising herself up again, she pushed her fingers through her hair and felt the salty sweat disappear from her skin and hair. Bending down again, she cleansed her hair as best as she could before roaming her hands over the rest of her body.

Apart from the cold, the water felt so delicious she wanted to stay there for hours and hours. Massaging her aching legs, she felt her muscles relaxing. The outdoor life didn't seem to be half as bad as she had anticipated, she concluded as she gave a little laugh.

She bent her head under for the last time before she had to leave the pleasurable bath, when she suddenly heard something resembling a shout coming from the riverbank behind her. But before she managed to look in the direction of the sound, she heard a splash and felt a pair of strong arms hoisting her up and carrying her out of the water.

"What one earth are you doing, Missy?" Jared angry voice finally came through the plugs that the water had temporarily created in her ears.

He had sat her down on the bank and was practically shaking her as he shouted loudly.

"Taking a bath," she answered him truthfully.

"A...bath...?" he stuttered as he finally realised the state of her dress, or the lack of them.

He stared up and down her naked body as his mouth fell open in surprise. He was absolutely amusing, Ann thought as he stopped shaking her and took a step away from her. His anger seemed to be forgotten at the time being as he slowly and methodically roamed his eyes all over her body, taking in every detail in the process it seemed. Ann blushed as she became aware of her nudity and she turned to where she had left her clothes.

Immediately Jared's hand shot out, grabbed her upper arms and held her still as his angry face met hers.

"Not so fast, Missy. I want an explanation as to why you're trying to drown yourself."

"I wasn't drowning. I was taking a bath, as I said."

"Have you any idea how much force those currents contains?" he asked as he nodded to the river. "It's no wonder several fishermen drown every year for walking too far out. For god's sake, Cade would kill me if he knew about this."

"But I was being careful. I bathed in the section where the water was most quiet."

"A section which is packed with dangerous undercurrents as well. Are you deliberately trying to make my life hell?" He looked down at her nude body. "No, don't answer that. I can see for myself that you are. Why couldn't you have kept some clothes on? Or told me so I could have found a better spot for you?"

"And letting you spy on me at the same time?" Ann was getting annoyed at his high-handed lectures.

"The least you could do was let me know so I could be around in case you needed any help."

"I didn't need any help. I was doing fine all on my own."

"That was just pure luck and I forbid you to do anything this stupid ever again. At least on my guard."

"You forbid me? And what makes you responsible for me?"

"I promised Cade I would look after you."

"You did? Well, I can look after myself even though my brother seems to be unaware of the fact. You are not my keeper and there's no way you'll ever be responsible for my safety." So said, Ann just turned her back to Jared and started to put on her clothes, feeling more irritated than ever.

"We'll see about that," she thought she heard Jared murmur from behind her back, but he said it so low she couldn't be sure she had heard correctly.

When she turned around again, she noticed Jared was standing a few meters away, trying his best to look at anything but at her. The prude, she thought. The least he could do was sneak a peak at her while she dressed. It might help her injured pride to learn that he found her just a little attractive.

"Let's go," Jared stated. "There's no use in fishing now that you've scared away all the fish.

"I scared them? You certainly did your part with all the splashing and screaming."

"I was trying to save you from drowning, remember?"

"Next time maybe you should start by investigating before ruining someone's bath."

"Next time I might just let you drown," Jared concluded as he grabbed her things and stomped toward their camp.

Ann just tried to ignore him as she realised he was soaking wet. She realised that he hadn't even undressed before throwing himself into the river for her. Now, that was really sweet, she suddenly thought. To have this strong man risk his own life to save hers. Hm, maybe this trip wasn't so bad after all.

She wondered if Jared had brought any spare clothes that he could change into or if he was forced to sleep naked beside her. Now, that thought had some good possibilities, she suddenly laughed out loud, feeling in a much better mood.

Jared just gave a sidelong glare before stomping on, every step producing a telltale squishing sound that gave evidence to her thoughts.

"Bathing naked," Jared suddenly murmured. "And on a place where anyone could have seen you. What were you thinking?"

"That you're a prude," Ann answered boldly.

"What if someone else had seen you first?"

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