Unexpected Guest Ch. 11

byAda Stuart©

"I think you need a lesson in where to start kissing your man," Jared smiled as he lifted her sweater and started to rain kisses on her stomach. Ann giggled as he kissed his way passed her bellybutton and tickling her with his light kisses.

"Your kissing seems to be a bit lacking as well."

"Oh? How so?" Jared asked in between the kisses he kept dropping on her body.

"That's not where my mouth is."

"I know. But it is some very interesting territory," Jared smiled as he ventured upwards and slowly lifted her bra away from her breasts.

The light kisses made her tingle with delight.

"Hm, have you been studying my books lately?" Ann teased Jared.

"What better way to fill the time while you were sleeping, don't you think? Because you slept a lot, darling."

"I did? I never noticed."

"Oh yes, you did. But I enjoyed the feeling of my lovemaking draining you of all strength," Jared laughed at her as she made playful attempts of hitting him in the stomach. Quickly, Jared caught her hands in his and held them down over her head as he slowly leaned over her.

"Careful honey. You might hit something important."

"What? You don't think I can aim properly?" Ann challenged.

"Judging by your leg I have some doubts, yes."

"Ha, you just lay down and I'll show you how little my leg is bothering my motions."

"No, no. I'm still a gentleman, aren't I?" Jared smiled as he ripped away her sweater and started unfastening her bra.

"Some gentleman that doesn't undress himself first," Ann said ironically.

"As the lady requests," he responded as he stood over her and removed his shirt and threw it on the floor. Standing beside the bed, he quickly took off his pants and boxers until he stood bared to her hungry eyes.

"Very nice," Ann smiled as she took in the sight of her long awaited lover. "Now come here and play."

"Sounds like you're treating me as your boytoy again," Jared teased her lightly while he slowly got on the bed and let his nude body slide over her own, softly touching her naked skin.

"And would you do as I requested?" Ann said with a slight awareness in her voice, treading the unknown ground as if she was scared of making an error that would cause him to leave.

"Of course," Jared smiled as he bent down and kissed her stomach again. "But only within reason."

"I have to pay you more then?" Ann teased him.

"Afraid so. We carpenters are paid to fix apartments. Everything extra is..., well extra."

"Hm, I like your extra," Ann smiled as she nudged her hip against the hardness that as resting against her leg, making it difficult to breathe properly.

She finally realised that if she wanted to speed things up she needed to take command as she'd never done before in their relationship. Setting her thoughts into action she suddenly raised her lower body and started to drag off her socks and loosening her pants. Jared seemed to understand where she was heading and started to give her a hand as she unzipped her pants. Soon only her panties remained as she wiggled herself out of it until she felt a sharp pain in her injured leg. She moaned loudly.

"Damn it," she cursed.

"Lie still and I'll fix it for you," Jared ordered as he dragged her panties down her leg and threw them on the floor.

Immediately, Ann responded by opening her legs and giving him an open invitation. She could see a vein pounding on his forehead as she took in the sight of his exited body.

"You're a gem, Ann. A real gem," Jared croaked as he stared at her naked breasts, before letting his eyes venture down her body until they fastened on her shaved pussy. "Oh my," he said with exasperation.

Ann felt a strong sense of relief filling her body, making her feel stronger and more assured than ever before. This man loved her and she loved him. There was nothing that she needed to hide from him and she longed to throw herself headlong into the maelstrom that seemed to direct her life at the moment.

His eyes where scorching with heat, making Ann move her right hand to her pussy. She moved her hand slowly in a circling manner and teased her clit slightly while he was watching her every move. She had him spellbound, she thought as she felt the heat make it's way from her centre and into the rest of her body. Her face felt warm and her breathing had increased. She spread her legs wider and lifted her good leg to roam it along the outside of Jared's thigh. He made a small surprised move as she touched him as if she had kicked him out of a trance that he had been emerged in.

"You're tormenting me," Jared murmured.

"Come here," was all Ann managed to respond with, but she backed her words by hooking her leg behind his thigh and dragging him toward her.

He came easily, getting on top of her while resting his weight on his arms as he looked deep into her eyes. She could feel the head of his cock touching the inside of her thighs and she quickly removed her hand and wiggled her body into the right position underneath him.

"Take me inside of you," Jared urged.

Catching his broad cock head in her hand, Ann moved him toward the opening of her pussy and rubbed her clit with his hard flesh. She could feel her body responding to his. She would lose control really soon, she thought. She had to take him inside before she would ignite from the pleasure.

Jared just continued to look into her eyes, letting her make the decision of when to push forward. She placed him at her entrance and pushed slightly upwards, feeling his cock head slowly entering her. The feeling was so intense she wondered if she would orgasms right there and then with only an inch of his cock inside of her. She hooked her injured leg over his and pushed up with her other leg. Another inch of his cock pushed it's way into her body. The pleasure was intense and it felt so right to have this man in her bed and inside of her body.

"You need to move now," Ann panted.

Just as the words where spoken, Jared seemed to let out the breath he had been holding and with a sound of relief he pushed all the way inside of her. Ann screamed at the incredible feeling as his body filled hers to the rim. She held on as he started to retreat before slamming inside of her one more time.

"I'm sorry. I...just...can't...hold...back," he gasped as he continued fucking her in a wild manner that suited her perfectly. She was moaning and almost screaming as he kept up his pace and slamming her into the mattress.

Suddenly he stopped moving and lifted his upper body away from her as he sat up on his haunches. His cock was still half way inside of her, and she wanted to shout for him to continue fucking her. At the same time, he moved his right hand to her clit and slowly started to massage her clit just the right way, making it almost impossible to hold back the avalanche that was threatening to remove her control. She grabbed his hand in hers, stopping his movement.

"Wait," she gasped. "Please, I need you all the way inside of me. Let's come together."

Jared just looked at her, before he quickly let go of her clit and bended down to kiss her hard as he slammed all the way inside of her again. She wrapped her legs around his back as she held onto his body as he moved them both toward the inevitable. Ann felt the contractions starting inside of her and she tightened all she could around Jared's cock as she held on tightly.

Rubbing herself against him she felt herself tipping over the edge and she screamed out in release as her body plunged into the unknown. In the back of her mind she heard Jared make the same journey and she held him tightly as he plunged himself deeply inside of her and lost himself to the pleasure.

For a long time they just lay there, breathing deeply and holding on to each other as their bodies were cooling down from the high.

Jared lifted himself slowly up from her and leaned on his elbows.

"Sorry. It wasn't my meaning to crush you."

"I don't mind," Ann smiled at him as their lips met in a deep kiss. As the kiss ended, Ann felt his cock make a tug although it was still deeply embedded in her body. She smiled even wider. "Again?" she wondered.

"I can't get enough of you," Jared said truthfully as he bent down and nipped on her lip.

"Me neither," Ann smiled as she caught his lips in another kiss.

The end

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