Unexpected Hall Pass Ch. 02


"I aim to please"

She said now sitting up on the bed and gulping down water. She got up from the bed and stood where the air conditioner was blowing cold air on her. The room had the taint of fresh sex about it as all three of them were sweating even though the air con was set to it's lowest setting. Her heart was still racing away and had been since the moment they had entered the room and it finally started to recede as she now sat back on the edge of the bed. She looked at her husband:

"You cheat! You've dropped a tab haven't you!" she asked looking at him shaking her head.

"Yes I did, I didn't know this was going to happen I was planning to surprise you by staying hard for as long as possible I didn't know this was going to happen." came his almost sheepish reply in admission at popping a Viagra.

She looked at Mr. 106, at his rigid cock hanging rock like hard. "Since you've cheated I think our friend should choose what happens next to even it up" she replied with an air of mock indignity.

Mr 106 then said "A treat for me then? I want to see you ride like a cowgirl" and beckoned her husband to lie on the bed.


With her husband on the bed she straddled him and held her open pussy above his cock pointing straight up like a skyscraper. The juice he had left was mixed with her own and was starting to dribble down her thigh. Slowly she lowered herself down and began to ride up and down feeling his cock grind against her pelvic bone the chorus of their breathing is now added to by the squelching of her gliding up and down his slickend cock .She leans forward and starts to kiss her husband aware that Mr. 106 is behind her watching. Admiring another work of art perhaps? But this time in motion. She feels him climb onto the bed behind them then suddenly feels something probe her forbidden place which makes her stop dead.

"Panting she speaks "not there I don't like it"

Her brain remembers the couple of time she tried anal sex and she didn't enjoy it but didn't not enjoy it - it just didn't seem to be her thing.

"Ah but you said I choose what's next so you have to keep your promise!" he swiftly replied.

She looked at her husband he was nodding in agreement. She then reached across to the bedside drawer opened it and pulled out a bottle of her favorite lube, Gun Oil, and passed it back to Mr. 106.

"Please be careful" she asked with almost a whimper in her voice.

He squirted some on his finger and slowly slid the digit inside her as she continues slowly riding her husband. Within a few minutes he has two digits inside her and they were brushing against her husbands cock so she could feel the outline of the fingers and cock between the membrane of skin that separated the two passages. They kept it up for a few more minutes and several time she felt the squirt of more lube around his fingers until he pulled them out. She then heard the sticky sound of him stroking his well lubed cock.

Please, please be careful I'm not sure you'll fit "she stammered with her heart pounding as he gently pushed her down so the top part of her torso was pressed against her husband.

He movedcloser and she felt the head of his beast press against her entrance which made her tense up.

"Just relax a little" he said as he massaged her back through her basque.

She took a deep breath and tried to relax a little as he pushed against her opening. Her husband was still below her and she felt his heart beating as hard as hers as she felt Mr. 106's cock tease gently into her opening . She gasped out lowly to signify a mix of pain and pleasure. He held it there then back out again and pushed in a few seconds later but deeper. She felt her muscle stretching trying to accommodate him as the head was almost inside her but he let it slide out again. He applied some lube to himself then pushed again. She felt her muscle resist him but the lube aided the entry as the head of his cock slid past the ring of muscle and was inside her. She let out a long breath as he held it there and he paused as the slight stinging sensation she felt subsided.

"Please don't push too hard "she begged as he let his cock slide back out again.

He moved and entered again but this time the head slid fairly easily inside, went deeper until she felt it brush against her husbands cock inside her pussy. As soon as they felt each other her husband began moving up and down inside her taking the fact he knew Mr. 106 was now inside as the signal to up the pace. As he did Mr 106 didn't completely withdraw but allowed the widest part of his head to stretch her ring as wide as possible for a few moments before sliding his cock back in but deeper so it met the head of her husband's cock making them search out different routes as they rubbed against each other deep inside her. With each stroke he traveled deeper inside her as her tract stretched around his flesh. She found it a strange mix of sensations: her insides felt completely full the minor discomfort she first felt had been washed away by waves of ecstasy flooding through her now and she found her body bouncing back to meet their strokes. They both responded by upping the pace as her husband reached his hands around to spread her cheeks apart as if to invite Mr. 106 to go deeper. He kept inside her and went deeper and deeper until he bottomed himself out and started to withdraw all the way before sliding straight back in like a piston on a steam train. They found their rhythm that let them collide inside her giving them the most pleasure - it was almost as if their cocks were fighting over the space inside her.

"Stop, stop" she pleaded but her husband shook his head to say no and Mr. 106 remembered the earlier encounter he had with her.

They now banged away relentlessly into her body as the air was filled with the heavy breathing of out and out raw sex. Mr. 106 was reaching the point where he wouldn't be able to stop and slowed slightly, this caused her to speak:

"Don't stop, don't stop fuck me harder, harder"

It was too much for both men as they upped their pace to a point where they would have to stop soon or have a heart attack! Mr. 106 slapped one of her backside cheeks hard then held her hips as he thrust and held himself deep in her. His seed began spilling inside her and he felt her husbands cock lying parallel to his own, pulsing cock. She pushed back against the pair of them and gripped the sheets in her hand hard as she came again.

"Oh fuck, fuck fuck" emptied from her mouth as she let the orgasm rip through her made intense by the fact she could feel the hot seed being emptied into her body.

They slowed their rhythm and stopped, lay still until the hardness was gone and they slipped from her body. She felt goo dribbling out of her as she stood up rather wobbly in the bedroom. She walked breathless into the bedroom to try to clean up some of the mess and splash her face with water. She could here them breathing in the other room but neither of them spoke. Once she regained her composure she walked back into the bedroom. They were both fast asleep, completely spent! She had a quite chuckle to herself and gently wriggled herself between them on the bed.

"I wonder what tomorrow will bring?" She quietly asked herself as she too, drifted off to sleep.

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With first offer of ''pass'' husband proved his desire to be cuckold
Pretty sure any more offerings by inkent will be same
Had similar experience in my life, except wife did not want to partake. Husbandmore...

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