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Unexpected Home Movies


It was the first time that the extended family had come together for over a year now. The occasion that had brought them together was the celebration of Graeme and Helens thirty-fifth wedding anniversary and all of their children had made the journey home to celebrate the milestone. All of their children and their respective partners had made the journey home. I was not really relishing the occasion.

Graeme and Helen had five children. My wife Louise was the eldest at thirty-three. Louise is great girl who still holds those same looks that I fell for eight years ago. She has a good relationship with her mother but struggles to even speak with her father. Even still, I had cum many a time at the thought of her sisters Sarah, Rachael and Joanne. Sarah was a secretary and at thirty was still here living in her hometown. She was a real sporty type and had the body that comes from hard physical activity. She was married to Doug, a mechanic. He was a reasonable sort of guy, but a bit of an overprotective know it all. Sarah was also the quietest of the sisters. Rachael was at twenty-five a stuck up bitch. She had married an Ivy League guy on his way up the corporate ladder who thought he was it. Brad was his name. They were both extreme conservatives who thought themselves above the rest of us. Jo was the youngest girl at nineteen, and had brought her boyfriend home from college for the first time to meet us all. This had caused a great stir in the family, as the new boyfriend, Aaron, was a Negro. Jo has the most perfect arse that I have ever seen. I spent many a time by the family pool eyeing off her very fuckable body, but knew that that would only ever happen in my dreams. Glen was the only boy in the family and was the baby at eighteen. He was still living at home, and had been allowed to invite his best mate Roger over for the day. He was a good bloke.

It all happened when we were halfway through dinner at about nine o'clock. There was a knock at the front door and Glen went off to answer it. Loud voices could be heard. Within a minute he arrived back to the table white as a ghost with three armed men wearing balaclavas following close behind him.

The first masked man spoke. "OK folks this is your lucky night, you're going to be movie stars. Porn movie stars in fact. No one do anything stupid and no one will get hurt OK "

I couldn't believe it. I had heard about this about six months ago, but it had been in a church. In that case about ten men had held up a Sunday service and forced the congregation to perform sexual acts on each other while they filmed it. It had become the hottest black market tape ever.

"Like hell we are" said Rachael. " You will leave now."

The first masked man walked over to Rachael, grabbed the front of her dress and ripped the material down to her navel, exposing her bra. He then pulled his arm back and hit her hard in the stomach. She fell in tears to the ground. "We can do this two ways if you want it" he said " What's your name toots?" . Rachael looked up from the ground, tears flowing down her cheeks. "Fuck You." She snorted back at him. At this the first man stepped toward her again and she scrambled across the floor to escape him on hands and knees. Eventually she found herself trapped in the corner of the room with nowhere left to run. The man stood over her and spat on her. He was standing with his back to us so when he moved his hands to the front of his trousers we did not know what was happening until we saw the steady stream of piss falling onto Rachael's face. "Please no" she cried, "Brad, help me please."

"But they've got guns Rachael" came his response. She sobbed as he finished the stream off on her tits. "So who have we here", the first man asked us all, and then sought us all into the couples that we belonged, except for Brad and Rachael, He wouldn't let Rachael off the floor. " OK boys" he said looking at Glen and Roger "looks like your going to get lucky tonight. Take off your clothes and sit there in front of the pissgirl." The boys did as he said. I couldn't help but notice that Glen had a boner when he pulled down his shorts. He wasn't the only one getting hard seeing his sister like this. I had the biggest bone that I think I had ever had. As the boys sat next to Rachael the second man replaced his gun with a video camera and started to film. "Now tear her clothes off, lets see what she looks like. "The boys didn't move until the third man placed his pistol at Rogers' temple, at which time they started to undress Rachael roughly. She fought to keep her clothes on as she sobbed, but was soon laying there for us all to see. Fuck she looked good. "Now Rachael, the first man said, "suck their cocks, milk their cocks for us like the real slut that you are."

"I will not, fuck you." She said again. The first man picked up a fork off the table and walked over to Brad and drove the fork deep into his shoulder. Brad doubled in pain as the fork hung out of his shoulder. "There's plenty more where that came from. Now suck his cock."

"I said fuck off you sicko" Rachael cried trying to comfort her brother. The sight of the two of them naked on the floor, both now in tears trying to comfort each other was turning my cock to rock. It was so wrong. The first man went to the table again and returned with a carving knife this time, which he held to Brad's throat. "You suck their cocks or he dies. You Choose OK."

Brad was in tears with pain and fear when his sister looked into his eyes and said, "I'm sorry Baby". She reached up and pulled the fork from his shoulder with one hard pull and then lent over and took his now flaccid member in her hands. She bent her head to kiss the knob of his cock, then darted her tongue across it. As we all watched transfixed she took him into her mouth and stroked him slowly and deeply as he turned hard in her pert lips. I looked to my right and saw tears rolling down their mother's cheeks. The camera was recording it all. As Glen looked upon his sister sucking his cock, her gorgeous body exposed to him; he couldn't help but let a sigh escape as she bobbed up and down on his tool. He had never felt anything like this before as his own sexual experience previously had been limited to masturbating with his own hand, now as he felt the tingling build in his balls the pain in his shoulder had all but disappeared as he neared cumming in his sisters mouth. He thought to tell her that he was about to cum across the back of her throat but thought better of it in case she wouldn't let him. He wanted to cream her tonsils.

The first man must have seen it in his face because he put a stop to it. "Right that's enough bitch, now it's his friends turn, change cocks, and settle more on all fours with your arse in the air, your little brothers going to fuck you till he sprays his load in you."

"No please no", Rachael cried, "We've been trying for a child so I don't have any protection, please."

"You do it or he gets cut, OK" the man replied. With this Rachael moved to take Rogers already hard cock in her mouth. Roger had only a very small cock, about four inches long, but it was like rock. Rachael began to milk him as she had just done her brother, as Glen was lead around behind her and told to drive his cock into her cunt. Rachael tried to concentrate all her thoughts on the blow job that she was giving for the thought that she was about to be fucked by her brother was more than she could take. She felt him find her slit with his finger as he settled behind her. "Give her cunt a lick so that she's nice and wet" the first man said. Rachael felt her brothers breath on her labia, and then the warmth of his tongue as it darted into her cunt, licking her in rushed swipes of his tongue"

The first man laughed "I think your sister likes that Glen, she's glistening there, now fuck her like you want to." Rachael felt the head of his cock press against her lips, and then it drive forward, parting her cunt as her brother pushed hard. He was bigger than Brad, and much less gentle. She may have been his sister but this was his first fuck and instincts took over as he began to bang her hard. Tears fell from her face as Roger came in her mouth. Warm streams of cum shooting down her throat. She gagged as her brother fucked her for all he was worth. She heard him call out "Oh fuck yes" in a voice she had never heard before, and then she felt his seed blasting the walls of her cunt. Even after he had finished delivering his seed he still kept pumping her as he held onto her smooth hips, pulling her back to meet his strokes. My God, she thought, he really is enjoying this. As Glen began to fall limp inside her Brad was forced over to the scene, where he was made shake hands with and thank Roger for pleasuring his wife, and then made to kiss the cum off his wife's warm lips, all this while Glen was still stroking inside of her. After the kiss he was made shake hands with and thank Glen for fucking his wife like she needed to be fucked, before having to ask Glen to pull out of his wife's cunt so that he could taste his seed as he went down on her. Rachael was made lay on her back and spread her legs wide to make Brad's filthy job easier. As Rachael did this I could see her brothers cum seeping from her cunt. As brad buried his face to her crotch I felt like I was about to cum in my pants.

"OK" said the first man, "we are about to play a game, Everyone is to strip completely and to line up in couples for a headjob competition. The rules are simple, You suck your partners cock until he cums, but you don't swallow it, you have to hold it in your mouth. The first guy to cum gets to fuck all the women, while his partner has to swallow everyone's cum, the other girls will have to pass their partners cum onto her to swallow. The last guy that cums also gets to fuck all the women, but his partner will also be fucked by every man. Got that. Ok. Let's get naked everyone. Anyone that doesn't want to play will have their partner removed from proceedings permanently. Understood?"

As I undressed I was relieved to see that I wasn't the only guy with a boner.

Both Doug and the girl's father were also packing a primed cock. The whole situation was so surreal. Here undressing before me was Louise's sisters and mother, completely stark naked and they looked even better than I could have imagined if that was possible.

"What about us" said roger, "what do we do? We don't have partners."

"Yes you do, you've got each other, but your not eligible for the prizes though, you just get to suck each others cocks until you cum. If your both not spent in, lets say ten minutes, then you have to arse fuck each other. Now get sucking, you too girls."

I looked down into Louise's eyes as she took me into her warm mouth. Tears slipped along her face and she looked at me pleadingly. Without a word I could see her begging that I hold on so that I wouldn't be the first to cum, but hurry enough to ensure that I wasn't the last to finish. I looked from Louise around the room. Joanne was earnestly sucking Aaron's cock as if her life depended on it. He had a huge cock and it was an effort for her to fit it into her tiny mouth. Even though Jo was putting in a lot of effort, Jo didn't look as though she had much experience with cocksucking as she lacked technique. Her body was fucking unbelievable. Her tits were still not fully developed but I think that made me even hornier, her puffy nipples were awesome, and her pubic hair was so fine that it could hardly be seen. I could really fuck that I thought. Sarah was bloody tidy too, yet she had full tits and a fucking hairy snatch. Looking at her work Doug's cock, I could tell that she knew what she was doing. Louise's mum was a mess. She sucked their dads cock through a stream of tears, she didn't have what you could call a great body, but for someone fifty-five years old it wasn't too bad.

Their Father had his eyes closed. I got the feeling that he didn't have too many blowjobs. Glen and Roger were both sucking like crazy so they didn't have to be arse fucked, yet Glen was still not fully erect after having just spent his load it was taking some time to recover. I looked back to Louise who was still looking into my face pleading as she drew my cock into her mouth. That's when I made my decision. No fuck it, I want to fuck them all. I didn't want to watch Louise swallow everyone's load, but that was a small price to pay to fuck these girls. With this thought I turned back to watch Jo and relaxed, preparing to let go. Within a minute, while watching her sister bob up and down on a big black cock, I shot my load down Louise's throat as she sobbed. I was the first. Doug was not far behind me as he groaned and shot into Sarah's mouth. Sarah was then led over to Louise.

Louise was made lay on her back with her mouth open while Sarah held her mouth to Lousie and opened it to let Doug's cum slip into her mouth. I saw Doug's white jism slip into my wife's mouth, and then watched as my wife braced herself before swallowing his load. Louise's mum was soon to repeat the act as she slipped Louise's father's load into her daughter's mouth. Again Louise stiffened before swallowing her daddy's seed. It was now down to Brad or Aaron, whoever could cum sooner could save his partner from multiple fuckings. I could sense that most of the guys were almost willing Brad to cream Rachael, though Rachael was a stunner herself, Jo was something special.

Brad didn't disappoint as he grimaced and shot off into Rachael's mouth. Almost immediately afterward Aaron shot his wad into Jo's throat. The bastard I thought, he was holding back to be the last. I watched uneasy as both Jo and Rachael made there way to Louise to give her the cum of their lovers. Louise took both loads into her mouth before swallowing hard. Eight minutes had passed when Roger erupted in Glen's mouth. Nine minutes. With fifteen seconds to spare, Glen shot his load off into Rogers's mouth and they both moved over to Louise to give her their respective loads of seamen. Glen emptied his into her mouth without event, but Roger made a point of kissing Louise deeply as he passed the cum from his mouth to hers. Louise pushed him away and swallowed their deposits. She had done the deed. She stood up and walked to the table where she leant over it and dry wretched.

"OK, Break time" said the first man. "Thirty Minutes and then we start again. Give you boys some time to reload and for us to get the family member that's not here as yet so that they don't miss out."

"But we are all here" said Jo who was looking very bothered and confused.

"Not all of you are" said the first man. "We saw the German Shepard around the back as we cased the house. We can't have everyone get a load off and leave him out can we."

To Be Continued...

Please feel free to complete the next chapter.

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