tagInterracial LoveUnexpected Interest Ch. 01

Unexpected Interest Ch. 01


Hi everyone! This is my first series/story type of thing so I hope you enjoy it.


After working all day, Bobby personally was ready to go home. But to his amazement, his co-workers insisted on throwing a happy hour party. He tried his best to avoid all of those partaking in this party, for the sake of not being pressured to attend. He checked his desk clock to see it was 4:56pm, and it was almost that glorious time. But as he began to put on his blazer to go, he heard the infamous knock on his office door. He puffed a puff of frustration and rolled his eyes to no one.

I am not in the mood for this shit.

"Bobby!" Tammy called as she invited herself in. "Let's walk to happy hour together? I need someone to make sure I don't overdo it with the drinks" She barked a stiff, boring laugh that he knew too well.

Tammy was not a woman of his tastes, although she couldn't take the hints Bobby threw her regarding a blossoming relationship of nothing. And please believe, Bobby was very good at throwing hints; good and bad. He had plenty of practice with all women and could legally be called, an expert. Her red hair hung limp at her neck and her skin was practically orange from her tanning. She tried her best to work with the little body she had, no ass, no tits. He felt a little sorry for her, she wasn't blessed with the body but her face was of some worth.

Bobby is far from a shallow man; He cares almost nothing for a body or face. But Tammy's personality was way past the borderline of bearable. She talked about everyone, to everyone and thought of herself as superior.

Tammy sashayed to his desk, a white blouse with more buttons open than allowable. Her heels clacked against the hardwood floor, leaving that sound lingering in the air. Her small breasts leaned with her as she placed her weight on her hand resting on his desk. Bobby didn't spare he a glance, it was now 5:00 on the dot and he was not trying to be in this hell hole longer than he needed to be.

"I'm actually going to skip this one tonight." Bobby said gathering his things. He was implying he's gone before and has decided to pass this one up, but in fact, he's never attended one.

Tammy was disappointed. Her hopes of getting Bobby drunk and possibly falling to her knees ready to take her to his bed and put his big-

"Tammy?" Bobby interrupted her nasty thoughts, sensing her personal tension and he was ready to get out of this woman's presence immediately. If his cock could be any more deflated at this moment, it was at its all time record flat.

"I'm sorry to hear that, maybe we can go out for lunch on Monday?" She asked hopeful that he'd say yes so she could show off her new victory to her gossiping colleague friends. They would be so envious, to see her leaving the building with Bobby Walton on her arm. His lengthy body standing at a firm 6'4 and brown hair tussled lightly. His onyx eyes twinkling down on her, highlighted by his bright pretty teeth. She licked her lips at the thought, and quickly shook it off as Bobby was standing near her, obviously ready to exit his office, and wishing she was ready to do the same.

"I don't think so Tammy, I have lots of new clients scheduling account reviewing that day." Which was the truth, he didn't think he'd even be taking a lunch break these next few weeks.

"Oh okay." Tammy said a little more upset than she should have been. She turned and walked out of the office, putting a little more sway in her hips than usual. She hoped Bobby would notice.

Bobby didn't notice. He was too focused on the mission to get the hell out of the building as soon as he could.

Before Bobby could get home, he had to stop at the supermarket. He was pushing his current minimum supply of food to its limit and was on the brink of a famine. He parked his black BMW in an open spot in for the Shop Fresh and headed inside.

The April sun had shown through and he had gotten to take of his jacket, the breeze felt nice on him. The store was practically empty and he was thankful for that. He hated a crowd.

** * * * * * * * * * * * *

Natasha walked into the Super Market on a mission. She needed to make the perfect meal for tonight. She was hosting her and her girl's annual 2 month party and they were going to be hard to impress. They know of her skills in the kitchen and they would be critiquing to their fullest potential. She smiled to herself thinking of her longtime friends.

Olivia was a spunky chocolate girl with plenty of sass to share. Her hair hung to her shoulders in tight curls that she was lucky to have and her eyes sparkled with black tints. Summer was her rough princess, she loved to play sports and it was more than obvious. But her baby cleaned up well, and often had the men at her heels. Along with Olivia, she held a small spark with her tongue that Natasha thinks she picked up as a small habit. Or maybe she just acquired it after having the girls talk slick to her after so many years. You really needed a backbone to be in this tight group of 3. They never held back their words with each other.

Natasha stopped at the freezer door as she saw the most gorgeous man she thinks she's ever seen. And she has seen her fair share of men. She licked her lips in curiosity and tried to fix herself up as nonchalantly as she could. Natasha smoothes out her purple blouse and black work skirt around her thick bottom to accentuate the curve bulging there. This man had sun kissed skin, much different to the color of her own, or the color of any other man she's ever dated. Maybe it was the Trey Songz bumping from his IPod headphones that really dumfounded her, and had her wanting to know more about him.

Sex ain't better than love.
Girl you've been my teacher and I've learned.

Trey Songz sung it to the whole silent aisle, and all she wanted was for this man to sing it to her personally. His dark blue work shirt hung fairly loosely around his chest and she could tell he's not too foreign with the gym. He was tall and handsome. His long fingers tapped lightly to the music as he looked intently into the freezer's glass, deciding.

Damn, how am I going to talk to him? Natasha thought. She never got nervous when approaching a man but they were usually her type. She could automatically tell they'd be into her from the moment she'd see them. But this beautiful white man, she didn't know. He looked like he belonged in an Abercrombie photo with his bleach blonde by his side, but the way he moves to the music indicates he ain't afraid of a little soul either.

Is she dancing to my music? Bobby asks himself. He sneaks a glance at the good-looking chocolate, golden brown woman as she rummages through her cart singing the lyrics to his music in sync with every word. She gently sways her hips and bobs her head in a sexy way.

She is really stunning. She walks over to the freezer a few doors down from him and he doesn't need to look, to see her body is solid and voluptuous. But of course, he sneaks a peek anyway and he was right. Her booty and thighs fill out her skirt and her breasts follow suit. Her tight black skirt accentuates her calves and green ankle bracelet. Her reddish brown hair flows down the middle of her shoulder blades and her button nose, with the small stud shinning reaches upward stretching for something a little higher on the shelf. He looks away again and he can tell she notices him, he can feel her gaze warming his body.

She probably wouldn't be interested in a dude like me.

**** * * * * * * * * * * *

­­­­­I got it! Natasha thinks eagerly as the cutie starts to walk out the aisle. Her hope and self confidence striding away with each step he takes. What a cute ass he has on him... mmm Natasha thinks. Focus girl, focus.

"Mister.." Natasha says in her sweetest voice. He turns around with a bored expression on his face, and she automatically regrets calling him over. But she can't just back out now, and then she'll really look stupid. She takes a defeated sigh and looses her energetic mood.

"Yeah?" He asks, walking back toward her with a slow steady pace. Bobby is ecstatic, and is jumping for joy that this woman would be so bold as to approach him first.

"Can you help me get the cheese on the top shelf, I'm sorry to bother you?" Natasha says in the cooing way, throwing in a small apologetic smile. Bobby falls a little weak in his knees, but puts down his basket to help his soon to be wife. As he leans up to grab the cheese, Natasha's eyes wander. She fights the urge to rub him down as he elongates his already long body just the slightest amount to get the cheese.

Just as she lets her eyes really drink him in, Lady Antebellum 'Just a Kiss' alerts her of a text message. She rolls her eyes in frustration and focuses back to the task at hand. Bobby is impressed with this woman's choice of music, R and B and Country? She is very diverse, he admires that. As he grabs the cheese and hands it to the attractive lady in hopes that she'll try and start a new conversation with him.

"Thank you so much." She states in her same sing song voice, which is very high pitched. He would love to hear what she sounds like in bed, screaming his name while he rubbed her button vigorously. His cock tingled at the thought and for the sake of embarrassment, he pushes the thoughts aside. Her collar bone hung bare, and Bobby longed to touch the smooth skin of her neck just for the creaminess of its color.

"No problem," He stated "If you need me for anything else let me know." He stated jokingly at first, and she laughed a small laugh until she looked back into his eyes and saw the glimpse of sex he held there. Then they both fell silent for a few seconds. Natasha broke the glare for a moment and Bobby panicked for a new topic to bring up.

"So.. You like Trey Songz I noticed?" He added with a half smile. I'm a fucking idiot. This is all I could think of?! Bobby beat himself up internally for this small question. It was really lame, and he knew it couldn't be much of a conversation starter. But he'd be damned if this wonderful woman didn't stretch his comment like the production of a Laffy Taffy and used it to her advantage.

"Absolutely! He is the star in some of my all time favorite jams. I couldn't help but overhear such good music ya' know?" She chuckled lightly at the realization of too much personality coming out of her when she spoke of music. When she spoke of dance, she spoke of singing and dancing. All of which she loved to do. She didn't want to scare him too much with all her individuality. But he noticed her light of personality and was overjoyed at his discovery. Bobby wanted more, she was too special.

"I completely understand. I'm Bobby." Bobby extended his hand for her to shake and she smiled lightly at him, displaying all of her white teeth and dimples in her chin. Her peach, sparkly nails extended towards him and they shook.

"Natasha." She stated. They both noticed the warmth of each other's hand, both sweaty with nerves. He smiled at her too, appreciative of how cute she was. Her name was sensual, and strong. It fit her well, for some reason Bobby couldn't have chosen a different name for her. It was like, she was destined for this title. Lady Antebellum rang again but it wasn't a text, it was a full blown call and she knew it was one of her girls. She gave him a sympathetic smile which Bobby took as a signal not to go anywhere. He took this time to search through her cart, feeling it would be alright.

"Hello?... Hey... Yeah, I'll be there in a half hour... What time is it?... Olivia, I have plenty of time left, why does it even matter?... Nobody told you to skip lunch girl... Just be patient... I have to go, see you in a few... Alright bye." Natasha finished up to find Bobby lurking through her cart. She turned around to face him and cleared her throat with a small smile playing on her lips.

Bobby laughed at her, she was so fucking cute. He wanted to purchase her and take her home like a new toy which he would adore for the rest of his life. Natasha felt a little self conscious at his stares and looked down into her cart. This caused Bobby to smirk even more.

"It looks, and sounds like you have somewhere to be. Can I get your number before you go Natasha?" Bobby asked hopefully. Natasha was lost for words. Wait until my girls hear this! She nodded a silent yes and took out her phone. She handed it to him in its pink, sparkly case and he almost burst out laughing at how girly she was. After he finished putting it in, he could only notice she had 2 other guys under the same name as Bobby. So he had to redefine his name as "Shop Fresh Bobby." He felt a pang in his stomach at the thought of guys clawing to get to her. He wanted her as his own, and he had every intention on her belonging to him. Bobby always got what he wanted and Natasha was it. As she searched through her phone to send him a text, he looked at her with narrow eyes. He was closing in on his prey.

Natasha sent him a text and now they were on their separate ways. She prayed to God, that she wouldn't have to be the one to call first. She was terrible with allowing herself to be the first to call a guy. And if Bobby didn't call first, they probably would never speak again.

Bobby turned back to watch Natasha walk in the opposite direction and boy, was that a sight. Her luscious ass swayed from each side she took her steps and bobbed like it had a mind of its own. He hoped one day he could hold it for himself.

** * * * * * * * * * *

"Tash, you need to call this man. If he's as sexy as you say he is, you can make an exception to your little rule." Summer says to me in between bites.

Natasha cooked macaroni and cheese, curry chicken, and collard greens. Plus cheesecake for dessert. These girls better be lucky I love them, this was hard work. But I don't mind it too much. Natasha thought.

Now Olivia and Summer sat at the table dogging their food like African kids straight out the Paid Programs. Natasha took a second to consider what Summer said. She did think Bobby was cute, he was funny and he made her feel good. Maybe she'd give it a few days, her worst fear is seeming too eager.

Lord knows I'm not in a rush to get a man. I'm doing fine without one. Natasha stated to herself looking around her fairly lavish apartment. It was covered in deep browns, oranges, and beiges. Nice beautiful natural colors. Her faux leather couches were shinning and the large sun mirror behind it broadcasted her friends. She checked on Iodine, her fat chocolate rabbit sitting in its cage in the corner of her living room. She got the 3 story cage built just for him and she loved him to pieces. Natasha's favorite element on the periodic table was Iodine, but she'd never reveal that nerdy ass secret. Her big window was always open letting in a light breeze. If she had her paycheck, she most likely blew it in the mall rather than Pier 1. Her appearance was much more important. She was the originator of the first Environmental Law Firm in Rhode Island. She was doing great, and loved her job. Her passion is and will always be the Earth; she is a true nature girl. But on top of that, she needed to satisfy her quick tongue so she joined Law. She's now happily voicing her loud and witty opinions on the wrong and rights of people and the place they live. How much happier could she be? Her pink vibrator hiding in her drawer could think of a few ways, including the last time she used it where her thought focused on Bobby entirely. She sighed at this thought, but quickly pushed it aside. Sex isn't everything.

"Yeah, girl. I can't wait to meet his fine ass." Olivia says eyeing me and then turning her attention back on her plate. She pushed the strays of her jet black hair back, as they were threatening to fall into her food.

"Well, I'll wait until Tuesday. He has a weekend and a day. More than enough time right?" Natasha asks. The two girls ignore her as they continue to swallow up their food. She leans back in her chair, too overcome with thought to eat.

"So little Tasha had to think of a scheme to get ole' dudes attention huh?" Summer glared at Natasha with a wicked smile on her lips. I'll never stop hearing about this! She knew that was way below Natasha's way of talking to a guy. She was usually so bold, but most of the time, the guy would approach her. Summer knew, she must have been really weary about whether he'd be attracted to her. She was disappointed, her friend was truly something.

"I just felt I needed to make sure he was feelin' me before I made a fool of myself." She said simply, shrugging he shoulders at the end. The whole night of dinner, Natasha had been in a trance like state, contemplating the choices of her love life, and thinking of the future she might have with Bobby.

"Personally, I thing you really like him." Olivia said. I think I do too.



"Cameron, she hasn't called me and you damn sure know I'm not calling her first." Bobby told his best friend of 6 years. He had been convincing Bobby to take the first step and call to ask her out. But Bobby didn't understand why he felt he should, if she wanted him bad enough she could make the effort. He was not that desperate.

"She's probably saying the same thing. Look, I'm tired of see you jump and scramble at the sound of your own phone ringing. You clearly want to try things out with her, so just call her up. You're going to fuck around and miss out on a good woman because you can't get over your pride and 'past success'. You've already said she was special, why are you expecting her to act like all the other whores you've dated?" Cameron told Bobby. Bobby hated when he got into his Dr. Phil modes. It often makes him rethink every decision he's ever decided on. Bobby sighed in confusion.

As always, Bobby thinks about it hard enough and agrees that he wanted to see her. He was missing her dazzling personality and would love to learn more about her choice in music. He took out his cell phone and put his phones focus on her number. Shit. He said as he realized he was getting nervous, something very unusual for himwhen it came to women. His palms began to go slick under the phone, and his heart fluttered.

Natasha wasn't his usual type of woman. He loved curves but he satisfied his craving with Italian women. Sometimes they had a little extra meat on them than a usual white girl. But Natasha, Natasha was everything and then some. Her personality shined and her body wasn't hard to miss either. Italian women were sticks in comparison. Natasha had a small waist, but her ass was the size of someone who was 40 pounds overweight. His fingers jittered as they went up to his ear. He looked at Cameron who had turned his attention back to the plasma where the basketball game was playing. They were chilling at Cameron's house to watch the playoffs.

Bobby reached for the remote to turn down the Tv hanging on the wall loudly announcing a good score as the phone rang on the other line. Cameron huffed in protest and now sat, watching Bobby right in his face. Since he couldn't watch TV he had to watch something. He could hear the phone ringing beside him, so he would listen to what she said. Please, don't let this girl hurt his feelings. Cameron thought, thinking up a silent prayer. He'd be mad at the world if she did, he wasn't in the mood to kick him out today.

"Hey Natasha, its Bobby from the grocery store." Bobby said with a confident voice that was far from what he really felt. He twiddled a piece of lint in his lap, nervous.

"Oh hey, how are you?" She asked him. She had been jumping for delight before she answered the phone. She lay on her bed in a T-shirt and shorts, waking up from an after work nap. She rolled over onto her side, like a teenage girl. Her hair was matted on the back of her head. But Natasha held a smile wide and broad.

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