Unexpected Interest Ch. 01


"I'm doing great, thanks. Um... I was wondering if you wanted to do something tonight. If you weren't busy of course." Bobby said trailing off at the end. He looked at Cameron for some type of review on how he was handling this but he saw nothing but confusion.

Why is he being such a pussy? This chick must be super cute. Cameron thought, picking up his beer and shaking his head lightly.

"Oh... yeah. I'm not doing anything really. What did you have in mind?" Natasha said, getting up to pace around her bedroom.

What the hell did I have in mind? Bobby thought.

"How about you just come over, and I'll make dinner for us?" Natasha asked, sensing he had no idea where he wanted to go. Bobby smiled in response.

"Cool, I'll be over at 8." Bobby said. And with that, they collected addresses and each held their smile even after the call was over.

** * * * * * * * * * * * * * **

"I knew he would call! You was over here worrying Olivia." Summer said over the 3 way. Natasha was getting ready for her date and just had to call her girls to give them the good news. They screamed and cheered for her like she was walking down the aisle. But now she walked around her closet, and her best friends spoke on speakerphone.

"Okay okay, he called. But what am I going to wear ya'll?" Natasha asked, sounding truly distressed. She stood in her closet, in her underwear. A hand was placed on her hip and the other ran through her hair. She was finding a hard time figuring out if she should dress up or be casual. Considering they would be over her house, she figured it would be a casual type of date. But still, she wasn't entirely sure.

"Hopefully it won't matter, because he'll be peeling the clothes of as soon he gets there. Right Tash baby?!" The girls burst into laughter at Olivia's comment but Tash wasn't laughing. Her face held straight as she realized she had never considered the possibility of Bobby trying to sleep with her.

"Ya'll know I don't have sex on the first, second and maybe not even the third date." She said simply. This is the truth, Natasha believes heavily in waiting a little before you commit with sex. Natasha knows, she'd never be able to keep up her nonchalant poker face if she had given her most important gift to a man. This must be why she's only had sex but 2 times in her 27 years of life. But Natasha has had the option to triple the number more than 10 times, but that's not in her nature and her girls know it.

"Yeah we know, we know... Wear that cute black off the shoulder shirt you just bought Tash." Summer says, and it's automatically a brilliant idea. Natasha rummages through her drawers to find the new shirt she bought over 2 weeks ago still with its tag.

"Oh my goodness Summer girl, I love you! I think I'm going to wear my miracle jeans too." Natasha says running to go find them. The miricale jeans are her jeans that fit her so perfectly. It's so hard to find a good pair of jeans that fit perfectly to her thighs and ass but aren't 30 sizes too big in the waist. They were truly, amiracle.Her somewhat clean and neat room was turned into shambles trying to figure out to wear. As she walked past the nightstand the clock said 7:40. The yams, green beans, fried catfish and hush puppies sat in the oven on low, to ensure they stayed hot. Now all she had to do was get dressed. But she needed to hurry up.

"Alright, I'll call you afterwards." Natasha says quickly ending the call, stopping their babble amongst each other about something other than her date, or herself. But she wasn't interested in that, she turned her radio to her favorite station and let it play fairly low while she got dressed. She found her miracles that flared at her calves and put on her off the shoulder black shirt that showed her glowing collar bone. Natasha remembers catching him stare at it in the grocery store. Natasha walks to her mirror.

I look delectable. Mhm.. She says to herself, putting on her thick gold hoops and wide gold bangles. Her makeup was natural; her lip gloss made her full lips shine, her lashes thick, and her deep blush gave her color. She wore her hair in a long bob, her bangs side swept. Just as she sprayed a few sprits of her favorite Calvin Klein Eternity perfume behind her ears and her wrists and took a deep breath, her doorbell rang.

Natasha's eyes flew open at the sound and her heart went pumping. She waited about 2 more seconds before she looked through the peep hole and just 1 more second before she opened the door.

No enthusiasm. She thought. But there he was, in all his glory yet still fully clothed. He stood before her in a dark blue Ralph Lauren polo fitted at his ribs, and the loose camouflage shorts matched perfectly. They also showed his calf tattoo that was so hot. It was colored brightly and featured flames, skulls, dragons and some tribal pieces. His five o' clock shadow looking more like a sexy half past 8. He tightly held a paper bag that probably held something to drink. They stood there for a moment, drinking each other in.

She looks so good. Bobby thought. Her jeans were filled out, no sign of loose fabric anywhere. Her thighs were wide, fitting perfectly in alignment with her hips. But her waist didn't follow; it began to curve inward from that point on. Her fitting black blouse proved him this, and her breasts fought for some room to move. But her skin was shown on one shoulder and she looked too sexy. It was hard for Bobby not to take her right there; he was getting more frustrated with each day he had to go without sex. But lately she had been the only thing on his mind, so calling a side hoe was out of the question. He needed to have her.

"Hey." He said coolly, as he noticed they had been standing outside for a little more than averagely normal. She stepped aside to let him inside, and he looked around. He thought it looked like her. Her name was written over every inch of her house. It was completely down to Earth, yet flashy. It held nothing back, but it was just everything she was. Her furniture was beige, and her walls orange and brown. Bobby even noticed the rabbit in its cage. But there was no scent of him anywhere, it smelled of light citrus. It was so cozy, Bobby felt suddenly tired. But then he remembered the woman trailing behind him.

"You hungry baby?" She asked him. It wasn't a sexy 'baby', it was like a mother talking to her son. Bobby absolutely hated it. But he could tell this was who she was and decided to let it go. He followed her into the kitchen. He found her leaning down into the stove, her ass pointing high into the air, plump and inviting. He took this position in for a moment, blanking out entirely.

Natasha could feel him watching her, but it only encouraged her to keep bending over. But she slowly leaned up with the pans of food and grabbed some plates. She felt him walk over to her, slowly. She heard his sneakers hit her linoleum floor, indicating he had left the dining room's border of hard wood for the kitchen. He stood directly beside her. Bobby took this moment to study her, obviously making her nervous. But she still made the plates of food for them.

"Is there any reason why you chose these colors?" Bobby asked, making her body shake by the intenseness in his whisper.

"Um, I love natural colors personally. Especially dark greens and oranges." She said.

"Since when is green a natural color?" Bobby said, honestly interested in her answer. Natasha looked up at him and his eyebrow was raised. She rolled her eyes at his close-mindedness and went back to making plates.

"What is the definition of a natural color?" Natasha said, putting emphasis on 'natural color.' He sat thinking for a moment.

"Colors you'd normally see, like outside." Bobby said, not knowing where she was going with this.

"What are some things you see outside?" She asked, walking their plates over to her wooden, handmade dining room table set. It was made from 100% recycled sand wood and she loved it to pieces. It was easy to clean and it was durable. A vase of fresh flowers sat in the center, Bobby noticed they were the exact same ones outside her house in her fairly large garden.

"Bark, dirt, grass, leaves..." He trailed off as he realized that 2 out of the 4 things he named were obviously green. He grew embarrassed for ever doubting her, and gave a weak smile that she followed with a light chuckle.

Bobby and Natasha talked while he ate. She found out Bobby was one of the 4 managers at a accounting company downtown.

He must make some good money. She thought to herself.

Natasha also found out Bobby was from Delaware and moved to Rhode Island when he graduated high school. His mother passed away right before his freshman year of college and he didn't know his father at all. His mother had remarried but he wasn't fond of his step father. Natasha felt a little sorry for him. He didn't know what it was to have a full, supportive family standing behind him like she did.

Bobby envied Natasha for her well upbringing. It was more than obvious that she was spoiled, but you would never know. For some reason she learned the definition of hard work and seemed to hold a strong relationship with it throughout her life. She was committed to what she did and absolutely loved it.

"You know Trey Songz really isn't that cute." Bobby said, checking for her reaction. He remembered that moment when she expressed her love for his music and he couldn't help to think that this love was fueled with physical attraction.

"Bobby, I'm not expecting you to understand this but... Trey Songz is one of the sexiest things to walk this Earth." Natasha said, feeling she needed to get this point across. Bobby suddenly felt self conscious, realizing he was nothing like Trey Songz. Natasha sensed this immediately.

"But Channing Tantum is of course number one." Natasha said, knowing he looked very similar to him. Bobby smiled lightly at her and turned his attention back to his food. Bobby's leg shifted under him as he ate and Natasha remembered his nice tattoo.

"You're tattoo is really nice." Natasha said. He looked up from his plate and smiled lightly.

"Thanks, I got it on my 21st about 7 years ago." He said. "You got any tattoos?"

"Nope, I'm scared." She said, chuckling a little. Bobby nodded and turned back to his meal.

Natasha watched Bobby as they spoke; he was picking up speed with each bite he took. One by one the hush puppies went, then the pieces of fish were eaten in halves, the yams were gone in 4 scoops and the green beans soon followed. This man's plate was completely bare. Once he was finished, he looked up at her and smiled. She couldn't help but smile back.

"You were not playing no games huh boy?" She asked jokingly. But his smile fell as he looked at her plate. Natasha could cook up a hell of a meal entirely by herself; courtesy of her daddy. But she very rarely at more than a few bites of her own creations. She just honestly, never has a taste for her own food. Natasha will critique her own meals and trick herself into thinking they were nasty. This is why her freezer was getting more and more stocked with frozen dinners than chicken and steak.

"Why aren't you eating? And there's barely anything on your plate!" He asked, sounding somewhat concerned.

I hope he doesn't think I'm some kind of eating disorder girl.

"I just don't like to eat my own food." Natasha said collecting his plate to take it to the sink.

"Why didn't you tell me that before you insisted we sit here and watch me eat your amazing food? I would have taken you out." He said, sounding even more upset. She could understand why, he didn't feel like she was enjoying herself as much as he was. Which wasn't the case at all.

"It's not that big of a deal Bobby. We can just go out next time." Natasha said, hinting another date in their future soon. She smiled to herself as she faced away from him. He chuckled, noticing the hint.

"It's a deal." He said. Natasha walked to get her plate but she took it outside on her porch and scraped it small amount of contents into her compost bin, but she decided to save the green beans for Iodine. Bobby couldn't help but wonder what she was doing, and got up to watch her out the window. But it didn't cure his curiosity one bit; it actually fueled the fire even more.

"What is that?" He asked watching her walk over to the kitchen sink to wash the green beans off. She didn't want Iodine to taste any of the seasonings she put on them.

"It's a compost bin I made last year." She stated simply, while walking over to the cage. She opened it, placed the green beans in and closes it back. Following the sound of the cage closing was the sound of something moving inside. She stood there watching the rabbit consume her treats with eyes of a mother and Bobby knew she loved that rabbit. It made him smile a little, to see her in such a trance like state.

"What's it for?" He asked walking over to the couch and taking a seat on it. It was comfortable and felt suddenly at home. Bobby beckoned her over to him with a wiggle of his finger. Natasha took the clue and joined him, turning off the living room light, grabbing the remote to the TV and turning it on. She snuggled up under his arm that rested on the back of the couch onto his shoulder. She coiled her feet up beside her and felt so at ease in his presence. Natasha momentarily closed her eyes, yet completely awake.

"I put scraps of food and Iodine's poop in it," She said nodding towards the cage "and over time it breaks down. It creates some gases that are good for the air and the process of decomposition leaves behind pure nutrients. So I use it for my plants in my garden."

Bobby was impressed. She was pure bliss, and he loved being around her. He looked at Iodine and cared about her almost as much as Natasha did. He looked down on her. Bobby knew she was a waiter when it came to sex, but at this point it didn't matter. She was absolutely worth it. He turned his head and belched away from Natasha. He excused himself in a way that sounded surprised. Natasha laughed and rubbed him lightly on the belly, this made him laugh too.

Bobby's phone vibrated in his pants and Natasha leaned up so he could reach it. He grabbed it quickly and Natasha fell right back into position, fully unaffected. Bobby was curios as to whom it could be, he usually didn't get too many texts from important people. He set his phone's text settings to vibrate when either his family or Cameron texted. Girls never vibrated or rang because it could usually mess up an important date or something such as this.

Hey Bobby! It's Tammy. I wanted to surprise you with a visit and invitation to hang out but Cameron was there and he let me in. Waiting 4 u

Bobby sat there a moment, thinking. Should he call Cameron and tell him to pass the message along that she should just go home? He looked back at the beautiful Natasha resting on his belly. He wanted to stay with her for as long as he could and Tammy would make sure that didn't happen.

"Sweety, I'm going to make a call really quick." He said lifting her up a little then leaning her back onto the couch, lying her down. Natasha snuggled up to the smooth seat cushion; it was warm and smelled just like him. But she couldn't help the heat rising in her of suspicion and his lack of curtsey concerning their date. She tried her best to listen to what he was saying outside her townhouse door, but she couldn't and suddenly felt bad she ever wanted to. She wasn't that type of girl.

** * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Cameron. Why the fuck did you let her in?" Bobby asked, trying to keep his anger on a minimum scale. He paced along the balcony, fighting the urge to fully curse him out. He hated that his night was being ruined.

"Dude, she said she knew you, you two were cool and you had plans. I was essentially bamboozled." Cameron said, sounding genuinely honest. He has a key to Bobby's apartment and Bobby has a key to his. Cameron usually comes by when he wanted to play the PS3, sometime Bobby had plans on buying Cameron for his birthday.

"Tell her to get out. Right now, and not to ever show up unannounced at my apartment again." Bobby said sternly.

"Of course. How's your thing going? Did you get any to any of the prizes yet?" He asked, signaling that she was in the room. Cameron always knew what to do. He was a great friend, wingman and always covered for Bobby.

"It's going well. I don't think I'm getting any of that for awhile, but I'm cool with it. We can just wait it out. She cooked for me and Cam, man, it was the best meal I've eaten in awhile." Bobby said, reflecting in his own honesty.

"Can you please, snag me a plate? You owe me. And um... we can talk about this later. I'm playing the game." He said suddenly ending his statement.

"Tell her! Don't be a bitch about it either. Set her straight. And I'll try." Bobby laughed towards the end. Natasha wouldn't have a problem with him taking some to go. She almost never ate it seemed.

They hung up and Bobby opened the door and stepped back into the house. To his amazement, Natasha was asleep. This was a wakeup call for Bobby. It proved that she wasn't trying to listen in on his conversation as any other of his dates would, and that she was cute when she slept. Bobby walked over to where she was laying and scooped her up into his arms. She was a solid girl, definitely not the lightest but Bobby fully understood why. Her curves rested in his arms and she lay limp, snoring lightly. Bobby still strolled with her easily, and walked into her room. It was fairly clean and once again, followed the theme of her house.

He laid her down in the center of her bed, being careful not to disturb her in her sleep. She stayed spread out and still snoring. He pulled the covers up over her, not trusting himself with taking off her clothes and proceeded to leave the room. It was 12:00 and he figured she was tired, having worked all day. But as he was almost out the door he heard muffling on the bed. He turned to find that she was sitting upright and looking him right in his eyes.

"Where are you going?" She asked, sounding upset and concerned like a small child. Bobby wanted nothing more than to kiss her and hold her, just guarantee he would always be there. He knew it kind of seemed like he was dipping out on her but he wasn't.

"I just thought I should let you sleep. I'll call you tomorrow." He said to her quietly.

"Oh Okay. Thanks." Natasha said simply.

Kiss me. Natasha thought, practically screamed in her head. She hoped he sensed it. Her hands clenched a little on the sheets, all of her faith and silent prayers protruding to the man up stairs.

Bobby walked over to her. He placed his hands on either side of her thighs onto the bed, basically trapping them. His biceps flexed in the darkness and Natasha rested on had on them, grasping his warmth. She leaned her head up to catch his kisses and they shared them for over 2 minutes in the darkness. Bobby loved the way her lips were framed. They were two round and perfect figures into his mouth. He sucked her bottom lip lightly and then squeezed his tongue between her teeth. Their tongues danced and Bobby moaned lightly inside of her. Then he moaned even louder when she snuck her tongue to caress the roof of his mouth. Bobby lightly bit her bottom lip and she moaned over and squeezed her thighs together to help ease the ache in her pussy from their kisses. Bobby felt her thighs move under him and her moan sent a quiver down his cock. But against his will, he pulled away from her and took a deep breath before licking her taste off of his lips.

"Nat baby, can I take some food? I won't take it all I promise. And I'll call you tomorrow" Bobby said, trying to lighten the tension between them.

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