tagInterracial LoveUnexpected Interest Ch. 04

Unexpected Interest Ch. 04



"Momma, I'm sorry. I've been meaning to call you this week. I've been so busy with work and everything. I know what, I need my nails and feet done ASAP, and I damn- I mean, I know you don't ever get yours done, so let's go tomorrow night. I'll pick you up after work. No backing out either girl." Natasha told her mother, trying to multitask with signing off some documents too. She was sitting at work and the office was busy today. Along with her mother calling and complaining unannounced, a whole new case opening up consisting of a multi-million dollar company suing another multi-million dollar company with complainants that their choices for storing their bio-hazardous waste is interfering with their product production and asking for over 4 billion dollars in differences is asking Natasha to represent them specifically. They're offering to pay the office 200,000 dollars in benefits and 78,000 for her as an individual. But the company she was representing went against all of her environmental morals. She believed they were guilty as can be. How can she represent someone who she wants to go completely against? To think of only herself would be selfish, there were 19 other people who would benefit from the case and would love to split the 200,000 dollars amongst each other. Plus her and Bobby had been taking things a little farther too but nowhere near sex, and she could tell he's willing to go beyond. But he has yet to pressure her and she was thankful for that.

"Alright baby, I'll be waiting for you. Don't be stressing yourself out too much over there either. Understand me?" She asked strictly.

"Yes ma." Natasha said, rolling her eyes at her mother. "How's daddy?" She asked, she hadn't spoken to him since a few weeks ago, which was the last time she spoke to her mother too.

"He's doing fine, just wondering when his ShaSha will be over here to see him." She said, trying to pull the guilt trip.

Here we go. She thought. Her mom always did this, no matter how many times Natasha tries to explain her job and social life. She tries her best to put family first, but other things always catch her attention earlier. But calling every week playing the accountable conscience is not always going to be effective. She loved her family, her mother, father, sister and new niece she's only seen a few times in her 6th month of life. But she was always so busy, she could feel it start to wear on her; she was beginning to take her anxiety medicine again. She was almost 4 months stress free, and pill free but recently, it's been difficult to keep her stressing under control. She woke up thinking, planning, deciding and executing, and fell asleep doing the same things. It was even beginning to put her in a bad mood.

"I'll be over soon. I gotta go, call you later." Natasha said, not in the mood to deal with this. She hung up as her mother said goodbye and stopped signing off to lean back in her chair and close her eyes for a few moments. But as she should have known, this can't go too long without interruption. On cue, her phone rings again just as she huffs and answers it.

"Ms. Ellis, there's an Olivia on the line for you." The receptionist says.

"Let her through Kelly, thanks." Natasha says tiredly. After a few seconds, she hears a voice she knows so well.

"So what's up? You too good to hang out with your girls anymore? You can't even spare a call? We ain't heard from you in a week Tash. Don't let your new man make you forget who your friends are." Olivia said, letting her tone run loose. Natasha was suddenly overcome with energy as she quickly left her large leather chair to shut the office door. Olivia continued to rant as Natasha walked back over towards the phone. She usually used a different way of talking around the office, but Liv was asking for it.

"What's up with you? You say you ain't heard from me in a week but the first conclusion you jump to is that I don't want to chill with you? What about my well being? And first off, the phone works both ways. I see what kind of friends ya'll are; ones who always think it's always about them. But baby girl, I have a life to live and things to do." She says, trying to keep her words light, yet still mild so she gets her point across in a tone that's suitable.

"Whatever! The only thing that's changed about this 'life' that you so called have to live is Bobby. Everything else was exactly the same and so were our friendships. So I can't help but put two and two together."

"You have no idea the shit I'm going through Olivia so don't even start. The fact that you haven't talked to me in so long only proves that you aren't up to date with my life. Many things have changed." Natasha said, she was feeling hot and knew she better get off the phone soon before she started being irrational. Fighting with her friends was difficult because they were her friends and she needed them there for her. Even though they hadn't spoken in awhile, she knew they were just a call away but when they fought it was a whole different story.

"Girl, you know what? I really don't care. If you're happy, than I'm happy for you. But if being happy means that our friendships aren't as strong as they once were, then what can I do?" Olivia laughed. "You do what you want and I'll just see where things end up."

"Shut up, nothing's gonna happen. I love ya'll and we'll always be close." Natasha said smiling. She knew Olivia's tone had lightened up by the playfulness in her voice but she couldn't help but feel the wrath of her previous feelings still coursing through her veins. Nor couldn't she help but feel the pressure of unbalance in her life.


"Baby?" Bobby asked, coming through the front door of Natasha's town house. He was spending a lot of time here, and Natasha spent some time over his too. So they both decided to supply each other with keys. Bobby was eager to see her and had missed her a lot today; she hadn't answered his calls while he was at work. He walked through the living room and didn't see her. He took a peek into Iodine's cage and he was there hopping around happily. He walked into the dining room to see her slumped over, papers spread on the table and her hands scribbling fiercely. Her shoes were still in place and she hardly looked comfortable. He walked behind her chair and snuck a kiss on her cheek delicately, leaning in for her lips a little more. But to his surprise she leaned away just the smallest amount for him to miss her lips again. Natasha stayed focused on her work.

Bobby tried to ignore this, and walked into the kitchen to grab a beer. "What's for dinner Natty?" He had taken to calling her this over the past few weeks. She liked it; it was one she hadn't heard before. Her father calls her ShaSha, her girls call her Tash and most of her co-workers call her Nat. But Natty was definitely original.

"I don't know. Why do I need to cook every night? Cooking takes a lot of energy and time in case you didn't know. Wait, maybe you do know, hence the reason you never do it." She said with a lot of attitude. She looked him right in the eyes, with her hand over her forehead leaning on her elbow. Then all of a sudden she got up and stormed off into the bathroom.

Bobby had never seen her act like this. The rudeness was something he hadn't experienced before, and the fact that he didn't expect it only made things worse. He didn't know what to do, so he stupidly walked up to the bathroom door and opened it carefully. She was sitting on the toilet with her hands covering her face, and she was taking deep steady breaths.

"Nat- "Bobby started but Natasha cut him off before he could finish.

"Get out. Jesus Bobby, give me a break." Natasha said discourteously.

Bobby didn't take well to the insolence. He felt the need to put her over his knee and spank her brown ass until he watched it turned red. But he could see what this was; she was strained. Every day, she said less and slept longer. He needed to take care of his woman tonight if it was the last thing he'd ever do. He stood there, he guessed a second too long for Natasha. She looked at him with a teenage face expression that said "Well?" and got up to close the door on his face.

But Bobby put his foot into the door's path and pushed it back open forcefully. He grabbed the scared Natasha's wrist and looked her deeply in the eyes. She tried to pull away, but he only tightened his grip. Natasha was frightened, but very aroused. She was turned on by this side of Bobby as his dark eyes turned the darkest black with sex and he licked his lips. He glared her over, taking his time with his eyes. Her slacks hugged her hips and the tops of her breasts peaked out from her blouse.

"Take off your clothes and wait on the bed." He said sternly. Her pussy sighed and hummed between her and she could do no more than obey. She walked around him to the bedroom and Bobby walked to the kitchen. He got a glass out of the wooden cabinet and poured himself a warming cup of Scotch; he would need it. He took a few deep breaths for Natasha's sake. He didn't want to hurt her... too much. She was still his girl, and all he wanted was for her to be pleased.

He walked over to the bedroom slowly and even though he told Natasha to strip, he was still shocked to see her sitting on her bed completely bare. He stood there, watching her for an instant. Her dense breasts hung slightly perky and her chocolate, almost black nipple curled upwards towards him. Her pussy was waxed, and her thighs were spread wide from the way she was sitting. She kept her gaze away from him, like a little girl getting in trouble. Although she was in trouble, it was nice to see Bobby's strong and attitude full woman being submissive to his commands. He was still upset with her for feeling like she had the right to bark at him like a dog rather than confide to him with her troubles. The more he thought about it, the angrier he got.

"Bobby why am-"Natasha started but this time, Bobby cut her off.

"Stop, talking." He whispered simply, still staring at her. Natasha was fighting back words that may get her in even more trouble. Her rebellious side didn't like him talking to her this way but her horny side loved it.

"Turn over." He commanded. She did, and her ass sat perched up in the air. It was glorious and glowing like the rest of her body. Bobby walked over and ran his hand down the small of her back down into her shaven, deep ass crack. He slid his hands down and reached under to cup her blazing pussy. Then without warning, he spanked her hard. Her brown bottom jiggled and shook from the contact.

"Bobby!" She moaned out in surprise. Bobby's cock stood at attention to his name being moaned in the high pitched voice. He did it again and she moaned over and over each time. After the 13th time, he rubbed the dark ruby ass cheeks that now felt hot under his hands. Then he squeezed them and she moaned out in pain. Natasha's ass was already sore from the spankings, and now he clutched them in his hands, giving her no mercy.

"Spread your legs." He practically whispered. But it still held influence Natasha couldn't refute. Bobby roughly pulled her to the edge of the bed and put her on all fours to get better access to her pussy. He ran his index and middle finger over her slit and found she was drenched. He could see her shiny juices oozing from her gap. He growled a low growl that rumbled in the room and he saw her hole clench lightly. He slipped his two fingers into her core and her walls were clenching him. She moaned out into the pillow and tightened her muscles rigidly. He quickened the pace and added his tongue to her pearl. He had forgotten how sweet she tasted. She was clean, and she had a true sugariness to her.

But Bobby was slopping her down. She moaned and cried but Bobby kept her on edge of her orgasms. It was torture for him to stop completely once he felt her climbing too high but he knew just when to end.

"Please." She pleaded in a high sex voice. But she could've spoken a different language because her words meant nothing. Bobby continued to take her on rim and slam her back to reality over 6 times, as far as Natasha could count. Bobby pried himself away from her overflow of rich sap and brutally flipped her on her back. She sucked in a breath of fear and shock before she stared at him waiting for what he would do next. Her fluids shined on his lips and chin and she longed to lick it off and taste herself.

"Don't you ever Natasha, speak to me or treat me like that again." He said in an unfathomably, strict and chilling voice. Bobby's anger was still relevant. "Do you understand?" He asked her, she sat there unresponsive for a moment then she nodded silently.

"Can I get words?" He asked.

"Yes, I understand." Natasha said in a tiny tone that she hated completely. She sounded so weak and helpless; two things she knew she wasn't. Before she could blink, Bobby was walking out of the room on a mission. Natasha felt the emptiness of the room and quickly grabbed her sheet to follow him.

"Where are you going?" She asked him, her sheet barely covering her. He was getting his Sperry's and putting them on quickly with a solid look plastered onto his face. He didn't answer Natasha and she suddenly felt bad for treating him the way she had after she replayed the scene in her mind. But she didn't want him to leave, especially with him being angry with her. She had to do something to convince him to stay.

"Baby?" She cooed, walking up beside him and grabbing his arm. But he was too strong and fast. He easily slipped out of her weak grip. Natasha watched her man walk to get his jacket and quickly slip it on as he proceeded to head out the door. Bobby's walk was slow and full of masculinity.

"Bobby, I'm sorry. Just... Just don't leave." She said, telling the complete truth. Natasha needed Bobby, especially with her rough day today. He stopped in the doorway and watched her for a moment.

He stopped in front of the door and waited two seconds to face her. He contemplated something in his head and Natasha waited patiently.

"If I stay, you need to talk to me about what's going on." He stated his only regulation. She nodded lightly and Bobby closed the door and walked over to the couch, jacket and shoes still on. Natasha went to put on some clothes and came back out in a white fitted T-shirt and pink lacy panties. Her big tits hung beautifully under her shirt and her thick lips were visible through her panties.

Is she trying to kill me? Bobby thought watching her put her hair into a big bun on the top of her head. Her contacts off and glasses snugly in place. Natasha looked at Bobby on the couch and felt suddenly uncomfortable. She walked over to him and kissed his forehead lightly. Then reached her hands around his jacket to pull it off. He complied and she hung it on the dining room chair. Then she got on her knees and took off his shoes to place them in their proper place at the door. She went to get Iodine and he lay flaccid in his mommy's hands, totally at ease. She walked over and nuzzled up to her man, just like their first date.

"Uh uh Natty. We need to talk." He said, not forgetting their arrangement. She sighed and sat up. He looked her in the eyes with a look that said she wasn't getting out of this. So she leaned into the opposite side of the chair's armrest and put her chocolate legs into his lap. He rubbed them and waited for her to speak.

"You hurt me earlier." She said.

"I would've never known, considering how wet you were... Don't change the subject either." He said turning a little to face Natasha. She was looking down at Iodine, avoiding eye contact. Bobby encouraged her with more gentle strokes on her legs.

"I got an offer today at work. 75,000 to represent a company. But what they stand for and what I'll be saying in court are things I don't think are right." She started, already sounding stressed.

"Baby, if you don't want to do it then don't do it. No one's making you, it's your choice. You should definitely turn it down if it's not something you support." Bobby said honestly. He knew what kind of person she was, and he didn't understand why she had such a difficult problem saying no to this.

"I know. And believe me, if it was that easy I would've done it as soon as they're asses called. It's just that their offering my employees 200,000 dollars to split. They've been working so hard, and I'd love to give them what they deserve." Natasha said looking down into Iodine, while she stroked his fur delicately. Bobby held so much pride for this woman. She was such a good hearted person; she wasn't worried about the entire averaged year's income for herself, she's worried about the bonuses for her employees. Bobby was completely speechless. He thought for a moment and came up with a halfway decent solution.

"Give the offer to someone else Natasha. If you don't care about the 75,000 dollar paycheck, ask someone else you trust to represent the company well." Bobby was speaking pure brilliance. Natasha beamed rays of smiles his way and was considering who to ask the next minute.

"I think I will, thank you." Natasha said, felling good she confided in Bobby. She was almost certain he wouldn't understand.

"What else is bothering you? It can't just be that." He said, not quite finished.

"My mom, she was getting on my case about communication." Natasha said, eyeing Bobby.

"Maybe you should try and connect with her more throughout the week." Bobby said, but knew that would be impossible. She barely had time to eat, and almost always came home late. The time she did have, she either spent taking a relaxing bath that she really needed, taking a nap or working in the garden.

"You know just as well as I do that that isn't as easy as it sounds for me." Natasha said, rolling her eyes.

"It's family, you have to make time for them." Bobby said

"I know, I'm trying- I really am... it's just, I don't know." Natasha said, trailing off. "My friends feel neglected too. You should've heard the argument I had today, it hurt so badly to hear them think of me that way. They think it's because of you." Natasha said, giving him a glance.

"How is it that I'm keeping you away from your friends?" He said, sounding truly confused. He barely got to see her, matter of fact, this was the most conversation they'd had all week.

"I don't know. I think they're upset they haven't met you yet."

"Well when will I meet them?" He asked

"Soon enough." She said

"And your mom?" Bobby said more seriously.

"Soon enough. What do you want to eat?"

And with that, Bobby leaned over and carried Natasha to the bedroom to finish eating his dinner.


"What'd she say?!" Natasha almost screamed in the Nail Salon. The women looked at her briefly before turning back and minding their own business. Which they shoulda' been doing anyway. She thought.

"Keep your voice down Tasha. Your sister just misses you. That's all." Her mother said beside her, getting her pedicure. Natasha's mother had jet black hair she made sure to dye regularly. Her brown eyes and thick lashes were a dominant trait passed to her only 2 children. She was a beautiful dark brown woman who taught Natasha everything she knew about life.

Her mother was in the middle of telling her that Natasha's sister; Naomi was going around telling family Natasha thought of herself as more worthy than her and overall, cut her own sister out of her life. Although Natasha was very disappointed with the choices her beautiful, talented and intelligent sister took, she'd in no way cut her off. She knew her sister was everything she wished she could be, and she'd never think of herself as better-quality. Her sister had left home right after high school for a major in ballet to be a professional dancer, having done it all her life. Natasha was on her way to the 10th grade and wanted to be just like Naomi, eager to graduate and live on her own, hopefully with her sister clearly in the picture. But as Natasha finished her 1st year if college, her sister, too caught up in men to ever be there for her, had gotten engaged and dropped out. She used this time to move in with her husband, cook, clean and make love to him daily. Not once did she go back to her life as a dancer. Naomi had sacrificed everything to be a domestic wife. Now with her baby in tow at the fresh age of 28, it had gotten even worse.

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