Unexpected Interest Ch. 04


Natasha made a vow to make her mark on the world. She was 25 and doing great things. She wouldn't allow herself to become the perfect wife in this strict socially structured place. But she wished Naomi didn't either.

"Ma, why would I say something like that? Why would she say, I would say something like that? Sometimes I doubt she remembers I'm her sister, or the life we once lived as best friends essentially. She treats me like I have something against her when I don't." Natasha said, feeling herself want to call her up right that minute. She'll go around getting sympathy from aunts, uncles and cousins and then as soon as Natasha comes by, wanting to connect with her family, they give her the cold shoulder with thoughts in the back of their mind of what Naomi said. It's happened more than a few times. Natasha was getting fed up. This was the last thing she needed to be worried about right now. She had absolutely no time to deal with Naomi's shit.

"Now look, don't go making a big deal out this. Do you hear me? You two are family, sisters to be even more specific." Her mother said, feeling Natasha's insides boiling with anger. Barbie, Natasha's mother, decided to change the subject to something else. She eyed her daughter for a moment.

"How are things going with you two?" She said, catching Natasha off guard with her question. She turned to her mother sharply. Her stomach did a back flip and she took a moment to process the question. She really wasn't ready to introduce him to her family yet and knew that would be Barbie's next investigation.

Maybe I can act like I don't know what she's talking about. Natasha said opening her mouth to try out the approach to the question. But her mother spoke quicker.

"And don't be actin' like you don't know what I'm talking about." She said, catching on to her daughter's plan. Natasha took a breath in defeat, and turned her attention back to her feet being scrubbed beneath her.

"Pretty good." She said, feeling embarrassed. It was hard to talk to her mom about sex and men. She didn't have that type of relationship with her. Natasha was always focused on school and friends, much more than she was on boys in her younger years. Her first talk with her mom was her senior year of high school, and it was horrible. But she and Barbie were definitely close.

"When are you bringing him over?" She asked, watching Natasha.

"Ma, I don't know if it's that serious yet." Natasha said, getting a little defensive.

"I'd say it already was that serious Natasha. But okay, we don't need to talk about it any further. How are my favorite ladies?" She asked, referring to Natasha's girls.

"They're fine. I think they're getting a little upset because I haven't hung with them in awhile. Well... longer than normal." Natasha said, loosening up a little in her chair. She was now getting her toes painted a glittery dark purple. Her nails were the same color with rhinestone polka dots on her index. Barbie picked out a glazed dark blue, it was fitting and it looked like the color that would be in a mood ring. Natasha was happy to see her mother enjoying a girly activity.

** * * * * *

Bobby was in the office, talking to a client on the phone. He was briskly writing notes about how they wanted their accounts to be organized and separated. This company had a lot of demands and over 60 accounts that needed to be sorted in a month. That was more than enough time for Bobby; he wasn't in the top office of the building for nothing. He was applauded for the quality and most importantly, the large amount of accounts sorted in the shortest amount of time. He was good with his numbers.

"Okay. I will have them done by or before then. Don't even worry about it." He said, ending his call.

Tammy came into his office with a plate covered with a napkin. Her hair was curled loosely, giving it more volume. Her dark green slacks hung loose and her wrap shirt accented nothing.

"I know you aren't eating lunch, so I brought you some cookies from our meeting." She said, putting the cookies on his desk and sat on his desk as she always did.

"Thank you." Bobby said simply wanting her to leave. He tapped his pen on his notepad silently while he read a spread sheet on his desk. He never let his eyes leave the writing and he was determined to be focused on what he was doing.

"Bobby." She stated in a different voice than normal. Bobby looked up to see her looking timidly into her palms on her lap. She twirled her fingers nervously. "I know you don't... I know you aren't interested in me. But I feel... like we could be great together if you took the time to get to know me." She said honestly. Bobby actually felt bad for her. He was focused on someone else and she wasn't his type.

"I just don't see you in that way." He stated. Tammy took it upon herself to lean across the desk and take Bobby's hand in hers. Bobby retreated immediately from the coarse, small palm and before he knew it Tammy was leaning across the desk and kissing him. The miniature thin lips were something he wasn't used to, and he almost wondered how he ever enjoyed the size. Bobby gently pushed her away and the look of shock was plastered on his face.

"Get out." He mumbled. Tammy quietly left and Bobby rested his head in his hands. He tried not to mix his business and pleasure but it seemed like the option wasn't even up to him anymore. Was this sexual harassment? What else did he need to say to this woman to get it through her thick skull that he'd never be interested in her? And to think his grandmother was fond of her, and preferred her over Natasha. He had to tell Natasha, it was the only right thing to do. A pit of fear entered his stomach; he wondered what her reaction would be. Natasha was such an unpredictable woman and information that may be surprising to some people probably wouldn't even catch her off guard. But something entirely expected could set her off.


"Naomi, we need to talk." Natasha said to her sister over her phone at work. She had thought about what her mother said and decided to talk to her about it.

"Come by." She said

Natasha pulled up to her sister's house. Her blue Audi parked in the driveway with her husband's Cadillac right behind it. Her house was large and beautiful, right out of a magazine. Natasha walked the walk to the front door and knocked lightly and within a few seconds her sister was there, looking beautiful.

Her hair was cut into a long A symmetrical bob with longer sections in the front and short layers in the back. She had also gotten honey brown highlights. Naomi's eyes were identical to her own big brown ones, but her skin was her mother's color. She wore a turquoise blouse that showed off her large breasts. On her chest was Natasha's niece Tatiana. Tatiana was a beautiful golden-brown round baby. Her cheeks pushed onto her mother's chest and her full lips hung limp. Her eyes were framed in lashes that stretched a mile and her hair was curly and untamed.

"Come in." Naomi said stepping aside. Natasha walked into the house to the family room she had been in so many times. Her sister's house had a modern feel that reminded her of a robot. She hated to sit on her leather couch but she didn't have a choice. Naomi sat across from her with her hand on Tatiana's back, rubbing lightly. Naomi was a very loving mother, it was apparent she loved her baby. Natasha reached out her hands for her niece; no longer able to fight the feeling of wanting to hold her. Naomi quickly handed her over and sat back in her chair. Natasha cradled her in her arms and brushed away some loose curls that fell on her face. She quickly fell asleep.

"Mommy told me what you said." Natasha started, not looking up from the baby. "Why would you say something like that about me?" Natasha said. The baby was a reminder to stay calm and she was thankful for it. Her temper and attitude would be going rampant without her.

"How else am I supposed to feel? I haven't heard from you in 4 months. We were best friends, almost inseparable until I got married." Naomi said, the tension rising in her voice.

"Yeah, until you got married and decided to put every ounce of your life into pleasing your husband. Plus I've been working, I have things to do. I'm trying." Natasha said.

"And I'm not? Is that what this is? Do you feel let down?" Naomi asked incredulously.

"You know what, yes I do. I have never known you to be so inactive and I don't like it. I want more for you. I want you to be 'happy' by choice." Natasha said as delicately as she can.

"What makes you think I'm not happy, and that this isn't my choice?" Naomi said quietly. Her husband was taking a nap upstairs, and she didn't want him to hear this conversation. Then he'd be urging her to go out more and be around people.

"Naomi, don't play that bull shit with me. I know you. You wanted to dance and choreograph dances for 5 star Broadway shows. You wanted this," Natasha said, gesturing with her free hand to the house. "But you wanted that first." Natasha pointed to the photo of her and her sister. The two little girls were smiling gleefully after Naomi had won 1st place in her dance competition. Their cheeks were pressed together and Natasha wore a red dress while Naomi wore her leotard and tutu. Natasha was so glad that day, to be standing up and cheering for her sister- the 1st place winner as her daddy lifted her over his shoulders to cheer and clap the loudest. Naomi sat thinking for a moment, and a small tear rolled down her cheek.

"Well what do you want me to do? Drop everything and start dancing again? I have a family now." Naomi said, genuinely asking for advice. Natasha knew she had broken through to her sister.

"I know that. There are plenty of women who work and keep up with their families Mimi. You don't have to stop everything. Start a dance company." Natasha said, thinking aloud.

Naomi shot her head up at the last part, and Natasha saw in her eyes, finally, the dedication and anticipation she knew so well. Natasha felt in her bones that this dance company would be open in a matter of months.

After discussing this idea a little longer with her sister it was getting late and Natasha was tired. She looked at the baby that slept in her hands and she knew she wasn't ready to give her up yet.

"I want to take her home for the night. I'll bring her back tomorrow." Natasha said, sitting in the now lit family room. Naomi sat in her seat with her feet tucked under her.

"Okay sure, I'll pack some things for her." Naomi said, getting up.

Natasha looked at her cell phone and saw she had a text; she used her free hand to check it.

I miss u, u ok?

It was Bobby and he had sent it 20 minutes ago. She must have been too involved with the conversation to hear her favorite band sing her the arrival of a text. She replied:

Miss u 2 baby, be home soon.

She realized it was 2 and a half hours past the time she got off work. Of course he would be worried about her. Bobby wasn't the pushy type, which she was thankful for. How would he react to her just coming home out of the blue with a baby in her arms? She laughed lightly to herself.

He'd be confused as hell. She laughed a little harder. Tyson, Naomi's husband peeked from around the corner in his beater and sweatpants. He was a beautiful lean brown man with a husky voice and a thin 5 centimeter long beard. She couldn't have chosen a better brother in-law. He was perfect for her sister.

"What's up Big T?" Natasha said jokingly

"Not much Lil' T. Can I borrow my girl for a second?"He laughed and walked over to get his baby, who was squirming a little in Natasha's arms. Before he took her, he tussled Natasha's hair and she squealed in frustration. Tyson laughed a growl of a laugh and kissed Tatiana on her chubby cheeks and strolled away into the kitchen. She smiled at how cute he was with her and tried to picture Bobby holding their baby and kissing it so lovingly. About 20 minutes later Naomi returned with a big, full bag and Tatiana in her car seat ready to go.

"She may be hungry later, and she usually sleeps through the night. I'll see ya'll tomorrow. Ty should be home if I'm not, he doesn't have to work this Saturday." She said more to the baby, and kissed her on both of her cheeks before Natasha and Tatiana drove away.


Bobby heard the front door close and walked out of the bedroom to see Natasha struggling with 2 bags and a baby carrier. Bobby walked over to her and took the carrier to help loosen her load. He curiously put it on the couch and raised the blanket to see Natasha's big brown eyes staring back at him. Bobby was scared.

"It's my niece." She said walking over to him and rubbing his bicep. He breathed a breath of relief and looked at Natasha with questioning eyes. He wanted to hold her just as Natasha had when she first saw her. Natasha nodded and Bobby bent to unloosen her straps and picked her up. She was dense and chunky, but completely striking.

Natasha smiled at him and walked over to the door to kick her shoes off beside Bobby's. Then she went to the kitchen to cook something quick for her and her boyfriend. But to her surprise there was Chinese on the counter.

"Bobby, what's this?" She asked looking inside. Bobby followed her voice with the cooing baby lying in his arms.

"I was going to give you a break from cooking but I didn't know you'd be coming home late today, so it's probably cold." He said sounding a little disappointed. She walked over to him and stood on her tip toes to peck him lightly on the lips.

"Thank you baby, I should've called you. I went over to my sister's and straightened everything out. Then I was holding Tatiana and I wanted to bring her home with me for the night." Natasha said preparing their plates of Chinese food and popping them into the microwave. Bobby leaned on the counter across from her, admiring her from behind.

How long is she going to make me wait? Bobby asked silently. But then he felt terrible for even thinking that way. Ever since they're incident in the car happened, he hasn't been able to get his dick anywhere near her pussy, but their lips were a whole different story. Bobby was wondering why she had taken up this specific type of abstinence but decided against questioning her.

"I'm glad you worked everything out with her." Bobby said, rubbing the baby's belly. He was holding her like his hand was a seat. She faced forward, content with all she was getting to see. He was taking well to Tatiana and enjoyed having this warm baby in his arms. He kind of wanted one of his own with Natasha. He looked at her and imagined her glowing with his seed growing in her belly, Iodine in her hands and her bright smile flashing her happiness towards him.

"So how was work?" Natasha asked, still facing the counter. Bobby panicked for a moment; how would he tell her? He took a deep breath.

"Well baby, I actually need to talk to you about something." Bobby began. Natasha turned around immediately and an eyebrow was lifted.

"Yeah?" She asked, extending the word out a little longer then it should've been.

"Um, Tammy? The one from Mother's Day? She got a little carried away and uh- kissed me. I just wanted to let you know." Bobby said, about to get up from his seat and leave the room.

"What?" Natasha hissed. The microwave buzzed behind her and she quickly pivoted to focus her attention elsewhere. "Did you kiss her back?" She asked casually.

"No! Of course not. I told her to get out." Bobby said, defending himself.

"Well okay. I trust you." Natasha whispered, trying to contain her emotions. She was feeling fury, envy and territorial.

"Natty, you have nothing to be worried about." Bobby reassured her. He got up from his seat and walked over to where she was standing.

"I better not have anything to worry about." She mumbled.

"Mhm, hush." He said, kissing her temple.


"It's Saturday Bobby! What could you possibly have to do?" Cameron said, making no sense. Cameron was persuading Bobby to attend the fight party he was hosting tonight. It was 4:00 in the afternoon, and Bobby was just waking up; Cameron was to blame. Bobby was starving and walked into the kitchen to see pancakes, eggs, bacon and cheese grits waiting on a plate Natasha had wrapped up for him. She returned Tatiana unwillingly to her rightful parents earlier that morning.

"Natasha wanted to spend some time with me today." Bobby said honestly. But it was actually him who wanted the quality time. She felt the same way though, and she missed talking to him. Their work days were draining and very demanding. He looked out the window to see her car there, but she wasn't in the house. Then he looked to the right to see a piece of her round ass sticking up on all fours in the center of her garden.

"She can come too. There's going to be a lot of people here Bobby. I want you to come dude." He said, completely winning him over.

"Alright, alright. I'll ask Natty about it and I'll call you back." Bobby hung up when Cameron started to rant about being him bitch. He walked out the front door in his sweatpants to see her ass turned towards him. She had on shorts that were covered in dirt. She was barefoot on her knees and was working in her garden.

She leaned behind her for her small shovel and eyed Bobby's feet under her big floppy hat standing behind her with his arms crossed over his bare, muscular chest and a small smirk on his lips. She laughed.

"Should I be calling neighborhood watch to report a pervert in the area?" Natasha laughed hysterically at her own joke but Bobby kept his face straight.

"Harty Har Har. Why'd you let me sleep so late?" He asked her.

"You were tired." She said, turning back to her work in the garden. The front of her townhouse was always beautiful. The mixture of fruits and vegetables created a circle in the center then there were beautiful flowers on the outer rim of the circle. The inside stayed blank, for her to kneel and easily tend to the growing plants.

Bobby saw some movement in the flowers and noticed Iodine eating a small tomato delicately. He sat on the step and watched her.

"Why do you grow fruits and vegetables when you never eat them?" He asked curiously watching Natasha let Iodine feast on her garden.
"I'm not the only one capable of eating them. Birds, cats, bugs, and rabbits come by here all the time." She said still planting. Bobby considered this and thought it was reasonable, considering she thought of this shit as a hobby. She really didn't need a reason to do it other than the fact she thought it was fun.

"Natty?" Bobby asked in a small voice, which Natasha recognized as a voice that was followed by something he wanted her to do.

"Yes Bobby." She said looking up at him, waiting.

"Cameron invited- "She cut him off and continued to work in her garden as she spoke. It was such a weird combination that Bobby was so governing and rough but always wanted to please her and make sure she was okay with everything. But it was a quality she admired in him because it was a perfect quality to deal with her attitude and fragile side too.

"Go." She said simply.

"You'd come too?" He asked her, she looked up at him again. She didn't want to go, she wouldn't know anyone.

"I won't know anyone. Plus I'm going to the office later today" She said looking at him; she was pleading with her eyes for Bobby to understand and not press it any further.

"Fine, we're spending the night together- no interruptions." He said coldly.

"Okay, sounds good." She got up and bent to his level to give Bobby a kiss on his cheek. He pulled her in for a kiss on the lips but she protested.

"I'm dirty." She stated, fighting to get out of his hold. Bobby gripped her ass firmly and it calmed her immediately. She stopped struggling and let Bobby get as many kisses as he preferred. He was kissing her down, sucking on her lips gracefully. Then he kissed her harder and she moaned in his mouth when his tongue slipped through her teeth. Their tongues danced and Natasha moaned even louder when he ran his tongue over her sensitive lips. She slid her manicured fingers over the bridge in his sweat pants and it was Bobby's turn to growl. To get back at her, he kept one hand tightly on her ass, and moved another up her stomach to kneed her breasts through her green t-shirt. Natasha broke the kiss and cooed too loudly for public. Bobby chuckled and pinched the nipple between his index and thumb.

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