Unexpected Interest Ch. 04


"Ouch." Natasha said, but it was in a whisper/moaning voice.

"Mmm, I'm sorry baby." Bobby said. And as he stood he kissed the clad nipple he had pinched and looked down on Natasha. He slapped her firmly on her ass and with that, she grabbed Iodine and walked into the house. Bobby followed right behind her, making sure to not leave too much space between them.


Bobby was sitting on the couch as 11:30 rolled around and Natasha wasn't home. A piece of him was worried but the majority figured she was still in the office. His legs were spread apart as his arms rested on them. His phone sat in his hands and he awaited the return of at least 1 of his 5 unanswered phone calls. The dinner of shrimp alfredo with a side salad sat cold on the table that was admirably lit with 5 candles and brand new roses he had purchased earlier that day. Beside the roses were 2 glasses of white Marlow that Bobby had paid a good penny for. But the bubbles had been long gone.

The front door opened lightly and Natasha's shoes clacked calmly as she kicked them off. She walked in to see Bobby barely acknowledge her. She strode over to sit beside him but he still sat stiff.

"I left my cell phone home by mistake, and Kelly wasn't there to accept my calls so they're all left on her machine. I'm sorry." Natasha said robotically and unenthusiastically. Bobby got up before she could even finish her explanation and walked into the bedroom, closing the door behind him. Natasha sighed quietly and unbuttoned her jeans.

She went to the kitchen to get Iodine some more water, he was running low. But she passed the dining room table and took in the beautiful set up but then blew out the candles. The alfredo didn't look too edible; the noodles undercooked and the sauce very scarce but the fact that he had tried still warmed her heart. But the fact that she had stood him up was heartwarming as well, but not in the good way. As she sat at the sink, waiting for the water to get cold she closed her eyes, finally realizing how tired she was.

Maybe I'll sleep on the couch tonight. She thought, but then quickly contradicted herself. No, this is my house .If anybody's sleeping on the couch, it's him.

She gave Iodine the water and walked into her bedroom. The lights were still off, but the bathroom door was closed and the light inside illuminated from the bottom of the entrance. Natasha was ready to fully give herself to Bobby, she just needed to find the right time. She didn't want him to be mad at her, tired from work or in the backseat of him BMW. She wanted it to be perfect. Bobby had some boxers laid out on his side of the bed, so Natasha striped to her underwear and put on one of her sleeping T-shirts. She put her hair in a big bun, and put on her glasses. As she was standing in front of her mirror fixing her bun, Bobby walked out of the shower completely naked. His cock hung long, and his chest and hair were glistening from his shower. He quickly got his boxers on and walked into the living room, closing the door back behind him. Natasha stood there thinking on what to do.

She went out into the living room and saw him lying on the couch, a blanket lying between his legs. The lights were off and there was only the glow from the TV lighting up his body. She walked around him slowly and sat on the edge of the couch, his hips resting behind her. She fought for his eye contact but he refused to give it to her. Natasha lovingly stroked his hair and sat for a minute, watching him.

"I'm sorry?" Natasha asked. She was patient with him, and it took him 5 minutes to answer her, but she never stopped stroking his hair.

"I miss you." He said, finally looking at her. He looked deeply into her eyes, and she had to look down to avoid the intense stare. It was like he was looking right into her core. Natasha took a hard gulp.

"I'm here." She said simply

"No you're not. You're at work or sleeping or doing something else." Bobby said to her. She felt bad, but she wasn't stopping her life to cater to him. She would not become her sister.

"I'm committed to my job and it just so happens to require a lot of my time." Natasha said, getting defensive. "I cook for you don't I? And I suck your dick when you need it." She said.

"It's not just about that Natasha! Those are not the reasons why I'm with you so why do you think they'd become the reasons I stay with you?" Bobby said. Natasha didn't realize he felt like this and she abruptly felt guilty. "Then you continue making all these plans with the only time we really have to spend together. I just want you to myself sometimes. I want to be able to kiss you, talk to you and hold you without being on a fucking time crunch. Everything is always so rushed." He said, turning back to the TV.

"Bobby, I have friends, family and hobbies too." Natasha tried to say gently.

"You know what; you're right. Absolutely right. So it sounds like you're too busy for a relationship right now and I'm not gonna' sit around and be unhappy." Bobby said getting up from the couch and strolling to the bedroom. Natasha felt panicked and followed him to see him gathering all his stuff.

"You're not even gonna' try and work this out with me?" Natasha asked, feeling her throat clamp and her eyes sting. She felt weird begging this way so she stopped. She sat on the bed and watched him rummage through the drawers and look through the bathroom. He threw on a shirt and walked out of the area. Natasha watched him as he put on his shoes and opened the front door just to slam it behind him. She stood there as he walked down her walkway to his BMW. But this time she didn't stop him.

Bobby sat in his car and saw her standing there in the window beside the door, with the curtains and blinds pulled wide. She didn't care if she didn't have on any pants as tears ran down her face and her body shook with crying aftershocks.

Natasha lay in her bed, at 5:00 in the morning, 5 hours since Bobby left, sobbing into her pillow while her eyes felt dense in their sockets. She never realized how lonely she was or had been until that night. She hated the meaninglessness she felt within her as she grasped her man wasn't behind her as he always was, nuzzling her neck and lightly rubbing her from behind, coaxing her into sleep.



"I want you to meet him. He is so chill plus we need to catch up anyway." Olivia said through the receiver. Natasha was lying on her couch, enjoying the entire container of Ben and Jerry's while Iodine hopped around her legs. Cheater's played in the background and Natasha fought to keep her attention away from the evidence and onto her conversation with her friend. She still hadn't broken the news that she and Bobby were no longer an item.

"Okay, I'll meet ya'll there tonight." Natasha said quietly.

"Yeah... you okay? You sound off." Olivia asked, worriedly. Natasha brought the shine back in her voice, but she knew it could only last momentarily.

"I'm good. I'll text you when I'm on my way though."

"Alright." Olivia said warily.


"Hi I'm Natasha." She said as she reached her hand out to greet the man Olivia had been dating as they waited for their table. He was tall and his skin was screaming some mixture of white, black and something exotic. But his eyes were a light, honey brown and she found herself intrigued. He wore a red and white striped v-neck with dark jeans. Natasha's brow furrowed as he registered something in his head and it showed on his features. The look remained as he said his name, and then something was registering in her brain as well.

"Cameron." He said slowly. He smiled wide and Natasha knew exactly where she'd heard the name.

"Are you Bobby's friend?" Natasha asked quietly. His smiled decreased as he noticed her facial appearance changed into something much more different than what the coincidence required. Her eyes grew low and she left his gaze quickly. Then just in time, Olivia had returned from the bathroom; oblivious to everything. Natasha was feeling on edge about Cameron being longtime friends with Bobby. The last thing she wanted was for Bobby to have a pretty close link to how she was doing, what she looked like, how she acted and who she spoke to. Anything Olivia knew, Cameron would probably know too and so would Bobby.

"What are you guy's talking about?" Olivia asked cheerfully as she latched onto Cameron's forearm that rested into the pocket of his jeans.

"Nothing much babe." Just as he finished his sentence, their tables were ready. The hostess led them to their seats and Natasha slid into the booth. Cameron and Olivia sat side by side in front of her and nuzzled up with no time to waste. Cameron's arm was wrapped around her lower waist and Olivia casually let her head be supported by his shoulder. Natasha was overcome by the action and averted her eyes swiftly.

How could watching people be happy with one another make me feel so terrible? Natasha thought as she toyed with the menu's flap under her hands. Olivia sensed her discomfort.

"Babe, did you know Bobby and I are best friends?" Cameron asked Olivia. Olivia's eyes grew wide and she turned to Natasha.

"What?! How crazy is that? Rhode Island really is too small." Olivia said just as their waiter approached the table to take their drinks.

"How'd you two meet again?" Natasha asked, trying to get Bobby away from the topic of discussions. She remembered Olivia saying something about meeting in a car.

"Well, I was driving on I-95 peacefully and Cameron here, cut me off. I mean, he sped up, got in my lane so quickly it made me have to stop completely on a main highway." She said, using her hands to emphasize her words. Natasha smiled at her friend and noticed Cameron's expression.

"What?" He spat. "That is not what happened -- Olivia cut me off and I just went around her." He said simply.

"Anyway, after Cameron cut me off, he ended up beside me at a stop light. He was staring at me—"

"Because she was so lovely." Cameron said eyeing her.

"So I gave him the finger, but then he invited me out for dinner and who am I to turn down free dinner?" Olivia said, as if it was the only reason she had dinner with Cameron. He rolled his eyes in disbelief and awaited the arrival of their drinks behind Natasha. The waiter advanced with 6 drinks in total. 3 were the drinks they had ordered, but the other 3 were extravagant bartended drinks. Cameron and Olivia's were a blend of orange and strawberry in tall glasses while Natasha's was a wide champagne glass full of mango magic. This had been her favorite drink from this restaurant specifically and she was curious to know where the drinks had come from.

"What is this?" Olivia asked happily. She didn't know where they had come from but she began sipping it anyway.

"It's from the bartender—on the house. And he'd really like if you came by the bar." The waiter said to Natasha, making eye contact with her. Natasha glanced over at the bar to see the handsome Terrance piercing his eyes into hers. From where she sat, time was his friend and only made him look better. Olivia's eyes narrowed to slits but she didn't stop drinking her free drink.

Natasha pondered her choices at this moment. She was happy that they had received the drinks and she didn't want to be offensive and not thank him personally for paying for them but she kind of hated him. He continued to keep his eyes on her and he awaited her decision too. Natasha slowly moved up from her booth seat and sauntered over towards the bar. Terrance had a 6 o'clock shadow that framed his cheeks and chin. His jaw bones had strengthened and his hair was curly and short. His white teeth broke through as Natasha approached him. She kept her face straight and focused on keeping her greeting short and cordial.

"Natasha baby! How you doin' girl? You look good." He said, eyeing her over. Natasha rolled her eyes and pursed her lips at his attempt to compliment her.

"Yeah um, I just wanted to thank you for the drinks." She said gently and already pivoting herself back in the direction of the table.

"No problem, I'm actually on break so I'd love to talk to you for a little bit." He asked, optimistically.

"I don't have much to say..."

"Please? Just give me 5 minutes." Within an instant he was walking from around the bar and into one of the seats in front of it. Natasha sat in the one adjacent to him as she waited for him to verbalize.

"How's work going? People always talk about your firm."

"It's great." Natasha said. She wasn't explaining or adding more details to anything; he didn't deserve it.

"Natasha, what happened with us? I'm completely confused." Terrance whispered fiercely. Natasha thought of the right words to phrase her feelings that would be appropriate for public. But as Terrance waited, he decided to use that time to speak again. "You just stopped answering my calls, I came by a few times and you wouldn't open the door -- I didn't understand."

"You were cheating on me! How can you act like you didn't do anything wrong?" Natasha asked.

"What? I wasn't cheating on you! I loved you Natasha, why would I hurt you like that?" Terrance said sweetly. Natasha suddenly remembered how smooth Terrance could be with his words and that soft tenor voice. He slipped a hand around one of hers that rested in her lap as he spoke but still kept his eyes on her. Natasha wasn't quite ready to believe him since she had seen the evidence with her own eyes. She snatched her hand out of his reach and narrowed in on him.

"I saw you. You kissed the blonde bitch outside your job that day." This one statement changed his whole demeanor. His confidence flew out the window and he bowed his head in defeat. Terrance was testing the waters with how much it was Natasha actually knew. He thought it was just a rumor from one of her girls but to have her actually have seen it was something he couldn't fix. It also made trying to lie to her just that much more difficult. He hadn't changed one bit, and you would think he'd try and be open with her.

"You dirty lying dog." Natasha laughed. She got up from her seat and began venturing back to her table. "Thanks for the drinks." She called out behind her while she tried to stifle flipping him the bird.

"What was that?" Olivia asked. Natasha would've loved to tell her what had just happened but then she noted Cameron's open ears right in front of her. Their appetizer had came and it seemed that was all he was focused on, but ears hear things regardless of if you want them to or not. She didn't want Bobby to know, so the best bet was to not let Cameron know.

"I'll tell you later." Natasha mouthed.

"Okay, well I'm moving in with Cameron next month!" Olivia said happily. This dinner was going south for the two women and Natasha knew it. There were so many things they wanted to say to one another that were limited because of Cameron.

"... Wow." That's all Natasha could manage to say. They both gave her the same look at her forced enthusiasm. But Natasha couldn't be happy for her friend. They had only been dating a few months—not much longer than she and Bobby, and they hadn't even begun talking about moving in with one another.

"What do you do Cameron?" Natasha asked as she took a bite of the appetizer. She felt the need to grill him a little bit. She was skeptical about why they were going into things so quickly.

"I'm a realtor, my dad owns Biller Inc." Cameron said. Natasha gave him an impressed look. She heard the name of the company a lot around Rhode Island and knew it was very popular in the state and was recently projecting out of the state too. She could only imagine what his house looked like.

"Oh great." Natasha said. Cameron excused himself to the bathroom and Natasha gave Olivia a knowing look. This would be the moment they got to share everything and she knew it would only last awhile.

"What's wrong?" Olivia asked frantically. Natasha already knew what she was referring to.

"We broke up I guess." Natasha said quietly.

"What? Why?"

"I was too busy. He felt like I wasn't spending enough time with him."

"Aw poor baby. Tash girl, you look terrible. But what'd Terrance say? And why didn't you want to say it in front of Cameron?" Olivia asked, getting defensive. Natasha rolled her eyes at her unneeded attitude.

"I don't want anything getting back to Bobby. But he was trying to lie to me and tell me he wasn't cheating! Can you believe that?" Natasha asked.

"Disgusting. You don't think me and Cameron moving in together is a good idea?" Olivia asked.

"Hell no! What are you doing? You guys haven't even been together that long Olivia!" Natasha whispered.

"I know but, I think things are gonna' work out. If they don't I'll still have my lease in effect so I'll just move back in." Olivia said.

"Whatever. Just be careful." Natasha said as Cameron approached the table again.


"Tomorrow will mark 3 weeks." Natasha told her sister Naomi. Ever since they called a truce and got down to the bottom of their animosity for each other, they had been closer than ever. Natasha was thankful; she wanted to stay involved in her only niece's life. But not only that, she loved her sister. Their chemistry and similarity kept them in harmony and in sync whether she wanted to be or not. Natasha sat on a barstool and held her niece now, cradling her in the joint of her right arm. Naomi cooked dinner across from Natasha on the opposite side of the island counter.

"I know it's hard Tash, I can tell you're really hurting. But sometimes things happen for the best. Now I'm not saying you two aren't meant to be, just maybe ya'll need to reflect." She said, stirring the macaroni and turning to her sister. Naomi looked into her sister's face and saw a completely different woman. She kept her hair either limp, or in a boring ponytail. Natasha lost touch with herself, and her nails were far past their time to be done again. Naomi knew this was a sure sign of some sort of trauma. She felt a little sorry for her sister; she knew of her last heartbreak with Terrance and figured that incident was only making things more difficult for her now. She shivered at the thought of Natasha's reaction to seeing her soul mate living another life with a child and woman that she had nothing to do with.

"Do you think I'm wrong?" Natasha asked her sister, looking into her niece and playing with her curls. She cooed as she always did, then spit bubbles through her already inherited full lips. After Naomi didn't respond for a moment she looked up to see her pondering the question.

"I know being in control and fulfilling your own desires before anyone else's is the way you are. But if you always follow this rule, you'll be so unhappy in the end. Sometimes it feels good to care for someone else." Naomi told her. Natasha sat silently. Naomi chuckled. "I guess we're complete opposites. We can learn a little something from each other."

I guess that is true. Natasha thought.

"Baby, is the food ready?" Tyson called, walking into the kitchen unknowing of his sister-in-law's presence. Natasha smiled at him lightly and Tyson gave her a worried look.

"You okay Natasha?" He asked, standing against the stainless steel fridge, arms crossed over his chest. He was less than a few feet away from Naomi who was also evaluating Natasha. Natasha nodded towards them and she knew Tyson wasn't buying it.

Natasha and Tyson held a close relationship and he was almost like a brother. They had known each other for the 5 years that he had been married. He was understanding and very funny. Tyson looked to his wife for an explanation and she didn't need to refocus her gaze to know what he was asking for. His thick brows were pushed tightly into a thick line of confusion.

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