tagInterracial LoveUnexpected Interest Ch. 05

Unexpected Interest Ch. 05


Hey everyone, so I'm just going to address some things about the last installment. As far as Natasha's character, it was how I wanted her to be portrayed.. I'm sorry if some of you didn't see what I was trying to accomplish but it was simply her being overwhelmed. That's it. People handle stress in different ways and it seemed right for her to become the opposite of everything she was when she experienced a lot of imbalance. I don't think she acted the same way in the other 3 chapters and I was hoping you all would notice the change in personality and the change in atmosphere for her so you could link them together. The things you guys complained about as far as personalities with Bobby and Natasha were traits, flaws, imperfections, common people everyday things. I hate for my characters to be perfect because it makes their love almost completely unrelatable.

But I do think if I would've explained their emotions from a different point of view -- one that allowed a bit more background as to why they felt that way, people would've gotten it better. I apologize to all who felt disappointed and I hope I make it up to you in this Final chapter. I'm already working on something else and it should be up around the time this post is approved.


Natasha awoke to a light ray of heat on her face. The sun was piercing the blinds and she wondered what time it really was. The black sheets were unfamiliar and she took a moment to process where she had spent the night. She reached a hand behind her and the thud signaled nothing was there but solid mattress. She pivoted lightly and saw a t-shirt Bobby laid out for her and she sat up to put it over her nude body. As she sat on the edge of the bed, she realized her bottom exceedingly sore and tender below her.

She deliberated for a moment about where things would go from here as far as her relationship with Bobby went. They hadn't discussed their situation thoroughly with one another before they decided to have sex so she doubted he thought any differently about why he walked out on their bond. Natasha ventured out to the living room and found Bobby reclining on the couch with the remote in his hands. He was watching ESPN and as Natasha walked passed him his eyes focused on her. He took in the big t-shirt showcasing her long brown legs.

"Morning." she said quietly.

"Goodmorning." Bobby replied as Natasha walked toward the couch with the intentions of sitting on the empty spot beside him.

"I got you some breakfast." He said before she sat down.

"Oh, thank you." She said walking into the kitchen. The microwave's clock broadcasted it was 12:44 PM and she questioned why she slept so long. The breakfast was from a diner close by and it contained a bacon omelet with cheese, tomatoes, green peppers and mushrooms. Natasha eagerly searched drawers for a fork but was unsuccessful. As she turned around to ask Bobby, he was already standing in the doorway leaning casually on the wall. Natasha jumped a little at the unexpected sight and Bobby smirked.

"In the far left drawer." Bobby said.

Once Natasha had her fork she sat at his dining room table to eat. Bobby sat right alongside her silently until she came close to finishing.

"You know we need to talk." Natasha said though letting her eyes stay glued to the delicious food before her. Bobby ran his hand through his hair before he let out a sigh.

"I figured." He said.

"We should've talked about this last night, but I need to know what has changed."

"I missed you, and I came to the conclusion that if I need to put up with your job to have you around; I will." Natasha had to admit to herself the confidence in his voice and the certainty in his eyes seemed trustworthy.

"Okay, well... We'll see how much you believe that with time." She mumbled.

"So, how you feelin?" He asked. Natasha kept her face in the direction of her food but gave him a quick glance. She knew he was referring to their night and the activities that took place. One of them was including her ass.

"A little sore, but other than that... pretty good." She said.

"Oh, sorry." He said sincerely. "What are we doing today?" He asked as if they were linked together by the hip. Natasha removed herself and the plate from the table and into the kitchen.

"Oh, I was actually planning on going to the office for a few hours." She said quietly. Bobby sat silently at the table as he tried to find the words to say. He remembered his words just a few moments ago and he knew he needed to stand behind them, no matter how much he didn't want to. He took a big sigh and opened his mouth to speak.

"Alright, well, call me when you're finished and I'll pick you up so we can do something afterward." He said exasperatedly. Natasha was overcome with joy at actions to follow his newly found trait he had acquired just for her. She turned around quickly and Bobby couldn't help but smile at her casual beauty. Natasha hurriedly advanced for his lap and straddled him face forward.

His arms found themselves around her hips and he enticed her into the direction of his pink lips. She lovingly accepted his offer and they found themselves deep into the midst of arousal. Bobby fixed his hands widely below her bottom and supported her weight as he stood from the chair. Natasha gripped his flexing biceps at the same time he carried her towards the bedroom.

"Bobby, it's already 1:30..." Natasha said quietly as he placed her delicately on the bed. Bobby's eyes were roaming over her body while he sustained his weight above her and she doubted he was paying attention. She took hold of his head with both hands and guided him to her eyes. He growled in frustration and she grunted as he collapsed on top of her. She laughed playfully when he nuzzled into the indentation of her neck. Trying to get out from under him would only be ineffective, so all she could do was sweet-talk him with gentle strokes on his back with her nails.

"Look, I respect you and the things you're dedicated to. But we do need to come to a mutual agreement as a couple..." Natasha sighed loudly and Bobby kissed on her neck tenderly in response. "We need to talk every other day, just a meaningful conversation." Natasha thought this was reasonable. "And, you need to let me know when you're feeling too stressed out." He said with sex thick in his voice.

Natasha moistened at the thought of the things he'd do for her when she was feeling a little anxiety.

"Okay." She said optimistically. Bobby rolled over onto his back to let Natasha get washed up and head to her house to get clothes to wear to work. Bobby decided he wasn't waiting around for her all day; he didn't want to be that much of a loser.

He reached up to the nightstand right beside the bed that held his phone and quickly found Cameron's number. He lay on his back and held the phone over his face while he sent him a text.

I'm headed to the gym. Meet me.

Before Bobby had the chance to lay the phone back on the bed sheets beside a stream of dried cum that was vibrant against the black background, Cameron had texted him back.

Be there in 20, bring a ball.

Bobby was up and he walked into the bathroom to find it steaming heavily. The glass shower was hiding her silhouette in a translucent yet foggy glass. Bobby slowly approached the glass to luckily find Natasha facing away from him. He stripped himself of his boxers quickly and joined her.

He took in her glistening milk chocolate body and soapy backside. He licked his lips in enthusiasm while he gently worked his hands down her shoulder blades. Natasha let out a small yelp when she felt the cold body against hers. Bobby laughed at frightening her and she sucked her teeth in joking annoyance. He sat his head on the crease of her neck and let his nose skim the skin lightly. While he did this he let his hands graze the soap on her body from around her ass, around the front of her thighs and back up into the spot between her legs.

Natasha tried to continue washing herself but found it difficult with the manly hands exploring her skin. Bobby's fingers toyed with her soapy clit from the front and Natasha muttered at the sensation.

"Such a sexy sound." He mumbled, which only triggered more noises to erupt from her lips. Bobby slowly moved 3 fingers into her core and she rose on her tiptoes as he furthered his travel. He pumped her slowly to start, but gained momentum in his hands. Within 30 seconds he was pounding her deep and fast with his long, thick digits. Natasha's cries grew more panicked and held more intensity as Bobby felt her walls spasm around him. He kissed her neck, cheeks and collarbone feverishly as her loud orgasm crept up on her.

She whined inaudibly as it completed and Bobby freed his fingers from her grip. Natasha turned around to face him and she noticed the rod standing at attention stuck between his legs. She turned off the water slowly and the silence added to the passion between the two. Natasha kept his gaze as she used his biceps to support her to her knees.

Once she was positioned, she put the wet dick between her lips. Bobby looked down on her with his lips slightly parted. She moved her lips down his distance end to end and she felt Bobby matching her strokes. His hips bucked minimally at the same time Natasha moved her head. She stopped for a moment and Bobby became the only one moving. He continued his actions and sped up his pace increasingly. Once he had a stable rate he reached for the shower's wall with a hand spread wide. He hissed out sounds of pleasure as his muscles tensed vaguely. Soon he had begun slowing down and he slipped his cock out of her lips without warning and it made a deep sucking sound simultaneously. He stroked his dick over her face and she held her eyes shut tight. His seed exploded from its starting place and fell in a vertical line across Natasha's profile. Another spurt had fallen on her chest and the color contrast was exotic to him.

She rinsed herself off, rewashed her face and got out of the shower to leave Bobby by himself. He washed himself quickly knowing Cameron would be arriving at the gym soon.

When he exited the steamy bathroom Natasha had already left. He put on his basketball shorts, sneakers and athletic sleeveless shirt right before he rushed out the door with his ball toward his BMW. He arrived to the gym's basketball room to find Cameron lacing up his sneakers on a nearby bench. Bobby joined him and waited patiently.

Bobby hadn't played in awhile, and as he thought about the upcoming 1 on 1 game, he grew a rush of adrenaline. Their games could become so intense; both men hated to lose. Cameron and Bobby were somewhat the same in height, but their body structures gave them different advantages. Bobby being made of more muscle helped him block better but Cameron's swimmer body gave him unlimited speed. The points needed to win the game would increase every time the man in the lead crept too high. A 2 hour game could last until the gym closed.

"What the hell took you so long?" Cameron asked in an irritated voice as he stood up from the bench and snatched the ball out of his hands. Bobby smirked behind his back as he retained information about the 15 minute session he held with Natasha in the shower that made him somewhat late.

"You don't want to know." Bobby mumbled, getting up from his own seat on the bench to play. Cameron shot him a disgusted look and dribbled skillfully to half court. Bobby was feeling a little ambitious today and eyed the other half that was unusually free.

"Full court." He said. Cameron turned around with an exasperated expression on his face.

"Look, I'm not in the right state of mind to run this court back and forth." He complained. Bobby rolled his eyes at his friend's lack of cooperation.

"Alright whatever. Half court for the little bitch." Bobby said, while he spotted himself in front of his friend. He dribbled a few times and then quickly jumped around Bobby. Cameron migrated toward the net only halfway before Bobby stole the ball from out of his hands and shot it quickly. It fell right into the net and he retrieved it with a smile.


"First to 45." Cameron said while he breathed heavily and extended the point maximum for the 3rd time. Bobby was 10 points away and knew it wouldn't be too difficult to reach 45 within the next half hour. Cameron on the other hand was 23 points from winning and had begun to get flustered with himself. Bobby had the ball before him and dribbled offhandedly as Cameron studied him carefully. He progressed around Cameron but he followed him closely. Bobby didn't have an open shot and he knew he had to get closer. Cameron was sealed on him, and Bobby had to give him a subtle nudge on his arm to let him know he was breaking a few rules. Bobby executed a plan to make a perfect shot, even when Cameron's defense skills were top notch all of a sudden.

Bobby ran towards the net and used his weight's drive to spring himself into the air. He dunked the ball right into the net and latched on for a few seconds. The force of his energy was much more than he expected, and it changed the weight of his body. He felt 3 times heavier and in result crashed back on the ground. He landed on his leg the wrong way and he knew it was certainly broken.

Cameron was oblivious to his pain and offered him his hand indifferently. But Bobby took it wearily, unknowing of how badly it hurt. He stood on it, and he felt minimal pain.

"I need to get to the emergency room before the adrenaline wears off." Bobby said, just barely limping. Cameron watched as he walked toward the exit and finally took in the sight. Bobby's entire foot was twisted outward, a bone beside his knee cap protruded and it had already commenced to swell. Cameron picked up his pace and followed him narrowly. They waited for the elevator to become available and when it did Bobby had started to feel some throbbing.

"Can you call Natasha?" Bobby said with his eyes closed and his head resting on the wall behind him. He gave him the number and Cameron drove Bobby to the hospital.


"Bobby Walton." Natasha said to the front desk assistant as she signed in. The emergency room's lobby had been filed to the highest capacity and she prayed that he wasn't still waiting. The bored woman searched a computer for his name.

"Room 24." She said as she pointed down a hall. Natasha thanked her and traveled through the wheelchairs and white coats toward the room. She peeled back the curtain to reveal Bobby lying on the hospital bed and Cameron in the seat beside him. She looked at his purple, blue and yellow leg and her eyes grew wide. She walked up to the bed and stood beside him. His eyes followed her and he grew a sly smile.

"What did you do to yourself?" Natasha whispered, eyeing him over one more time. His shirt was drenched in sweat.

"I broke my leg; do you still think we can do something later? I was kinda' looking forward to it." Bobby said laughing. Natasha joined him and it felt weird for her to be amused in a hospital. People were getting surgeries and possibly dying, but here Bobby was lightening up the situation.

"Well, since Natasha's here I think you're fine. Olivia's making meat loaf. Call me." Cameron said as he rose out of his seat.

"Nice seeing you again. And tell Olivia I said hey." Natasha said, moving to take his chair.

"Thanks man." Bobby said quietly. Just as he left, the doctor came in with an envelope in his palms.

"Hello, I'm Dr. Kinslow -- nice to meet you." He said, reaching a strong hand out to shake Natasha's and Bobby's. He was a tall and handsome blonde haired man with bright blue eyes.

"Alright. So it looks like..." He had begun to say, whilst he put the X-ray photos onto the bright light. "You completely broke the calf bone here." He said, while he dragged his index over the entire length of Bobby's calf. "You split a piece of your kneecap, that's the bulging fragment you see that's stretching the skin but not quite piercing through. And right above that is a fracture on the thigh. So you're pretty beat up." He said casually.

Although the photos were in black and white, they were still graphic to Natasha.

"So we're going to put you in a thigh high boot for two weeks. Now, there is to be no walking for you these first 2 weeks. After that, we'll give you a full out cast for another 4 weeks. After that you'll be fine." The doctor said. The rest of their visit to the emergency room consisted of a nurse explaining to them how to bathe and use his crutches.


"Can I get something to drink please?" Bobby asked from the couch. Natasha got up from her snuggled position beside him, to the kitchen. She poured him a cup of Canada Dry and entered the living room again. When she came into his view Bobby caught her eyes frantically.

"Some chips too babe?" He almost shouted. Natasha walked back into the kitchen to get the barbeque chips over his fridge. She heard a big boom from the TV and she knew she missed something good from the war movie Bobby ordered. She quickened her pace and rushed back out to see what happened. She handed him the chips and put the cup beside his foot that rested on the coffee table. She got back in her position beside him while he noisily munched on chips. She changed her mind and decided to sit up to reduce the background noise. The characters were speaking about something important before they went to fight and she wanted to hear it.

"Natty, can I get the drink?" He asked quietly. Natasha reached over to the cup skillfully keeping her eyes on the TV while she handed it to him. He thanked her.

Natasha didn't mind catering to Bobby while he was disabled, but she wondered how he would take care of himself when she went back to work. She thought to take a few days off, or come home early but she figured it still wouldn't be enough to properly care for him.



Natasha opened the door to Bobby's apartment with groceries in tow. She kicked off her shoes and walked toward the kitchen hastily, trying to rid herself of the heavy bags. All the lights were own and she figured Bobby was in the bedroom as he had been restricted to stay for the past 4 days. She placed the bags onto the dining room table and picked out a few of its contents to put them away. Bobby ate so much she was finding herself needing to go to the grocery store almost every other day.

"You have a key?" The familiar snide voice asked from the kitchen with a tone so nasty and inappropriate it could've only been one person. Natasha put on a fake smile and turned around to greet the accent.

"Hey Gina. Nice to see you again." Natasha said, completely avoiding her question.

"Hi... since when do you have a key? I thought ya'll just got back together?" Gina asked. She was sticking her nose in places it didn't belong. Natasha's personal relationship with Bobby was just that; personal.

"I've always had it. Are you cooking something?" Natasha asked, while she put a half gallon of milk into the fridge, unaffected by her presence. Gina was standing beside a skillet that sizzled near her.

"Yeah. " Was all she said.

"Do you need help with something?" Natasha asked sincerely.

"Cut these onions." She said incoherently as she turned to face the skillet again. Natasha rolled her eyes at the lack of the 'please' or a question mark ending on her sentence.

Of course she'd ask me to cut these damn onions! Natasha thought, as she got her tear ducts prepared to be squeezed of every ounce of liquid they contained. She approached the counter behind Gina, and took in the 4 large onions sitting alone on the counter and she almost groaned aloud. She grabbed a cutting board and knife and began to chop.

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