Unexpected Interest Ch. 05


"No problem, especially considering everything is 50 to 75 percent off today and tomorrow." Candy said smiling. "We have what you need. I'll pick some out based on what you just said and you can sit on the other couch beside the dressing room." Candy said, pointing to the back of the room. Bobby got up and waddled over to the other couch to continue his relaxation. Natasha followed him while she waited for Candy to come back.

Candy appeared with 2 dresses and Natasha had risen out of her seat to try them on. Another woman followed her closely with large clothes pins.

"I'm going to keep looking for dresses, just so we can keep the flow going. Rita is going to pin up excess fabric that would be tailored to fit you before the date." Candy said while she handed Rita the dresses.

Natasha's first dress was a dark blue strapless dress that's material was very shiny. The texture was smooth and glossy; she didn't like it. She carefully stepped on the pedestal framed with full length mirrors beside the couch Bobby sat on.

Her breasts bounced wildly over the cups, the beading below the bust looked artificial and the fabric showcased ever imperfection her body owned.

"You like it?" Natasha asked the mirror that reflected Bobby's frame on the couch behind her.

"No, but I do like the top." He grumbled quietly enough for only them to hear. She laughed at his honesty.


Natasha stepped out in the 4th dress. It was a pea green green with an incredibly matte fabric. This allowed the fabric to adjust to the curves she wanted it to, and it did just that. The thick strap began on the right bra cup but wrapped across her upper chest and around her left shoulder. There were light jewels starting at her breasts and faded down to her mid thigh. But loose fabric tapered out lightly around the knees, giving her a mermaid look.

"I love this." She whispered to herself. The same moment she focused on the dress itself and not on the mirror, Bobby tossed Candy his MasterCard and quickly refocused his attention on Natasha.

"You look beautiful." He said to her.

"How much is it?" Natasha asked. She had her money planned out and if this dress hadn't fit into her budget, she wouldn't get it.

"750 before the reduction, but currently 250." Candy said confidently. Natasha squealed for joy at her bargain.


"Do you need heels?" Candy asked as they took the dress to the register. Natasha looked over toward the shoes section and saw her worst enemy; heels. She hadn't worn heels all her life and she didn't plan on starting with that banquet.

"I didn't have plans on wearing heels." Natasha muttered.

"What?" Candy asked in astonishment.

"Why not?" Bobby asked her softly, forgetting the woman's reaction. He looked down into her brown eyes while Candy rung up the dress.

"I've never worn them. And they make me too tall." Natasha said. She was already 5'7, adding 4 inch heels would have her one of the tallest women at the banquet. She hated to embrace her height.

"You sure? I'll still be taller than you."

"Yeah I'm sure. Plus I'll want to be comfortable too."

"Well thank you for choosing us. I hope you enjoy your night." Candy said to the couple.

"Thank you." Natasha said as she took her dress off the counter and headed toward the door. While her back faced the register, Candy handed Bobby his card and in return he slipped her a 20 dollar bill with a mouthed 'Thank you.' Before he followed Natasha to the car.


"Tammy can I talk to you for a minute." Bobby said as he approached her cubicle. She was typing fiercely on her computer. When he opened his mouth her head snapped up straight away. Her hair was reaching a little past her shoulder blades now and she was putting on more weight. The two hadn't spoken since the incident in Bobby's car and he had a few things to say to her now. He had no choice but to approach her desk because he didn't know her extension to give her a call.

He came in to get some work off his desk so he was still dressed casually. Bobby didn't want his labor piling up too much while he was on leave. He led Tammy back to his office and she sat in the chair across from his desk while he closed the door behind him.

"What happened?" She said, pointing to his black cast.

"I was playing ball and I broke my leg. But I wanted to apologize about... that night. I shouldn't have done that to you and I'm sorry." Bobby said sincerely, she nodded in acceptance.

"It's alright." She said shrugging.

"Well, I'm sure you're going to the banquet and I'll be there too... with my girlfriend. And I'm asking you not to mention anything about that night to her if you do see her..." Bobby asked. All of his wishful thinking was laced in his voice and he hated to sound too desperate.

Tammy was surmounted with the evident control she had over him. Bobby's hands were clasped together on his desk and he held Tammy's gaze dreadfully. She smiled devilishly and Bobby knew she'd do whatever the hell she wanted.

"Is that the reason you decided to apologize?" She laughed.

"No—" She cut him off before he could finish.

"I can't promise anything Bobby. I'm sorry things ended how they did, but consequences come with it." She said, and she stood up from her seat. "Good luck." She whispered. Tammy smoothed out her skirt, flipped her hair out of her eyes and let her heels clack while she walked out of his office with a freshly established confidence.

"Fuck." Bobby said to himself once he was alone.



"So why are you two getting your hair done? I keep forgetting how this happened." She asked her friends who sat in the stylist chairs in front of her. Summer and Olivia were supposed to be joining her for opinionated reasons only, but they seemed to be convincing themselves to purchase things along the way. They had all gotten manicures and pedicures, a new pair of shoes and now they were getting their hair done together. They had been out since 10 AM and as 5:30 PM crept up, they were nearly finished.

"Why not? If we're here waiting for you, might as well join you." Summer said as she got her blonde locks curled tightly. Natasha's chair was turning toward the mirror and she came into view of a beautiful fishtail braid stuck to the left side of her head and continuing around to the middle of her head. That's where it connected with a full bun while curled fly away pieces hung at her edges and 1 at her nape. Her side swept bang was smooth and trimmed above her brow. And it was the exact look she was going for.

"Oh girl..." Natasha whispered to her stylist enthusiastically at the same moment she got out the chair and approached the mirror to inspect closely.

"You like it?" She asked, with her wild red hair in a big mane around her face.

"Hell yeah! This is stunning!"

"Come on so I can ring you up baby." The stylist said as she walked to her small register by the door. "It's 90."

She handed her Bobby's debit card and she swiped it quickly. Natasha was happy she hadn't gone over her 200 dollar limit with her nails and hair combined, but what she didn't know was that she had gone way over the limit with the 750 dollar dress he bought her.

"Gorgeous Tash." Summer called from behind her.

"Thanks. I'm gonna' get my makeup done at Sephora. Meet me over there when ya'll get done. The banquet starts in an hour and I'm running kinda behind." She said as she checked her cell phone's text messages. Bobby had texted her just a few minutes ago about the obvious.

Natty, it starts in an hour....

I know babe. Almost done.


"Natasha, I believe in being fashionably late but this—"Bobby started as he fixed the cuffs of his tuxedo. Natasha had appeared from the bathroom and stopped him in his tracks. Her milk chocolate skin had a golden shade, her makeup gave her face an airbrushed look and her big eyes were rimmed in long lashes. Her lips were simple in a nude lipstick and topped with a mouth watering gloss.

Natasha had a hard time keeping her eyes off of Bobby as well. He was lean and handsome in an all black tux that made him look like a giant. His short curls were slicked back in a style that looked like it could be on the main character of an Italian drug dealing movie. His large gold watch only added to his sophistication and she wanted to give him a quick rub down before they left. Plus that god awful cast was gone. The happiest person to see it go was probably Natasha because they went straight home to consummate the leg with heart pounding sex from behind.

But Bobby was feeling a hint of apprehension. He didn't know what Tammy would say to Natasha when she saw her, but it was almost certain she would say something. He had no choice but to ride it out because the appropriate time to warn her had been well passed, and telling her now would only make the matters worse.

"You look so good." Natasha whispered, as she drew him near and let her long French tips roam over his blazer. He looked down on her in absolute lust while his hands wrapped around her waist plus rubbed against the fabric of her dress that hugged the contours of her bottom. Bobby was so excited to show off his exotic, beautiful and intelligent woman to everyone he could that night. She stood up some more to get some contact with his lips but he didn't meet her halfway. He knew he wouldn't be able to stop himself if he kissed her then.

"I have a surprise for you afterward. But right now we have to go." He said, and he led her toward the door of his apartment.


Natasha didn't know what was prevailing over her, but she felt like Beyonce going to the Grammy's as she stepped out of the BMW with the guidance of Bobby's firm hand. The classy building had twinkling lights outside and the valet drove off behind them as she looped her arm through Bobby's and he took her into the ball room. "You look striking by the way." He said down upon her as they ventured through front door.

The venue was blindingly white. The floors, walls, drapery, large chandelier in the middle of the room and table cloths were shrinking her pupils. On both sides of the room were two large winding staircases that reached up above them. The round tables had name cards in front of each seat and Bobby seemed to know where there's would be. A live band played from the face of the room, positioned in front of large floor to ceiling length windows that put out a great view of the city. A few danced in front of the stage but most people stood mingling.

"Bobby!" Someone called behind them. Bobby turned and there was an older bald man walking toward them with a young blonde on his arm. Her dress was a light pink that made her over tanned body shine. But her large breasts were scraping her neck and the big cut out piece on the side of her dress was hardly tasteful.

"Hey Ron, I didn't think you'd be here. This is my girlfriend Natasha, Natasha this is my co-worker Ron." Bobby introduced them. Ron held his hand out for Natasha to shake and she did so with a smile.

"Nice to meet you beautiful -- very beautiful." He said. Natasha admitted to herself; that was inappropriate. Especially considering the fact that his girlfriend/ daughter stood beside him. The blonde woman didn't seem to be phased by his somewhat restrained flirtation or the fact that he didn't introduce her.

"Thank you." Bobby and Natasha said in harmony although Natasha's statement was laced in hesitation while annoyance was substantial in his.

"Yeah but, I decided I'd show my face tonight. The Mustang just got out the detail shop earlier today and I needed an excuse to drive her out." Ron said shrugging. Natasha was in her right mind to excuse herself from his palpable bragging. It was her number one pet peeve and she knew he was familiarized with doing it.

"How long have you two been dating?" The blonde woman decided to ask. Her eyes were a piercing blue and Natasha had a hard processing her question as she watched her.

"Um, 5 months. Almost 6." Bobby said. Natasha was questioning if they would start over with their month counting since their break up. But Bobby kept hinting they would start off where they left off and she never opposed.

"Oh great, how'd you meet?" She asked again.

"In the grocery store." Natasha laughed.

"Champagne?" A waiter asked from beside Natasha. They held 4 glasses on their tray and Natasha took one carefully and thanked him peacefully.

"What do you do Natasha?" Ron asked while taking a sip of his champagne. She couldn't help but notice the large gold band on his ring finger that sparkled due to the small diamonds inside. She promptly looked at the blonde's hand to find a large diamond on hers as well. But these two never seemed interested in the conversation together; when 1 is speaking the other wasn't paying attention. There was strong negative tension between them and it made Bobby uncomfortable.

"I'm an environmental ethics lawyer." She said.

"Oh, at the... Iron Firm? I believe that's the title." Ron said thoughtfully. Natasha was overjoyed he even knew what it was, let alone the name.

"She owns it." Bobby said proudly. Natasha shot him a look; a clear signal he needed to humble himself. He wasn't as stuck up as this banquet seemed to require you to be. But Bobby was just too caught up in his pride for her to stop himself.

"Oh really? Impressive. What kind of work do you do?" He asked again.

"I set up cases, sometimes I represent people and I train employees." Natasha said.

"How long does typical training take?" The blonde asked.

"Depending on how much they know, on average 5 months." Natasha replied. The blonde opened her mouth to speak again but a louder voice spoke before her. Natasha pivoted to see the stage and an older woman who held the microphone to her lips.

"Good evening everyone. Dinner will be served in a matter of minutes, so if you could have a seat..." She began. Everyone progressed to their assigned spot and Bobby followed Natasha back to their table. He held out her seat then slid into his own.

"Thank you all for attending this anniversary banquet. Tonight we celebrate the success of our work, the support of our people and Wilson Graham -- the founder of this company. Enjoy." She said before she walked offstage and back to her seat close by. The band played hushed music and people chatted quietly whilst waiters and waitresses brought plates of food.

"What kind of strings did you have to pull to get us sitting at the same table?" A voice asked from behind them. Bobby smiled as they came into view and took the two empty seats in front of them. The Asian couple were smiling merrily and very well dressed.

"This is Thomas and his wife Wendy. This is my girlfriend Natasha." Bobby said, revealing he knew his wife before tonight.

"Nice to meet you." The couple said in unison and then laughed about their jinx. They were insanely cute together and it made Natasha grin. That couple was a breath a fresh air in comparison to Ron and the Unknown Blonde.

Their food appeared and Natasha was stricken by the artistically set plate before her. It was a hearty slice of salmon on a bed of herbs and a savory sauce precisely drawn around the plate. A crab cake beside carrots and broccoli sat beside the salmon.

"Do you like it? I had to pick it out at the last minute. I knew you liked fish." Bobby said beside her.

"No this is perfect." She said, picking up her fork.


"Excuse me." Natasha said as she got up from her seat and left the 3 of them to joke without her. Wendy and Thomas were hilarious together and Natasha understood why Bobby wanted them to be seated at the same table. Natasha took her clutch with her to the fancy ladies room. She relieved herself in the stall and flushed behind her.

When she walked up to the counter with intentions of washing her hands, the door opened and let in a woman with shoulder length red hair and a skin tight black dress. She looked at Natasha's reflection in the mirror and began to speak.

"Are you Natasha?" She asked happily. She moved to stand on the other side of the counter in front of the second sink.

"Yes I am." She replied wearily.

"Oh! I'm Tammy. It's so great you and Bobby are back together and everything. Many people have a hard time with trust after their partner has made a mistake or something. It's a gift that you can get past it. Ya' know?" She asked with a smile. Natasha turned off the water and roughly shook her hands in the sink to free herself of excess water.

"Pardon me?" She asked, facing Tammy's shrewd yet joyful face. Natasha was trying to remember Gina's words and apply them to this moment, but it was hard to hold her emotions back on the inside and on the outside too. This woman wanted a reaction and better yet, she wanted the result to affect her relationship with Bobby. Tammy brought her hand up to her open mouth in shock.

"You didn't know? Oh God, I am so sorry. I thought Bobby would've told you by now." She said.

"You might as well tell me now since you brought it up." Natasha said casually, putting one hand on her hip and using the other to support her weight on the sink.

"It wasn't much of anything. A month or so ago, he took me out for dinner and I did some things but not The thing." She said, reaching into her purse for her lipstick.

"Well, good thing we weren't together then huh?" Natasha said, taking on that cheerful attitude Tammy carried as she walked in. "And I'm sure you never got that phone call or the rapport with him you had been expecting afterward either. Although... I did. Have some more respect for yourself Tammy. You're approaching me about giving him head and in return him taking you out for dinner? Are you proud you got a meal for your services?" Natasha asked. She didn't know that statement had hurt more than she expected because Tammy didn't get the meal. She didn't even get the conversation or the attention she desired, but instead got rejected and embarrassed. Natasha waited for her to speak but she continued to put on her lipstick mechanically in the mirror.

"And since you can't control yourself around Bobby, stay away from him. Feel free to take that as a warning because I won't be saying anything again. I keep my word and I only say it once." She growled, remembering the time she heard about her unexpected kiss. Natasha grabbed her clutch and left the bathroom to find Bobby leaning against the adjacent wall waiting for her exit. He was ringing his hands in worry and when she came out of the bathroom, he stood up right away and estimated her words.

"We weren't together. There's nothing I can be angry about." Natasha said, shrugging her shoulders in defeat. Gina was beyond right; Natasha felt no animosity toward Bobby or Tammy. Instead she wanted to get past the whole situation and forget.

"Okay." He said with a big breath. His voice was shaky, skin colorless and a little sweat on his brow. He took small steps toward her but refocused his attention to the bathroom door that opened beside them. Tammy stepped out and barely gave them a glace before she stomped her heels down the hall and back into the ball room. Once she was out of sight Bobby sustained his progression toward her.

"While I can be mad that you didn't tell me before we got here." Natasha said aggressively right before he inclined for her lips.

"I know, I'm sorry. I don't know why I didn't tell you earlier. I was a little scared." He said, frustrated with himself. Natasha was feeling very forgiving and it was probably the only reason why she'd let this slide. She still wanted to have a good night and her beyonce vibe was stable. Bobby took her hand and guided her toward the band's dance floor. A slow jazzy song filled the air and he confidently led her into his broad chest. Natasha gladly obliged and placed her hands on his biceps and laid her head on his breast while his arms twisted around her waist. He led them in a slow fixed circle and they danced in peace for a minute.

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