tagGay MaleUnexpected Layover Pt. 02

Unexpected Layover Pt. 02


Peter collapsed backwards on the couch, robe hanging open. His wet stiff cock bounced and twitched after the glorious - and embarrassingly brief - blowjob this young man had just given him.

This young man, Dustin, that Peter met less than an hour ago, when Dustin checked him into this hotel room.

Dustin slid a finger along Peter's cock, scooping the last drops of cum, and licked it off his finger.

An hour ago, Peter was on the phone with his wife.

An hour ago, Peter had never thought about kissing another man, let alone shoving his cock in a man's hungry mouth.

He leaned up and kissed Dustin, tasting the remnants of his load in the young desk clerk's mouth. He could feel his hard-on losing some - not all - of its strength, and the last drops of cum oozing out.

As Dustin stood and smiled, Peter was surprised to see that he was still mostly dressed. He had started to tear his clothes off, but got... distracted.

"Oh, that won't do!" he laughed as he grabbed Dustin's pants.

Dustin ran his finger along Peter's cheek and smiled. "I was hoping we weren't done yet."

Peter pulled Dustin's pants down and eagerly looked in his eyes. Dustin met his gaze, put one hand on his shoulder for balance, and stepped out of his uniform.

Peter opened the last button on Dustin's shirt, and slid his hands along his waist. No middle-aged tire, just firm abs with a light fuzz on them. Peter absently ran his hands over Dustin's tummy.

"Wax-on, wax-off?" Dustin laughed.

Peter was embarrassed. "I'm sorry, it's just. I never..." He let his hands linger another moment, and then slid them up to Dustin's taught pecs. His fingers found Dustin's nipples, which stuck up like pencil erasers.

Peter stood, falling out of his robe, and kissed Dustin's left tit. Slowly, tentatively, he opened his mouth and let his tongue find the pert nipple. Just like Margot's, but smaller, tighter, and not drooping... Heavenly.

He circled the nip while Dustin stroked his hair. Rubbing Dustin's right pec, he flicked his tongue up and down - a move that drove his wife wild. From the way Dustin sucked in his breath, he could tell it worked both ways.

He slid his tongue sideways, finding the other nipple, and repeated. He squeezed and pinched Dustin's left tit while nibbling on the right. He could smell Dustin's Old Spice. He never dreamed such a masculine scent would get him so worked up.

He stood, sliding his tongue up Dustin's chest while doing so. Over his Adam's apple - scruffy! - and back up into his waiting mouth. He pulled down Dustin's shirt, and wrapped his arms around the taller man's waist, grinding their chests together.

While Dustin's tongue explored his mouth, he let his hands explore Dustin's back and waist, eventually landing on his tightly coiled ass. He started kneading it, entranced by its firmness.

Dustin moaned in his mouth, pushing their crotches together. Peter felt the heat and stiffness of Dustin through his tight nylon briefs. He never stopped to think about it - he just pushed Dustin back onto the bed.

He leaned down and sucked on Dustin's chest again, blowing on the nipples to keep them stiff. Running one between his thumb and forefinger, he lowered his tongue over Dustin's six-pack.

Peter's tongue followed Dustin's trail to his waistband. He placed his hands on Dustin's thighs and ran his tongue along the waistband. Dustin sucked in his breath again, and Peter marveled at how his abs moved, rippling like a gentle ocean tide.

He slid his hands up the inside of his thighs, pressing down and feeling both the muscle and the fuzzy hair under his palms.

He flicked his tongue in Dustin's belly button as he let his hands glide over the front of his briefs. Dustin groaned as he slid his hand over the hard mound straining against the material. To Peter, it felt like a tremendous monster growing, squirming under the surface. He gave it a squeeze and watched a wetspot grow on the nylon.

Tentatively, he kissed the front of Dustin's briefs. The heat from inside set his neck hairs on end. He slid his tongue over the rough material to the spot and kissed that, pushing his tongue against the salty wetness.

"Oh God, baby..." Dustin reached down for Peter's head, accidentally clapping him in the ears. He spread his legs and pushed his tented briefs into Peter's face; the older man nuzzled the bulge with his cheeks while sliding his thumbs inside the legs.

Here goes nothing, Peter thought, as he brought his hands around and pulled down the underwear. Dustin's cock popped out, standing at attention and twitching in anticipation.

It looked to be about the same size as Peter's, maybe a little thicker, but to his virgin eyes, it was mammoth. He simultaneously didn't know where to begin, and wanted it all at once.

He ran his hand along Dustin's waist and back down to his pelvis. In contrast to his hairy legs, his pubes were trimmed - just a bit longer than peach fuzz. He slid his hand back and forth, wondering if he could get away with that look.

Every time his hand moved, Dustin's cock jumped. Beckoning to him. Waiting.

He ran his finger along its side as it bounced. Dustin let out a long, low, groan.

Peter traced his glans with a finger, loving the cause-and-effect as it rocketed back and forth under his touch.

He put his thumb at the base, rubbing the thick vein, and lightly squeezed. A pearl of precum formed at the tip. Slowly, nervously, Peter leaned forward and pressed his tongue against the drop. It magnetically shot from Dustin's head to Peter's tongue... Mmmmmmmm....

Peter pushed his tongue back against the cock. He licked the head, back and forth, in small moments while Dustin's legs wriggled. He wrapped his hand around the shaft, and ever-so-lightly stroked it up and down. His tongue explored in circles around the tip, the glans, and along the shaft.

"Baby that feels so good... You have it..." Dustin leaned forward and rubbed Peter's cheek, behind his ear. Peter felt like purring.

Whether from nerves or a day of vodkas, he realized how dry his mouth was. He reached over for a sip of wine, and downed the glass like a shot. As Dustin laughed, Peter almost had merlot come out his nose.

That lightening of the mood was just what his resolve needed. Grabbing Dustin's shaft, he opened his mouth and slid his tongue along the bottom of the head. As his mouth wrapped around the entire mushroom, he pressed his tongue against it and sucked, twisting his mouth down as Dustin had done to him.

It felt like he had inhaled two or three feet when his gag reflex kicked in - but he didn't even have half of it in his mouth. He pulled his face up, licked his lips, and tried again.

When the tip of Dustin's cock tapped the back of Peter's mouth, they both writhed in ecstasy. Peter slid his mouth back and brought it back down again, Dustin's hands rubbing his shoulders.

He twisted his face back and forth, sucking as hard as he could, hypnotized by the thick, dripping cock in his mouth. He tried screwing it just a bit deeper, gagging and snorting as he deep throated this beautiful piece of meat.

"God yes, baby, just like that..."

He gagged a bit again, and brought his mouth up, leaving a thick trail of drool. His hand stroked it quickly, slipping and sliding in his own spit.

Dustin spread his legs further and put his hand on Peter's head, pushing it back down his length. He started pushing his hips forward, driving his entire length into Peter's mouth.

"Fuck yesss baby, suck me..." Dustin grabbed a patch of Peter's hair and pulled his head back and forth, forcing his cock deeper and deeper. As Peter's nose pressed against Dustin's pelvis, his eyes started watering. Dustin held his head there, and he could barely breathe.

He brought his hand around and cupped Dustin's balls, feeling them shrink and contract into his body. Dustin pulled his head back again, blindly face-fucking this eager wet hole.

Peter forced his mouth off Dustin's cock to catch his breath, stroking it and panting. He leaned down and flicked his tongue back and forth, then swallowed it all again.

He felt it swell in his mouth, just as Dustin's entire body tensed. Dustin wrapped his legs around Peter's back, forcing him back down. His hips bucked up into Peter's face a few times, when he abruptly grabbed Peter's hair and pulled him off his cock.

Dustin leaned forward and grabbed his shaft, his hand on top of Peter's. He quickly stroked it as he sucked in his breath. A steaming hot rope of cum shot out of his cock, blasting onto Peter's cheek. A second stream hit him in the chest, as he opened his mouth to try to catch it.

He brought his mouth down for the third explosion, letting it hit his lips, his chin, his tongue. He licked his lips and kept stroking as it continued to pulse.

Peter leaned down and used Dustin's wet cock head to wipe the dripping cum off his cheek. He wrapped his mouth around the head and started cleaning it. Before he knew it, he was swallowing the drops of cum that were in his mouth. He couldn't believe how wonderful it tasted, and felt. The heat, the stickiness, was all he could think about.

He continued kneeling on the floor, naked, licking and sucking Dustin's shriveling cock until there was no more cum left to be had.

Dustin leaned forward and put his hands under Peter's arms, pulling him up to kiss him.

Smiling, they pushed their tongues together, then apart, then together. They were like school children.

Peter rolled onto his back, and Dustin slid his arm under his shoulders. They lay there, panting, lost in their thoughts, staring at the ceiling.

Dustin put his finger on Peter's lips; he licked it once, twice. Dustin lightly ran the moist finger down Peter's neck, over his chest, down his stomach, until he found his cock.

"Just as I expected!" Dustin proclaimed while he ran his finger along the shaft. "You are ready to go again, aren't you stud?"

Peter rolled onto his side and faced Dustin. They stared lovingly at each other while the younger man stroked his new lover's hardon. A moment passed, and Peter leaned in to Dustin, sliding his tongue over his lips.

"Hold that thought," Dustin said, as he rolled off the foot of the bed.

He stood and looked around the room. Peter pushed himself up to one elbow to admire his lean, hard body.

Dustin found what he was looking for - his suit jacket. He reached into the inside pocket and pulled out a small bottle of AstroGlide.

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by Anonymous01/14/18

Can’t wait for Pt. 03!

Can’t wait for the next part... when Peter gets to fuck Dustin. Peter’s sexual relationship with his wife Margot will never ever be the same again: sex with a woman just doesn’t have the same intensitymore...

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by Gybbs01/13/18

Dustin, I need you

Too bad my traveling days are over ... otherwise I'd track down Dustin's creator LOL

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by Anonymous01/12/18

You got me going now

I have had those layovers but never connected looking forward for part 2.

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