tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUnexpected Love Ch. 02

Unexpected Love Ch. 02


Chapter 2

Mom's Rendezvous with Love

All characters are 18 years of age or older.


The drive had seemed interminable, the winding mountain roads were unfamiliar and tiring. She had arrived later than she wanted and the surrounding area was dark and impossible to determine if she was even at the right cabin. It looked right, and if the key fit into the door lock she would know for sure. She wondered if she should take anything with her this first trip into the house. She looked around again and the idea of spending some time in the mountains, though appealing two hundred miles away and safe inside your suburban home, now seemed like a foolish idea.

The woods were dark and foreboding, she was certain there were mountain lions crouched near by, waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting person, or even a suspecting person, her! She shivered at the thought, gathered a few things and kicked the door of her car closed. She made a run for the porch of the cabin, and just as she was to the steps, she stumbled on a pine cone and went down in a heap.

"Yeow!" She screamed, feeling a puncture wound in her derriere. There was no response from the mountain lions, but the wind seemed to rattle the branches as if the trees were clapping their 'hands' at her gracefulness. She sat for a few moments gathering her wits, and then realized her vulnerability, if there were indeed mountain lions.

"Shit!" Carole huffed, throwing most of what she was carrying onto the porch and trying to get into a position to stand. She practically crawled up the steps, but she made it! She sat on the edge of the porch, rubbing her butt thru her denim jeans.

"Umm! That was graceful, Carole!" She said out loud to herself. There was a chittering, that sounded like child's laughter on fast forward that made her start. She saw the raccoon, walking near a trash can on the far edge of the porch. She quickly gathered her things and made a dash for the door! She turned the handle and the door opened and she was in and safe!

"Whew!" She let out a jet of air as she reached for the light switch.

'Let there be light!' she thought.

She surveyed the room, quaint in a rustic hunting cabin like way. Well what did she expect, it wasn't a four star hotel. She chuckled at that, the last time she had gotten away it had been a four star hotel.

'Well no use dredging up that memory.' She thought as she put her things on the couch. It was clean but looked like something from a Norman Rockwell painting, and probably the same era. This place could sure use a woman's touch, as far as decorating, thrift store would be a move up. She tried not to be too critical, it was just a weekend rental. She had been careful not to use a check or a credit card, she didn't want Steven to find out about the rendezvous. She was especially careful not to let on that she was going to the mountains, so she eluded to the children that she was going to the beach, near San Diego.

Visions of cabana boys flitted thru her head as she wandered thru the cabin. It really wasn't so bad, and her lover would be here soon. She kind of wondered what was taking her so long, it was already so late. Maybe they should have met up in the little village and driven here together, but No! Damn! Why did she let Suzie talk her into these little escapades, where She was always 'in charge'? Suzie made her make the arrangements, Suzie made her wait, Suzie punished her if anything went wrong, and still she loved her so much! God! She couldn't remember when she had felt so giddy in someone's arms. Suzie was her first female lover, well, at least the first woman she had gone 'All the Way' with. She loved the feel of her, the sent of her, she had even kept a little memento of their last time together. She didn't even have to hide it from Steven, he was clueless in so many ways. He was always so wrapped up in his work, and if it wasn't his work it was Stevette. That girl was just like him! Couldn't keep her mind on what was going on around her, free spirited, and carefree. It was the same spirit that drove Steven's boss crazy.

"God!" She thought, "Can't I get him out of my mind even for a moment!"

She went down a hallway and found a bedroom at the end, turning on the light she threw her suitcase on an unmade bed.

"What the fuck?!" She exclaimed. She looked around, it wasn't to badly in disarray. Perhaps a previous renter left these things by mistake. She rolled that over in her mind and found several flaws in her logic. How about the rental company, why didn't they clean the place up between renters? She looked a little closer at the clothes on the chair, a man's jeans, and sweatshirt. She looked in the bathroom that connected to the bedroom, it also showed signs of being used. She walked back into the living room, and glanced into the kitchen. Shit! Why didn't she notice these sooner. She was looking at several dishes in the kitchen sink.

She was about to call Suzie, but remembered she had said she would have her phone off so Jeff couldn't call her, shit, but then neither could she. What a mess! She started to gather her things, but before she went outside she took a peek out the front door to see if it was safe to run to the car.

There! On the edge of the porch the raccoon turned and began chittering at her again. She squealed and slammed the door. Shit, Shit, Shit! She couldn't leave with that thing waiting out there ready to pounce on her. For all she knew the damn thing had rabies. She stomped over to the couch and flopped down.

"Well, this is turning into a real cluster fuck!" She was startled at her choice of words. It was something her father use to say, when ever he was pissed about something. He was pissed about something, a lot. She rummaged in her purse and pulled out her cell phone and a pack of cigarettes and her lighter. Just who was she going to call anyway. She tried the rental company, an after hours answering machine picked up and offered her the option to leave a message. Boy, did she want to leave a message.

"This is ...." 'Shit! What was the name she had used?' "Mrs. Beckman, I rented the cabin at 13 Raven Roost. There are clothes everywhere, and it looks like someone is living here. I'm not sure what kind of place you're running here but I want you to know I want a different cabin, or someone to come and clean this mess up. You can call me at ...." Shit! Suzie didn't want her using her cell phone so they couldn't call her cell! "You'll just have to call the cabin! And by the way there's a rabid raccoon outside on the porch!" She hung up.

She was never satisfied with those kind of calls, she could never be forceful enough. She preferred just leaving and letting them suffer not getting paid, she just didn't like the confrontation. Damn raccoon!

She decided to settle in and see if there was anything worth rummaging in the fridge, it was suppose to be stocked with some groceries. She hoped they hadn't screwed that up.

"Well, what do you know!" She opened the fridge and saw a well stocked fridge, though it looked like some things had been used already. There was a bottle of Chablis, she pulled it out. She found a corkscrew and poured herself a large glass, there were no wine glasses. She just wanted something to take the edge off, the jelly glass she found would do nicely. It was the least of her worries as she stared at her useless cell phone. She downed a large gulp and wondered why the cabin felt cool, she stirred the coals in the fireplace and threw a couple of logs on the fire.

When she sat before the fireplace watching the coals begin to smolder and flames sputter to life around the bark of the logs, she realized she'd done nothing to see about the boo-boo on her bottom, when she'd slipped outside. She scooted her pants off tossing them to the side and surveying the raised welt and reddened area around it she realized that alcohol was probably the best treatment for her predicament, she drank the remainder of her glass of wine.

The worries of the day had become too much, she lay down and pulled a comfy coverlet that was on the back of the couch over her and rested before the fire. She absently wondered where Suzie was and poured another drink. She was tired from the trip and wondered if Suzie would get here in the morning with no explanation what so ever, Bitch.

A mellow buzz overcame her previous agitation, as she wondered how she had finished the whole delicious bottle of wine by herself. The flames were hypnotic and soon she was fast asleep.

The door to the cabin opened quietly as the bulky figure crept in, a large gun looking rather small in the over sized hand that clutched it swung back and forth searching for a target. It was a mater of seconds and the sound of light snoring that brought the pistol, and the big man to a halt.

"Well, what do you know? Goldie Locks." a gruff voice whispered, "Hum, someone's been drinking my wine, and sleeping on my couch."

He walked closer when he realized she wasn't going to wake up too easily. Seeing the woman's pants at the end of the couch he lifted the edge of the blanket and saw she was half naked, and smiled. This weekend was turning out better than he planned, he dropped the blanket. He went back to his room to retrieve certain items he would need.

The big hulking man had a deep, quiet laugh, as he walked down the short hallway to his room. His imagination was running in a multitude of directions, he needed to focus. He pocketed the pistol, and opened a drawer of his bureau, inside there were neat stacks and piles of miscellaneous items. He reached for a Ziploc bag filled with long plastic zip ties. They had been purchased for the duct work on one of his jobs but they would do nicely for what he had in mind. He chuckled, this time not so quietly as he was behind a closed door. He checked himself, no need to spook his pretty new toy, he wanted it to be a surprise. A big surprise!

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