Unexpected Nude Week Ch. 02


I had been thinking of Liz's comment about how I would never strip off in front of other people and the heat of the moment and the challenge of her dare had my heart beating even faster in my chest. As the line of divers turned around a coral head I held back a bit. It was somewhat of a struggle to slip my briefs off over my swim fins and in doing so I ended up ripping the seam along one side. Crap, this might backfire on me. I was just thinking I'd show off to my wife and then slip them back on but now I had a clothing malfunction of my own. I stuffed the underwear in my BC pocket and scooted ahead to catch up with the rest of the group.

When Liz turned to find me I'm sure she didn't notice at first. She gave me the OK sign which I returned then continued in our slow line. A minute or so later she turned back to tell me her tank pressure and that's when she first realized that I too was naked. She shook her head and I could tell from her eyes she was laughing. I pointed my finger at her and then made the sign of the number two. "You too" I signaled. We'd dropped away from the rest of the group and she nervously looked around to see if we were alone. The rising bubbles from the other divers were now on the other side of a coral spur. She reached to her waist and tugged her yellow panties down her legs, me helping them over her fins to avoid the damage that I'd sustained on my own briefs.

She winked then turned to continue our dive. I was having a hard time believing we were doing this. Naked, underwater with a bunch of other people we had just met. If it hadn't been for the water temperature and the exertion of diving I know I would have been sporting some wood.

Coming around the coral point I realized we were back under the boat and each couple was looking around different parts of the area doing safety stops. Ana was hanging in the water under the boat finishing her own. Brenda was about 25 feet from us and when she recognized our nudity she gave us a round of applause then banged on her tank to get everyone else's attention, pointing out where we were swimming.

At first Liz made as if to pull her panties back on but soon realized the difficulty of doing so with her fins on and I was making no efforts to help. She handed them to me and I stashed them in the BC pocket with mine. She was going to have to climb out naked just like me.

Ana had already boarded the boat and the rest of us started our slow ascents to the surface. Liz and I were the last to climb up the ladder where we were met with cheers and applause from our new friends. Standing there on the deck, water dripping from our scuba gear on naked display made my heart beat so fast. Peg, who was already out of her kit jumped up.

"No fair, I don't want to be left out." And with a quick motion was whipping off her bikini bottom and stuffing it in her dive bag. Josh was quick to follow and I glanced at my own wife's face to see her reaction. His cock was about the same length as mine, pretty average, but it was incredibly thick. Like the rest of their bodies, Josh and Peg had dark tans everywhere. I just imagined the view of their private backyard.

Ana was walking around the back of the boat distributing towels.

"This is a new record," she exclaimed. I've only had one group where everyone ended up diving naked but that took the entire week before they got comfortable. You guys take the title as most liberated!"

The sun was nearly straight overhead by this time and there was only a faint hint of wind on the water. Once our gear was secured we all moved up to the front of the boat to dry off and try to cool down in the air moving across the bow as the boated headed back to the resort. Brenda was the first to make a comment.

"I suggest that we let everyone else know what our dress plans are for the rest of the day," she started. "Our friends Charlie and Jennifer are in the other dive group and I know they won't have a problem, in fact they might be naked already. The others seemed cool when I talked with them last night. When I told them I liked to sunbathe topless they had no problems. I don't think anyone would be offended. We'll have to see when we get back to the dock. Ana, how about the staff?"

"Not a problem here," she answered. Because we're so remote and small we sometimes have a private rental of the entire facility and have had several nudist clubs take over the whole island. It's your vacation so just enjoy."

Manuel expertly guided the boat through the reef cut with hardly a splash and could see the other dive boat at the dock a hundred yards away with folks unloading tanks. They stopped to wave to us as we neared and we all stood, returning the waves. Clearly there was some surprise as waving stopped and fingers pointed at the six of us lined up nude on the front of the boat. I squeezed Liz's hand in mine as the boat nudged against the bumper of the dock.

"Hey guys," said Brenda to the others on the pier. "Let me tell you about and idea we have..."

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