tagExhibitionist & VoyeurUnexpected Nude Week Ch. 04

Unexpected Nude Week Ch. 04


By the third day of our Caribbean dive vacation in Belize we'd become reasonably comfortable with being nude on the resort beach, while diving and during breakfast and lunch which were served at tables set under the trees on the beach. Since we'd had our luggage lost during the flight to Belize we had only one set of clothes to wear, my shirt and shorts and Liz's floral sundress. Because we only wore these in the evening to dinner which was served in the main palapa, we had managed to keep them clean.

I'd fantasized about going with my wife to a nude resort and here my dream was coming true. We'd made some good friends with the other 5 couples spending the week in our little piece of Eden and everyone had quickly adopted the custom of nudity, even Carol and Brad who were the last to take the plunge.

I believe we were both pretty turned on by the idea of social nudity and had enjoyed sexually pleasuring each other several times a day, the most recent the previous afternoon when Liz had me fuck her from behind while she floated on an inflatable raft in the water right out in front of the resort. She had just finished cumming when our new friends Brenda and Tom had come down to the beach for the late afternoon cocktail party. I'm guessing from the wink Brenda gave to my wife she had figured out that Liz's flushed complexion wasn't just from a little too much sun.

After dinner on the third night of our vacation, Ana, one of the resort hosts and divemasters, stood to make some announcements about the next day's activities.

"Tuesday is our chance to go and dive the Great Blue Hole. This geological feature is one of the highlights of a dive trip to Belize and the reason some people visit our country. You might know that Jacques Cousteau was the first to make a detailed study of the hole and suggest its origin. Tomorrow we will meet at the pier at about 9am and take the large boat on the 1 ó hour trip to the hole. That should put us there at our time slot of 11am for the dive. We will follow one of the live aboard boats. Our government helps control access so it is not overrun with divers. That will let us have essentially private use of the Blue Hole for our dive. After that we will motor to Lighthouse reef where we'll enjoy a beach picnic for lunch and some surface interval time to explore the bird sanctuary and beaches before we head to the reef itself for our second and final dive of the day. Then its back here for the late afternoon."

"What are the chances of meeting other groups?" asked Carol.

"I see where you're headed with that question. Lighthouse reef and island are national parks. We will likely see other people there. It is usually a stop on a dive or snorkel trip so most will be dressed accordingly in swimsuits. It might be best to bring something along if we need to cover up."

Sitting with our friends that night enjoying glasses of wine the discussion was expectedly about the next day.

"I guess I'll be the one in this sun dress then," said Liz. I'm really getting tired of wearing the same thing even if it is only at dinner."

"Liz, I've got an extra pareo in my packed stuff. You can borrow that tomorrow. It's like wearing a wrap around dress. I'm wearing the other one I've got," offered Brenda.

Ten o'clock is a late night on a dive trip. Between the diving, the sun and the wine we were all bushed. Liz and I said our good nights and made our way back to our bungalow. The sky was perfectly clear and the stars were amazingly bright and close.

"Let's go out here," Liz directed, pulling my hand toward the dock.

The resort had two piers, one for the boats and a second that went out into the lagoon about 50 yards and ended at a triangular deck big enough for a picnic table and a couple of lounge chairs. I sat down on one of the loungers and Liz sat down between by legs, leaning her back against my chest while we reclined, looking up at the heavens. The sky was so clear you could see the swath of the Milky Way spreading out above.

We sat for a while, my arms encircling her waist, just quietly enjoying the solitude and privacy. The sound of gentle waves lapping at the water's edge behind us was hypnotic. My hands caressed her sides and hips. They felt so smooth under the thin material of her dress and I realized it was because she hadn't worn panties since our first day. A contented sigh escaped her lips. Taking this cue I continued to rub up and down on her hips but used that motion to slowly draw the hem of her dress up her thighs until my fingers felt bare skin. I heard a quick intake of breath as I stroked the upper part of her thigh. Using light touch I continued to rub the skin of her upper thighs and reached further up to include the area above the thin strip of pubic hair which was now exposed. I could sense her pushing back against my hands. By this time I had pulled her dress up to her waist and spent some time lightly rubbing the tips of my finger across the bare skin of her belly, encircling her bellybutton with gentle tickles.

Taking advantage of her willing response my hand moved further up to stroke the bottoms of her large breasts now with pert nipples pushing against the thin material of her dress. Sensing that she was turned on to the point of no return I pushed her forward from her reclined position against my chest and slowly pulled her dress from under her and lifted it over her chest and shoulders exposing her nude form to the view of the stars overhead. Laying back against me she grasped my hands with hers and slid them around her torso, one to pinch and roll her left nipple and the other she pushed down to her pussy. My finger stroked against her now swollen clit and I could feel how wet she had become in her excitement. Making small O shapes with my finger her legs spread apart exposing even more of her womanhood to my probing hand. Her breathing was even more intense.

"I need you in me," she panted.

Liz stood for a moment and reached down to unbuckle my shorts and pull them off my legs freeing my turgid cock. While she pulled them off I reclined the lounger fully flat and slipped my shirt off laying back as fully naked as she was. My wife then straddled my waist facing away from me, looking out to the dark sea in front of us. Her back was faintly illuminated my the few lights from the bungalows behind us. I could see the sides of her large breasts extending out beyond the edge of her chest as she lower herself. Her hands grasped my dick and guided into her slick pussy and she impaled herself on it with a moan. Slowly she began riding up and down its length grinding in a circular motion each time she came down against it. I could feel her hand and fingers rubbing against her clit, her other hand squeezing her own breast and tugging on her nipple. Faster and faster she bucked as she neared climax. I was so turned of fucking this beautiful woman under the open skies her out in the open at the end of the pier. In a matter of minutes I began to erupt my own load into her wet pussy and as I began to subside she shuddered with her own orgasm. Despite being out in the open she ended up being quite vocal as she was overcome with waves of pleasure.

As it subsided she lifted up and turned to lay on top of me pressing my still hard but wet cock between our bodies. I could feel the juices leaking out onto my balls. She gave me deep penetrating kisses and contented hugs as we lay there regaining our breath and rejoicing in the love making we had just shared.

After about 15 minutes she spoke.

"I suppose we should head in if we want to be rested for tomorrows dives. Lets take a quick dip in the ocean before we go to bed. I need to clean up a little bit."

We gathered our things. There was really no need to put them back on since we'd been naked with our new friends nearly everyday. Leaving them on the end of the dock we moved into the still warm Caribbean water dunking down onto our knees in the water in order to wash and refresh our bodies. Standing back up we walked out hand in hand toward our bungalow to spray off the salt in our shower before heading to bed. As we walked up the beach our path intersected Carol and Brad going to their own bungalow. It didn't seem uncomfortable in the least to be completely naked while we exchanged goodnights with these new converts, something we chuckled about once in our bed and slipping into dreamland.

I'll admit to enjoying sleeping in a bit the next morning since the boat wasn't leaving until 9 o'clock. When I finally got out of bed I realized Liz was already up and had left the cottage. Her dress was still hanging over the railing where we'd left our clothing the night before so she must be somewhere naked. At the end of the pier I saw her and well as the other women sitting together and doing yoga stretches in the early morning sunshine. I had to grab my camera and snap a few photos as their naked bodies were silhouetted by the light behind them. An artistic image if I do say so my self. We had discussed the idea of taking pictures of ourselves with the resort dress code and everyone agreed that I would be a great reminder of the enjoyment we shared. We would just be sure to keep them secure for our own use and shared only with others in our little clan.

About half and hour before we were to depart the yoga session broke up and I strolled out to meet Liz and the other wives and grab a bite for breakfast. While we ate, Brenda came up to Liz and offered her the extra pareo she had brought. The bright tropical colors highlighted the dark tan which she had been developing over the last few day. The women had a good time showing Liz the different ways to tie the fabric around her body. I know I had a good time watching the fashion show going on in front of me.

Everyone was aboard the boat before 9am and had ensured that all the needed gear was ready. Lines were cast off and off we headed. We had all continued to enjoy the dress code and now everyone including Carol and Brad was naked. Even the boat captain and mate, Hector and Manuel had gotten into the spirit of things.

The ride to the dive site was very enjoyable. Shortly after leaving the lagoon and reef in front of the resort we were into deep blue water but about and hour later small coral outcroppings became visible under the surface of the clear water. Hector had slowed the boat as we picked our way through the dangerous reef, using the GPS system and his vantage point up on the flying bridge to guide us through the appropriate channel. It would be too easy to get off course and rip the bottom out of the boat on one of the coral heads if one got a little too complacent. I was thankful for the expertise of the crew.

It took about 30 or so minutes to traverse this part of the reef and Brigitte came down on deck to advise us that we would be arriving at the Blue Hole in a little bit. Ahead we could see the outline of another boat. Taking the advise of our host from the night before everyone began to pull on some sort of shorts, pareo or bathing suit in advance of entering the Blue Hole and meeting the other boat. It was a large square shaped vessel, not particularly attractive. Ana informed us that it was the Nekton Diver, a live aboard boat that carried about 30 people. They had been at the blue hole since early morning and were in the process of recovering the last of their divers and would soon be headed out. We would just sit outside the cut to the hole and get things ready until they moved away.

We all began to check our gear and get things set up for the dive. Our profile was to descend to about 120 feet where we'd see the stalactites that hung from the roof of the ancient cavern that gave rise to this geological gem. At that depth we'd swim under the overhanging edges and between the rocky icicles that were up to 30 feet long. After 8 minutes we'd begin our ascent along the wall checking out the few creatures that would be hanging out in the nooks and crannies. Overall the hole is not particularly filled with sea life since it is so deep and doesn't get good sun against the sides.

Our group was now ready to dive but the Nekton had not yet moved out. Their divers were on the dive deck and rear platform getting off dive gear and showering. Hector had maneuvered our boat to the mooring buoy at the edge of the reef.

"I wish they'd hurry up," laughed Tom. "Brenda and I are ready to get wet and I'm ready to get out of this swimsuit."

"If you guys are ready feel free to jump in," said Brigitte. "Just be sure to keep track of you depth and time. If you want to dive nude I don't think the other boat will have a problem. They look preoccupied with getting prepared to leave so I bet they don't even notice."

With that, Tom dropped his Speedo suit and Brenda quickly doffed her pareo and started buckling on their gear. I heard a couple of comments like "Hey check that out" and "I want to be on that boat" as they stood on the rear platform and did a giant stride into the water. Looking at Liz I asked her if she was ready.

"I wonder how many vacation albums we'll be in?" she asked. I could see a few cameras had come out on the other boat.

With a wink, she untied the sarong from around her neck, got up to go put it under the covered center table of the boat, then walked back in all of her naked glory to begin getting kitted up. Her boobs bulged voluptuously out of her BCD. I helped her with her fins then got myself ready. Following behind her bare behind we made our way to dive platform and with simultaneous strides we were in.

The water felt refreshing after the heat of the day and the effort of getting ready for the dive. We quickly turned head down and headed for our target depth.. Aside from the wall of the pit there was nothing else to see. Sunshine beamed down through the central shaft of clear water highlighting the blueness of the deep. As we slowed our descent at 100 feet I checked to see that Liz was OK. Circling in the water column behind her were 2 Black tip Caribbean Reef sharks, both about 5 to 6 feet long. They would have made a great picture what with the water clarity and the beam of sunlight reflecting off their grey bodies. Liz's eyes widened in response to my pointing them out to her.

By the time we were at 110 feet I could see that the wall of the hole had open away from us into a dark space. Clicking on the dive lights they had provided for us we moved away from the shaft and under the overhanging edges. Our lights illuminated the prehistoric looking rocky columns hanging from the ceiling of what must have been an enormous cavern. Some were at least 20 feet long and bigger around than a tree. We were able to swim between these stalactites, weaving back and forth as we went. Ahead I could see another beam of light playing back and forth and as we approached I could see we had caught up with Brenda and Tom. We exchanged OK signs as they headed back to the main shaft to begin their ascent. In this area under the collapsed roof of the ancient cavern and out of the sunlight the water was noticeably cooler. It had the effect of making Liz's nipples jut out.

I couldn't help myself from getting next to her and taking my regulator out of my mouth so I could quickly run my tongue against the pert protrusion. She gave me a wink then motioned to her dive computer. We were at the end of our depth time and needed to head back to the main water column. As I stopped to check my submersible pressure gauge she came up to me and gave my dick and appreciative squeeze, enough stimulation to help it stretch away from is "shrinkage" state in the cooler water.

Our ascent was uneventful. We passed some of our other dive companions on their way down as we rose. The water warmed comfortably when we were back at 50 feet and the sunshine brightened the view of the wall. Back at 20 feet or so the walls slope outward to the reef edge and here there were live corals and more reef fish so we had something to look at as we completed our safety stops.

Climbing back on board the crew helped us take off our dive gear and stow our stuff. The warm sun felt great and once settled Liz and I headed to the front deck of the boat to dry off and make room for the other divers. Brenda and Tom were already there and, given that we were the only boat around, had maintained our dress (or no dress) code. We excitedly shared our impressions of the dive. They were disappointed not to have seen the circling sharks. Ana had told us that the Nekton boat will sometimes discard perishable food waste in hopes of giving their clients some big reef creature views. We were glad to have been the recipients!

With the sun nearly directly above us and not a cloud in sight we were dried off in no time at all. I had Liz move toward me so I could be sure her back was covered in sunscreen. She lay on her belly beside me propped up on her elbows so she could keep on talking to Brenda who was leaning back on the front window of the boat's main cabin. I was sure to cover all parts of her back and shoulders.

"Can you get the backs of my leg while you're at it, Luv?" she purred.

Adjusting my position to better reach her legs I squirted a generous amount of the lotion on my hands and began to spread the thick fluid across her skin. I made sure to cover the inner and outer parts of her calves and then continued upward to the backs of her thighs. I was curious to see what she would do as I neared the area of her inner thighs since I was doing this massage out in the open with people who were strangers a couple of days ago sitting not more than 6 feet away.

Her voice seemed steady as she continued to talk to Brenda and I felt her legs move a bit further apart as I slicked the lotion into the skin just above her knees. Taking this as a sign to continue I was careful to cover the entirety of the backs of her thighs and then moved on to massage the lotion into the darkening tan of her bare ass. Trying to be casual while I did this I let my hand slip downward so that my fingers barely stroked against her pussy lips. She responded with an involuntary muscle contraction. I took this to mean "leave well enough alone" and finished applying the cream to her bare butt cheeks.

"Can you take care of me?" I asked once I'd finished with her back.

We changed places with me laying on the deck and Liz kneeling next to my waist while we continued talking to Brenda and Tom. Josh and Peg had returned from their dive and had just moved up to the front deck to join us.

Continuing to recount our dive everyone excitedly added their own impressions of the cavern we had just explored. Josh had done some reading about the Cousteau exploration and filled us in on the geology and theories of the hole.

All the time he spoke Liz was massaging the lotion into my back, shoulders and butt. She moved down to be sure and cover my legs and the back of the thighs. When her hands got up to the upper part of my thighs I felt her slide a little deeper and her fingers grazed the undersurface of the shaft of my cock which I had positioned in its downward direction. The effect was expectedly stimulating and I felt of surge of blood filling its length when she lightly touched it. I was at first relieved when she moved further down my legs but then she slid them back up and again came in contact with the head of my dick. I involuntarily gasped at the touch. I could feel it becoming harder. This was going to be a problem if she didn't stop and I had to sit up.

By the time Liz had finished applying the lotion to my legs my cock was fully hard and somewhat painful since it was underneath me and pointed toward my feet. I looked up at her over the top of my sunglasses to see if she had any idea what she had done. Judging from the smile and wink she gave me I think she was enjoying my discomfort. Here I was laying out naked on my belly in front of my wife and 2 other couples with a raging hard on. I didn't help that all the women sitting around my were totally naked too.

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