Unexpected Nude Week Ch. 04


Able to maintain my composure (and my position laying on my stomach) I sensed that my erection was beginning to wane. Unfortunately for me at this same time, Jennifer and Charlie made their way up to the front of the boat, now having returned from their dive. With 8 people on the front of the boat I was going to have to sit up to make room.

"Here babe," said Liz. "Come sit by me."

She smiled as she spoke and I could tell she knew what she'd done to me. She just wanted to see how I was going to respond. "Well," I thought to myself, "its just a natural response. Just don't make it a big deal. Just sit up quickly, grab the towel that I'm laying on and drape it where need be."

I tried to be fluid as I rolled over onto my side facing my wife. As I did so my cock seemed to spring up with a life of its own so it slapped against my lower belly. Guys are often referred to as either "show-ers or growers". I fall into the later category and my seven and half inches were now at a right angle to the rest of my body. I had the towel in my hand in a quick move and was sitting down with the towel across my lap. I know I had to have been seen but at least it was only for a brief instant.

"I think I've got something in my eye," said Liz and in a flash she pulled the edge of my towel off my lap to dab out the corner of her eye.

Shit! She was toying with my now just to see what I'd do. I figured that drawing attention was the worst thing to do so I just sat with both knees bent up. At least that way my hard on was a little hidden.

Things finally settled down as our group kept on with our discussion about the diving. Liz gave up trying to make me expose my "condition" to everyone else and before long things were back to normal.

A short time later Ana, who had climbed up to the upper bridge, called to us to let us know that everyone was back up and we would be setting off for Lighthouse reef and our lunch stop. We had about a 40 minute ride to the destination. I got up to stretch my legs and move to the back of the boat to check on the other divers. Liz came with me.

"Are you settled down now?" she asked.

"No thanks to you," I grinned. "Are you trying to get my in trouble?"

"Well, to tell the truth, Brenda told me she and Tom had watched us last night when we were out on the pier and that I must have a lot to be happy about. I just wanted to show her what it was that can make me feel so good!"

With that she gave me a big hug and kiss. God, I love this woman.

When the island came in to view we started to gather up the things we'd need for the beach picnic. Ana, Brigitte, Hector and Manuel had all put on their swimsuits (not that they amounted to much). Carol, our newest nudist, asked is we should start getting dressed too.

"We're going to go around to the back side of the island for our landing," Hector told her. "There is a dock on this side and it doesn't look like anyone is there right now but we'll check out the other side just to give you all a chance for a bit more private a place to relax. For now you can hold off getting dressed. I'll let you know if that changes.

The dive boat was passing around the eastern end of a small island and at the tip a metal legged lighthouse projected above the tops of a number of palm trees. I say lighthouse. There was no house involved. It was just a light at the top of metal scaffolding. The whole island looked to be less than a mile long and at the end by the lighthouse you could actually see from one coastline to the other. I had noticed as we approached the western end looked more densely forested and a great number of birds circled lazily above the tops of the trees. Our captain continued around the southern coastline and brought us in toward shore several hundred yards down the beach from the light. After turning stern in he dropped the front anchor and then backed us toward shore cutting the engines when we were in about 4 feet of water. Manuel jumped off the back into the water with 2 lines from each rear corner and quickly tied the back end to a couple of palm tree trunks to steady our position.

"If you guys want to go ashore and check things out feel free to do so," informed Ana. "We'll be unloading our supplies to the beach and setting up some tables for lunch. I would say you've got about 45 minutes to check things out before we're ready to serve. I did not see any boats tied up to the pier on the other side of the island. This is considered a part of the national park and there are often other dive boats or ecotourism treks that will stop here to tour the bird sanctuary at the western end of the island. I can't promise that we'll be the only ones here this afternoon. I guess you can select your own uniform of the day but you might want to carry something to slip on if you happen upon some other folks."

Our group of 12 then headed to the beach carrying our shorts or wraps above our heads. It was nice not having to contend with walking around in wet or sandy suits. On shore we started a slow meander toward the light. The legs looked like they had withstood many a storm, the painted chipped and peeling and a moderate amount of corrosion on the bolts and joints. Scattered along the edge of the beach were many small coconut palm trees many of which were still growing out of the coconut shell. It was pretty cool to see how nature does its thing. I saw something greenish in color bobbing in the water just off the beach by the light and, handing my shorts to Liz to hold, I swam out to grab it. It was a glass wine bottle that was corked. Inside as a rolled up piece of paper. Bringing it back to our group we huddled around for the opening.

"Maybe a treasure map?" offered Shawna.

"Shipwrecked crew?" someone else suggested with a laugh.

Opening the bottle took a little time. The cork had been pushed fairly far down into the neck. Finally I got enough of a grip to lever it out. A rolled up piece of paper poured into my hand.

Sonia and Marco Jimenez
s/v Argonaut
Miami, Florida
Cast off at Port of Spain, Trinidad January 2005

"That's kind of cool," I said. To think, this thing has been floating around the Caribbean for the last 4 years and ended up here at the same time we walked by."

"I wish I had a pen to add something to it and send it out again," added Josh.

I carried the bottle and note back up the beach to where the crew continued to unload the boat and left it there for later. Once we got back to the resort I'd add a little note myself and throw it back out to continue its trek. We continued walking up the beach toward the west and crossed over to the northern side where the pier was built. A makeshift sign pointed to the thicker trees and indicated that the bird sanctuary was that way. You could tell we were getting close because the smell was very distinctive. I guess birds are not as offended by their own guano aroma. The whole place was a cacophony of squawk and cries from the nesting birds. Frigate birds circled in the air above the trees and there were hundreds of chicks in tree top nests, their ugly white heads pointing out in curiosity.

Checking the time, we started back toward the beach for lunch. As we neared the edge of the sanctuary Tom, who was up ahead, turned back.

"I hate to be the bearer of bad new guys, but it looks like we're going to have to get dressed. There's a boat tying up at the dock right now."

It looked to be about a 35 footer set up as a dive boat. I counted 8 women either holding lines or walking down the pier. They looked to range in age from 30 to 50 years old. A couple of younger women were lugging a cooler and some bags toward a picnic table back in the trees. All of them were wearing swimsuits.

Our group as pulling on shorts or wrapping sarongs around our nudity. I stepped back to Liz and asked for my shorts.

"What do you mean you don't have them?" I was a little panicked.

"I remember you asking me to hold them when you swam out for that bottle. I think I must have set them down back at the beach where you left it thinking I was giving them back to you."

Crap! What was I going to do now? The only way back to our boat was right past the dock. There was no way to avoid that and I sure wasn't going to hang our here by myself. That would look great, a naked guy in the woods spying on a bunch of women having lunch.

"Tell you what," offered Liz. "It's my fault you're in this situation. I'll go explain the circumstance and I bet they'll give you some privacy while you scoot by."

She and Brenda walked ahead to the group. We heard some laughter and, through the trees, I could see them look toward us and nod. After a few minutes the girls returned.

"They're cool with it," said Brenda. They're on a girls dive trip to another dive resort not far away. In fact they said they've enjoyed the remoteness like us and had only put on tops when they got here for lunch. They did say they've not been brave enough to dive naked like us."

"Well," I challenged, "I don't want to be the only one."

"I feel responsible," said Liz. And with that she untied her sarong and handed it to Brenda.

She and I stayed toward the back of our group. As we got to the pier some of the women from the other boat stopped to chat, asking about our diving and the Blue Hole. I was glad I still had on my ball cap and sunglasses. At least it gave me a little anonymity as I stood naked in front of the 8 women. After a few minutes we said our goodbyes and headed back to our picnic. As soon as we were out of their view everyone else stripped back down to their skin. Liz and I lagged behind the rest.

"Damn," she breathed lustily. "I don't know when I've ever been so naughty. I'd have never thought that you and I would be such exhibitionist to be naked in front of all those clothed people."

"Well," I answered. "We have been naked with our friends everyday and those girls were all wearing just bathing suits. Still, it took a lot of control and thinking about baseball not to get too turned on."

She stepped in front of me, encircling my neck with her arms and pressing her large breasts against my chest. My stiffing cock swung against her thighs. Looking me in the eyes she said.

"Thanks for the best vacation ever. I see a whole new world of vacation opportunity for us in the future..."

After a deep kiss we held hands and walked to catch up to our group.

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