tagExhibitionist & VoyeurUnexpected Nude Week Ch. 05

Unexpected Nude Week Ch. 05


Our dive trip to Belize had proven to be even better than we had hoped.

Sure, arriving for a dive vacation without luggage or dive gear made us apprehensive when we first landed in Belize City but the private dive resort on one of the atoll islands had been more than accommodating in getting us outfitted with the dive equipment we would need. Starting out we were using our underwear as swimsuits during the day and washing out our travel clothes for evening but after a "costume malfunction" Liz's bra was damaged beyond repair. Not to worry. With the support of like minded guests at the resort we had adopted a clothing optional dress code. As it turned out, by day 3 there was no "optional" involved any more. The entire guest population (all 12 of us) had taken to going nude during the day and on our dives. It certainly helped that the air temperature was in the high 80's and the water temperature not much below that.

By Wednesday we'd fallen into the routine of morning yoga (for the women), morning swim for me (just happened to by back and forth in front of the naked yoga class, breakfast and 2 tank morning dives. We would enjoy a beach front lunch then have a hour or so for afternoon relaxation before heading our for an afternoon dive. Cocktails and beer on the beach and hanging our in the water met our return with dinner at about 7:30. As is usually the case on dive trips you're ready for bed by 10 o'clock.

This was the day that the resort staff takes the boat back to the mainland to pick up supplies and food. They were also going to check to see if our luggage (and more importantly, dive gear) had finally made it. The dive boats were not going out but any guests wanting to dive could do shore dives from the beach. Liz and I decided that we'd take a little break that afternoon to do a little island exploration and some snorkeling.

Our island oasis was one of many that made up an atoll. We faced toward the east. North and south of our island were others of roughly the same size. Our resort hosts had told us that these were uninhabited. There was a channel between our island and the one south of us that us only a few hundred yards wide. If the tide was not running you could easily swim across to the next beach. Excited about the prospect of this outing we got together some supplies (water, snacks, sunscreen, snorkel gear) and put everything in a dry bag that one of the divemasters let me borrow.

"There are some beautiful beaches over there," Ana informed us. "No one lives on the island and there aren't any resorts there but on occasion some day trip groups will pull up there to bird watch or snorkel."

Earlier in the week I had walked the beach to the south end of the island so I knew the way and after about 30 minutes had guided Liz to the area of the channel. The sun was high in the sky and we were both sweating profusely with the exertion. It looked like the current was not too fast but to be sure I had us go a little to the west so that we'd not get swept out with it.

Donning our snorkel gear we stepped into the clear water and began our transit. I stayed behind Liz to make sure she didn't have any problems. It was had to concentrate on our destination with her naked form spread in front of me. We had decided to dispense with any clothing on this trip. Less to have to keep up with. Once on the opposite shore I stowed our snorkel gear back in the carry bag and we headed on around the beach.

Coming around a point of land we saw an incredible stretch of beach spread out before us. It was probably a mile long. Since this was not an inhabited island there was the usual sea grass washed up in clumps here and there but for the most part we say just white sand. The beach was backed up against palm trees and low sea grapes. There wasn't another foot print to be seen.

We took our time wandering down the beach picking up shells and looking for sea beans as we went. About half way down the stretch there was a makeshift table that had been cobbled together with boards that had obviously washed up on the beach. No, we weren't the first people to ever set foot here but it sure seemed like it at the time.

Since there was a bit of shade here we decided to use this as our "spot" and set out some towels and our gear. I was glad that we had restocked our sunscreen supply before setting out and even more happy to help apply it to Liz. I had her lift her arms over her head and then took my time making sure that every inch of her body was protected. My slick hands spread the viscous fluid over her skin. Her breasts had taken on the tan color of the rest of her body since she'd been going naked for the last few days and I felt her nipples harden under the caresses of my hands spreading the oil. Standing here on the open beach under the bright sun and slowly massaging my wife's naked body had the expected effect of making my dick spring to life.

I squatted down to take care of covering her legs and she spread them a bit for me to allow coverage of her inner thighs. Her trimmed pussy was directly in front of my face and couldn't help myself from burying my nose and tongue in her wet slash. Her clit was already swollen and protruding from the labia giving me access to her love button. Looking up, her hands were wrapped around her boobs, pulling and twisting her nipples which jutted out with stimulation.

Her shuddering orgasm followed quickly. I've always enjoyed going down on her and know what kind of tongue movements can take her to the top the fastest. Her hands moved to the back of my head pressing it even tighter against her mons.

"It's your turn now," she breathed huskily.

"Babe, its was such a turn on watching you get off like that out here in the open. I want to savor my chance a little later. I'm drenched in sweat right now. How 'bout we do a little snorkeling right now to cool off."

I ran back up to our stuff to get the masks, snorkels and fins and we waded into the water to go exploring. There was a fringing reef several hundred yards off the beach that produced a relatively calm lagoon where we swam. There were several coral heads scattered in the water but these became more numerous as we got further from the beach and closer to the reef. At its deepest the water was about 15 feet deep and, being protected by the reef was gin clear. I was able to dive down for a closer look at things and saw many conch and even scared up a peacock flounder. The smaller reef fish were plentiful on this protected side of the coral. I was glad to have brought my digital underwater camera to capture some of these sights but even more so to take pictures of my own naked mermaid diving through the water.

Sound waves travel through water four times faster than air. However, it is difficult to determine what direction that sound is coming from. If you've ever snorkeled on a reef you know it is a very loud place what with the sound of water and the constant grinding of fish chewing on coral. As I swam along I perceived a different sound that was clearly mechanical. The sound of a boat motor. I've heard it many times while diving. I stopped for a moment and raised my head above water to see what was up. Between us and the beach there was a small open boat about 25 feet long headed toward shore right where we'd left our things. From my vantage point in the water it was hard to tell how many people were on it but I guessed about 5 or 6. I got Liz's attention and pointed it out to her.

"Don't look now but our paradise had been invaded."

"I guess we should have known that there was a chance someone else would be along when we found that table," she added. "What are we going to do?"

"Seeing as its about 3 in the afternoon I don't see that they are here for lunch. Maybe they're coming to snorkel."

"Well, imaging their surprise when they see us," she laughed.

I gazed at her with new appreciation. Here she was laughing off the likely chance that we would be caught naked by strangers.

"Well," I asked. "Should we keep snorkeling or head in?"

"Maybe we should take our time working back to shore. I suspect they'll figure out other people are here when they find our stuff on the beach."

Our trek back in was somewhat circuitous. I periodically would check our position. The boat had pulled up close to the sand and it looked like they had run a couple of stay lines up to the trees. I counted 4 people on the beach although it was difficult to tell much more than that. It looked like they were getting ready to go snorkeling.

One person, it looked from this distance to be a man, was standing over by our stuff and I heard him give a shout to his friends. They all then stood and gazed out over the water, clearly looking to see if someone was there. Not wanting to shock or surprise anyone I gave an overhead wave of my arm and a divers OK sign.

I clued Liz in. "We've been spotted. When we get a little closer I'll make sure they know what we're wearing so they're not too shocked."

Approaching the beach I went a little further ahead than Liz until I was in waist deep water near their boat.

"Hola," I said, not knowing if they spoke Spanish or English.

"Sorry if we've intruded on your space," said an attractive woman holding snorkel gear. "When we saw your things over there we realized that we weren't alone."

"No problem," I responded. Pointing toward the north I added, "We came over from the island up there. We're just enjoying a non-diving afternoon."

The boat had brought two couples. They all looked to be about our age, mid 40's. The woman I was talking with was wearing a bikini. That see carried a few extra pounds didn't seem to bother her wanting to soak up the sun.

"I need to be honest with you," I added. "My wife and I came over today hoping we'd have the place to ourselves and we kind of.....came out with out anything on."

A surprised look flashed across her face. "I'm so sorry," she stammered. "Our hotel let us take the run about for the afternoon and suggested this beach because its easy to get to and is usually empty. Do you want us to leave?"

"Oh no," I answered. "It is certainly big enough of everyone and it doesn't belong to us anymore than to anyone else. We'll just move our stuff up a bit if you want some privacy."

"Do you want me to bring you your suit?" she asked.

"Well......as it turns out we didn't bring any with us. You see we've kind of been doing this whole thing naked. If it bothers you I'll just go get our towels to wrap up in and we'll get out of your way."

By this time the other 3 people had come down to join the conversation. Liz was now beside me, crouched in the water so just our necks showed. Because the water was so clear I knew they could easily see her floating boobs, even with the water distortion.

The woman's name was Becky and she introduced her husband Pete and their friends Jonathan and Sheri.

"I don't think its that big a deal," said Sheri. I just hope these 2 horn dogs don't make you feel uncomfortable. They've been trying to get us to shed our tops all day!"

We had already taken our snorkel gear off and, taking Liz's hand, we stood up and walked out of the water. It looked like Pete's eyes were going to bulge out of his head when he saw my naked wife. I thought we'd head up to put down our gear but Liz just ended up standing there talking to these strangers. She filled them in on our predicament with lost luggage and how it turned out that now everyone at our resort was going nude.

"Its actually been quite fun," said Liz. "I'm not constantly trying to adjust my top or pull some elastic band that's binding in an uncomfortable place. We're careful to use plenty of sunscreen to avoid the hazards of burns. In fact its been nice not having to think about dressing up for dinner. It's also made me more comfortable with my body. I know it shows that I've had a couple of kids. I'm not one of those stick thin models but you know what? That's OK too."

The conversation seemed perfectly normal, except for the fact that my wife and I were completely naked with people we'd just met. We asked about their resort which was on an island a bit further south. They had fewer divers than our resort and more fishermen but a similar setup as a private beachfront casual place. After a bit longer I reached to pick up our snorkel gear.

"We're keeping you from enjoying the water. We'll just go up the beach a little bit. We have to head back soon anyway to swim across the channel before the tide changes."

"No, no," broke in Becky. "Stay where you are. We just wanted a short snorkel stop. You enjoy the beach."

As we sat down on our towels we watched the 2 couples put on their gear and hit the water. I laid back to let the sun finish drying off the sea water. Liz took the bottle of oil and, laying beside me, squirted a stream of it across my chest and belly. Her hands massaged it into the skin across my pecs and her fingers stoked the hair that grew there. I tightened my belly as her hands spread the oil across my stomach.

"Be careful," I whispered. "I'm not responsible for the actions of any body parts that you might encounter in that direction."

She giggled. "That's what I'm counting on. Those people are way out there by the reef now. I figure it looks like we're just napping here."

She pour a little more of the slick fluid in her hand and reached down to grab hold of my dick. It immediately began to stiffen at her touch, especially as her hands moved down to fondle my balls and spread the oil further. I kept my eyes open, watching her expertly pull and slide up and down my shaft, stopping only to add another tickle to my nut sack. By this time my cock was fully erect and the head engorged and purple.

She seemed entranced by the sight, her hands pistoning up and down its length. I began to squirm as she brought me closer and closer to the edge.

"Oh yeah," I grunted as cum erupted from my cock shooting across my belly and up on her tits as she lay propped beside me. Her grip lessened a bit as my orgasm began to subside and both of our breathing slowed.

As we came back down to earth I heard her giggle.

"What's so funny?" I queried.

"I'm just thinking about how I'm going to describe today in my journal," she said laughing.

We stood to walk down to the water for a cool down, wash off dip. I could see Sheri, Becky, Pete and Jonathan snorkeling about 25 yards off the beach where we went in. They made their way toward us.

"Do you think we were caught?" asked Liz with some uncertainty in her voice.

"You know, dear, I doesn't make any difference now, after the fact. I would guess if they had seen that they wouldn't be coming over here to visit."

Both couples stopped in the water about 20 feet away and removed masks and snorkels.

Sheri spoke first.

"I just wanted to thank you guys for giving us a little motivation. As I told you earlier, the husbands here have been trying to get us to lose the tops all week but after we met you all today we told them that it had to be a 2 way deal."

The four of them looked around at each other then with a nod stood up at the same time. All four were as naked as us.

"I haven't been skinny dipping since I was a little girl," said Becky. "I can't believe how good it feels in this water and no having to pull or tug on elastic bands."

The six of us bobbed in the clear water for a while getting better acquainted, share travel stories and snorkeling memories. After about 30 minutes Liz mentioned that we needed to get going if we were going to swim across the cut to get back to our island resort.

"Don't worry with that," chimed in Pete. "We've got the boat. Why don't we just drop you off. We're needing to get back ourselves."

Accepting their offer, Liz and I walked back up out of the water to gather our stuff and then back down to the spot where the boat was tied up. It looked like our new friends were starting to pull on swimsuits but when approached in our naked state I think they had a change of heart.

"You said everyone at your resort was going naked?" asked Jonathan.

"You bet," I answered. "You'll fit right in.

He climbed aboard to get the boat started while I helped the ladies climb up the swim ladder. I'll admit to thoroughly enjoying the task as the naked mermaid held my hands lifting themselves up, water cascading down bare skin and naked breasts bouncing with the waves. I jumped up myself and pulled in the lines that Pete was untying from the shore. Once aboard we putt-putted through a break in the reef and turned toward our resort. It only took 15 minutes before we were nosing in to the dock, met by the still naked Ana and Brigitte. These new converts to nudism thanked us for the opportunity to try something for the first time in such a hospitable environment. Waving goodbye I sensed that they were a bit envious that we could stay here naked while they were headed back to their textile resort.

"Well, dear," I said to my wife, "a week ago would you ever think that we would be ambassadors of the nudist lifestyle?"

She grabbed my hand as we headed back to our cabana for a relaxing shower.

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