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Unexpected Recovery


I should have realized that I throwing my kids in the pool could be a problem for my back. But what the hell, they grow up quick, having fun with them is what makes life great. So, I spent the warm afternoon launching one preschooler after another. They pretended to be cannonballs and airplanes and superman, each of them running back and pleading ‘one more time!’ I had a blast, and my wife got a well-deserved beach break.

Later that night I stretched as usual before bed and damn it, I felt that sudden snap meaning one of two things, either a couple of days of advil or a serious disk problem.

I had been lucky for years, the problem always passed, but not this time.

“Terry, you have another disk rupture, this one is not as bad as the last, but it may need to be repaired.”

“Any options other than surgery Doc?” I inquired.

“A few, and I suggest we try them, the success rates are low, but it may work in your case.”

Four weeks passed and I was just about to give my last option a try. I arrived at the hospital early in the morning and waited the usual two hours before I was taken into the outpatient area.

“Remove all of your clothes and place them in this plastic bag, put this gown on and tie it in the back” the nurse droned as she sped to the next station.

When she returned, I was given a Valium and left alone to wait for the anesthesiologist. Over the next forty minutes, a doctor and two nurses managed to stab me ten times, pump anesthetic and cortisone in my spine take numerous blood pressure readings, and ultimately dump me in the recovery room.

When I awoke, I immediately realized I was pain free. What a feeling! For the past month, I suffered nothing but back pain. Now, the only thing I felt were the needles and shunts sticking in both arms, making it impossible to scratch my face, which needed a shave.

I tried to sit, but my legs would not respond, I had no feeling in them, which was weird and I panicked for a moment, until I remembered the doctor’s pre-procedure dissertation.

I looked at my motionless legs, my feet poked out of the sheets. I also noticed a huge bump right in the area of my man package. Wow! What the hell was going on? I felt nothing, but had a raging hard-on. I touched it, it was stone, it felt like it would break if bent.

“Good afternoon! I’m nurse Swanson, and I’ll be your recovery nurse today. How are you feeling? Any light-headedness? How’s your stomach?”

“Actually, I feel great, no pain at all,” I responded.

“That’s because you’re under an anesthetic that blocks all feeling below your waist,” she detailed.

I didn’t dare take my eyes off her’s. My tent pole pushed the sheet upward. She made notes on the chart. I watched her closely as she replaced the board and began tucking the sheet over my feet. Her eyes met mine and she smiled as she looked directly at my pup tent. I felt my face flush as she walked from one side of the bed to the other with my erection in full view and no ability to cover it.

“I’ll leave you to rest for a few minutes and return later to check the bandage from your tap.”

“Ok, thanks”, I said

I must have dozed off for at least a half an hour, before I was awoken by multiple voices.

“Hi again, I’m back to check your tap, how are you feeling? Stomach ok?"

“Yes, fine thanks.”

I looked around, and there must have been seven or eight young nurses standing inside my recovery area.

“Say hello to the future class of 2007, Saint Mary’s Hospital Nursing School,” she announced.

A weak ‘hi’ was all I could get out, I could see the two girls at the foot of my bed already staring at my erection. They made eye contact, and smiled slightly.

“Do you feel the need to go to the bathroom?”

“No, not now.”

“Not even a little,” she inquired again.


“Hmmm, failure to urinate from prostate gland swelling can be a complication of this procedure,” she informed the class.

“The patient has received enough anti-dehydration intravenous fluids to facilitate evacuation,” the lecture continued as she reviewed the chart once again.

“Are you sure you are not in discomfort, or possibly anxious?”

“No neither,” I replied unable to stop thinking about how many times each of the students were peering at my swelling.

“If you are unable to urinate within the hour, we may need to stimulate the process to be sure your prostate has not swollen to the point of urethra blockage” at least three of the students immediately looked at each other and then to the floor.

What the hell did that mean I thought. Probably a little pink pill or another stabbing needle I reassured myself. I closed my eyes to rest.

When I awoke, I realized the feeling in my legs had partially returned, not completely, but enough to begin to feel my fingers when I touched my skin. And surprise! My woody was standing at attention, this time I could actually feel the pressure from the erection, pretty impressive wood I thought. I bundled the covers to create a make shift disguise.

“Ready to try to urinate,” a voice started from behind the curtain.

I looked up to see nurse Swanson and two students entered the recovery area. The three positioned themselves at the foot of the bed and stole a peek at my crotch area, which caused my stomach to lurch.

Nurse Swanson appeared to be in her late thirties, her shower cap type hat revealed small wisps of dirty blond hair which most likely had it’s origin in a bottle. She had very pretty facial features and a nice suntan. She had a wedding band on her left hand and two rings on her right hand.

The smaller of the two students had red-blond hair pulled back in a woven french knot and barely covered by a triangle hat. She was absolutely gorgeous, with full breasts and a great butt in tight white nurse slacks. On her nametag was ‘Rachelle’ accompanied by a small heart.

Amy the taller student looked like she could be a model, very tall, short brown hair, angular facial features and lean long legs and fingers. Her smile was so warm; I could not help returning it, when she looked at me.

“I don’t feel as though I need to go”, I replied like a child.

“Well, unfortunately Mr. Blake, you may not feel the need, but you have consumed enough fluid for the need to be present, let’s have a look at your stomach and bladder area” she stated while moving the rail down along the side of the bed.

Within an instant, she removed the covers from my chest and lowered them to my groin; I was mortified to see my raging erection pop out from under the covers and into daylight. The two students looked at it intensely and made not a motion of eye or body movement. Nurse Swanson snapped on two gloves and proceeded to push on my stomach and bladder, first the right side, then the left side.

“Has your penis been erect since you entered the recovery room?”

“Yes” I replied without making eye contact with either of them.

“Are you in discomfort, do you feel like you need to urinate?”

“No, like I said before, I don’t need to go.”

Turning to the students, she told them to retrieve two scrub gowns, masks and gloves. As soon as they left she returned to the side of the litter and helped me to sit upwards.

“Mr. Blake you have an acute prostate gland swelling caused by the procedure you have just undergone. This swelling must be reduced in order for you to return to normal urination and be discharged from the hospital.”

“What needs to be done to reduce the swelling,” I replied.

“There are two options, the first is to catheterize you and wait to see if the swelling recedes on its own as the drug is metabolized by your system.”

“And the second?”

“The second requires a manual stimulation of your prostate gland to reduce the swelling and initiate a fluid release. I recommend this procedure, because it appears unlikely that the swelling has subsided at all since we first observed your erection.”

“Ok, what exactly is to be done with option two?”

The two students entered the room wearing disposable surgical gowns and holding masks and surgical gloves.

“In order to stimulate your prostate, we will gradually dilate your anus and massage the gland from the inside of you. I know this may sound painful, but there is minimal discomfort and the entire process should take less than fifteen minutes. I assume this is a more reasonable solution than catheterizing your penis, hum?”

“Uh yes, but”

“Good, I suggest your close your eyes, and try to relax, I will guide Rachelle and Amy through the procedure, and we will have you out of here as quick as possible,” she whispered while motioning for the girls to put on masks and gloves.

Amy looked at me and smiled quickly before turning to Rachelle who returned her smile with devilish eyes. What the hell was going on I wondered, just a few minutes ago I was asleep comfortably, now two beautiful young women in surgical garb with smiles were standing next to my litter and removing the cover and sheets from my body.

I closed my eyes while the last sheet was swept away, with no place to hide my wood. When I opened my eyes, I saw it standing at full attention like a proud soldier, all three women looking at it.

“We are going to raise your legs and fix them to these holders on the side of the bed.”

Rachael was on my right, Amy on my left holding each leg in a spread eagle position, while the head nurse placed bolsters under and around each leg and taped them in place.

I turned in time to see Amy step to the prep tray and squeeze a generous portion of clear jelly in the palm of her hand.

“I’m going to dilate your anus know, this may be a little uncomfortable,” she said.

I felt the cool jelly on my back door and realized that most of the feeling in my lower half had returned. Ow! I grunted, as she pushed her finger inside of me, first a little, then the entire finger. She probed and pushed first in and out and side to side. Rachael held my arm, while nurse Swanson issued instructions from the foot of the bed.

“Are you ok? just a little more to go,” Rachael sweetly whispered.

Nurse Swanson moved to the side of the bed, and put on a pair of gloves.

“Have you located the gland?” she inquired of Amy.

“No,” she stated sheepishly.

“Withdraw for a moment so I can show you,” she instructed.

Quickly nurse Swanson replaced Amy and pushed herself inside me. First pressure in the front and then further back. She was inserting and withdrawing her finger while my erection pointed straight at my face with no sign of backing down.

“Its very swollen she announced and just proximal to the entrance wall at the top of the canal,” she said to Amy.

“Locate the gland and gradually massage it; Rachael, please retract the scrotum.”

Amy returned to her position and again inserted her finger, quickly followed by a second finger. Rachael’s gloved hand cupped my balls and pulled them toward my erection. She turned to me and smiled with her eyes.

“Just a little more,” she stated.

Amy’s fingers were pushing in and out of my back door and pressing on the top of the wall, her rhythm was beginning to create a growing lust deep in my crotch. I could feel my face flush and my eyes begin to swell. For the first time in the entire procedure, I forgot about exposure and procedure and felt totally horny and desperate to cum.

All three women kept switching their gaze from my erection and ass to my face.

“You ok?” Rachael requested.

“Uh, Uh, ok,” I gritted.

My internal massage continued as nurse Swanson watched and took notes on my chart.

“I can feel his pulsing and dilation,” Amy reported.

“Rachael, initiate milking the penis,” Swanson stated without looking from the chart.

Both Rachael and Amy were looking directly at my face and gave me a quick smile. Rachael leaned over the bed and cupped my balls with her right hand and held my shaft with her left. Amy stopped her massage and pushed upward inside of me while looking at my eyes.

My crotch was on fire and I felt like I had an explosion ready to detonate deep inside my body. Rachael grabbed by shaft and wasted no time in furiously beating my pole. My teeth were clenched shut and my eyes squinted as I watched my swollen member fuck her gloved hand.

All three women watched me intently as I prepared to go over the top. Rachael squeezed tightly and pumped faster, and I felt my release rush to the surface. With barely an eye open, I watched as long streams of my body launched high in the air, while my hips pushed against Amy’s two fingers. All three women watched me with smiling eyes, while I continued to orgasm one stream after another. Some landing on gowns, some on the bed, the rest on me.

“That should be a significant relief,” Amy stated in a matter of fact tone.

Rachael wiped the evidence away and removed her gloves, gown and mask.

“That wasn’t that bad was it?" she inquired.

I lay still on the bed and motionless, while they cleaned the area, and told me to rest for a few minutes before instructing me to attempt to urinate.

I felt like kissing and holding all of them, and realized it would never happen, and instead rested, grateful for my prostate’s misbehavior.

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