tagGroup SexUnexpected Results Ch. 2

Unexpected Results Ch. 2

byRed Hugh©

Life for Pip and her lovers drifted on as normal. But to be honest a teenage school girl having a sexual relationship with her church youth group supervisors was not a particularly normal situation.

Pip's breasts had begun to grow since she went on the pill. The casual observer would not have noticed but her bras had begun to feel tight and uncomfortable within weeks of her starting to take her pills.

She was happy but didn't quite know what to do about her sudden growth spurt. She couldn't go to her mother and tell her that her breasts were suddenly larger. Her mother was a nurse and no fool, surely she would click as to what was going on as Pip's breast size had never changed so suddenly. She'd already passed comment on how happy her daughter seemed lately.

One day as Jim's cum had finished coursing into her mouth as Nicola 'nursed' him at her breast Pip decided to enlist her lovers' help.
Once Nicola had finished masterbating and relaxed with her legs spread, Pip kissed her way to Nicola's lips with Jim's creamy contribution to the evening's fun. As the girls shared Jim's seed in a series lingering kisses Pip put Nicola's hand to her breast.

"Do I feel any bigger than I used to?"

'Mmmmmm, maybe, but Darling you're not really a big girl anyway"

"I know, I know, but I've got a bit bigger and none of my bras fit properly and now if I get a new bigger set Mum's going to twig - I'm sure."

"So we couldn't just go out and get you some new ones?" Asked Jim.

"You're welcome to but I'd have to leave them here. If Mum sees new different sized bras in the laundry I'm cooked."

Nobody could come up with a satisfactory solution and as it was getting late Pip needed to get home. She redressed in her uniform leaving her uncomfortable bra in her schoolbag and headed home.

Pip was one of three girls and two boys. She wondered if she could confide in her older sister. She knew about her boyfriend, David, and assumed that Kim must be fucking him. Kim was also slightly bigger in the breast department than Pip. She wondered if she could rely on her discretion and help.

Late that evening she knocked on her sister's bedroom door and entered. There was a sudden rustle of sheets and her flustered looking sister glared at her from her bed.

"Christ Pip, can't you wait for me to ask you to come in. You could have been Mum. I'm having a fucking heart attack here"

"Sorry, I didn't think. I forgot."

Both sisteres knew about their nightly masturbation sessions ever since Pip had asked her sister in flushed excitement about 18 months ago whether or not she ever ..."you know..umm..... diddle yourself?"

Things never progressed beyond mutual admissions. Now it was time to confront a knew matter.

"I've got a problem."

"What, apart from impatience?"

"Look, I've said I'm sorry now are you going to help or not?"

"I take it this is something you can't go to Mum about?"

"You could say that. Listen are you a virgin?"

"Jesus, you've got to learn to be more direct!!!!"

"If you must know, I'm not, but things aren't going too well so David and I might be calling it a day soon. Why?" Asked Kim suspiciously. "Are you in some kind of trouble?"

"Not like you think but I'm not a virgin either and I've got a problem you might have had. I'm on the pill and my tits are getting too big for my bras. I can't ask Mum for an entirely new set because she'll figure out what's going on."

"My, my, little Sister so who's the lucky boy?"

"Ummm..... lucky man you mean."

Pip went on to explain to her wide eyed sister that she was screwing a 29 year old man from their church. Kim knew about the gossip concerning Jim and Nicola and received another jolt when her sister told her about the threesome's arrangement.

"My God. You're doing Nicola too?!"


Kim recovered sufficiently to tell Pip to borrow a bra or two of hers for the moment and that she'd buy another in her size. That would allay any immediate suspicion for the moment but Pip's old bras still had to turn up in the wash from time to time so it was sore titties for at least one week a month

In the end nobody suspected a thing even if Pip was inordinately happy.

The plan worked but Jim and Nicola nearly fainted when they heard that Pip's sister knew what was going on. Pip assured them that Kim had as much to lose as she did by talking.

The night of Pip's admission to Kim about her bi-sexuality her sister had indeed had her hand in her pants as Pip entered her room. After agreeing to help and her sister's departure she had slipped down in her bed to continue her incomplete evening ritual. Part of her ritual was to raise the oversised t-shirt she wore to bed and to lower her panties to her ankles. Then with her feet pressed together she would open her legs so that she could feel the cool sheets against as much of her flesh as possible. Her pussy would be wide open and running a finger from her navel across her firm stomach to her clit the ritual began.The only difference this evening was that she came in about twenty seconds flat.

This was hardly long enough for her to imagine a tangle of bodies that included what she hoped was Jim's big cock mving in and out of her sister's pussy and even more clearly Nicola with her legs spread.

That she had such a vivid flash and came so quickly surprised her. She knew that she didn't like women in a sexual way but she wondered whether or not the schoolgirl crush she'd had on Nicola had been more than that. As was usual she slept well after she came, leaving her panties at her ankles. She masturbated twice the next morning before emerging and getting Dani to agree to help Pip.

Indeed over the next few months things did not pan out for Kim and David.

Worse was to come, about a week after they split up David suffered a fatal accident at work. Kim went into a tailspin of remorse and depression. Things hadn't been good. It had been a mutual split and it had been an accident that killed him. Still Kim cried for days. Pip heard her sobbing in her room one night about three months later and went in to comfort her. She got into bed beside her and and cuddled her to sleep.

Nothing sexual happened although Pip wouldn't have minded. She had no regard for the taboo of incest but it was just a night to comfort her sister.

Kim loved her sister for what she did that night. She also enjoyed being cuddled by a woman but she knew what she needed was a man. She told Pip that she was getting a bit desperate. Because of their mother's strictures boys couldn't get within 50 metres of any of the girls. David had only managed because his family and the girls' had been friends for years.

The look of dispair in her sister's eyes melted Pip's heart and she asked Kim if she'd like to share Jim.

"Are you serious?"

"Yes, under the circumstances I'm sure he won't object." She laughted.

"But what about you guys?"

"Remember I already share him."

"But that's different."

"Well, I suppose I love them both equally but I also love you and just consider it an early 21st birthday present."

"Would it be just Jim and me?"

"Unless you want it otherwise...do you?"

"I'm not sure to be honnest I loved cuddling up to you the other night and I've never been with anyone except my fingers and poor David..."

"Do you want me to be there, because if you do I'll be there. We don't have to do anything but I warn you I might like to play with Jim."

It was agreed Jim was happy to oblige. Nicola seemed a bit put out but when Kim said she didn't object to her presence that eased things a bit.

The girls' mother was pleased to see Kim going out to stay at Nicola's with Pip. She'd been worried about her eldest daughter. She would have been even more worried if she'd known what was to happen that evening most of that night and again the next morning.

Wine, tears and laughter flowed that evening. Kim was as nervous as a virgin and her eyes bugged to see Pip and Nicola make out on the sofa. She nearly jumped out of her skin when Jim put an arm around her. Pip saw this out of the corner of her eye as she groped Nicola. She knew that this wouldn't work unless she took a real hand in affairs.

Disengaging from a panting Nicola and pouring more wine she settled at Kim's feet and started massaging her right foot. Kim began to relax. She felt another set of hands on her left foot. Nicola was down there kissing her sister and gently kneeding the sole of her foot. This activity had forced Kim to open her legs and the latest slug of wine had meant it didn't bother her to do so.

Jim just snuggled up to her and let his lovers do their work.
The sensual stroking and rubbing moved up each of Kim's legs. Jim reached for more wine. Unbelievably it took 45 minutes for Nicola and Pip to get to the top of Kim's thighs. By this time her skirt was bunched up and each leg was over one of her masseuses' shoulders. In this position her pink silk G-string with side ties, bought for the occaision was spread tightly across her pussy and almost transparent from moisture. Kim was french kissing Jim and moaning as he liberated her breasts. Pip was prepared to eat her sister then and there but thought that enough boundaries had been crossed so far. She motioned to the panting Nicola to make the final push to Kim's pussy.

As Nicola traced her tongue up the slick, silk crevice outlined by her panties Kim groaned and pushed her pelvis to meet the onslaught. A finger lifted the panties aside and the warm rush of Nicola's breath hit her wet core. She was open wide. While Pip's hair was brown Kim's was black, short and straight. She trimmed but did not shave, nor did she need to, her hair barely made it to her crevice and formed a soft mat above her sex. Her lips like Pip's were bare. Each of those lips now came in for their first saphic caress.

In position between Kim's legs with a leg over each shoulder Nicola felt her panties being lowered. Pip's kisses were all over her rear cheeks and a slow wet lick ran along her sexlips and on up between her cheeks pausing only to run around her sensitive pucker.

Jim had manfully let go of Kim's tits and undressed himself. He sat stroking himself waiting for his invitation. It came, simultaneously with Kim. With her legs spread wide she just looked at him and nodded. As Nicola rolled away to abandon herself to Pip's oral love Jim moved between Kim's legs and ran his cock along her open sex. He didn't get a chance to push into her. She humped forward and took him in with a grunt. Eyes shut, not saying a word, she twisted down off the sofa and onto him.

Her legs wrapped around his waist and locked behind him. She held onto him for dear life and felt his cock pulse inside her. Jim was flexing it and each twitch brough a spasm to her sadly underused womanhood. It only took one lift and plunge with her distended clit rubbing against Jim's pelvis to make her feel the final explosion begin.

As Kim came Pip and Nicola eased from their embrace and began to kiss and stroke Kim on any exposed flesh they could find. Jim, still hard, eased Kim back off him onto the floor. He stayed inside her but didn't pump as the others moved to caress her front with lips and tongues. Pip moved from a breast up to Kim's throat. She took a decision and licked up to her sister's mouth.

A brief pause as they looked each other in the eye. Kim closed her eyes and puckered her lips. She was rewarded with a feather light taste of her sister's. The tentative touch turned into an empassioned caress of tongues and as Jim slowly eased from inside Kim to be sucked on by Nicola. Pip stretched across her sister in a full lovers embrace. Her hand went between her sister's legs and scooped up her juices then adding some of her own she brought her fingers to their mouths. They sucked on their essences and resumed their kissing. Pip's hand was back at Kim's sex stroking gently but insistantly.

Again Kim came with ease but it was a gentle floating cum which left her light headed. Jim's orgasm also left him lightheaded and as he rested on the floor Nicola came to kiss Pip and Kim. She had swallowed Jim's seed but the taste was still on her lips.

A fly on the wall would have noticed that it was past midnight, that four bottles of wine had been emptied and that a man was lying asleep on his back with three young women tangled in a sleepy embrace about three feet away. The whole event from start to finish had lasted 5 hours. The consequences would last for years.

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