tagExhibitionist & VoyeurUnexpected Thrill

Unexpected Thrill


Janine decided that it wasn't worth getting pissed off over. She had been waiting for half an hour on her date to arrive, and there was still no sign of him. Standing in the lobby of the movie theater, she checked her watch again. Ten more minutes and the movie they were supposed to see was going to start.

Where the fuck was Alan? They had not been getting along particularly well lately and she thought they probably wouldn't be seeing each other much longer, but she couldn't believe that he would just stand her up.

Now what was she going to do? She was annoyed and disappointed at the same time. Alan may not have been her perfect match, but he was the only man she was currently dating. It had been a couple of weeks since she'd been free to go out, and she'd been looking forward to a movie and dinner, and hopefully even a little sex.

As much as she hated seeing a movie alone, she decided that's exactly what she was going to do. After going to the effort of getting dressed for an evening out and getting a babysitter for her daughter, she was going to do her best to enjoy herself with or without Alan.

She strode over to the ticket window and waited in line to get her ticket. As she stood in line and slowly shuffled forward, she couldn't help noticing the man in front of her, who also appeared to be alone. Janine couldn't see his face, but his nicely formed body and tight ass were enough to get her attention.

He appeared to be a couple of inches over six feet tall, with broad shoulders and nicely toned arms. From what she could tell from behind, he had a gorgeous head of light brown hair that was cut into a medium length layered style. What captured her imagination the most, though, was how sexy his ass looked covered by a pair of crisp blue jeans.

Checking out his body, Janine felt a flutter of desire deep in the pit of her stomach. A multitude of erotic images quickly danced through her mind. She chuckled to herself, thinking that she was even hornier than she'd thought.

"Oh, what the hell, I deserve a little harmless fantasy," she thought. Working full time as a teacher and being a single mother of an eight year old daughter, she had so little time for herself. Sex was a rare event, and passion was virtually unheard of. She and Alan had slept together a few times, and while it was nice enough, she had been left somewhat unsatisfied by the encounters. By necessity, the majority of her sex life consisted of the time she spent alone with her toys long after her daughter had gone to bed.

She shouldn't have been surprised that the masculine body in front of her in line caused her to be bombarded by carnal thoughts. She was a healthy woman with a healthy appetite for sex, and she wasn't getting her share.

The man in front of her reached the ticket window, and she heard him purchase one ticket for the same movie she was planning to see. She got a brief glimpse of his face as he turned away from the ticket window, and she was momentarily electrified.

His handsome face looked every bit as good as his body did. He had a strong, prominent brow that slightly shaded a pair of amazing green eyes. He was the fortunate owner of a wide, kissable mouth, and he had a perfectly adorable dimple in his chin.

The man caught Janine looking at him and he gave her a grin that was both sly and friendly at the same time. Janine felt herself blush, but she managed a return smile before she turned to the ticket window herself.

As she purchased her ticket, she was aware of the man still standing a couple of feet away from her, presumably putting his change back into his wallet. When Janine stepped away from the window and moved over towards the snack bar, she was acutely aware of him heading in the same direction a couple of steps behind her.

Janine stepped to the back of yet another line at the snack bar, and the handsome man fell into place directly behind her. Janine swore she could almost feel his eyes examining her from in back of her, just as she had done to him earlier. The thought of his green eyes on her made her shiver pleasantly.

Suddenly, she felt a light tap on her shoulder, and a deep voice said, "Excuse me, Ma'am."

Her breath immediately caught in her throat as she turned to face him. He was smiling at her in that sly/friendly way again.

"Ma'am, I couldn't help but overhear you buy a single ticket for the same movie I'm going to. Are you alone this evening?" Janine was almost mesmerized watching his lips move as he spoke.

"Uh, yes, I am alone. My date stood me up and I decided to see the flick anyway." She didn't know why she told him that she'd been stood up.

"Ah, so there's some foolish man out there somewhere who doesn't know a good thing when he sees it," he said sincerely. "I know this is very forward, but I was wondering if perhaps you might like to join me. I hate watching a movie alone. I would be most pleased if we could just sit together."

Janine's heart began to beat faster. She didn't even have to think about her response. "That would be great! I would sure appreciate the company."

"I'm so glad! My name is David, by the way. David Sawyer." He stuck out his hand to her in a greeting.

She put her hand lightly in his and he gently shook it. "I'm Janine Lewis, and it's very nice to meet you, David." She liked the warmth of his hand and the way his large, masculine grip covered hers.

They chatted as they waited their turn in line. David revealed that he and his girlfriend had broken up the week before, and he had come to the movies just so he wouldn't have to sit home alone. Janine had trouble believing that a man like this would ever have to be alone.

When they left the snack bar, they each had a soda and a big bucket of popcorn that they could share. Janine felt almost giddy, like a teenager on her first date with the boy she'd had a crush on forever. She was aware of David discreetly appraising her body when he thought she wasn't looking, and it made her feel warm all over.

When they entered the theater, he softly placed one hand on the small of her back to guide her. She liked that gesture. It felt almost protective, like he was subtly claiming her for himself.

They settled into seats on the side of the theater, about halfway between the screen and the exit. Looking around, Janine could see that the theater was not at all crowded, and she was glad. She and David would be able to talk if they wanted without disturbing anyone.

Almost immediately after they sat down, the house lights dimmed in the theater and the coming attractions began to play on the screen. She and David began munching on the popcorn, and their eyes met frequently as they kept reaching for another bite. Janine thought his green eyes looked more intense and infinitely sexier in the dim light.

The movie began, and they set the remainder of the popcorn aside. During the first half hour of the movie, they occasionally whispered to each other, commenting on the drama. She liked it when he leaned in close to say something to her.

Janine was relaxed and enjoying herself, but she couldn't deny how turned on she was feeling sitting this close to this man. Is this what that "chemistry" that I've heard others talk about is like? she wondered.

At that point in the movie, the two main characters became engaged in a heavy love scene. Janine watched the actors kissing and caressing, and slowly removing their clothes one article at a time. Her mind immediately began picturing she and David doing the same things.

As the love scene progressed, Janine could feel herself becoming even more aroused. Her nipples were hard little nubs inside her bra, and she could feel the growing wetness between her legs. Suddenly she had a hard time sitting still.

As the actors on the screen were making love, the theater was filled with sounds of movie pleasure. She could hear the sounds of erotic talk and low moans coming from the theater speakers, and it excited her further.

Janine's enjoyment of the sex scene on the screen was interrupted when she realized that David was staring at her. She met his eyes, and something passed between them in an instant, causing her breath to come in ragged little gasps.

Without a word, David slid his arm around Janine's shoulders and pulled her close. When his lips met hers, Janine was hit with a wave of pure lust like she'd never experienced before. She felt his tongue gently probing at her lips, and she parted them to allow him access. Their tongues mingled sensuously as the kiss deepened.

With his free hand, David began caressing her bare arms, raising goose bumps everywhere he touched. Janine's hand went to David's leg, and she began tentatively running her fingers over his knee and part way up his thigh.

Apparently taking her touch as a sign to continue, David's hand moved from her arms to her breast. He cupped the weight of it, and he stroked the sensitive skin through her bra. The second his fingers made contact with her hardened nipple through her clothes, she involuntarily moaned into his mouth.

Something strange was happening to Janine. She was suddenly oblivious to the movie playing, and to the other people in the theater. The only thing she was aware of was how good this man's lips felt on hers, and the incredible sensations he was coaxing forth with his hands. At that moment she didn't care about anything else.

David's hand moved from her breast to her thigh, which he stroked through her knee length skirt. Janine wished that he would slide his hand up under her skirt and touch her pussy, which was almost beginning to ache with need. In a move that was much bolder than usual for her, Janine slid her hand from David's knee slowly up his thigh, deliberately running her fingers lightly over the growing bulge in his jeans. As her fingers brushed over his confined cock, he involuntarily inhaled sharply in response.

Abruptly he broke the kiss and stared hard into her eyes. Again, there was some kind of electric contact made, and she felt vaguely dizzy.

While still intently watching her eyes and without saying a word, David did exactly what she wished he would a moment ago. He fluidly moved his hand up under her skirt, and began to caress his way up her inner thigh.

Janine was amazed at how she felt. She had never been this wanton, this totally hungry for sex before. The further David's hand moved upward on her thigh, the more her pussy moistened in response. She licked her lips in anticipation without thinking, and David gave her a warm smile.

Janine had to suppress the urge to slide forward in her seat and hurry his hand to where she wanted it. His slow progress was almost like torture, but it felt so sweet too.

Suddenly, he kissed her hard again, and at the same moment he slipped his index finger between her pussy lips and drew it upward over her swollen clit. Janine stifled a moan the best she could, but she was vaguely aware that her pleasure was probably audible to others in the theater.

As David began stroking her clit in lazy circles with his fingers, she thought she didn't really care who heard. She had never felt like this before and she intended to enjoy it.

She wanted him to enjoy it to. She moved her hand to the zipper on his jeans, and carefully pulled it down. Reaching inside, she pushed his briefs down out of the way, and her fingers closed over his waiting erection.

When she began to stroke his cock, he pulled his lips from hers and growled lustily into her ear, "Oh, that feels so fucking good, Janine...oh yes, stroke my cock."

Janine tightened her grip and pumped his cock harder, running her thumb over the head on each upstroke. David continued his work on her clit, and she was now rocking her hips in time with his fingers. She was so wet, and the scent of her arousal filled her nose.

Her body felt like it was on fire. She was so hot, and she was panting. Oh my god, she thought, I'm going to cum, right here in the theater. Before she even finished the thought, her climax overtook her. Her body began to shudder violently, and her pussy spasmed rhythmically as she fought not to cry out. Her head spun out of control and she closed her eyes and saw stars.

She opened them a few seconds later when David whispered to her. "You are so beautiful when you cum."

Janine smiled wickedly at him and said, "Thank you. Now, it's my turn to see what you look like when you get off."

She casually slipped from her seat and got to her knees in front of him. David groaned with lust as he immediately realized her intention.

Janine could dimly see David's cock in the ambient light from the screen. She couldn't wait to have it in her mouth. She had never wanted to suck a cock so bad in her whole life.

Leaning forward she first stuck out her tongue and licked his cock, starting at his balls and moving up to the sensitive head. She swirled her tongue around the head, making it wet and shiny. David moaned lightly in response.

Then, opening her mouth wide, she pushed forward and took half of his cock into her mouth in one quick stroke. David hissed loudly at the intense sensation and tangled both of his hands into her long hair, gently urging her forward.

Janine began to suck, drawing more and more of his erection into her mouth, and eventually into her throat. When she had him all the way in and her nose was buried in her pubic hair, she began to swallow rhythmically, massaging his cock with the muscles in her throat.

She held him in her throat and kept swallowing until she could taste his sweet/salty pre-cum, then she drew back, sucking and tonguing his cock as she went. She began moving her head up and down, sliding his length in and out of her mouth, all the while sucking harder and harder.

David's hips began to thrust to meet her warm, wet mouth. He looked down to watch her sucking him, only to find her eyes looking up at him as she worked his cock. Seeing the lust in her eyes pushed him over the edge as much as her talented oral technique.

He urgently thrust his cock into her mouth as he felt his balls tighten in that peculiar way, and he released a flood of cum deep into her throat. Janine moaned as she first tasted his hot load, and she swallowed down every drop of it that she could get. David's body jerked one last time, and his foot struck the forgotten bucket of popcorn, sending a shower of popped kernels all over Janine.

As she pulled his spent cock from between her lips, she grinned up at him and teased, "I like the way you look when you cum, too."

They both laughed as he helped her back into her seat and picked a few pieces of popcorn from her hair.

When he was able to breathe normally again, his face grew more serious. "Now I am curious about something," he said.

"What is that?" she asked.

"Now I can't help but wonder how beautiful you'll be when I'm fucking you," he told her. Janine felt her face flush with pleasure at his words.

"Well, maybe I won't keep you in suspense too long before you find out. Let's go," she replied with her most seductive smile. Her pussy was throbbing again at the thought of having his cock buried deep inside her, and she didn't care that she sounded like common slut. Right now that's exactly what she felt like and she loved it.

"Oh yes, my dear, let's go. I live five minutes from here."

They stood, and Janine giggled as she brushed the remainder of the popcorn from her clothes. At that moment, she became aware again of the other people in the theater.

She could tell that several of the people closest to them were staring, but she couldn't clearly see their faces in the dim light. As they turned and headed up the aisle toward the exit, a few of the people began applauding and shouting bravo, even though the movie was only half over.

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