tagNonHumanUnexpected Turn of Events Ch. 10

Unexpected Turn of Events Ch. 10


Authors Note: Hi Everyone! There were some problems that came up. And finally this chapter was posted. I'm actually excited it did, because this means I can post the next chapter(s) finally! :)

I hope you all enjoy this chapter. And as I promised last time, there is finally a sex scene. lol. Please don’t forget to vote and comment. It really is nice to hear what everyone has to say.


Angel quickly dressed herself up in simple cotton dress that hugged all her curves. She kept on telling herself that she wasn’t dressing up this way for Cullen, but she knew right away that was a lie. Angel knew that Cullen was probably still very upset at her, but so was she. The only difference was that Angel had already put it behind her, and was ready to make things work between them.

She decided to keep her hair down, so that it would show off her waves beautifully. Shrugging her shoulders, she looked herself over in the mirror. Oh well. This is as good as it gets. Angel walked out of her room, heading downstairs to where all the pack will be waiting for the food to be served.

When she got to the bottom of the stairs, she was shocked to see the number of people. Wow, there are more members here than back home! Then it seemed like everyone noticed her at the same time. She felt hundreds of eyes staring at her, judging. Angel felt almost frozen where she stood, when all the sudden she saw Glynis and Eilis approaching her. Angel immediately moved quickly to them, getting excited to see them.

“What are you both doing here? I thought you were going to stay back in the States,” said Angel, as she hugged both of them tightly. It felt so good to see two friendly faces.

“We were originally going to stay there, but an hour after you all left; Cullen called the compound thinking it would be best if we came also. So we took the next plane ride over here,” explained Eilis, before she continued while leaning in closer for just us to hear, “and it’s a good thing too. We saw Cullen coming from your room, fuming.”

“Enough,” stated Glynis. “Let’s start introducing you to some of the pack members before the food is served.”

I nodded my head in agreement. Since it is obvious Cullen won’t be arriving anytime soon, she will start without him at her side. Slowly they began to walk around the room, talking to members here and there. At first they were skeptical of Angel, but once they started to talk with her more; they warmed up to Angel quickly. Of course there were a few members that didn’t like the fact that Angel was a human. Also there were more females that resented Angel—since they wanted Cullen for themselves, but they still were all very respectful. Damn, how many partners did Cullen have? Angel couldn’t help wonder.

Both Glynis and Eilis were still introducing Angel to the pack members when Cullen stepped into the room. He still was upset with the transaction that occurred upstairs, but seeing Angel right now—among his pack members—talking and smiling, made him forget about being upset. Cullen kept on staring at Angel. She looked the part, as if she was always meant to play this role. Just then, five year old Shannon tugged on Angel’s dress. Cullen saw Angel smile, and kneel down to be at the same height, and started to talk to her. Cullen couldn’t help but swell up in pride. Plus, it seemed like she was a natural with kids—soon all the children began to flock around her. They were all smiling and laughing; and even the mothers’ soon began to gravitate closer to their children and Angel. She was really winning the hearts and loyalty of many members quickly.

As Angel was listening to little Gabriella talk, she felt a pair of eyes staring at her. She then lifted her head to see Cullen staring at her. She thought he would be upset, but the look on his face showed something else that Angel couldn’t put her finger on. When Cullen began to walk towards her, Angel slowly stood back up.

Angel had no idea what to tell him. She thought that it would nice to begin with an apology.

Cullen standing there before Angel didn’t know what to say to her. But it seemed, like no words were needed at this moment. Then his lips descended to hers, kissing her deeply. Angel wrapped her arms around his neck, bringing him closer, to deepen the kiss even more. But before any of them got too carried away, they both noticed how the room had become so very quiet. When they ended the kiss to look around, all the members were looking at them, smiling.

Angel couldn’t help but blush right away, as Cullen chuckled. “You will get used to this Angel. But come; let us all settle down at the tables, so that we can eat dinner and then I will formally introduce you again—even though it seemed like you did that already yourself with Glynis and Eilis”.

Once everyone was seated, Cullen stood up and formally introduced Angel as his mate again. Of course everyone cheered, while there were already a few comments asking when the mating ceremony will be held.

Angel looked at Cullen, wondering what the ceremony was. But she figured she will ask him later about it. Soon dinner was served, everyone focused on the plate before them. Cullen talked to Gavin and Duncan about the happenings that went on while he was away. Every once in a while Cullen would ask Angel something or vise versa. Angel was enjoying her conversation with Glynis and Eilis. She learned that Glynis was originally born here as well as for Eilis—which shouldn’t really have surprised her because of their accents.

Dinner went pretty quickly, and Angel was glad for that. She had something on her mind, and she wanted Cullen all for herself. They left something unfinished in the great hall before dinner and she had every intention of finishing it.

“Cullen?” asked Angel, and when Cullen turned to look at her she said, “I believe I will retire to my room early today. When you are finished, can you come up to my room, I have something I need to ask you.” Angel was a bit nervous, because even though she was already twenty-three and had enough boyfriends, she never had any sexual relationships with any of them. There were numerous of times when she and her ex’s were close, but she always stopped. It never felt right—as if she was waiting for something else…someone else. Now she knew who she was waiting for.

Cullen nodded, now curious as to what she wanted to talk about. Probably about what happened earlier today or what not. Duncan continued to describe to Cullen, how odd it was that the rogues began to trespass on their territory the same time they were having problems with the neighboring pack.

Cullen was wondering what Lysander, the Alpha from the neighboring back, was up too now. He was always a ruthless and greedy Alpha—never happy with what he already had.

“It would appear that I would need to invite Lysander over and try to discern what the problem really is. We will need to get to the bottom of this quickly. Perhaps he had the same problems with the rogues.”


After finishing his discussions with Gavin and Duncan, Cullen started to climb the stairs up to Angel’s room, noticing right away how much darker it was here in this hallway. He wondered right away, why the light sconces were so dim and even some there weren’t lit at all. He will have to ask about them later on, but first, he had to see Angel.


When Angel first arrived in her room, she quickly changed into this one sexy pleated babydoll night dress that she bought a couple months ago for no reason, except for it looking really nice. She figured that sooner or later she would use it. She actually loved the feel of it against her body. It was a dark red spaghetti strapped night dress that came to her upper thigh with an empire waist and satin bow that ran just below her décolletage. She was more nervous now than she ever was before. She couldn’t help but wonder if Cullen would like what he saw. She really hoped he would.

Just then, there was a knock on the door, and she just knew it was Cullen. Taking a deep breath, she walked to the door and opened it slowly.

Cullen never expected what he saw standing before him. Angel was dressed in that sexy night dress made his cock harden instantly. He never saw anything more sexy and beautiful. The night dress itself was short; showing off Angel’s beautifully toned legs. But what really captured his attention was how the low-cut the night dress was, which showed off her breast spectacularly.

If Angel still thought for a moment that he was capable of controlling himself now, she had another thing coming. I am no saint!

Cullen entered the room, shutting the door quitely behind him and locking it right away, so there would be no interuprions.

Angel took a tentative step toward Cullen, seeing the smoldering look in his eyes. From that look alone, she knew how much Cullen wanted her.
Angel gasped as Cullen suddenly lifted her in his arms, carrying her to the bed.

“Wait Cullen, before you continues, I think I need to tell you something,” said Angel, she desparately wanted tell him she was a virgin. It was important to her that he knew.

“Talk later. I need you right now,” stated Cullen, as he began to pull off his clothes, leaning down, he kissed her passionately. He couldn’t get enough of her kisses. They always drove him mad. When he had striped everything but his pants, he leaned over Angel again, slowly running his hand up and down her leg. He couldn’t help but let his hand slip between her thighs, wanting to see how ready she was for him.

Running his fingers between her thighs, he noticed how hot and wet she was immediately, but not only that, after gently inserting one finger inside of her, he noticed how very tight she was. Pulling back some, he looked down at her with a questioning expression.

“Umm, Cullen that is what I tried to tell you,” Angel began. She couldn’t look at him and lowered her gaze to stare at her hands.

Cullen frowned, wondering about the serious tone in her voice. He reached out, cupped the sides of her face in his hands, and forced her to look at him.

“I haven’t…I mean, this all… is new to me, in every sense.”

Cullen nodded, trying his damnedest to keep his expression solemn. He was elated. He loved the idea that he would be her first and only lover. He felt his wolf cry out, wanting to claim his mate right away. Cullen had to take a few deep breaths to calm his wolf under. This was not the time for him to scare their mate away.

“Cullen,” Angel looked up, smiling, with sparkle was back in her eyes, “did you forget what to do?

Cullen slowly let an endearing smile tug at the corners of his mouth. He couldn’t believe after all this time, the treasure that was lying right before him. Cullen couldn’t help but smile. He felt his wolf stirring, ready to bond with Angel, but he had to push it back down. He knew Angel wasn’t ready. His lips came down to hers.

Angel’s lips parted under his and Cullen’s tongue invaded her mouth, penetrating the sweet, soft interior. She sighed over the erotic feelings he created and began to slowly run her hands on his shoulders. His body felt so hard, so muscular, and so incredibly warm—she just couldn’t stop touching him.

Cullen kept up the tender assault against her mouth until Angel couldn’t form a single thought. She allowed the sensual waves of pleasure to consume her, and heard herself moan in protest when he moved away from her. He stood up and quickly removed the rest of his clothing. Angel just stared at him for a moment, really appreciating the view. She honestly thought he was the most beautiful man alive.

Cullen slowly returned to lie down on the bed and she instantly felt his arousal press against her, felt the hard heat through her night dress. Cullen began to slowly remove her nightgown, making sure to let his hands lazily run up her legs.

Angel tried to control her breathing. She felt Cullen beginning to pull the nightgown over hear head. Instinctively Angel brought her arms up to cover herself from his heated gaze.

Cullen reached up and brought her arms down, “never sweetie, never hide yourself from my view. You are all mine, and I am all yours.” He leaned over her, placing a soft kiss to her lips once again, as he then slowly placed another gentle kiss against her throat. Angel offered more of her neck to him without thinking what that act itself entailed.

Once again, Cullen felt his wolf pushing to the surface. He knew he had to slow down unless it ends before he had the chance to show her how great it can be. He rolled back on top of Angel, causing her to gasp again from the intimacy of having his body fully against hers, and from the passionate look in his eyes.

He wasn’t heavy, and she realized he braced himself with his elbows so that she wouldn’t be crushed.

“Angel, you need to let me know right now, if we continue on like this, I wouldn’t be able to stop even if you asked me too,” Cullen whispered. His voice felt like a gentle caress, a soothing stroke against Angel’s building fear.

His body screamed for completion and he felt the perspiration break out on his forehead. He kissed her again, an intense kiss that held nothing back. The easy banter was finished. Angel felt the change in Cullen, the tightening of his hold, his touch. She braced herself against the pain but Cullen didn’t force her legs apart. Instead, he lowered his head until his mouth was brushing against her neck, and then lower still, until he was nuzzling the valley between her breasts.

Angel sighed with pleasure. The warm knot inside her stomach began to spread, and Angel felt like the sun was flowing through her blood.

Cullen teased her breasts, circling each nipple again and again, until Angel began to arch against him. When he finally began to suckle, Angel moaned with satisfaction and a growing restlessness. His hand stroked her hip and the closer he moved to the junction of her legs, the hotter she became. She couldn’t seem to breathe and moved her hips impatiently. When he finally began to stroke the moist heat, Angel groaned her pleasure.

She was more than ready for him. She was already sleek and wet, the slow erotic motion of her hips against his hand, nearly drove Cullen over the brink. He slowly entered her with his fingers, and felt the hot tight resistance, and knew then that he couldn’t wait any longer.

He looked up, into her eyes, watching her, as he settled himself between her legs. “I can’t wait any longer,” he whispered. His voice was harsh with need. Cullen took hold of her hips, holding her still against him, and leaned down to kiss her. And then his mouth was covering hers. He entered her with a quick hard thrust, as his tongue invaded her mouth.

Angel arched against him, crying out in pain, and then tried to pull away. It was a futile effort because her mate would not allow her to move—his wolf would not allow her to move now. He used his weight to keep her prisoner. He knew the pain would eventually give way to pleasure.

The stinging pain was immediately done with but the throbbing discomfort continued. Angel tore her mouth from Cullen’s and tried again attempted to push him away. “Don’t Angel. Not yet,” he took a deep breath, “don’t move.”Cullen hated causing her pain, but he would more than make up for it with unmeasurable pleasure that was sure to follow.

He never knew that someone like his Angel would be able to shake him to the core. He could never get enough of her taste. His hands left her hips to cup the sides of her face. Angel felt him tremble when she put her arms around him and thought that the pain wasn’t so unbearable after all. Then Cullen began to move, slowly and patiently at first, but she felt so good that he couldn’t continue at this slow pace.

He wouldn’t be deterred and kept up his loving assault against her lips until she was breathless. She felt him place her legs around his hips and then he lifted his mouth from hers and looked at her. Angel reached up and touched the edge of his jaw, traced the firm mouth with one finger. Cullen turned, placing a gentle kiss against her palm. Angel arched against him, cupped the sides of his face, and pulled him down to her.

Cullen lost his control completely then, allowing the passion to flow between them. Primal pleasure overwhelmed Angel, pulling her into the sun. She clung to Cullen, instinctively trusting upward, and welcomed the heat.

Cullen’s breathing was harsh. He was no longer gentle in his lovemaking; his strokes were powerful and the pleasure increased. When Angel tensed beneath him he knew she was about to find release from the sweet torment they shared.

She arched against him with such force, such intensity, that Cullen for a moment felt his fangs grow so that he would be able to mark his mate, but instead he pushed it back down and found his release, felt the tremors all the way into his soul. He thought to soothe her, tell her it was all right, but the tremor was so overwhelming that he could only hold her close.

It took several minutes for Cullen's racing heart to slow, and calm his ragged breathing. He was so content, so incredibly satisfied but he felt his wolf growling deep down. Cullen knew that his wolf won’t be completely satisfied until he truly made Angel his forever. Still inside her, he leaned up on his elbows and looked at Angel. Her eyes held a sleeping, satisfied look.

Angel tried to slow her pulse. She was so astounded by what had just happened to her. Her lips felt swollen from his kisses, and she still throbbed from the scorching pleasure Cullen had forced upon her. He hadn’t allowed her to retreat, and in the end it was the greatest pleasure she has ever dreamed of.

Cullen grinned when he saw the amazement and complete satisfaction in his mate’s expression. He kissed her lingeringly, while smiling at how wild she had been. He could still feel the sting from the grasp of her nails against his shoulders, and remembered the agonized plea that he not stop when he thrust again and again inside of her. The thought alone made him begin to harden again, but he knew that he couldn’t take Angel again. She would be sore tomorrow when she woke up.

Cullen rolled over, pulling Angel securely into his arms. He never felt more at peace than he did at this very moment. He leaned his head to the place that the neck met the shoulder, and placed a gentle kiss there. “Goodnight Angel.” Soon, his mark will be there, and that day couldn’t arrive quick enough.


The next morning…

Angel woke up first, to feel Cullen’s arms still wrapped tightly around her, holding her close. She tried to move away from him slowly without waking him up, but every time she scooted an inch away, he pulled her tightly against him. Angel gave up and laid there on the bed. She couldn’t believe how amazing last night truly was. She felt the soreness, but knew that was to be expected—especially from Cullen’s size. Angel still couldn’t believe that she had managed to take all of him, for she surely thought that he would split her open. Now thinking about last night, Angel couldn’t help but begin to feel the wetness grow again. She wanted Cullen again, but knew he was still sleeping. She tried again to put a bit distance between them, but this just caused her to rub her bottom against his member. Angel had to bite her lower lip to hold back the moan. This was sure agony waiting, and contemplated weather or not she should wake him, when she felt Cullen press himself more against her.

“Good morning Angel. It would seem that I didn’t sate you enough last night,” Cullen whispered, his accent even thicker.

Angel gasped, feeling his cock already hard again. “I could say the same thing about you Cullen.”

Cullen turned Angel around so that she was lying on her back. Leaning over her, Cullen stared deeply into Angel’s eyes. “You did sate me Angel, but I will never have enough of you,” said Cullen as he began kissing her once again.

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