tagNonHumanUnexpected Turn of Events Ch. 19

Unexpected Turn of Events Ch. 19


Authors Note: I am so sorry for the long wait. I didn't think school would get THIS busy! I am honestly lucky if I get between 2-4 hours of sleep each night. It is said to say, but this story is coming to an end slowly—I think lol—maybe another chapter or two. I actually want to thank you all for still following my story (even after the long wait previously). I just love reading your comments and receiving your emails.

I hope you enjoy!


Later that evening...

"Cullen, please, STOP," pleaded Angel, gripping the back of Cullen's shirt as he headed towards the door. "I don't want to go down there."

Cullen took a deep breath, trying to rein in his patience. He had been trying to coax his little mate out of their room for the past hour so they could join the rest of the pack for dinner. "Angel," he cajoled, turning to face her, "no one will be thinking badly of you, every pregnant female within the pack has lost control at least once. So, may be go down finally to eat? You need to feed Cullen Jr."

Angel gawked at that last bit, muttering as she followed Cullen down the hallway. "If you honestly think I am going to name any child of mine Cullen stinking Jr. you have another thing coming."

Laughing, Cullen stopped walking to bring Angel's hand to his lips. "We have a few more months yet to work on picking out names."

Descending down the old staircase; Angel began to feel her stomach turning into knots. Each step seemed to heighten the feeling, although she didn't know if it was because of her being worried, or because she was in fact really hungry. Stepping through the carved archway to the dining hall, both Cullen and Angel heard the conversations and hum of activity stop abruptly, an awkward silence announcing their presence.

"How is my Lambie doing?" asked Glynis, weaving through the tables to approach the Alphas'.

"A bit hungry Glynis," answered Angel, nervously glancing around the room. Glynis's smile relieved the sting out of the stares and murmurs, but the awkwardness still hung in the air.

"Oh, don't you worry about them pet. Most of us have been expecting you to snap at someone since we found out you were pregnant." She soothed, her eyes twinkling. "Last year we watched on as one of our women threw her mate across the room for bringing her a salad. She thought he was bringing her that because of how much weight she was gaining. It was quite a spectacle!"

That little bit of information did make Angel feel better, and as she was about to ask another question, someone in the distance shouted out.

"Don't bring her any salad my Alpha or we will have to peel you off the wall!"

The whole room erupted into laughter and smiles—which immediately washed away any worry Angel had felt earlier. She knew she was acting foolish, but she was going to just blame it on the hormones.

Smiling Cullen said, "I don't plan on giving her any salad. She'll be getting lots of protein from all the meat I'll be giving her."

Angel went to make a remark to that but Cullen saw it coming, quickly lowering his lips to hers for a deep kiss—while everyone was cheering for their Alphas'.

Still a little fazed from the kiss, Angel allowed Cullen to lead her to their tables, pulleing out her seat for her. Angel looked around the room, happy to see how many conversations within the pack starting up again. She did notice Layla was with Edana again, next to them was Jenna whose bruises Angel could clearly see on her face and arms. Sensing Jenna's hostility, Angel kept on staring at her in the eyes until she finally lowered her head in submission. At least Angel knew that she was able to get through one of them for now.

The meal carried on as usual, there was nothing new there—except for Cullen continuously piling so many helpings of food on her plate. After the fifth serving Angel pushed her plate away in disgust.

"Enough Cullen," stated Angel.

"A little bit more sweetie," Cullen coaxed, raising a fork of food to her in a bid to get her to eat a bit more.

Angel took a few deep breathes, feeling herself getting angrier by the second. She didn't want another 'spectacle' to happen, but when Cullen pushed the plate closer to her once again, she snapped.

"You fucking eat it!" screamed Angel, reaching down to grab a handful of her food to shove into his face. "I won't be your fucking guinea pig for you to fatten up!"

With that said, Angel stormed from the table heading toward the doors. Without having to turn around she knew that both Glynis and Eilis would be following closely behind her.

"Angel!" Cullen growled loudly, "get back here right now."

Cullen watched on as Angel paused, turning her head slightly to say something to Eilis. Cullen remained still, assuming perhaps that Eilis or Glynis was saying something to her making her see reason. Suddenly Eilis stepped away, going to one of the omegas' bringing in trays for the deserts they were handing out to the rest of the members. Eilis took one of the desert trays and quickly followed Angel and Glynis as they both headed through the doors.

Cullen stood there in complete shock, unbelieving at what he had just witnessed. The whole room was silent throughout all of this, just as confused and surprised as their Alpha.

"So, do you plan on saving that food for later?" asked Gavin as he began to laugh slightly.

Just then Isobel and Owen walked into the dining hall hand in hand. They paused themselves as soon as they entered, looking around at the mess including the pieces of food that was still left on Cullen's face and clothes.

"What the hell happened here," asked Isobel as she quickly began to look around the room for Angel. Gavin, while laughing, started to explain what happened. But while he was retelling the events that just happened, Cullen began to feel his wolf rising.

"Settle down Cullen, right now!" demanded Isobel. She could see what was happening to Cullen as Gavin was describing what happened. Isobel went quickly over to soothe him. "You better control yourself right now and get a grip on your wolf."

At this point Cullen was beyond rational and couldn't to hear anything she had to say. Pushing his chair away, he began walking toward the doors, pushing aside his betas as they tried to calm him down, but there was no getting through to him. There was just his wolf and the rage he felt for being humiliated in front of his pack members.


Angel, unaware of what is happening downstairs, sat comfortably on the bed eating her third serving of desert. She had started firstly on the apple pie, then a delicious slice of cake, and finally now, she is happily working on her to die for brownie a la mode.

"Are you feeling a bit better lambie?" asked Glynis.

"Yes, I am. I don't know what came over me. I felt myself getting angry, and tried really hard to calm down and control my reaction like I normally would have done," Angel replied, shaking her head as she stared down at her plate, "but this time, I just couldn't help it—I just completely snapped."

Angel quickly looked up at both Glynis and Eilis, "Do you think maybe there is something wrong with me?"

"Aww Lambie, there is nothing wrong with you. You have had a tiresome day and your wolf has been on edge because of it. Cullen simply put the icing on the whole cake tonight with all that food he was piling up for you to eat. By the third plate, I was about to head up there to tell him that you weren't a piñata. So to be honest, you were beyond patient with your mate by eating as much as you did. ," Glynis cooed, patting Angel's hand reassuringly. Eilis just smiled, agreeing with what Glynis had been saying.

"I should probably go apologize to Cullen now for how I acted down there."

"Yes, you should Angel, as soon as we finish up these deserts," said Eilis while she laughed, grabbing another serving. Glynis grabbed a serving of Key Lime pie, moaning loudly at how good it tastes.


"Cullen, think what you're about to do!" Isobel screamed as she raced after him. She quickly looked at Owen, who was right behind her. "Do something Owen! He is acting beyond stupid. I won't stand by and let him hurt my Angel."

"We won't let anyone hurt Angel. Cullen's wolf is just in control right now. If it has to happen, we will be able to tackle and restrain him. Let's just hope it doesn't come to that," Owen reassured her.

"Come on, we need to get to him fast," Owen motioned, as the rest of the betas to followed him upstairs.


Angel was just in the middle of practicing her apology to Cullen, Glynis and Eilis adding suggestions every now and when all the sudden they heard banging on the door, causing them to shriek in surprise.

"Who could that be pounding on the door like an idiot?" asked Glynis as she too stood up. "I'll give them a pounding if they break that door."

Angel closed her eyes. Oh no. "Glynis get away from the door now." Blocking Glynis's path, Angel stood front of her friends in apprehension to what she knew was standing on the otherside.

"Go away Cullen right now!" Angel yelled.

"Open this door before I break it down," stated Cullen, angrily pounding the door once more.

"Don't do something so foolish like that. Go away Cullen; come back when you've calmed down a bit."

A loud roar was the only warning before Cullen kicked the door down—sending it flying into the room. He stepped in the room, his eyes glowing rich amber, the color of his wolf's and with his claws extended.

"Come here mate," said Cullen through clenched teeth, his chest heaving. Angel took a step back; she could feel the rage running through his veins and it scared her.

"Stay away from my lambie," Glynis warned, stepping out in front of Angel, spreading her arms out to block Cullen's access.

Cullen growled even more at that, how dare someone stepped in between him and his mate! Just as he was about to remove the person, he heard another set of growling, confusing him. Whipping around quickly at the sound, he saw his mate has transformed to her hybrid form.

"Don't you dare touch them Cullen! Get the fuck out of here and control yourself!" growled Angel dangerously.

She was always ready to defend her friends but at this moment, she knew that she could possibly be defending her unborn child. Cullen was acting so wild at this moment that she was unsure at what he was capable of - he could easily harm the baby unintentionally.

"You dare speak to me like that?!" asked Cullen thunderously. "I am not only your mate but your ALPHA!?"

Cullen stepped closer, snarling at his mate's defensive stance when all of a sudden Gavin, Owen, and Duncan leaped in front of him, stopping him from confronting her. Even with all of the betas, it was hard to get Cullen subdued.

Cullen lay struggling while on his stomach, trying to throw his betas off. 'Just wait until I get a hold of you all. You will all deal with me personally,' warned Cullen through their connection.

'Cullen, you need to get a hold of yourself,' Owen tried to explain to Cullen.

'He is right Cullen. Your wolf's in control and could seriously hurt others now,' said Gavin.

"They are right wolf boy,"
Isobel seethed, trying to keep her own anger in check at seeing him so close to losing it with her sister.

Isobel's words stilled Cullen instantly, the impact of them reaching through the wolf's haze as his human side registered them. Lifting his head to look at Isobel who was standing right in front of him, he stared intently for signs that he had heard right. "Izzy you and Owen mat –"

"You better control yourself now! Look at what you are doing to your mate," shouted Isobel as she stepped to the side allowing him to see. "Your questions can wait till another time don't you think?"

Cullen whipped his head around, finally registering where he was and what he had been on the brink of doing. He saw that Angel shifted backwards but was still standing in front of the two others. She was still in a protective stance but what tore his heart out were the tears that were filling her eyes.

"With your damn wolf in control like that, you could have easily hurt her wolf boy, Isobel implored. "And not only that, you could have hurt your baby."

"NO...never!" Cullen shouted, his body shaking in horror at the thought.

"Yes you could have! It was just fucking food—which I may add was your damn fault—but you fucking blew up because you let your damn pride get in the way. You really need to get your damn priorities in check and quickly. What is more important to you –Your damn pride and ego or your mate and baby?"

"Angel and our baby are and will always be the most important thing to me Isobel, so don't start by telling me –"

"Then start fucking showing it! Do you think this is healthy for Angel and the baby? I think not." Isobel looked up at Owen and nodded her head, signalling that she was done, for now.

Walking slowly back to Angel, Isobel gave her a reassuring hug whilst the betas lifted Cullen to his feet. "It's ok. You can stay with me tonight."

"No. She is staying with me. She is my mate!" yelled Cullen, trying to shake off the beta's hold once more.

But Angel slowly shook her head sadly, fear present in her eyes as she looked at him. Seeing that ripped a new hole in Cullen's heart, his wolf howling a mournful cry within. Does she honestly think I would hurt her and the baby? She has to know that I wouldn't!


As Cullen was being dragged out of the room, Angel sat on the bed heavily still trying to let her brain catch up to everything that just happened.

"Easy, just breathe in and out," said Isobel softly.

"I'm fine," but Angel shook her head, "no...I'm not fine."

"Don't worry lambie, we will figure this all out. It doesn't make any sense that he acted like that."

"I have enough on my plate," said Angel as she stood up. "I'll be back, I just need to go outside and get fresh air."

Angel left the room and headed down the stairs, making sure to avoid bumping into any of the other members of the pack. She was about to head out to the gardens, but changed her mind opting for the comfort of the stables instead. Stopping by the kitchen on her way out, she discretely grabbed a few apples and made her way out to the horses. She hasn't seen Cadifor and Alainn in a long time, not since the last incident with the fire.

As she entered the stables, she could see the new section that was built because of the fire. She also was able to see some of the new safety features that had been added too - a hose inside the stables along with fire extinguishers every ten feet from one another.

Hearing Cadifor neighing and kicking his stall door, Angel smiled, approaching them.

"How did you know it was me, you big lug?" asked Angel as she scratched between his eyes. She stepped back, and put down the bag of apples. "Have you been behaving yourself while I was gone?"

It almost seemed like Cadifor had nodded his head in response as he made a circle around his stall.

"I'm sorry sweetie; I don't think I'll be able to take you out tonight. But I promise to come back tomorrow night and we will go out for a run, how does that sound?"

Again it seemed like he had understood her, neighing in response and earning a loving smile. Angel then stepped to the side, turning to see her Alainn.

"How are you doing beautiful?" asked Angel as she petted her horse softly. "You have no idea how much I have missed you. I hope Cadifor was being good to you."

Angel laughed slightly, hearing Cadifor neighing and poking his head into her stall. Alainn walked over to greet Cadifor in response, rubbing their heads like together affectionately.

"Now I see why everyone is talking about how hard it is to keep you two away from each other. Alainn, come here please." Shockingly the horse walked to Angel.

"So you are sure about that big softy there?" asked Angel, pointing over to Cadifor.

When Alainn neighed, Angel smiled understandingly. "Ok, but don't let him think he can push you around and be in charge all the time. You have to stand your ground on a few things."

Angel felt her spirit lifting higher seeing Alainn taking a defiant stance, pounding her one hoof on the ground.

Angel reached down and grabbed an apple, holding it out for Alainn. Patting her head gently, she then walked to Cadifor and did the same. Watching him devour the apple, she just smiled affectionately, especially when he walked towards her looking for more apples after he had finished the one she had just given him. Angel placed her arms around his neck, leaning her head against him whilst she continued to pet him gently.

"I don't think I have said thank you to you Cadifor for saving my life. Without you, I would have surely perished. But now, I will be able to have a life again, and will soon see my child for the first time. Thank you." Angel hugged Cadifor one more time, laughing when she felt him leaning over her shoulder to get to the apples.

"Yeah, yeah, I see what is more important to you now but just you wait till you have your own little one."

Angel fed the rest of the apples to both horses with a promise to come back tomorrow night. She had dragged her heels enough and left the stable, starting to make her way back to the house. She knew she would have to deal with Cullen, but not tonight. Tonight she just needed to sleep but tomorrow she felt she would be better able to deal with all those problems.


Next late morning...

Angel was standing up from her chair after finishing her breakfast. She couldn't figure out why Cullen didn't show up for breakfast. Perhaps I went too far? He probably can't forgive me after humiliating him in front of all his members like that. The thought itself of never being with Cullen like how it was between them two before broke her heart into pieces.

As Angel did her normal duties around the compound, she decided to take a little break around lunch time to just relax and clear her mind. Of course the one spot for that would be her little garden. There was nothing so peaceful as her garden and seeing all the beautiful flowers blooming with the soft tinkling of the fountain as a background noise. It was absolutely paradise for her.


"You know you can't keep avoiding your mate Cullen," said Owen carefully. "You two have to see one another. I bet she isn't even upset. She probably knows she overreacted—but don't you dare tell her that—and she is probably sorry herself. So you two can just put this all behind."

"You don't understand Owen. I lost control. I never lost control of my wolf before. What if you all couldn't get to me in time and I did in fact hurt Angel and our baby? How would I be able to live with myself?"

"But you didn't Cullen. Now, instead of moping around and dodging her, why don't you two talk and settle this. She probably misses you as much as you miss her."

"He is right Cullen. You should listen to Owen," said Glynis. "Seeing my little lambie's saddened face at the breakfast table was not something I want to see again. Go and find her."

"How will she trust me again to be near her and the baby?"

Glynis walked up and smacked the back of Cullen's head. "Don't be an idiot. She will trust you again easily because she loves you and she knows you would never do anything to harm each other. I don't understand how you two cannot see what happened? You are mates...bounded to one another. Of course you are going to share feelings as well depending how strong the bond is. With Angel getting upset for you stuffing her like a pig, and then you letting your pride get in the way, of course you would have all these emotions raging through you."

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