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Unexpected Visitors


Bob was having a small party in his apartment. His girlfriend, Susan, and their best friends, Tom and Beth, were celebrating. Susan's brother, Tony, was going to college. The two couples were having a great time reminiscing about their college days and exploits. The night was getting late and everyone was about to leave. Just then, two big black men burst in the front door. Everyone was startled and scared. One of them waived a gun and shouted, "Get on the floor, muthafuckers!"

The group all got on the ground. The guys, after getting over their initial shock, began to get angry. "What do you want?" Bob said. "We'll give you our money. Just leave us alone."

"Ahhh, it ain't as easy as that. We ain't here fo' money but we gonna take that too. We're here fo' some pussy."

"No fuckin' way!" Tom shouted. He began to get up when he got a gun butt upside his temple.

"Yeah fuckin' way, muthafucka. Now you bitches get your clothes off before we put some holes in these guys. An' you dickheads get naked too and throw your shit over there."

They all looked at each other with resignation and anger. Susan began to cry. "I don't want to do it. They'll hurt me."

"I ain't gonna hurt you baby," one of them said, approaching her. "But my friend here, he crazy. Got dropped on his head when he was born. He might kill you all even if you do what we say. Now I can keep dat from happening if you nice to us." He looked her body up and down with an evil leer.

Susan looked at Bob and then everyone else. She began to undress.

"Ha ha ha ha! I knew you'd do it. Now the rest y'all need to get yo' clothes off!" he ordered.

Everyone began to slowly strip for these two complete strangers. None of these friends had ever seen each other naked, aside from each of the couples. No one was hurrying to get their clothes off. Once everyone was down to their underwear, they all stopped. "Yo! Ain't no stoppin', muthafuckers! Take ALL yo' fuckin' clothes off!" Beth moved first, sliding her bra straps off her shoulders and unhooking it in back. Her 36C chest popped out and the two attackers stared at her jugs.

"Damn! Check out dese titties, dude!" The short one said. He reached over and grabbed one, squeezing it hard. "We hit da fuckin' jackpot!"

"Hell yeah! Now let's see dat pussy!" Beth peeled her panties to the floor and stood naked in front of everyone. She had a shaved pussy that everyone in the room stared at. "You too, slut."

"Please, my brother's here. He shouldn't see me naked. It's wrong," she pleaded, mumbling.

"Bitch, I don't care if da Pope is here! Get yo' fuckin' titties out!" said the tall one. He waved his gun at her to emphasize his point. Susan shook as she undid her bra. Her boobs were not as large as Beth's but her nipples poked out at least an inch each.

"Oh, shit! It ain't that cold in here, bitch! You getting' off on strippin' fo' some brothas, ain'tcha?" The two guys were almost in disbelief at their luck. Susan began crying more as she took her panties off. She quickly turned around and skinned them down. Her heart-shaped ass was left to show prominently as she covered her breasts.

"Turn aroun', ho. And put yo' fuckin' arms down so we can see yo' titties." She did as they told her. Her hairy bush came into view as she turned. It was a stark contrast to Beth's smoothness. "Awww yeah. I like hairy cunts," the short one said. "Now you dipshits get yo' clothes off too. An' nobody try n' be no hero, muthafuckers." The men looked nervously at each other. Tony slid his boxers down. It was about six inches and only semi-hard. The two black men roared. "Look at junior! He got some wood!"

"Not as much as us tho'," said the tall one, and they laughed some more. The other two took their underpants off. Both of them were had average-sized dicks and each of the girls got a good look at their packages. Susan lingered a little too long staring at her brother's big dick.

"Which one is yo' brother, bitch?" the short one asked, grabbing the back of her neck. Susan tried to point out Bob but she kept looking at Tony. "I think you lyin' to me. You keep lookin' at his dick," pointing at Tony, "like you ain't never seen it befo'. You like to look at it so much, why don' you get a good close-up of it." He then pushed Susan to her knees in front of Tony. He felt her hot breath fall on his manhood and it began to rise to its full nine inches in response. He tried to remind himself that this was his sister but it was no use. Seeing two naked women including one on her knees was too much for his young, dirty mind.

His dick now wobbled in her face. Susan had her eyes closed to avoid seeing what was going on. "Grab dat dick, ho," the tall one said. "Start suckin' on it."

"No, please. I can't do it. Please...," her voice trailed off.

"Look here, bitch," the short one said as he pressed his gun to her head, "can't do it wit' a hole in yo' head either."

Susan began crying harder but she reached up and took the dick in her hand. She began lightly stroking it, feeling its weight in her hand. It was a lot bigger than Bob's. She closed her teary eyes and tried to pretend that she was sucking Bob. She ran her lips up and down while the others looked on. Bob and Tom began to get hard-ons watching Susan give a hot blowjob. They both tried to cover up their embarrassing situation.

"Sis, I'm about to come," Tony croaked. She stopped momentarily, not knowing what to do. The tall man pushed her head back on his dick.

"Nobody tol' you to stop. Keep suckin', bitch," he said. Susan returned to her chore. Tony grabbed her head and pumped his seed into his sister's mouth. The two guys laughed hard. "Taste good? Don't worry you gonna get some mo' befo' we done." He then turned to Tony and said, "Yo' sista's a good cocksucker, right, boy? Maybe yo' mama taught her how to suck yo' daddy? HA HA HA HA!" Tony was enraged but his orgasm had weakened him and they still held their guns.

"Now you girls start doin' each other." They looked at each other and slowly began to comply. Beth approached Susan and took her hand. Beth stood her up and put an arm around her. Susan lamely gave Beth some light kisses. "You gonna have to do better den dat, bitch!" Beth took her over to the couch and sat her down. Sitting down next to her, Beth gave Susan a deep tongue kiss. Susan stopped sobbing, surprised at having her best friend's tongue down her throat.

Beth began to work as if she had experience with women before. She ran her hand between Susan's thighs. Susan instinctively spread her legs, exposing her furry pussy to all the men. Susan took Beth's head in her hands and deeply kissed her back. The boys all felt an extra jolt in their loins. They couldn't help themselves and felt ashamed at their natural reactions.

"Now we wanna see some pussy eatin'," they demanded. The request made the girls tense up, but they obeyed. Beth slid to the floor. She knelt in front of Susan and made a few licks of her pussy, smoothing away the fur that surrounded her hole. Beth's wet slot was displayed to the room as she bent down. Beth's warm and wet tongue made Susan close her eyes in pleasure. She reached out for the back of Beth's head and drew in toward her steamy crack. Both girls quickly got into a rhythm. Susan lifted her hips toward Beth's mouth and began pinching her nipples. Beth licked and swayed her ass in time.

Susan soon was breathing heavy. Her orgasm built up until a few swipes at her clit put her over the edge. She tried to stifle her scream as she felt the waves pulsing through her body. It turned into a low, loud grunting moan as she shivered with orgasm. Beth ran her long hair across Susan's pussy, stomach, and legs adding to the feeling.

Tom put his hand on his dick. He desperately wanted to jack off to the hot scene in front of him. Watching his girlfriend and his best friend's girlfriend having sex just seemed wrong, but seeing the girls together was so hot. "Why don't you jerk off for us, dickhead?" the short one said. He had been caught playing with himself. He froze not knowing what to do. "Stand in front of us and jerk off, I said." Tom stood there dumbly with his hand around his dick. "Yo! You deaf? Maybe I'll put another hole in yo' head so you can hear me." Tom began to slowly play with his dick. He looked at everyone. Their staring eyes caused his dick to soften as he got stage fright. He then closed his eyes and re-enacted the girls' scene in his head, focusing on Beth's hot pink pussy. He imagined sucking Beth from behind while he watched her eat Susan's pussy and then sticking his cock in her. He regained his erection and quickly shot off as his fantasies ran away with him.

"Now lick dat up. Don't wanna leave a mess on da floor do ya?" They laughed again. Tom bent down and licked up his goo. When he finished, he gave a deep glare to the evil duo.

"What should we do next, bro?" said the tall one.

"Time to get some of dat white pussy. You fuckas go over dere where we can see you. An' you bitches get on yo' knees an' crawl over here." Everyone did as they were told. "Hey man, go get somethin' to tie these fuckas up wit." The tall guy disappeared into the back rooms. He came back with a bunch of Bob's silk ties. He put the men's hands behind their backs and tied them up.

"I think you girls know what to do next." They began to undo the pants of their attackers. Out flopped two huge dicks. The girls looked at each other in disbelief. The men sat down on the couch and leaned back awaiting their undue reward. "Start suckin', bitches," they commanded.

Each of the girls took the large man-meat that was in front of them and began to give them blowjobs. Beth took the long cock of the tall man and Susan began bobbing on the short man's dick. Their dicks slowly hardened in the girl's mouths. The girls had more and more trouble as the cocks expanded their lips. When they were both hard, they told the girls to stand up and turn around.

"Now tell yo' boyfriends how much you wanna fuck us brothas."

"I want to fuck you," Susan said unenthusiastically.

"Yo bitch, I can't hear you! Now speak up and make it sound like this big black dick is all you want." He pressed cold steel against her back.

"Honey, I want to show you what a dirty girl I am," Beth began, looking back at Tom. "I'm going to show you what a slut you have on your hands. I'm going to let these big black men fuck me silly and do what ever they want with me."

"Yeah, yeah. Dat's mo' like it. Now come bounce on my dick, ho."

Beth stood up and slid her pussy over the enormous cock beneath her. The guys watched as the dark rod disappeared into her plump shaved pussy. She began moving up and down on this ebony pole. He grabbed her boobs and manhandled them. This got her going even more as cunt juice poured out of her.

The short one grabbed Susan and forced her back on her hands and knees, facing away from him. He quickly primed her pussy by sticking three fingers deep in her pussy from behind. He then shoved his gigantic dick in. She cried out in pain but he kept on ramming her. She had no choice but to keep taking the biggest dick of her life. The sensation was like nothing she had ever felt before. It was like sticking a baseball bat up her pussy. She couldn't believe that having her hole stretched to this extreme turned her on. He came and filled her cunt with a torrent of white sperm. His cock slid out and his sperm gushed out of the open space between her legs. Her hole stayed open, wanting the void to be refilled.

The tall man pushed Beth off his huge staff. She tumbled forward to the floor. "Now keep your ass in the air," he snarled. He began working his cock in her tight asshole. Now it was Beth's turn to cry out. She had put a dildo in her butt before but never a dick and certainly nothing as big as what this guy was packing. He got his cock head in her and thrust it home.

"Ahhhhhhh! Noooooooo!" She gasped. "It's too big! Take it out!" she begged. He did what she said and the pain began to subside, much to her relief. But then he stuck it right back in. The tall man began pumping her asshole. He watched as her asshole couldn't recover from his dipping in and out. It remained wide open when he pulled out completely. He then plunged his entire length in her ass. She screamed again and he ignored her pleas for mercy. Her taut ass cheeks rippled furiously with his forceful pummeling.

Susan watched them, captivated by the movement of seeing her best friend getting anally raped. The short man put a finger up her ass. She barely responded as she was used to some anal action from Bob. The man's finger was about the same size as Bob's small dick. He then stuck a second, then a third finger in. Now she began to feel her sphincter stretching and felt some pain. He then placed her in the same position as Beth with her head on the floor and her ass exposed to him. Both women were having their assholes reamed.

The tall man pulled his hard dick out and told Beth to roll over. She did as she was instructed despite the burning pain she was felt in her butt. He grabbed her huge tits and put his cock between them. He rode them to a quick cum that drenched her face in his sticky spunk. It dripped off her face on to the floor. "Hey yo, get yo' bitch to come over here and lick my cum up off the floor."

The short man used his dick like a joystick as he led Susan over to the pool of mucous that was forming around Beth's now slimy face. Beth was panting from the workout she had just received. Susan closed her eyes and timidly stuck her tongue in the puddle. It tasted different than Tony's but it wasn't unpleasant, she thought. She briefly was taken away from the nightmare by remembering her earlier blowjob. Her mental interlude was snapped as the renewal of the constant banging in her ass reminded her what she was to do. She sucked up the cum quickly and then gave Beth a wet kiss to share some of it.

"Why don' you faggots put on a fag show fo' us while we continue to fuck yo' girls," the short man commanded. Susan was moved around to watch her man have gay sex. The tall man dragged up Beth on to the couch. He began biting roughly on her nipples.

"No fuckin' way, you motherfuckers!" Bob yelled. A gold-toothed smile and flash of the gun quickly shut him up. "I'll get you assholes for this," he muttered under his breath. Beth was sent over to untie the men. They looked at her cum-covered face and the bite marks on her breasts as she bent down to loosen their bonds. None of them knew how to start. Tom finally broke the ice by reaching over and grabbing Bob's dick. Bob flinched a little but knew he had better do what these two men told him to do if he wanted to live. He was ready to pop after seeing all the depravity that had been paraded in front of him. Tony duplicated the move and began stroking Tom. Bob completed the circle by playing with Tony's cock. They were all tentative in their movements, perhaps hoping that it wouldn't go any farther than having to give each other a handjob. But they were wrong.

"You boys betta start suckin' some dick." The short man laughed. "Unless you want us to start puttin' holes in y'all. Show yo' ladies that you like suckin' dick." The girls waited almost in anticipation as the men had frozen with this suggestion. Tony moved first. He went down on Bob. He stuck Bob's dick in his mouth just like all the porno movies he had seen. Almost immediately he gagged from the flood which escaped Bob's pent up dick. Bob glared at the two men as he was embarrassed by cumming in Tony's mouth. Tony then moved over to Tom and began sucking.

Beth was extremely turned on by this. She slid down and began sucking the huge black dick that was beneath her without being told. Keeping her eyes on the men, she began imitating Tony's motions on the rod in her mouth. Bob thought he should do something so he reached down for Tony's dick. He tentatively licked Tony's hairy balls, flicking them back and forth under his tongue. Bob began to move his dick in Tom's direction. Tom grabbed it and began stroking him. All three men began to get into sucking or stroking being done to them.

The two black men couldn't stop laughing as they saw how much the guys were getting into it. "Let's see some ass-fuckin', you homos," said the short man. Again the guys hesitated as their terrible situation was being taken to another unwanted level. "Lick some ass, faggots! I can tell that yo' bitch likes it up da ass. She ain't complained once since I stuck my big ol' dick in her." Susan had a look of guilt cross her face but no one saw it as it was replaced with a look of pleasure as he plunged his dick in her ass to its full length.

Tony bent over on his knees and elbows, offering his ass as a target. Tom had Bob slick up his dick with saliva by sucking on him. Then they took turns rimming Tony's asshole trying to make it wet. When Tom thought Tony was wet enough, he pushed the head of his dick toward the tight hole.

"Uhhhhh! That feels incredible!" Tony exclaimed unexpectedly. Tom grabbed Tony's hips and began pushing his cock in bit by bit. Bob moved to put his dick in Tony's face, hoping it was taken as a way to pacify the two men, but secretly wanting more of Tony's incredible cocksucking ability. Tony opened his mouth and Bob slid his dick in. The trio soon coordinated their penetrations of Tony and began to look like a synchronized fucking machine. Bob grunted and shot his second cum down Tony's throat. This one surprised Tony. His butt suddenly tightened and squeezed Tom's dick. It was enough to make him grab Tony's hips and fill his bowels with jizz. He slipped out of Tony's ass and nearly fell over dizzy from his hard orgasm. Tony reached down and jerked himself off. He came on to the floor beneath him from the feeling of having Tom's throbbing dick in his ass and the cum that was leaking down on to his legs.

The men were all woozy from the amazing intensity of their orgasms. The short man pulled his huge fuckpole out of Susan. Beth grabbed his dick and began to suck it voraciously as she alternated between the two men. The smell of her friend's asshole lingered but she didn't care. He was close and he pulled out of her vacuuming mouth. He added to her previous cum shower by dousing her face with his wad.

Susan went over to Beth and began to lap up the cum off her eyes and face. Beth continued to suck the all man's dick so Susan slid under her and began to try to get her off since she had not cum yet. Beth's sticky, wet pussy was stuck up in the air and began to sway back and forth as she felt Susan's tongue in her pussy. Tony was still horny from being fucked in the ass. He looked at the wide-open hole of his sister's pussy and could not help himself. He crawled over to his sister and stuck his raging hard-on into her gaping cunt. She just purred and hummed on Beth's pussy as he thrust his raging hard-on into her open cavity. Tony shot his second load deep into her as Susan panted softly. The tall man shot yet another series of ropes onto Beth's face.

"Now all y'all fuckas get yo' asses over there," the tall man said, pointing across the room away from the door as he pulled his pants on. The group gathered by the couch, tired from all the fucking. The two attackers grabbed all their clothes, shoved them in a trash bag, and took it with them. As they walked out the door, he said, "It's been a pleasure." The pair's loud laughter echoed as they down the hallway.

The gang sat in silence thinking about their experience. Tony couldn't look at his big sister after what he had done to her. Susan went over to him and gave him a hug. "It's okay, baby," she whispered in his ear. "You couldn't help it. They made you do it." Her words made him feel a little better. Everyone agreed that they would never tell anyone about what happened but whenever they got together they always thought back to the experience.

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