tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersUnextpected Change..

Unextpected Change..


Note (every one is 18 or older)

It was mid way though my senior year. I never had a girlfriend. Maybe for lack of effort or maybe just because I never really knew how to talk to any of them, until I tried out for the school play earlier this year. I had gotten a small part but that was ok with me, since I was never very social. So when I went to the after party and people had actually interacted with me I was surprised.

The party was at one of my classmate's house whose parents were gone for a while. Her name was kala she was extremely hot 5'6'' long brownish hair with really full lips big round breast and a to die for ass. Even though I had never had the nerve to talk to her she politely invited me in with the rest of the group. We all just sat around someone had spiked my drink and I started to get bit more lose. A couple hours later I am now pretty much drunk and I bet ever one else was to. There was kissing and all that crap which unfortunately I wasn't getting any of that finally I have to go to the bathroom I ask someone where it is and found out it was upstairs down the hall way last room on the right.

While I was walking toward the bathroom I heard a faint moaning coming from one of the bedrooms. So I walk closer and see that the door was cracked. So I peek inside and I about fainted at the wondrous sight before me there was kala with another girl eating her pussy while she ate a girl who had mounted her face. I got instantly hard and forget about having to pee I am standing there for about 5 minutes completely involved in what's going on that I never heard that another girl had came up behind me until she push me for the door and

Said "look who I found spying" the red head turn around and started laughing

I thought oh shit I am so dead but then kala ordered me onto the bed. I meekly went over to the bed and lay down even if I had wanted to refuse; I knew that they could have easily forced me onto the bed. Then Sammy which was the one that had pushed me into the room

Said "well do you know what we do to people we catch spying?"

I just lay there half naked and shook my head no. I was too scared to speak.

The one who was eating kala speaks up "well for starters they become our slaves" then she laughs very mischievously.

Oh crap I thought I am so dead kala gets up and climbs over my head and starts to lower her pussy to my mouth. Man even though I was practically about to be rapped this was the best place I had ever been. Her pussy lips where leaking from her just having came; and they smelled so damn delicious and looked even better. Even though I had never ate a pussy before hell I never done anything sexual with some one else before. I stuck my tongue out and started to lick her clit. She gives an appreciative moan. Then I feel movement on the bed and before I know something is touching my dick I try to see what it is but kala keeps me from moving. Then I feel something moist slid over my dick; and hear a moan that didn't come from kala. I thought that I was about to have sex with one of these babes. But even though my dick was rock hard I didn't feel any pleasure for some reason. Then I hear the person that must been screwing my dick start to really moan and then her muscles clutch real hard but yet I don't cum myself. I am thinking what the hell! The first girl that has ever even touched my dick let alone put her pussy on it and I didn't even cum. I was so pissed but that didn't last long because I soon felt allot of moisture to fall onto my face from Kala; and I knew she was about to cum. Then I felt something at my ass, I was like hell no that is exit only.

I start to say "no" and that was it before the pain was too much to bear and kala had just cumed allover my face. I just start whimpering, laying there with something going in and out of my ass then kala gets up and another one of the girls sets her pussy onto my face, I just stick my tongue out while she humps me.

The pain was starting to go away now and for some strange reason pleasure starts to run up my spine. I was like please no I can't cum from getting screwed in the ass by an absolute babe. All of the sudden I feel something spray my insides; and the pressure build up from the bottom of my dick and I cum harder then I had ever came before and I start to shake I had came so hard.

I hear the girls snickering because they made me cum just like a girl. Then something starts pouring into my mouth I have no idea what the hell it was but I just swallow.


I wake up in a huge bed with this agonizing weight on my chest I reach up to move it but when my hand touches it I fell my hand on my body; and I am like, what the hell so I open my eyes and there are two big lumps jutting out from my chest. I sit up and feel the weight shift downward I get out of the bed and start walking to a mirror, I see hanging on the wall. When I get there I almost faint. It's not the skinny high school boy that I thought was looking back at me but an extremely hot female about the same height and age as me.

I move my arm it moves its arm. I move a leg it moves a leg. Oh my, what the hell happened last night? I run to the closet and find nothing but miniskirts, tank tops, belly shirts, and short dresses in there. I go to the dresser, thinking surely I am dreaming. I open the draws and find frilly lace panties and a couple of sexy blue, blank, and pink bras in the top draw. I reach down hoping to find my penis but instead there is an opening with hair around it I fall onto the bed crying. I end up crying myself to sleep.

I hear someone call my name and find out that it was my mom who was getting me up for school. Thinking back to earlier I was like no no no do not come in. Thankful she doesn't and I notice that there is no weird weight on my chest; and that my penis is rock hard, standing at attention. I get up run to the bathroom look into the mirror and see the skinny boy that I am, phew what the hell kind of sick dream was that.

Yet little did I know then that it soon would become real.

I go to back to my room and get ready for school. That day at school was uneventful until I was at my locker. When kala comes up behinds me and scares the crap out of me

"You ate me really well, have u done that before?" she asks.

I am like why are u talking to me I shake my head no.

She laughs and asks "do you know how to talk or all do you do is head gestures?"

I start to speak my voice is really squeaky like a mouse "yes I know how to talk just not well to someone like you."

She just smiles and hands me a note and walks away my eyes are transfixed to her ass as it sways back and forth down the hallway.

I open the note and it says "my house 6pm if u dare." humph well I don't know about that what if the dream I had this morning becomes true. I am quite scared and just decide to go home and play some video games.

Some time later the power goes out right in the middle of me playing ps3. I was so pissed that I ended up throwing the controller. Since I was mad at the video game. I look at the clock and see it is 5:45 and decide that I would go over to kalas. I arrived at about 5:58 and she answers the door in a mini skirt that barely covers her ass and a shirt that is losing in the fight to hold her boobs in. Wow I think this is one hot bitch.

"Hello I thought u wouldn't show up."

I just smiled and couldn't take my eyes off her. She waves her hand in front of my face and I jump backwards nearly falling off her porch she just laughs and

Says "come on in."

I do.

Her places looks allot different in the daytime than it did yesterday at the party. She leads me up to her room where she has me sit on her bed and

Asks me if I wanted anything to drink.

I say "might as well"

Little did I know that it was more than just tea at the time. She comes back into the room with two glasses of tea she hands me mine and I drink it. It was very sweet, which is the way I like it. Then she is in my faces pushing her tongue into my mouth. Damn she doesn't BS around. But when I try to pull her shirt off of her she refuses and we sit there staring into each other's eyes for a while then she lies down and says as seductively as she can

"Eat me"

Which of course I quickly obeyed. She wasn't wearing any panties so I flipped her skirt up; and dive right into her delicious pussy. Damn did she have a tasteful pussy. I could eat it all day long.

After she had come three times she pulls off of me and gets on her hands and knees offering her ass to me. I find some lube on the table next to the bed and lube up a finger and slipped it inside of her butthole. She lets out a soft moan. Then I pull out my dick and stick it at her entrance; and slowly push in. She moans more, and pushes her ass up to meet my down strokes. I unfortunately don't last long in her luscious ass and came before she even was even close to coming again.

She just sighs and says "you will pay for that."

I just laugh and craw up next to her and suck a nipple into my mouth, man they were awesome.

"Ya, suck it bitch."

I was like what I'm not the bitch. Oh well if she wants to talk to me like that, it's not like I am going to complain. Then she gets off the bed and heads to the bathroom that was connected to her bedroom. When she comes out she is completely naked with a 13 inch dido that would also stimulate her clit strapped to her making it look like she had a huge dick. Oh my, what the hell is this I ask her what is going on and

She said "I told you that I was going to make you pay" With a mischievous laugh.

Oh shit I thought. Well it's too late to back out now and besides I kind of like it last time. So I just lay there waiting for her to lube up her huge penis.

She lines it up with my rosebud and then wham she drives it in there like a nail or something and damn did it hurt. Then she went slowly in and out of my ass. My dick started to rise, oh my here I go again. Then she starts to go really fast; and I could tell that she was climaxing. It wasn't long before I was about to come yet again without anyone or anything touching my dick. Then like last time I felt something splatter my inside and I came. I felt her fall onto me, still shuddering from her orgasm.

I fall asleep and had another strange ass dream. Even though this time kala was there and I wasn't as scared.

I wake up to find that I had fallen asleep in her bed. Oh shit mom will kill me when she finds out. I hear a noise in the bathroom and realized that kala had already gotten ready for school in a school girl outfit that made my dick start to stir.

"Damn girl what are you trying to do to me?"

She laughs and asks "do you want apple juice or something?"

I sit up in the bed, turn my head to the clock and see that it is 7:00 in the morning. Damn I need to get ready for school.

"Yes please that would be lovely" I say to her.

She leaves the room and comes back with me a glass

I ask her "what about you?"

She says "I already had mine this morning. You were dead to the world. I tried sucking on you dick but you didn't stir, so I just got ready." I get out of the bed and start putting my clothes on.

"Oh um... you wouldn't happen to have seen my boxers would you?"

"Nope" she is smiling.

I almost ask again but then she just says

"Why not where a pair of mine?"

This takes me by surprise I just give her a weird look; and she repeats herself.

I snap out of my trance and say "hell no, I am not wearing girl panties."

Even though my dick is saying otherwise. She laughs and points to my dick and says "I think someone else has a different idea."

Damn it, I was busted, I always loved to root though my older sister's panties when she was living at home. She walks over to her draw, opens it, and throws me a silky blue pair. Man I was rock hard. I pulled them on and if it was possible got even harder.

She starts laughing and points to my dick saying, "That will have to go."

She walks over very seductive like, she proceeds to pull the panties aside, and then plops the head of my dick into her mouth. Wow she was good. It only took a few minutes before I shoot my load. She starts to swallow then reaches up and kisses me and pushes her tongue into my mouth pushing some of my cum into my mouth. It didn't taste as bad as I thought it would, but I was surprised that she had done something like that.


It was Friday after school and I was headed to kala's house for the weekend. Both of our parents were out of town. When I got there, I had let myself in and found that no one was there. I walk up to her room and find another pair of panties and a matching bra with a note on the bed. I go over there and read the note.

It says "put these on and you will be rewarded"

I look back at the undergarments. They both were a silky red. I said what the hell might as well. So I get undressed and put both of them on. Then I put my other clothes back on and lay on the bed unsure what to do. A few minutes later I hear the front door open and shut. Then I hear footsteps on the stairs. All of the sudden Sammy enters the room. What the hell is she doing here? I wonder. She was wearing a T-shirt that barley covered her breast, not to mention belly, and very short shorts.

She looks up and jumps back "damn you startled me."

I laugh and just stare at her in amazement, wondering what the hell she was doing here. Oh well I thought the more the merrier.

I ask her "where is kala?"

"You will find out soon enough" she replies in a sexy and mischievous manner.

I look at her strangely. All she does is starts to strip off her pants; and gets on top of me. Then she kisses me passionately.

I push her off and say "I don't think this is a good Idea"

"Aw how sweet. Kala does have you trained"

She then straddles my face and begins to rub her soaking wet pussy on my nose. I couldn't help myself; and began to eat her, She tasted good but not as sweet as kala does. After a while she rolls over onto her back and has me to continue tonguing her in that positioned. I was so absorbed in licking her pussy, that I didn't hear kala enter the room until I felt a dido at my entrance. I jump a bit and she laughs.

Then says "I see you are wearing what I put out for you."

"Ya" I muttered under Sammy's hot pussy.

It didn't hurt as bad as it used to when she started to push into my rectum. After a while of this Sammy comes. Then kala came and something splattered my insides yet again; and I come last. We then all fell onto the bed in a mess of limbs and cum.


The next couple of months where quit uneventful. Kala and I where dating and even though I haven't gotten to properly screw her yet. We still had plenty of oral and me getting screwed.

Most would say "queer" or something like that but don't knock it till you have tried it. I also had started to gain weight on my chest and hips. I went to the doctor and asked why this was.

All the doctor could say was "that it was strange but not unusual."

I don't know how much weight I had gained, but now I could fit perfectly in kala's clothes, which was extremely strange.

I didn't find out that I fit into her clothes until one weekend, when we were making one of our many bets that I almost always lost. We were playing chess. When she gets the bright idea

To say "hey if you win you may just finally get to screw me."

This left me completely dumbfounded. Since it was me that always brought that up and never her. But like all things with her, it came at an extremely high cost.

She said "but if I win then I get to do whatever I want to you."

I just laugh and replied "you already do"

"No I mean whatever I want" and she laughs quite mischievously.

I think about this for a little while. Wondering if it is worth the risk. I finally decide that it was, since she was very good at chess.

"Hell why not"

"Are you sure?" she asks


"Good let's begin then."

At first it seems like I am wining, which has me overly excited. That was my first mistake. The second was letting kala distract me by leaning over; and I had a perfect view of her tits. She was also wearing a short miniskirt without any panties, so I would get a good view of her pussy. While I was being distracted she was able to somehow win the game.

"Checkmate" she replies evilly

"No way, you cheated"

"How?" she asks

"With all that moving around and using your body to make me become distracted" I replied quite frustrated, even though it was more to me than to her. For being so dumb.

She gets up and leads me to her bedroom, like you would a sheep to the slaughter. Once we get there she tells me to completely strip. I do, then she puts this weird jell like substance all of my body including my dick and balls.

She stands back and orders me into the shower. She also strips and gets in with me. Only then do I realize that the substance she put on me was hair removal. I started to freak out when I seen that all my body hair was being washed down the drain. Kala must have seen my distress, because she starts to stroke my dick for a while. Then she takes it into her mouth; and I completely forget about my lose of body hair. It takes only a few minutes of her skilled mouth on my dick before I am coming.

"Wow you always do give me a mouthful don't you" she asks playfully.

All I can do is just nod and let her lead me out of the shower; and dry us both off. I go and lie down on her bed still completely naked, while she goes to her closest and gets some clothes. I ask her "what are you doing?" when she brings out like 10 shits, skirts and a bunch of other things.

She just laughs and continues to bring out more clothes; and sets them on the bed next to me. Once she is finished she tells me to stand up. Which I of course do. Then she starts holding skirts and things up to my body. I am thinking what the hell is she doing?

She then proceeds to telling me "put this, this, and this on."

When I start to resist she just pushes me onto the bed and forces the skirt over my legs. Next thing she forced unto me was a match pair of nylons and a black lacy bra.

"This isn't going to do anything" I retorted after she put the bra on, but to my amassment she walks over to one of her many draws and plus out a pair of fake breast. Then walks back over to me and stuff them into the bra. I couldn't believe my eyes. When I looked down I actually had breast! She then proceeds with the tank top that just barely made it to the top of the skirt. Last was the hair and makeup. When she was all finish she hands me a mirror; and tells me to look into in.

What I see looking back at me was no teenage boy it was a drop dead beautiful teen girl. I just stare there in complete silence. It takes kala a while to get me out of my trance...

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