tagBDSMUnfaithfully Yours Ch. 02

Unfaithfully Yours Ch. 02


edited by Treasured


Thomas moved around the kitchen putting away dishes. The stainless steel cock cage made it difficult to walk, and the anal probe vibrating in his ass had him on the verge of cumming. It had been a week since Robyn had caught him with Tracy the babysitter, he had spent that time in various forms of torment. Robyn had recorded the little episode last week when she forced him to suck the neighbor's cock, and was now using that to make him her slave. Thomas found it such a fucking turn on, he had never been so aroused as he had been this past week. He didn't like the house work part of it but even that was bearable so long as Robyn got him off afterwards.

Robyn had made Thomas build a few things for their new dungeon in the basement, he had padded the walls with black vinyl. He built a cross, with an attachment that pushed your hips forward for better access, a table with rings to attach cuffs large enough to strap someone to. Thomas had also reinforced the ceiling so a pulley could be lowered to pull his arms up over his head.

Thomas wasn't sure what Robyn was up to. She had left the house very early for a Saturday, only saying that she would be back after lunch and that she expected the house in tip top shape. He was also to thoroughly clean the dungeon and get it ready for use. He knew she must have something planned for tonight, but could only imagine what.

He cleaned the baby's diaper, fed him then put him down again for a nap. Robyn had not recovered from the pregnancy as fast as Thomas had hoped, that was the reason he had been so turned on when Tracy had sucked his cock. He had been without sex for a number of months. Now that Robyn had discovered this dominance thing she totally controlled where and when he got relief. The only time he didn't wear the cock cage was when he went to work, and only then because it was too visible in his pants.

Thomas sat down to lunch, he sprang right back up as the butt plug in his ass made contact with the seat. It had almost made him cum, as it was his cock was painfully hard in the cock cage now. He decided it would be better to stand, Robyn would know if he came while she was gone and then he would not be allowed to cum later.


Robyn returned to the house at three in the afternoon, smiling broadly, singing a tune under her breath. Thomas could not remember her being this happy in a long time. She sent him to the garage to bring in her packages ordering him to take them up to the bedroom.

Everything was in place, Tracy would arrive at six and stay all night, she expected to sleep over as Robyn had told her that they would be out real late. Thomas had done a wonderful job around the house while she was out. She wished she had thought of this earlier, he was so attentive now and did all those shit jobs that she so hated to do. She would have to get him off but unlike before all she had to do know was jerk him off and he would thank her profusely for it.

Robyn unlocked Thomas's cock handing him the cage and butt plug, she order him to clean them. When he was finished with his cleaning he was ordered to go have a shower and put on the cloths she had laid out for him, and only what she had laid out for him. He returned to Robyn dressed in a pair of dark grey jersey shorts and a heather grey tee. She handed him a Rusty Nail his favorite drink, she had even put a cherry in it like they did in a bar. The whole thing made Thomas nervous and it showed.

"Relax nothing bad is going to happen," she told him.

"Uh huh!" Thomas grunted unsure.

"Okay here is the deal, I need your help tonight."

Robyn proceeded to lay out her plan for the evening, by the time she was done Thomas' s erection was causing his shorts to tent.

"So you think you can do that?" she finished.

"Yes mistress " he said.

"Good answer, let me get you another drink."


The door bell rang at six exactly, Thomas, drink in hand went to answer the door. Tracy smiled seductively at the sight of his rising erection in the loose shorts. He led her into the living room, they sat on the couch making small talk. Tracy's hand snaked up the leg of his shorts grabbing his cock by it's head, fondling him to his full length. Thomas groaned, Tracy listened for Robyn, not hearing her she pulled his cock out and began moving her hand up and down his shaft. Thomas leaned his head back and let out a low moan. Soon Tracy had him in her mouth sucking noisily on his prick. Her concentration was on the cock in her mouth, she did not hear Robyn enter the room.

The sudden flash of bright light and the whir of the film being ejected startled Tracy back to the present, and to the realization that Robyn was in the room with a Polaroid camera in her hand. She looked at Robyn, stunned into silence. She looked at the tall spike heels, up her long legs wrapped in silk stockings, held by a black garter belt, across her smooth white belly, her breasts held in black lace, the black studded collar around her neck. She wore more make-up than usual, bright red lipstick, blue eye shadow, black high lighter. Tracy's mouth fell open, she tried to speak, Robyn cut her off.

"Well you little slut, I see it's you that has been sucking my husbands cock."


"Shut the fuck up you fucking dumb cunt! You think you can get away with this? Do you honestly think you can go around sucking any cock you want without consequence?"


"I told you to shut the fuck up bitch!"

Robyn walked over to Tracy and snapped a pair of hand cuffs on her wrists, then a pair of cuffs on her ankles. Tracy did nothing to stop her, she sat in stunned silence, what was happening. Robyn slapped Thomas across his face bring him out of his lust filled stooper. "Take her down stairs; NOW!"

"Oh Okay...Uh... yes mistress!"

"That's better now go!"

Thomas carried Tracy down to the dungeon, she was still too stunned to object. Robyn fastened her wrists to the hook and pulling her arms over her head. She then removed the cuffs from the girls ankles and replaced them with a spreader bar.

"Wh-what are you doing to me?" Tracy finally found her voice.

"Why I'm punishing a fucking bitch whore for taking something that wasn't hers to take. So shut the fuck up cunt or I will gag you."

"You let me down right now!"

Tracy screamed as Robyn grabbed a handful of hair and tugged. She stuffed the silicone penis gag in the girl's mouth, tightening the strap around her head.

"Suck on that cock you little bitch."

Tracy glared, rage in her eyes. Robyn brought the picture up to her view.

"You look so cute, eyes closed, sucking on my Thomas's cock. You think your parents would like to see what you are doing, or maybe I could post it to face book. Then again the video would probably be better, don't you think?"

Terror filled Tracy's eyes, she had video of of her sucking Thomas's cock, and she was willing to post it on the internet. She wouldn't, she looked into Robyn's eyes,

"Yes I would you little slut. You would become the most popular slut in school. So now I will punish you, is that okay with you bitch? Nod your head ."

Tracy nodded her head, she knew she had to do what this woman wanted, the consequence would be far worse. Robyn pulled a large pair of scissors from the table beside her holding them before Tracy's face.

"Shall we get you undressed," she smirked an evil smile.

Running the scissors up the tee shirt between the young girls breast Robyn exposed her to the cool air of the room. Her nipples were painfully erect, the cool air mixed with the girls arousal making them hard. Robyn took each breast in her hand, the girl winced at the contact shuddering as Robyn gently stroked her thumbs over her hardened buds.

"You have such nice little boobies."

Robyn took the scissors again cutting off the short jean shorts and the girls cotton panties.

"My you have the cutest little mound." Robyn said as she ran her hand through the light fine blonde pubic hair covering her mons.

"Why! Are you enjoying your self? Yes you are sopping wet! You are such a fucking slut."

Robyn ran her fingers between the girls pussy lips stopping momentarily to massage her clit. Tracy moaned her body shaking at the touch.

"Hold that thought cunt, I will be right back with you," she smiled. "Thomas strip!"

Thomas took off his cloths and stood before Robyn, she led him to the cross fastening his arms and legs to the corners. Next she forced his hips out his cock exposed for easy access. She grabbed his balls squeezing, shoved the ball gag in his mouth. Binding his cock in the leather ball separating harness, she snapped the nipple clamps on his nipples. Robyn pushed the butt plug in his ass and turned the vibrator on. Happy with how he was truss up she jerked his cock a couple of times, turning to Tracy;

"You may even get to suck this later on again, but only with my permission ."

Robyn put a black leather corset on the girl tightening the lacing, pulling in the girls waist till she could hardly breath. Next she slid latex stockings on the girls legs smoothing her hands up the girls legs till she sucked in her breath. Robyn could smell Tracy's excitement, she ran her fingers across her pussy lips lightly caressing her clit. She lowered Tracy's hands down and placed latex opera gloves on her hands. She attached leather cuffs to Tracy's wrists and ankles, making the girl sit on the floor she locked all the cuffs together.

Robyn buckled a strap to the front of the corset, sliding a latex covered egg into the girls sopping pussy then lubing up a second egg she slid it into the girls ass. She pulled the strap up between Tracy's legs and tightened it with the buckle in the back. She stood before the girl and smiled down on her, holding up the remote she moved the dial up to ten sending both eggs into high vibrations. Tracy squirmed as the eggs made her shake. Robyn waited till she saw the girls eyes cloud with lust, then backed the speed down till it held her attention without sending her into orgasm. As a finishing touch she attached a pair of vibrating nipple clamps.

"I know you know how to suck cock, lets see how well you eat pussy bitch!"

Robyn removed the gag from Tracy's mouth. She slipped off her black lace panties, and planted her wet cunt on the girls face.

"Lick me slut"

Robyn rubbed her pussy on the girls face as she licked her, face slick with pussy juice.

"Mmmm, you have a talented tongue slut, lick my clit, bring me off bitch."

Tracy pushed the tip of her tongue against Robyn clit and flicked it rapidly sending her into an orgasm. Tracy was surprised by the sudden gush of pussy juice in her mouth. She squirt a steady stream into the girls face, it ran down down her chin splashing across her tits.

Robyn released the clip holding the girls hands and ankles together, she helped her to her feet. Guiding her over to Thomas she said,

"Ok now you get to suck his cock, bend at the waist and take him. Don't you dare and bite him. You don't get to come till he does so suck hard."

Tracy started to work on Thomas's cock, the strap made it larger than she was accustom to, she slide as much as she could into her throat then pulled back.


Tracy screamed around Thomas's cock almost biting down, he jerked at the touch of her teeth.


Robyn slapped the girls ass again with the black leather paddle, bring a tear to her eye. Her ass glowed red from the impact.

"Keep sucking slut, you wanted to suck his cock so suck it."


Tracy's head started bobbing up and down his cock, she sucked and licked trying to get him to cum so the assault oh her ass would stop.


Tracy was furiously working Thomas's cock, she took just the head in her mouth bobbing in short strokes licking the underside with her tongue. His cock grew larger and a stream of hot cum shot into her mouth, she could not hold it all. The cum ran down her chin. Suddenly the vibrating eggs screamed to life sending her into an orgasm of her own. Tracy collapsed on the floor twitching and squirming as the orgasm ripped through her body. The frenzied buzzing taking her to a second and third mind numbing orgasm.

Robyn helped Tracy to her feet, she ran her hand across the girls red ass, causing her to wince.

"So have you learned anything here?"

"Yes mistress!"

"Oh you are a fast learner aren't you."

Robyn sat on the edge of the table.

"On your knees, come show me what you have learned."

Tracy crawled between her legs licking her wet pussy clean, she inserted two latex covered fingers into Robyn's pussy, the latex sliding in easily. She licked her clit while pistoning two fingers in her masters wet pussy. As Robyn approached her orgasm she slowly turned up the vibration on the vibrating eggs. They came together, Thomas was hard again watching them orgasm together.

Robyn helped the girl up, she fastened the cuffs around her wrist to the far end of the table, stretching her arms.Tracy was bent at the waist feet on the floor pulled across the table. Robyn fastened her ankles to the table legs exposing her to Thomas's view, pulling the egg from her ass she slide her finger in. She put the gag back in the girls mouth. Pulling a small strap-on around her waist, she lubed it up. She slapped Tracy's ass with her hand, making her jump.

"Now slut I'm going to fuck your pretty little ass."

Tracy squirmed on the table muffled gasps of panic coming from her. Robyn eased the slender dildo into the girls ass, moving slowly sliding in till the full length was in her ass. She made slow short strokes get her used to the invader. Robyn was stroking the dildo in and out, the girl moaning in ecstasy around the gag in her mouth. She flipped the vibrating egg in her cunt to high, sending Tracy into a series of mind blowing orgasms.

Robyn released Thomas from the cross bring him behind Tracy.

"Fuck her stud! But don't you dare cum in her, you don't cum till I say so."

Thomas slide his painfully hard cock into the girls tight pussy. He eased in trying hard not to spill his load.


Thomas winced as the paddle connected with his ass.

"Don't you cum, now fuck her! HARD!"

Thomas thrust into her tight wetness, Tracy's over-stimulated cunt clenched his hardness drawing him maddeningly close to his orgasm. She spilled into another series of orgasms panting around the gag in her mouth.

Robyn pulled Thomas away, he almost screamed in frustration.

"Kneel there on the floor slave!"

He did as he was told, his painful erection bobbing as he knelt down. Robyn released his cuffs.

"Hands behind your back, sit still , and shut up."

She released Tracy from her bonds, stripping her naked.

"Kneel for your Mistress!"

Tracy knelt beside Thomas, head bowed.

"So slut, you are now my slave. You will come when I call for you, you will worship me, you will cum only when I say that you can. Is that understood?"

"Yes mistress!"

"Good, now go pour me a bath, I will be there in a moment."

"You clean this mess up and then you can jerk your self off." she ordered Thomas.

Robyn lay in the tub, the warm water caressing her skin, Tracy soaping her back.

"I wonder were I can take this to." she whispered to her self.

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