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Unfamiliar Stubble


In their tight knit community, holidays were always celebrated together. Extended family obligations were acceptable but eventually the small group of families always got together. Halloween was no exception.

Actually in one way, Halloween was the only exception. Other holidays such as Thanksgiving and New Years could be honored on alternate days with the group of friends, but Halloween was always celebrated on the 31st of October.

Rachelle, the newest member of the group, was amused at the strict guidelines but as her new husband pointed out to her regularly, she knew the rules before they married and she agreed to them. For her part, of course, Rachelle agreed but figured that after a time he would follow her pussy over his friends and they would make their own choices as a couple. So far, she was wrong but she was patient.

Dale grew up in the neighborhood. He went to the local schools and played basketball at the local park. His parents made friends with other couples and Dale made friends with those couple's kids. It was just how it worked from generation to generation. People rarely chose to leave the neighborhood and if they did, they usually returned eventually.

Rachelle married into all of that. Her in-laws lived two blocks away and interfered daily in her marriage. Of course Dale didn't see it that way. Everyone was involved in everyone else's lives. How else would one live and why would one bother?

After two years of marriage, patient Rachelle began angling for another Halloween plan early in September. Dale quickly put an end to that plan. The annual Halloween bash would be held at the local community center and they were not only attending, but were helping to plan the event. By the end of September, the party was completely planned and costumes were in the works. Invitation went out and soon everyone in the neighborhood was buzzing about their costumes. Being an outsider, Rachelle thought it was silly and childish but she loved her husband so she went along with the plan.

In mid October, one evening after work, Rachelle had dinner with her husband and then climbed onto his lap and whispered in his ear, "Stay right here, handsome. I've got a surprise for you."

Dale settled into a comfortable chair while he waited for Rachelle. She was a very sexy woman and usually she didn't disappoint when she set up a surprise for him. A few minutes passed before stripper-type music began to play. Dressed in a very small witches costume complete with a short skirt, garters and fishnet stockings, and a tight bodice, Rachelle began twirling around the room as if riding a broomstick. The costume did little to hide her exceptional curves and Dale hardened as he watched her and attempted to catch her.

She eluded his grasp though and disappeared into the other room. Waiting with a goofy grin on his face, he gasped at her next costume. It was a sexy Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Somehow he didn't remember Dorothy ever looking like that! Rachelle's curves filled out the little white dress and blue pinafore perfectly and as she leaned over before him to dust off her rhinestone covered red stilettos, she showed off her skimpy boy short panties.

Dale grabbed her around the waist and began to fondle her, growling into her ear. "Are you trying to drive me crazy?"

Rachelle escaped, answering, "No love. I just need help choosing my Halloween costume. I want it to be sexy and playful and I really want your opinion."

Dale laughed and pulled her back into his arms, "Anything you wear will be sexy and perfect." He noticed her pout and continued, "But, show me another one if you want."

After a couple of more costume changes, Dale was losing interest. He would rather see her without anything on and told her that. She laughed and asked for his indulgence through one more change.

After a short time, Rachelle started Middle Eastern music as she belly danced her way into the room. Dale was stunned into silence as she swayed and jiggled over to him. Her perfect flat tummy rotated her hips in a sensual rhythm and he caught himself staring with his mouth wide open. She reminded him of his childhood dream woman, Barbara Eden from 'I Dream of Jeannie', in her tight, gauzy tube top and loose pants that framed her perfect tight ass. Satiny slippers completed the costume and as he watched her gyrate before him he grabbed her to him. She molded herself to him and kissed him deeply.

"I guess this is the one, huh?" She murmured against his lips.

"Uh huh," He answered as he picked her up and carried her to their bedroom.

Slowly he removed her costume, stripping her bare. His clothes soon followed and he hovered over her, kissing, nibbling, sucking and enjoying every inch of her. He could never get enough and as she gave herself over to him, he slowly made love to her until they both exploded in mind numbing orgasms.

As always, Rachelle loved it best when she could feel Dale's stubble on her body. Early morning or later evening was the perfect time since his face was rough and stubbly. When he went down on her and his whiskers rubbed over her legs and pussy she was in heaven. While he took his time tasting her, licking and nibbling on her clit, she often reached a hand down to stoke his face, encouraging him to remain longer. Dale loved the power he had over her with his rough stubble.

The week before Halloween Dale and Rachelle ate dinner at the in-laws house. Although the older couple would not be attending the party, they were very interested in the details. Their time had come and gone for Halloween parties and it was time for them to step away from those kinds of things.. At least that's what they thought. Rachelle privately thought it was ridiculous for them to stay away from a party they obviously wanted to attend but she knew better than to argue with Dale's family. Her mother in law, Gayle, was a very opinionated woman who was never questioned in public. Larry, her father in law was a perverted man who never missed a chance to tell a dirty joke or ogle Rachelle or any other young woman who caught his eye. Gayle chose to ignore his lecherous behavior for the most part. Dale laughed it off as harmless. Rachelle wasn't so sure.

Over the years of their dating and young marriage, Rachelle had learned to avoid close contact with Larry and never to be alone with him. She considered him downright creepy ever since he made obscene gestures with his tongue on their wedding video. Spending time with the in-laws was inevitable but she knew enough to protect herself as well.

The subject of costumes came up and before Rachelle could stop him, Dale was sharing the details of Rachelle's sexy belly dancer costume. She gave Dale a well placed kick under the table but it didn't keep him from sharing all the erotic points. Larry's eyes glassed over as he leered at Rachelle, obviously imagining her in the revealing costume. Dale just chuckled with a 'boys will be boys' attitude while Gayle quickly got up and began clearing the table. Typical fare in their home, thought Rachelle, as she silently thanked her lucky stars that the older couple would not be attending. Then she got up to help in the kitchen.

Of course Dale waited until the last minute to pick out his costume but Rachelle knew what it would be all along. He always dressed in the same black, flowing robe and the Scream mask. He enjoyed scaring all the women at the party although Rachelle knew that the women just humored him.

The night of party finally arrived and Rachelle found herself unexpectedly excited about attending. Things didn't begin until 10:00 since most of the partiers had children and needed to complete the whole 'trick or treat' part of the night first. Dale and Rachelle arrived at 9:00 to help put the finishing touches on the community center. There was a bar, food, music with a dance floor, special effects lighting, some games with adult only themes, and the usual darts, game systems and pool tables. All in all it looked like it would be a pretty fun party.

By 10:30 the party was in full swing. Rachelle had more to drink than usual so she was loosened up and comfortable. Dale played the scary host perfectly. Both of them danced with a variety of other people and occasionally came together to touch base. During one slow dance, Rachelle shared with Dale that when she danced with any of the masked men, they usually got a little grabby. Her loose tube style top had mysteriously been both pulled down and pushed up while dancing, leaving her tits exposed for a few moments. That was exciting since she was fairly drunk but also a bit frustrating for her. She couldn't even tell him which men had exposed her but Dale assured her that he would watch more carefully and would rescue her if there was a problem.

The truth was that the Halloween party was kind of an excuse for the tight-knit group to grope and grab. Most of the women didn't really mind and some even were the worst gropers! Dale didn't worry about Rachelle, but he kept a closer eye on her anyway, actually hoping for some action he could watch. Dale wasn't willing so actually share his lovely wife but wouldn't mind a bit of a show if it happened.

At midnight everyone took a glass and participated in a group toast. It was almost like a new year's celebration. Rachelle privately thought the whole Halloween thing was much too big a deal with the group but by that time she was drunk enough to go along with most anything. There was a loud countdown and clinking of glasses as everyone celebrated the bewitching hour.

Since it was a Friday night, most people stayed long after midnight. The drinks flowed freely and Rachelle noticed that on the dance floor there were many wandering hands, not just the ones roaming her body. She also had relaxed about that and figured that as long as Dale was watching her, a little touch and tease wouldn't hurt her.

After 1:00 Rachelle excused herself from her dance partner. She literally had to peel his hands off her ass cheeks as she pushed him away. Heading to the bathroom, she glanced around the darkened room for her husband. She didn't see him anywhere and wondered if he stepped outside for a smoke. The ladies room was located in a back hallway of the community center. Surprisingly there wasn't a line so Rachelle quickly used the restroom and washed her hands.

As she stepped out into the hallway, she was blindsided by a Scream mask covered man. He grabbed her from the side and quickly turned her so she faced away from him. He then forced her to move toward the door that led to the back parking lot. Once outside, where it was quieter, Rachelle said, "Dale, what are you doing? Let me go!"

Dale didn't answer but instead breathed heavily in her ear. His hands groped her tits as he moved her toward their SUV. A push of a button and the back door swung up as he lifted her onto the floor of the truck. It wasn't often that Dale played rough and aggressive with her but in her drunken state she loved it when he took complete control. She laughed and wiggled away from him as he climbed into the back with her.

Rachelle began to remove his mask but he pulled her hands away and shook his head silently. She submitted, hoping for a mind numbing session of great sex with the masked man. The truck was dark and isolated so she knew they would be able to do whatever they wanted without interruption.

Dale motioned for her to lay back and let him set the direction. She relaxed and again, submitted. Since he couldn't kiss her with the mask on, he began to use his hands to fondle and tease her. He removed her tiny top that did little to hide her beautiful breasts and twisted the nipples with passion. His mask covered face rubbed against her soft globes and his tongue slipped through the small breath hole to lick and tease. Soon she was putty in his hands as she arched her back for more tongue action. Her moans filled the truck as he played her body perfectly.

Slowly he pulled her loose pants down her body. The slippers were already kicked off and the pants came off easily. She wore just a small thong underneath and he gasped at the sight of her. Because it was so dark in the truck, he could only see her close up and moved down so his face was close to her thighs. Again, Rachelle tried to take off the mask but he firmly held it on and pushed her hands away. Sighing deeply, she laid back in total surrender.

The masked lover slowly moved between her bare legs and began playing with her wet pussy with his fingers. It was cramped in the back of the SUV so he grabbed her hips and positioned her so that she was partially sitting up with her legs spread wide. The beauty of her naked body in that position had his cock straining and his breathing so heavy that it was difficult in the hot mask. He lay between her legs and in an instant he pulled the black cape up over his head. She couldn't even see him then which made her a bit nervous but she willed herself to relax and was soon breathing heavily in anticipation.

Unknown to Rachelle, he removed the mask while under the cover of the cape. It was very dark but all he wanted was right before him and he was happy to feel his way. His fingers moved along the slit of her pussy, dipping in to run along the slippery folds. He couldn't help but sigh and moan as he touched her and felt her stiffen beneath him. Finally he had to have a taste and dipped his tongue along her sex. She jumped at the electric touch and tried to move her hands beneath the cape to tangle her fingers in his hair. Again, he wouldn't allow her to touch him but he continued to touch her. Two fingers began to fuck her cunt as his tongue lashed out toward her clit. Her hips arched toward him, straining for more pleasure from his lips and tongue.

Rachelle was so close to cumming when a coherent thought suddenly occurred to her. As much as she was loving the oral attention, she was confused. She couldn't feel the rubbery mask or the familiar stubble. When his face brushed along her leg or against the delicate folds of her pussy, it was soft and smooth, not rough and stubbly.

In the confusion, she allowed the contact for a minute more but then violently pulled away. She pushed herself back and flipped the cape down toward his lower body. Slowly her licker raised his head from between her legs and with an evil grin he said, "I guess you caught me. I'm your trick for the night."

Rachelle cried out in shock as her father in law continued to leer at her. Conflicting emotions filled her. Her body had responded so easily to him but he had indeed tricked her and she was angry. He watched her response, hoping to continue eating her if she showed any sign of weakness. Rachelle was shaking and silent, not knowing what to say.

The side door of their vehicle swung open and another Scream mask covered partier stood there. Rachelle tensed up, not knowing what was coming next. Dale took a look at what was going on in the truck, yanked his mask off and grabbed his father by the neck. Forcing him from the car, Dale yelled, "Stay away from my wife, you fucking bastard!"

After marching his father toward his car, Dale returned and wrapped Rachelle in his cape. She was shivering and frightened and he wanted nothing more than to protect her. He helped her get her costume back on and held her closely as they drove home. Once inside the house he sat her down on the couch and made her some tea. They sat together for a long time as they talked about how his father had tricked her. She cried, hell, they both cried until Rachelle suggested that they take a shower.

As they climbed the stairs, Dale said softly, "I think it's time we move and start own life away from here. We'll celebrate our own holidays and traditions and we will never have to spend time with my father again. What do you think?" He asked, looking deeply into her eyes.

Rachelle leaned up and kissed him saying, "I think that's a perfect plan. And from now on, I only want to feel familiar stubble."

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it was a rape story or about to be. should have called the police and reported it for sure

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