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Unforgettable Journey


The view from the train was unbelievable; the mountains seemed to grow as I looked at them. It was if they had been put there just for me to see and I thought this was the most beautiful country I had ever seen. What was even better was that we had another two hours of this view while the train track snaked through the mountains.

I was on my way to a new job in a small cottage up in the mountains and the train was to stop at the nearest town so that I could be picked up and taken away. It was only a summer job and I needed the experience. I was sure I could cope miles from civilisation for a couple of months. I had my books, imagination and time on my hands, what more did I need.

“He lay her down on the bed and kissed the nape of her neck. She wriggled beneath him as he inserted two fingers inside her wetness...” It was not the kind of books I normally read but it seemed worth a giggle. It was very interesting to read a book that was describing exactly the feelings I could experience. I was even imagining myself as the girl in the story and feeling as hot and wet as she was. I began to wriggle in my seat!

My concentration was broken by a group of lads at the other end of the carriage, who had fallen about, in feats of laughter. I looked up at them and smiled and then went back to my story. They where my only companions on the train and I wondered if they had any idea about what I was reading. I looked back at them and smiled again but this time just to myself.

I decided to play a little game and imagined one of them as the man in my story. He had the same hair colour and was the same build as the character in my book. He was actually quite cute, they all where, I remember watching them as I got on the train. I must have been staring quite intently at them as my character got up and came over to me.

“I’m sorry to interrupt but I thought you might have recognised me as you where staring at me a lot”

“Oh I’m sorry. It’s just that you look like the character in my book.” I replied rather sheepishly.

“What’s the book, I do a lot of reading my self”, I pointed the front cover at him and to my surprise he recognised it.

“Isn’t that an erotic novel?” I began to blush and gave out a little giggle.


“Cool, good?”

“Yep!” I was smiling right at him and he at me.

“Sorry, I’m Tom, I’m going to that town Brinton, were all going on a walking holiday”

“Picked a nice area for it, I’m just starting a new job.”

Conversation carried on for what seemed ages as the train rattled hypnotically down the track. Every so often the other lads looked over and then went to gossiping about us and how Tom had had the confidence to come over and talk to me. Tom was a flirt and the conversation soon returned to the story I was reading and suggestions where flying around the conversation.

“Have you ever thought about it then?”

“Excuse me?”

“Shagging a stranger”

“In my dreams!” I wondered what he was getting at. “It’s only in stories that happens.”

“But would you?”

“Would you?”

He looked straight at me and stood up. He walked to the end of the carriage and beckoned me over. I was either being naive or I didn’t quite realise what he was about to do. I got up and followed him. The carriage went deathly silent as we walked out into the 'inbetweenie' bit you get in-between the carriages. Eyes followed us out and stopped the other side of the slidy door.

“What” I said as he looked at me. He never replied and took my head in his hands and kissed me. I tried to pull away in an attempt to be horrified but he held me close and I decided to kiss him back with all the lust I had. He pushed me up to the wall and I could feel a bulge in his jeans. He must have got turned on at the thought of me reading the book.

Hands and legs where everywhere. I never thought myself to be a tart but I was loosing it and loving it. I let all respect go and soon my top was up, bra pushed aside and he was sucking my nipples hard. I wanted sex so bad. I was in need of a good fuck. I was desperate and feeling really horny. He was so passionate.

“Do you want me?” He whispered under his breath. I could hardly speak to answer him and all I managed was a low soft groan. He unzipped his flies and took out his cock. I dropped to my knees and took him in to my mouth and sucked hard. He was so firm and the skin soft. His head was ruby red and glistening with my spit.

He was breathing long and hard and was so close to shooting his load down my throat. He pulled me up and dived his tongue where his cock had just been and kissed me again. He put a hand up my dress and moved my pants aside. I was dripping wet and he rubbed my juices around my lips. He lifted me up a little against the wall and rammed his cock inside me.

I nearly came there and then. He was fast and vigorous and I could feel his strength behind every thrust. He buried his head in my neck, sucked, nibbled and bit me into a frenzy. I could feel the tension well up inside him so I held my breath and felt my orgasm come. I panted and groaned and then felt him give one last thrust as he finished his orgasm.

We just stayed there a moment in each other’s arms, kissing. We both began to catch our breath back when the door to the carriage opened.

“You’re not going to have her all to your self are you Tom?” I looked at looked at him in shook and looked at Tom.

I must have had a look on my face that did not say no although I am not sure what I thought. Tom backed away, sorted himself out and I just stood there. That must have been the signal he needed as he came up, placed a finger under my chin and lifted up my head. I was still throbbing from Tom and I was ready for more. He ran his tongue over my lips and sucked and bit my lips.

I was still in a state of shook but allowing myself to me swept along with the situation. He was horney as hell and running at high revs. There was no stopping him and I didn’t want to. He turned me over, tugged at his flies, lifted up my leg and rammed his cock in me. He took my breath away and I never caught it again till he came quicker than Tom.

I then decided to then take control of the situation.

“Is that all?”

“Why you want more?”

“What do you have to offer?

“Not me...” He grabbed my arm and took me back in to the carriage.

“Do you do this regularly then?”

“Would you believe me if I said no?”

“I’m not sure” I did not know what to believe, but I was sure that I was in a carriage with six healthy and horney men. I was the only woman and we had an hour and a half to kill.

Tom and his friend sat down and I went over to the nearest man who was right in front of me. We embraced and kissed; he circled my tongue and delved deep in my mouth. We were standing there entwined in each other and I felt a hand up my legs, the hand pulled my pants down and returned to feel my still hot cunt. I could feel another hand undo my top and pull it off my shoulders.

I was being touched, caressed, kissed and had hands all over me. I was pushed on to the floor and on to my back. I closed my eyes and relaxed into the hypnotic rattle of the train down the track. My body was being spoilt with attention. I was soon lying there naked, with a number of semi-naked men doing a number of different things to my body.

One was knelt in-between my thighs and was kissing and sucking at my clit. There were fingers in my cunt, up my arse, two mouths on my breasts chewing at my nipples and one mouth to my mouth. I don’t know how many orgasms I was having, only that they seemed to all merge into one.

I don’t think that for one minute that any of them were gay or promiscuous, just taken over with the moment as I was. The one who had been eating me out raised his head and I could see a hard cock ready to fuck me. He thrust his cock into me and pumped away. I arched my back in pleasure and felt another mouth near my cunt.

I was being fucked and sucked at the same time. I could not believe it and I came almost instantly. I was a live wire of energy. I watched, as the cock slid in and out of my cunt and almost touching was the tongue flicking over my clit. The guy in my cunt came and left my body limp and exhausted.

I felt another head of a cock inching towards my hole but I was encouraged to turn over before it did. I was on all fours and this eager cock invaded me. In front of me I was presented with another eager erect cock with no where to go. I took it into my hand and swallowed it down. I was being filled from both ends. I did not know if I could have kept it up but the desire to please kept me going. I was being used but with out me these men would have remained frustrated and deprived.

I was massaging the balls in front of me while I sucked on his cock. I was flicking my tongue over his end and I could hear him groan and sigh in pleasure. He has his hand on the back of my head and every so often grabbed my hair, pushed my head back to watch his cock slide in and out of my mouth. At those points he was in control and would thrust almost his full length inside me.

I had not finished with him when I felt the cock from my cunt disappear with out coming. I felt a body slide underneath me so I repositioned myself and sat down on his cock. I began to suck away again on my awaiting lollie when I felt a finger up my arse again. The finger was smearing juices from my cunt to my arse hole. I knew what was coming and felt my arse stretched as the third cock to enter my body.

It felt like I was having a permanent orgasm. I was throbbing from head to toe. I was being filled with love juice in three orifices and lapping up all of it. The three men managed to come all at the same time. They all collapsed and I was left to give Tom the last piece of the action.

I was well greased and let him fuck my arse as my cunt was on fire with all the action it had seen in the last half an hour. He sat down and had me sit on top of him facing away. He again liked to be dominant and pulled my hair to the speed he wanted to go. The others had to watch as I slid up and down his groaning cock and watched him come in my arse. If time had not been a factor, things would have not stopped there.

We all dressed and embraced each other. I had never let my inhibitions go so much and never felt so much power over so many men all at once, and never had so many orgasms.

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