tagGroup SexUnforgettable Sexual Encounter Ch. 02

Unforgettable Sexual Encounter Ch. 02


Part II. Sex on the Beach.

Sandra moved her hand slowly down through the waist bend and very smoothly started feeling my cock and my balls, trying to get a good idea of what is available. Her hand moved very slowly checking the length, the grit as also the weight of my balls, sending new sensations through the hot blood boiling in my phallic veins. The feeling was great, one ball at a time and then my cock, her hand moving up and down very slowly, pumping my hardness.

'Gogh Sam, you're big!' Sandra exclaimed.

'Just the thickness.'

'It's making me so hot, my puss is dripping.'

'I think you been dripping before we boarded.' I answered.

'Well...I agree, but I'm wondering what it feels like when it gets inside me?' Sandra asked.

'It won't be long before you find out.'

In the meantime the closer I got to Joan's anal hole the more she was getting closer to me, and the more her legs opened, the more access I had.

'Ohhh! Feels so good Sam.' Joan said.

'Sounds exciting?'

'Maybe more when it gets closer or better, you know.'

I pulled the girls closer to the area where the water was level to the waist. This ensured better buoyancy. Their bare, round, full, firm tities were marvellous. Joan's long nipples were as hard as a pointing finger, extending for about a quarter of an inch outwards, dark and beautiful. Sandra's aureoles were rather pinkie coloured with hard but not long nipples. From experience these two ladies were as horny as hell. I have never imagined my luck when I woke up that particular morning.

My fingers started to search for Joan's wet pussy. When my pointing finger hit her clit. Joan moaned. This gave me more courage to circle her clit before moving down through the wet valley, to the orifice of Venus. The moaning increased as my finger pressed against her clit. My other hand moved down towards her ass, picking the string and pushing her small bottoms down searching for her, must be tight ass hole.

'What you doing?' she asked as soon as she felt my finger pressing against her 'O'.

'Giving you the best pleasure a woman could ever enjoy, darling. You're of a younger generation dear and not experienced.'

'Sure I'm going to learn a lot.' She said.

'Just trust me. If not, you will never enjoy the beauty of sex. Trusting your partner will pay dividends. Now a direct question, are you protected?'

'Yes, both,' Sandra answered, while she was pushing my pants down, releasing my hard cock from the unhealthy and restricted confinements. I tried to help with my leg movements. In seconds I was totally naked. Sandra continued to massage my master while my fingers penetrated both of Joan's love channel and her tight ass hole. Joan started moaning like there was no tomorrow. Her temple of love was really wet. Sandra on the other hand was working hard fucking my cock with her hand.

'OK girls, out of the water. Sure be better lying down on the mattresses.' I said as soon as we came out of the water with my cock hanging straight. Joan looked astonishingly at it. She looked fascinated with the thickness and am sure was wondering how it would feel when it penetrates the folds of her tight pussy. As soon as we settled in a shady area I took a quick look at her golden pussy, 'Ohh! You're a real blond!' I exclaimed while looking between her legs and laying down on the inflatable bed.

Sandra pulled off her skimpy bottoms, came down and laid on top of me with her pussy over my mouth while taking my cock into hers'. I held her ass a few centimetres above my mouth. Looked at her beautiful golden slit with sea water moving down through the golden fleece. I watched with awe at her slit, the pouty lips, young and full, a kind of glistening liquid was flowing out of it, mixed with the salty water that was slowly sliding down along the smooth skin. Sure she was more than hot. I pushed her ass cheeks outwards, the folds opened like flower petals. I couldn't believe. I wanted to suck it like I never sucked one before. Then my mouth moved up. I opened it, pushed my tongue outwards and took the first lick at the mixed salty juice. Sandra moaned. I took another lick, and then inserted my tongue inside her slit to get the real taste. Wow it was fantastic. The real taste of a hot pussy, the nectar of love with the aroma that had been fermenting in the heat of the warm cave.

Sandra although her mouth was full with my hard member, she not only moaned but her body shook. Her first orgasm seemed on the way. The first waves of pleasure will be just flowing through.

'Ohh Sam suck me harder, harder,' Sandra cried as she left my cock dangling on my pelvic area. I pushed my mouth inside her slit and at the same time started pushing my finger inside her anus. Her ass muscle started tightening against my finger, refusing entry while her body started shaking with her first orgasm. 'Ohh Sam, keep it up Sam, suck me harder... harder.' In the meantime I managed to insert my whole pointing finger inside her butthole. She tried to pull away. She knew I will not give her a chance. I pressed forward getting some more in. She cried, 'It hurts, take it out.' In her heart she knew that I will never surrender so she he pushed backwards taking the rest. She moaned and shouted while her body shook as another wave was approaching.

Sandra kept moaning as Joan took the initiative and grabbed my 6.5 down her throat. She really was a great cock sucker. I, on the other hand was trying not to loose my concentration and fill her mouth so quickly. I wanted to stay alive as long as it was possible, otherwise I could not satisfy the two beauties in my possession. I continued licking Sandra's pussy and clit while her body was shacking and shaking with the continuous waves of the orgasms she was definitely enjoying. Soon her moanings were at the highest note possible. 'Oooh Saamm, stop, stooopp?' Her pussy was pressing so hard against my mouth that I couldn't move. I had to stop suckling until she relaxed, moved from over from on top of my body and laid down next to me on the mattress.

I looked around to watch Joan still enjoying a good mouthful. 'Joan, like to have a go?' I asked.

'Oh! Definitely.' she answered.

I told her to follow me to the cave so that we will be away from the direct heat. The hot sun was at its hottest and I felt that getting inside the cave was much cooler. It sure will have a much better effect for what I had in mind. I laid the mattress down, laid her on her back, opened her legs and pushed a couple of cushions under her ass, to lift her up. Be more assessable. I opened her pussy lips to enjoy the beauty of nature's perfection, a look of appreciation at what nature can produce. The temple of love every man craves for. Every man enjoys the pleasures it can produce, give, take, satisfy and cherish. Unfortunately on many occasions we men just fuck, blow and we are happy, just for a short time, like masturbating. Making love is different; being with a woman is different. In the right way, making love with a woman even on a one night stand can provide a lot of satisfaction. Long term satisfaction for both. Most women prefer to make love, rather than fuck.

I had always been fascinated by not only, the female organ but also male's. The beauty of these organs made to perfection was always something I dreamed about. Since I had the possibility of having the first one infront of my eyes I never stopped visualizing the beauty of perfection. When it really happened I was just stunned, just starred for time unlimited. She just stayed there lying naked on the dried grass covered by the shade of the huge tree. Her legs were slightly opened. I was fascinated by its' beauty. She exposed it to me; I just watched, then she opened her legs and separated the lips. It was unbelievable. The perfection! She asked me to touch. I could not. I just watched. I was stunned. Not scarred. I just froze watching nature's most beautiful creation. Only my, yes my pecker, moved. It started to wake, getting harder, harder than usual. I am a man. Hot blood runs through my veins, like any other man. I looked closer. She showed me her clit, her pee hole and then her vagina. Everywhere was wet. It was red, slimy, shiny, wow it was beautiful, fascinating. The finest shrine I ever laid my eyes on. It was really a temple of love.

I was twenty. Still in university, studying engineering specializing in oil; I was fascinated by history, culture and sculptures especially Greek. Spent hours watching and feeling the cold marble of the female statues in museums. When nobody was around, I massaged the breasts, the fine behinds and the inside of their legs including the pubic area. The masters must had been great lovers as the feeling is there, even that there is no hot blood flowing inside their coldness. But on many occasions the feeling sent shivers through my bloodstream and my little boy responded. Many times I wondered how many times these masters had to touch their models to produce such perfect masterpieces.

They are masterpieces. Both the male and the female are. What can humans do, without? I just kept looking, fascinated. She took my hand and helped me touch it. Pressed my palm against her pubic area. It was warm, very warm; and wet, liquid was flowing out. She was very hot. I moved my hand lightly, sort of massaging the area. She told me she was a virgin. I was lost. My hardness became unbearable. I wanted to explode but tried to hold on. I could not feel an idiot, laughed at, by a female girl. I wanted to be the gentleman. The more I massaged, although the touch was light, the more she moaned, her body shook until she closed her legs and captured my hand against her glorious temple. The more she moaned and cried the more worried I got. It was a first experience. I forgot about the hardness. My big worry was her. I thought she went insane. Then slowly she started to relax, opened slightly her legs and immediately I pulled my hand away. It was drenched.

I knew women enjoy sex and orgasms as we do, but never in my mind had I ever envisaged that it gets to this. I asked if she was alright. She answered that this was the best orgasm she ever had. Oh that's great I thought, wonderful. She asked me to undress as she liked to see the real thing. She only had seen small kids with their small peckers. I wished to say no, but I had to reciprocate. She showed me her most beautiful, intimate temple. I laid down on the dried grass, hidden under a huge tree and started taking my clothes off. She helped. When she saw what she wanted to see she marveled at the sight. It was really at full mast, but it became harder, like steel. I was embarrassed. She touched it, put her hands around it and in a short time rolled the foreskin down and started, first kissing it, then licking it and then even put the head in her mouth.

I felt ashamed as aroma from under the foreskin spread around as she uncovered the head. I haven't washed since morning. I felt her sniffing, inhaling the smell, the fishy smell that nature had produced. She seemed not to care as sure she was enjoying the taste. The movement of her tongue around the rim at the bottom of the head gave me enough evidence that she was enjoying the smelly jelly. My phallus grew harder. I became worried it will explode prematurely.

I tried to relax and put my mind somewhere else, but this first time it did not respond. It just kept growing, getting harder, until the first moan left my lips. She sensed something is going to happen, as she sucked harder, then pulled it out. The first shot hit her face, around her eyes, forehead and some over her hair. There was no second shot as she immediately opened her mouth and engulfed it. All the rest she took down her throat.

We did not stop there. We took time studying our anatomies, sucked each other again, enjoyed the pleasures of oral sex and decided to learn more before indulging further. We enjoyed a whole summer, under the huge Mediterenean carob tree.

Watching Joan's open pussy was incredible, just like a first time. The way they are sculptured varied from one woman to another but not by much. The difference is rather small. But they are all beautiful. I held the lips open with two fingers of one hand, while my pointing finger of the right hand moved up and down the wet valley from the perineum up to the clitoris. I stopped and massaged it for a few seconds, just sending shivers of pleasure through her entire body. From the hot red burning sex chakra to the head chakra.

As she started moaning I let off, moved my hands away, got on my stomach with my head between her legs, gave another look at the beauty of the small closed petals. I licked her clit a few more times. She moaned again and again. Then I squatted between her wide open legs and started giving her erect nipple a very good tongue massage. My fingers were just rolling the very other hard nipple. I told her to look into my eyes, relax and take long breaths through her nose slowly filling her stomach with oxygen, hold for a few seconds and breathe out through the mouth, until the stomach empties and contracts. 'Keep breathing slowly' I said 'while I give you the best massage you may have ever dreamt of, a yoni massage.'

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