Finally, after 7 long hard years, I was walking out those large metal gates. Hopefully, the last time I would ever hear the slamming of those doors. 7 Years served for a crime I did not commit. I was found guilty from the testimony from a woman who lied to protect her boyfriend who had beaten and abused her. A Miss Melanie Walker, and her boyfriend Ray Holloway. Two of the sorriest excuses for a human being I had ever had the displeasure of meeting.

I was convicted of a rape I never committed. I had a good life, wife and job. I lost them all when I was convicted. In prison I was subjected to abuse that no one should ever have to go through. I was raped, beaten, subjected to humiliating days and nights of horrors I had only seen in movies. To say I was bitter has to be the understatement of the century! The only thing that kept me going was knowing that when I was released I would make them both pay for what they had done to me.

I found a job in construction making decent money, after a few weeks I had bought a used van, not the nicest vehicle in town but it ran and was dependable. It wasn't easy in the room I was in, my cell in prison was nicer! At least it was clean. Every night I would lay in bed thinking of how I could watch her and learn her habits of life. I found the way and started to observe her from a distance. She always had the same routine. I watched her for 4 months before deciding the time was right to put my plan into action. I waited until a Saturday night to proceed. Knowing that her and her lover would be stoned, drunk, or both.

Shortly after Midnight, I peered through the open blinds in the living room, Her boyfriend was passed out in front of the Television, she was laying on the couch, her head in his lap almost passed out also. I went to the backdoor and it was unlocked, it wouldn't have mattered, in prison I had learned to pick a Locked door like a Pro. I opened the back screen door and then the wooden door, hoping they would not hear the old door hinges as they squeaked noisily when I eased it open wide enough to get inside.

I then crept inside, holding everything I needed to secure them both. I walked in the living room like I owned it. I stood there in front of them a minute before her eyes opened and she finally noticed I was there before she jumped up screaming at me asking what I was doing in her house. Her boyfriend trying to wake up from his drunken stupor, and not having much luck at it.

"You don't remember me?" I asked her

"No! Why should I? I've never seen you before." She said sarcastically.

"You should always remember the man's face who you sent to prison, and when you know he is innocent. It is something he will never forget!" I stared into her drunken blue eyes.

Her face dropped and fear covered her eyes and face, that comment seemed to get her boyfriends attention. He jumped off the couch in a drunken attempt to subdue me. My tazer stopped him fast. She jumped up to attack me and I back handed her down to the couch. I had nylon tie wraps the kind that the Police had used on me when I was falsely accused and arrested. I secured his hands behind his back and then his feet together. I duct taped his mouth, sat him in the chair and told him to keep still or suffer the consequences.

I turned and looked at her, her mouth bleeding slightly from where

I had slapped her, tears in her eyes. "I didn't want to testify against

you, he made me!" she pointed at her boyfriend.

"Life's a Bitch, then you live with one I guess!" I told her sarcastically. Then I tied her hands and taped her mouth too.

I was in no hurry, I had all the time I wanted to do what I had planned. 7

years of building hatred can do that to a person, give them patience

and a burning desire to see them pay. The mans eyes wear full of fear and hatred, I knew there was no way he could get free, so I went up to him and bitch slapped him, "Your time will come bitch, but first, I've been 7 years without a piece of pussy and tonight I'm going to get some!"

She wasn't a bad looking woman, not nearly as beautiful as my wife had been. But her full tits had a nice hang to them and the thick nipples sticking out in her tight T-Shirt was making my cock hard. Her hard breathing from knowing what was fixing to happen only enhanced her chests movements. Her hips were wide, but not overly so and her legs were long and thin. I was going to enjoy making this bitch suffer, like I had over the past years.

"Do either of you know what they do to a man convicted of rape in prison? Anything they want to! The guards are no help, they let it happen. I was beaten, raped, forced to suck mens cock's, Now its

time to get some of that back."

She tried to run since I had not tied her legs, I tripped her, and put her in the chair across from her boyfriend. I used the tie wraps to secure her arms to the back of the chair, then tied her ankles to the chair legs. She had a smug look on her face like I would not be able to take her since she had on her blue jeans. I reached into my bag I had with me, grabbing a pair of sharp scissors, I started at her ankles and worked up each leg. She knew then that I would not leave without satisfaction, Her boyfriend was trying to scream at me

through the duct tape, but he was not going anywhere. I got up and slapped the shit out of him once again, telling him to keep quite or I would cut his tongue out with these scissors and make sure he never made another sound, Ever! He got quite.

I resumed taking her pants off, when I had her blue jeans cut off her, I saw she was wearing plain cotton panties, and her dark pubic hair was showing through them, it was also sticking out the edges of them. My cock was hard as a rock now, I have always liked hairy pussies. Getting her T-Shirt off was no problem, I just yanked it towards me and it tore off easily. Her chest was pounding from her heart beating,

her breasts raising and falling in a fast rhythm. Her dark nipples standing out, if I didn't know better I would think she was getting excited at the prospect of being raped again. Only this time for real! I took a nipple in my fingers and pinched it hard, her face twisted in pain.

"So, you like it rough don't you bitch!"

She shook her head No, but I could tell she did. I ripped her panties off, and she tried to close her legs in a vain attempt to hide her gash. A poor attempt since her ankles were tied to the chair. I looked at her pussy, it was wet, I stuck my hand between her legs and grabbed her cunt roughly, forcing my finger inside her slick gash. A stifled cry came from her as she exhaled, her eyes closed as I worked my finger in her.

I leaned over and took a thick nipple in my mouth and bit her. I heard

her cry out in pain, this was going to be good for me. I wanted them

both to suffer as I had for 7 years and would for the rest of my life now.

I could hear her boyfriend making noises behind the duct tape as he was forced to watch me take his woman. Her hips tried to keep my finger from entering her slick pussy, but as I forced it deeper into her slick slit, she gave up and resigned herself to the fast I now was going

to finish what I had started. I was rubbing her hard clit with my thumb, and I finger fucked her roughly, my teeth not giving her thick hard nipple a break. Her legs were now spread out and her hips bounced

off the chair as she neared her Orgasm. Then I stopped. I heard her moan against the tape on her mouth as her body convulsed in near completion of her sexual satisfaction.

I removed my pants and stood in front of her with just my shirt on, my hard on bouncing in front of her face. Leaking pre-cum, I rubbed it on her face, leaving a slick wet trail along her cheek to her chin. I jerked the duct tape from her mouth, she knew what I wanted and did not want to do it. I slapped her face hard then grabbed her hair and yanked it. Her lips opened and accepted my cock, this was going

how I had planned it. I wanted her to fear me, I wanted to take her not have it handed to me. Ray could only sit and squirm like the fucking worm he was.

I fucked her face for a few minutes, then pulled out put another piece of duct tape on her mouth and walked to her boyfriend. Laughing at

him I asked if he was enjoying the show. His head shook side to side in a "No!" motion. I took my scissors and cut off his pants and since he was wearing no underwear his cock burst out, throbbing as it pulsed with his heart beat. I had to laugh at him and turned to his woman.

"Do you see that whore? He is hot watching you suck my cock. I think

he may be gay, since seeing my cock made him hard. What do you think?"

She stared at him and her eyes looked like she thought he liked to watch too. I took my cock and rubbed it on his face, his eyes closed and he tried to turn

his head away. I yanked his head back and stuck my cock under his nose, "Do you smell her spit on it faggot?"

His eyes looked at mine with a hatred only seen on a mans face that would

rather be dead than alive at the moment. I grinned at said, "Don't worry, you

are going to get some of this also!"

His head shook in a "No!" again. I walked back to his woman and pushed

her knees up, rubbed my dick on her wet pussy lips, it spread open naturally as the wide head of it slid inside her. The heat coming from her was extreme,

I had forgotten how good pussy had felt, so slick wet, too bad hers was sloppy. I knew she had been fucking anything that walked for years, that or used a baseball bat for a fucking dildo.

Her thick Brown hair was getting stuck to her face and neck from the sweat pouring out of her. Her pussy hair was sticking to her outer lips as I pushed deeper in her and pulled it all the way out.

I was amazed at her pussy as it slowly closed and seemed to be alive as it pulsed, seemingly eager to accept my cock again. But she was enjoying it too much! I got up and untied her ankles, jerking her from the chair I threw her over the back of the chair, her ass facing me. Her hands still behind her back, I roughly grabbed her hair and yanked it backwards.

"Have you ever had a hard cock in your asshole?" I asked her.

Her head shook "NO!" Violently, I grinned to myself, "Neither had I before I was sent to prison Bitch! It's not the most pleasant thing when it's unwanted!"

I held her ass cheeks open as she fought to keep them closed, I stuck the head of my dick to her brown asshole and shoved as hard as I could forward. I heard the scream even with the tape on her mouth as I slammed the entire 7"s inside her now Ex-Virgin ass, with one stoke! I gave her ass a hard slap, "Move that ass whore!" I screamed at her.

She tried to get away to no avail, since she could only move so far towards the back of the chair, then back to me. Tears streamed from her eyes now, the enjoyment all gone now as I took her the way I wanted. By FORCE!

The feeling of Power was like an aphrodisiac as I fucked her tight and now bleeding asshole. Her cries muffled by the tape, once again she had resigned herself to taking what I had one way or another. I cursed her like the whore she was as I pounded her asshole without mercy, just as mine had been when I had been

raped in prison. I turned and looked at her boyfriend, his eyes were glued to my cock as it slid in and out, his cock throbbing as he sat there helplessly.

She felt so good I knew I would not last long since I could feel the cum boiling in my spunk filled heavy balls. I felt it as I started to spurt inside her Tight asshole, and I felt something else as I did. I felt HER cumming also! I yanked her hair back and screamed at her, "So bitch, you like getting it in the ass do you? I feel you cumming you nasty fucking whore!" Her head and shoulders shook, both from her shame and her cumming at the feeling of my cock spurting its hot seed inside her hot tight ass.

I pulled my cock out with a nasty sounding plop, grabbed her by the hair and drug her over to her boyfriends face. "Tell him whore, Tell him how much you loved it!"as I yanked the duct tape from her mouth.

"No, I hated it and I hate you, you sick bastard!"

I slapped her across the face again, "Me sick? Did I lie in court? Did I cause you to lose everything you had worked your entire life for? No! You're the sick Motherfucker. You would rather see an innocent man go to prison that admit to your family and friends that you are a lying whore! That you love a sorry piece of shit you call a man and would rather have someone else do his time, than go without his sorry ass!"

I threw her to the floor and walked to her boyfriend and wiped my dirty cock on his face under his nose. "You like the smell of her shit and my cum faggot?" His head moved to try to get it away, but I held his face to my cock.

I then made her stand in front of him and bend over so he could see my cum running out of her sore ass. His eyes wide as he stared at it leaking from her bleeding rectum. I yanked the tape

off his mouth, "Eat it you sorry fucker, suck the cum from her asshole!"

He said "NO! I won't, you can't make me!"

I got my tazer out hit the power button and held it to his cock head. "Would you rather have me set this off for you?" His eyes with fear from the thought of it going off on his cock made him rethink his decision. Melanie bent over in front of him, her ass dripping my cum and shoved her ass into his face. His tongue found its way to her rectum and began to lick her out. His cock never softened as he tongue fucked her asshole, and her moans of pleasure let me know she enjoyed it.

I let him clean her fresh fucked ass out for a few minutes the shoved her away from him, the look on his face was one of disappointment as she was taken from him. I removed him from the chair and onto his face and knees on the floor. His hairy ass pointing towards the ceiling, I took her face and shoved it to his ass and forced her to lick it, his hips shoved towards her face as she did. She gagged many times as she licked his asshole, I sat there smiling as she did.

I pumped my hand on my cock, getting it hard again. When it was hard I shoved her away from him and stuck my hard cock to his ass, he tried to slide forward but I wouldn't let him move.

"Now, it is time for you to see what a small bit of prison life is about. And

I rammed my cock in his virgin asshole, his voice muffled but the tape I had put back on his mouth. His girlfriend watched as I raped him like I had been raped. No easy way to go, just pure force. As I fucked him it wasn't long before I noticed he was pumping towards me, not trying to get away any longer, but trying it seemed to get more of me into him.

"I told you Bitch, your living with a faggot. Look at him fucking me. He likes a cock in his ass!"

I held his hips, pulling me to him and I felt my orgasm as it approached. "Are you ready faggot? Are you ready for me to cum in your ass?"

His head was now shaking "Yes!" As I pumped my spunk in him.. After

I had cum and stood up I saw on the floor beneath him a large pool of his own sperm below him. The faggot had cum from me fucking him. Melanie's eyes wide open in shock as she saw it also, a slight smile crossed her lips. I don't know if was the fact that he had been abused also, or he liked getting it in the ass and I didn't care. He had been embarrassed and humiliated like I had been.

I sat on the recliner and told her to come over and suck me off, she never hesitated and crawled over between my legs and sucked my cock clean. All this having happened in less than an hour and a half. I went to the kitchen and grabbed me a cold beer, went back in the living room and sat down to drink it. Ray was still on his stomach on the floor, laying in the puddle of his spunk, his eyes closed. I went over and kicked him in the side, "Open your eyes you bastard, your not going to miss a minute of this."

His eyes opened and looked over at me, wondering what would happen to them next. The pleasure I got from demeaning him was extreme. I laughed at him for cumming when I had fucked him in his ass, and let him watch as his girlfriend smiled at his humiliation. All his tattoos and

tough man Bull Shit got him no where now. He was just another ass

fucked punk, and would probably be a punk if he ever went to prison. And not by force, from fear!

I drug him to the bedroom and lay him on the floor next to the bed, then forced her to the bedroom also. I watched her tits as they swayed when she walked, the sight made me slowly start to get hard again. I lay

on the bed on my back, "Come suck it bitch!" I told her as my hand worked it over. She got on the bed beside me and slowly took it in her

mouth, her eyes now showing no fear now as she sucked it down her hot mouth. Ray had turned on his side and lay on the floor watching as she sucked my cock. His own cock getting hard from watching as

her face went down on my cock, only he could not get any relief from the

pressure building in him.

"So Ray, you enjoy watching your whore suck my cock?" I laughed at him. His eyes never left the sight of her mouth working over my cock and balls. Her dirty brown hair, swinging with the movements of her head, She made slurping noises as she sucked me off. I grabbed her roughly by the hair and jerked her head off me, my cock slick with her spit and bouncing with each heart beat, I looked at Ray, his eyes stayed glued to my dick.

I got off the bed and walked over to Ray, his eyes on me now, I could see his feeble mind trying to think of what I would do now. I pulled him to his knees and rubbed my cock on his face, looking over my shoulder as his whore. "What do you think bitch? Think he wants some more of this cock? It looks like it to me."

His head was shaking "No" again, Melanie looked at him with a growing hatred and said with a firm, "Yeah, I think he does!"

I rubbed my cock on his unshaven face, He was breathing faster as I rubbed it under his nose on the tape covering his mouth, while holding his head still by his greasy hair. Holding my Tazer next to his face, I yanked the duct tape from his mouth.

"Suck it cocksucker!" I told him.

"No, you Motherfucker, You can't make me." He screamed at me in weak desperation to try to regain some sort of control back in his worthless life.

I didn't hesitate one second as I let go of his hair and stuck the Tazer to his chest and hit the switch, his body jerked rigid as the voltage hit him. He flopped

around a second, like a fish on the deck of a boat, then hit the floor hard on his side. Out like a light, Having never done this before I was unsure of how long he would be out, not that I gave a shit, I had all night and to fuck with him and his whore.

I secured him making sure he could not get away in case he woke up, then moved over to Melanie, her eyes now wide with fear knowing I would not hesitate to shock the fuck out of her either. I forced her to a chair, then tied her to it, making sure not to cut off her circulation, but not leaving enough slack to get loose. Then I lay on their bed and closed my eyes, it had been a long day, I fell asleep shortly after.

I awoke a couple of hours later and saw them both sleeping next to each other, although I felt a slight amount of satisfaction from what I had done to them, I knew I could never make up what they had done to me. Not knowing if they would turn me into the law or not when I left, I quietly cut her wrists loose and silently left their house. I climbed in my van and left town.

I started a new life, met a good woman and married. I kept up with Melanie and Ray, He had beaten her once to many times. She turned him in to the law and he ended up in prison, He wears the mark of a Bitch there. Knowing what I know about him, he enjoys his place there. Melanie didn't last long on her own and ended up selling herself to who ever had enough money for a rock of crack.

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