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Unforseen Pleasure


I invite you into my house, take your hand and lead you into the bedroom. The candle light is flickering upon the walls, casting a romantic glow. I reach towards you, and began to unbutton your shirt, exposing those gorgeous breasts of yours. I throw your shirt over into the corner, and then remove the lacy bra that you are wearing. I gasp as I see those huge tits, exposed to my intense gaze. I unbuckle the leather belt, unzip your pants and slide them down those long legs, removing them. I reach up, and pull down your moist panties, removing them also. I lay you down upon the bed, and just gaze at the awe inspiring beauty before me.

I kneel down, straddling your chest, and grab each of your wrist's, forcing them towards the headboard. I wrap your wrists in long silk scarves, binding your hands to the sides of the bed. I move lower along your legs spreading them in such an inviting V of pleasure. I wrap another silk scarf around each of your ankles, binding your feet to the bed. I stand back and just admire the beauty before me, your long hair spread across the pillows. Your hands and feet bound to the bed, preventing your movements.

I look at your face, at you biting your lower lip in anticipation of the pleasure I' am going to give you. My gaze goes lower, absorbing every glorious inch of you, saving it into memory. Along your throat, down your neck, to the beginning swell of those delicious tits. Lower, gazing at each hardening nipple, relishing in the sight of the curves, pausing briefly to look at the pierced nipple.

I watch how your chest is rising and falling, as your breath increases, with each moment that passes. Lower my gaze goes. Along the top of your abdomen, across that flat stomach, to your little belly button, and still I look lower. To the top of your thighs, my gaze stops as I notice that you have shaved yourself clean. I gaze at the perfect mound that is hiding your womanhood. Lower my gaze is drawn, the lips of that perfect pussy, open allowing your hard clit to stand upright. I can see your excitement dripping from that perfect slit, your hips buck upward, demanding more than just my gaze.

I take my shirt off, allowing you to gaze at me, watching your eyes as I remove it. Then I remove my pants, and then slowly begin to lower my boxers, teasing you. I slide the waist band down my hips, allowing you to see that I have also shaved myself, before showing you how excited you have made me. My hard cock bounces free from the constraints of those boxers. I see your gaze narrow upon the full eight inches of hardness before you. Your hips arch upwards, demanding that I put it into that tight pussy. The silk scarves around your feet holding you tight to the bed, deliciously increasing the excitement coursing thru your body. From that tight pussy to your hard nipples, and back to that hard clit, you can feel that tingling warmth coursing thru you.

I move up along that exquisite body, again straddling your chest, my hard cock lying in the middle of those big tits. I push your breast upwards, forming a silky smooth tunnel around my hardness. I push forward with my hips, exposing the tip of my cock above your cleavage, bumping your wet lips with the very tip of me. You open your mouth, and flick your tongue out, to tease the very tip of my rock hard cock. I slide more of it towards that waiting tongue, relishing in the sensations that your tongue is causing upon me.

I began to pinch and twist each hard nipple as your tongue explores the length of me, before you finally slide the very tip into your hot mouth, closing your lips over it. Oh geez, I can feel the intense heat from your mouth on me, your tongue coursing over the tip. Then I can feel you drawing my length into your mouth, your head bopping back and forth along its hard length. You strain against the silk binding your hands to the bed. I pull my cock out of your mouth with a loud pop, I gaze into your eyes, "not yet" I say.

I reach behind your head, and grasp another silk handkerchief. With this I wrap around that gorgeous head, covering your eyes. You moan aloud in pleasure, not knowing what I have in plan for you, every fiber of your being, every sense heightened for my touch. I slid down your chest, lightly brushing those rock hard nipples, sending goose bumps coursing along your skin. Lower I slid; you can feel the tips of my fingers tracing a slow tantalizing trail down the length of your body. Across the top of that tantalizing pussy, god I can feel the heat pulsating from it. You buck your hips upwards, trying to capture my fingers between your thighs. I move my fingers along each side of that glorious slit, watching as your juices flow out of you, and down towards your ass. I continue my downward caressing, I move from that glorious sight, down along your thighs, to those long legs, to the ankles that are still bound in silk.

I again begin to caress those long legs, moving my hands from your ankles to your knees, but something feels different. My hands are softer, not as big; your mind begins to race. Your breathe quickens as you try to figure out what is different. I run my hands along that gorgeous pussy, sliding my fingers across your hard clit, spreading those puffy lips aside. Allowing me greater access to you. "Oh god" you moan, trying to sit up, but the silk holding you tight to the bed. You just realized that you can feel four hands upon your body, stroking, caressing you.

I gently reach up and remove the blindfold. You see your friend lying between your long legs, hovering over your pussy, and with a smile, she sucks that hard clit into her mouth, and shoves two fingers into you. The sudden sensation of having a women's mouth on your pussy, makes your hips arch upwards off the mattress, making you begin to orgasm again, and again. Her tongue runs around the outside of each lip, circling that hot pussy, her fingers are sliding in and out of you, she begins to suck on that hard clit again, sending wave after wave of intense ecstasy coursing thru your body.

She swings her legs over you, placing her hot pussy with in easy reaching distance of your tongue. You can see her excitement beading up on her pussy lips, directly above you. She continues to suck your hard clit, while adjusting her hips and planting her pussy directly onto your tongue. The intense excitement you feel from gazing at another women's pussy, is only intensified by her sucking and nibbling at your hard clit. You trembling tongue extends from your mouth to lick that hot pussy before you. Trembling, your tongue touches her, feeling the intense heat, tasting the exquisite flavor from another women's pussy. You flatten your tongue and drag it the entire length of that hot slit, enjoying the sensations of feeling another women's pussy on your tongue. You slowly allow your tongue to explore the moist folds of her, feeling the exquisite sensations of her doing the same to you. You try to match how her tongue is caressing you. You gently begin to nibble on that hard clit before you, feeling her hips buck into your face each time you touch that sensitive nub. Faster the two of you began to lick each other, trying to bring the other to orgasm first. And then with a flurry of tongues, hers and your hips buck hard against the others face, drenching each other in a powerful orgasm.

She moves off of you, swinging her legs across your shoulders, and slides up your torso to give you a passionate kiss, her tongue sliding into your hot mouth. You can taste your own flavor on her lips, increasing your desire for more.

She unties those wickedly soft silk scarves from your feet and wrists. You roll her over onto her back, and begin a slow dance down her body. Allowing your fingers, your tongue, to explore another women's body, with each touch from your fingers, your tongue, she whimpers with desire. Finally you move lower to taste her hot pussy again, slowly sliding your fingers along and around her. With a swift movement, your tongue extends into that hot opening, making her buck upwards into your face.

You are on your knees between her thighs, sliding your tongue around in her hot pussy, when you feel my presence behind you. With one swift movement, I bury my hard throbbing cock into your pussy, pushing you forward into her moist depths even further. With a steady rhythm I slide back and forth into you, your tongue exploring another women's pussy, the feeling of having me in you, is too much for you to handle. With such fury, your orgasm rips thru you, from your toes, to the very tips of that long blonde hair; you can feel every fiber of your being straining for the sweet release. Faster you lick her, trying to share with her the sensations that my hard cock is causing in you. Again, and again you orgasm upon me, those delicious juices flowing freely from that hot inferno between your thighs, She is bucking forcibly into your face, trying to impale herself on your outstretched tongue. And then you collapse, with pure lustful sensations coursing thru your body, gasping for breath as another orgasm rocks thru you.

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